Hello all

I have gone through the FAQ section and found some very valuable information. I was particularly interested in David Burton's distinction between restoration and rebuilding under the "Golden Age of Pianos" thread.

I recently aquired one of those golden age Chickerings (5'9" 1926) and am having it restored or is it rebuilt? Here is a list of what is being done, maybe someone can clue me. It is per my contract being called a "restoration" with as a "better than new" result.

Refinish case in my choice of finish
Replace wrest plank, soundboard and bridges
Rebronze plate and re-letter and replace original style decal and agraffes
Resurface capo bar contact points
Install new strings and pins
Replace all wippens, hammers, shanks, flanges and let off buttons.
Replace key felt and damper tray felt
Rebush damper guide rail and replace damper felt.
Replace original name board decal
polish all hardware. He's even adding tapered bronze "kick plates" on the tapered legs and man made "ivory" key tops. The original ivories are a bit uneven in color and as he stated, it would be likened to putting on a dirty shirt under a new tuxedo wink

Well can someone tell me if this is a rebuild or a restoration? My contract says restoration but it sure sounds like a rebuild per David Burton's description but the novice that I am can't discern the difference. The rebuilder/restorer has been at this for a while and I most certainly am impressed with his attention to detail. Although I know little about pianos I sure know about woodworking. BTW, he is fabricating both the soundboard and bridges himself. The price seems a bit low to me for all he is doing but he works on several at a time in a small shop lowering his o/h costs. I did check out his references and got nothing but raves but I haven't seen a completed product other than e-mails, all pianos he is currently working on are in the early stages but what I saw I liked.

Thanks in advance for your replies.