This post is simply to announce the opening of a new piano related classifieds site (totally free by the way) for those interested in selling, buying, offering services, and a whole lot more, as long as what is being posted is piano related. Our policy is much like that of Piano World, where we do not invite affiliate links, etc. However, the incentive of the site is to provide a resource that costs nothing and helps spread the word about what you offer. You will see lots of categories that you can choose from. Thank you very much for your time: )

Here is where the free classifieds are located:

Once there, simply click on the link under "Free Piano Classifieds"

We hope you'll join us since we'd like to build this classifieds into a long term significant resource for piano lovers everywhere. We'll consider it a privilege if you participate!
"Play piano chords like the pros do!"
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