thanks to those that responded to my first post .
let me just say this about the scott houston way of teaching us non musical folks , he teaches us to ignore the bass cleft whatever that is.. all i know is its that bunch of lines at the bottom of the trebele cleft and to just read the notes on the treble cleft , it does take some time to learn to read the notes if your like me and have never been exposed to sheet music. but with a little effort i can muddle thru it. it took me 3 days to learn how to play " i can't stop loving you " by Don Gibson and all tho its far from perfect. i played it not telling my wife and a couple of freinds what i was playing ,less than 1/2 thru it they all knew what i was playing . i think that Mr. Houston just wants to get us non musical folks playing and having fun by getting us playing something that we can enjoy without boring us to the point of quiting before we get started . there are some 4 fingered chords that will take some pratice before they are natural feeling but after all its just target pratice . I admire those of you that have the kinda patince and dedication to play classical. but this way brings music to those of us that could never do it other wise