The title was designed to attract attention, now that you're all here...

So I've been light of all the attention the piano world CD has been getting, why don't we organize some sort of fund raiser to give one lucky winner on these boards a FREE PIANO?

I just want to run the idea by, if no one likes it oh well but, if it stirs the imagination I personally think it would be neat to somehow to award a member with his own piano (maybe a stipulation stating someone who doesn't yet have a real piano of his own like me).

Can be a early (or late) Christmas gift depending how long it takes, like I said I just think it would be an interesting idea, we could turn it into a big event with plenty of involvement, maybe will even make the newspapers and garner more attention for our little corner of the universe here ;-) If this all sounds far fetched please stop me now, if not I will continue

Anyhow I don't have many ideas at this moment, hoping someone else can chime in but someone we can raise money within ourselves, either purely through donations or some other sort of endeavour, and either have a drawing or a contest of some sort, and if it's successful enough we can award a few pianos a year. Doesn't have to be an expensive grand could be any sort of piano as long as it's workable. Like I said I don't have many ideas right now other than that initial thought to spark your imaginations, if this ideas a dud so be it, if it picks up then I'll try to help think of more.

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