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I believe that the teachers thought that you wanted them to obey your request (instructions) to teach them on your terms, hence that they were to be the dog fetching the ball. Teachers, does that part, at least, sit better?

Onya, keystring! That has helped. "Blessed are the clarifiers..."

Well, with the dog and ball stuff out of the way, there are still a few issues:

[1] "teachers, teach me" did still come across like a demand.
[2] We still don't know whether you had payment in mind. Most of us earn our living - such as it is - by teaching, and though we might give advice from time to time, or post videos like keyboardklutz, I don't think anyone would be prepared to set up a regular "lesson" type situation for free.
[3] the big issue raised by Nikolas, of demonstration. To keep sending videos backwards and forwards is a bit cumbersome, don't you think? How much easier to just go and find yourself a teacher!
But most here are generous with their tips and advice on a particular point from time to time.

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