Hi folks,

Thanks SO much for all your congrats.
My smile just kept getting wider with each well wisher, it really meant a lot to me.
Can you tell that I'm a sponge for positive encouragement and feedback? :rolleyes:

Here are some responses:

Bob Muir: Actually my teacher decided that I could take the exam and she just kept hinting until I thought I could do it also. No, I'm not planning to go for a degree...I just thought I needed a challenge as I'm 44 yrs old and haven't done an exam since college.
It's strange how this exam meant alot more to me than those exams.

plays88skeys: Gee, you sound like you've been thru a few of the RCM exams and lived to tell about it smile Thanks.

Chrissy: Yes it was an RCM exam and YES it was especially scarey.
I shall post later to let you all know what pieces I plan to conquer in the near future laugh

Katie: My teenage daughter played the O.P. Gentle Waltz, and yes, it is lovely. I'm going to try and make like I'm Liberace the Lounge Lizard.
Actually, Liberace was one of my inspirations.

TK: Thanks for answering those questions re: the RCM and ABRSM. I really don't know anything about the different systems. I still have trouble reading the notes on the staff, never mind the grading system.