Dear Friends:

It is difficult for me to write you, for I am so overwhelmed by all the heartfelt messages I have received, also those posted on the forum, expressing such kindness, generosity of spirit, and support. You will never know how much each and every one has meant to me. I intend to reply to you all. (Please give me some time as I just got a new computer [my laptop had a huge and fatal melt-down.] Now I am trying to get used to a big monster of a desktop and Vista!)

To say "thank you" just doesn't seem enough to adequately express how I value your thoughtfulness and good-will. I know you know what a great bunch of people you are, but you have truly no idea just how great!

I do not want this issue to be addressed or discussed any further, and, as many of you have stated, it must be put behind us. For it is only then that we, as a forum, devoid of damaging factions and I, as a person who has been terribly hurt, can move on.

I was so happy to read the last part of that huge thread. Humor and fun have returned; nothing could make me happier.

The Chopin thread is so important to me that I won't stay away very long. I will return because I can't ignore your warm welcome to do so. It might be a little while. A certain amount of healing has still to take place on my part. I know you will understand.

You're the best,

As ever,

[I've asked that this post be closed, so we can...move on. ]

After playing Chopin, I feel as if I had been weeping over sins that I had never committed, and mourning over tragedies that were not my own." Oscar Wilde, 1891