Thanks for listening, everyone. I really appreciate you taking the time, and taking the time to tell me about it.

I listen and hear all the little mistakes and uneven places and how it just does not sound as beautiful as I wish I could play. I mentioned to my dad once that I had heard a piece played very nicely by a fairly good amateur, then later heard a recording of it by Horowitz, and though it was recognizably the same song, Horowitz made it sound *so* beautiful, and my dad said, he hoped he would never be able to hear the difference (in other words he wanted to still be able to appreciate music played by less-than-masters).

So I hope when you hear me play, you can hear it as I want it to sound, and not so much as it really is. Sort of like at the theater--you want to let the illusion capture you and let your mind imagine the sets in 3-D and ignore the fact that the middle aged man in the play is just a teenager with powder in his hair and gray lines on his forehead.