I've been using pianonanny.com, which was kinda cool at first, but as time went on I found it to be incredibly boring because they don't teach the way I enjoy to learn. I have 2 piano books, one is "Book Number One Method for Young Beginners" by Andrew Scott and Gary Turner and the other one is "Pre-A Green Book" by John W. Schaum. I think at the time I got these, there weren't any keyboard books available which is why I got them. I love their way of teaching though. They don't go on and on for pages about all of the technical stuff. Instead they are songbooks that on a page where there's a new concept, they have a brief note to explain the new concept. For example, "This is a flat (b) sign. Watch out for it in front of the b's on the second line; it means to play the first black key to the left of B instead of the white key B." When introducing new notes they have a picture of piano keys on the top of the page showing where the notes are found in relation to middle C and what each note looks like. To me the most enjoyable way to learn notes and concepts is not by reading about them throughout a 100 page book. Instead, the enjoyable way is to have a nice easy book of songs that introduces new notes, as explained above, and gives brief explanations like the one above. I've pretty much learned everything from these books I can so I was looking for something like them for free online (not books; just the information and education the same way the books present them, not the same way pianonanny presents them). I just play keyboard for fun, by the way. I'm not making a profession of it. I just love music and playing it. Unfortunately, I can't get any more books until mid-October so I was hoping for something online that would keep challenging me, while teaching new songs in a fun way.