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1907 Bechstein model D #83901

This 1907 Bechstein has an interesting feature illustrated in the 7th and 8th pics. In the right half of pic 7, as in all conventional pianos, the three first bridge pins of each unison are oriented in a line exactly perpendicular to the stings. In contrast in the left half of pic 7, these pins are oriented in a line not exactly perpendicular to the strings. This pattern is followed through the entire middle section of the treble bridge resulting in slightly different string speaking lengths in each tricord. This unusual arrangement produces supple harmonic beatings between these uneven string neighbors which is perceived as an increase in tone color, somewhat similar in effect to a vibrato in string instruments. Steinway also adopted this feature in the earliest version of their model D, but both firms abandoned it later, possibly in pursuit of an ever 'cleaner' tone. Pic 8 is from a nicely done youtube video in the former Bechstein Hall in London about the restoration and testing of an 1899 Bechstein E with the same feature.
( Another famous model E can be heard here:
For the authentic cosmetic restoration of our model D, we will need to recover its original gate leg brass casters. Originals from another piano are shown in the last pic. If you know where to get these, please let me know!
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