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1867 Chickering concert grand 33B, #31605

This is the earliest documented extant model 33B. Despite differences in case decorum, it is also likely the closest to Lizst's 1867 Grand now located in the Liszt museum in Budapest. The Chickerings personally escorted the very instrument that had won 1st prize at the 1867 world expo to Lizst in Rome. As he was the most famous pianist of his time, the instrument was delivered to him for evaluation with the hope to fight Steinway's defamation campaign against Chickering. Liszt and other visiting musicians such as Grieg were apparently very impressed by this new instrument. It soon became known as "the magnificent Chickering".

Towards the end of his life, Liszt donated it to the museum where it was kept purely as an 'exposition piece' and where it consequently deteriorated. Ours is almost completely original including finish, hammers, action, strings and soundboard. It will be restored with the utmost attention to detail to bring out its original musical potential. There is also a video with commentary about the features of the raste (last pic).
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