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Archaic 1864 Steinway concert grand #9608

This instrument is still from the first overstrung concert model series patented in 1859, later so frequently and proudly quoted by Steinway. However the 1857 Blüthner I have posted in this gallery is already overstrung. Does this not appear to be a contradiction?

In contrast to its progressive overstrung scale this Steinway sports a really archaic soundboard with ribs running front to back parallel to the spine instead of across as is the case in all modern instruments (see second pic). I have only seen this in some earlier Boadwoods and Pleyels. The soundboard also has two prominent wide ribs, running only on top in the base section, which may serve as cut off bars (see pic #10). Why two, I don't know.

Including the action the instrument is largely original, except for the hammers and the legs. If you know of an instrument with original legs and appliques (compare pic #6 with last pic taken from another instrument with original exterior) or original hammers (I don't know how they look like) to serve as examples in the restoration effort, please let me know. Also any enlightening comments regarding the SB's construction rationale and the timing of the Steinway patent claim would be very welcome!
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