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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Doug M.
Not sure the CP4 came into the picture in the design of the CP73/88

I think CP4 comparison is relevant to the extent that the CP4 is discontinued, and unless they come out with something else, this seems to be Yamaha's replacement as what they think a high nd stage piano should be in today's market.

Interestingly, the CP40 is still around. I don't know if they're just selling it until they run out, or if they intend to keep that in production. If the latter, it remains a viable alternative for those who want a Yamaha stage piano with more sounds.

Originally Posted by Doug M.
Yamaha CP88 (no stand) = £2,220.00
Nord piano 4 (no stand) = £2,199.00

Very different in the U.S. where the Yamaha is $2500 and the Nord is $3k.

Originally Posted by Doug M.
Do you think the NW-GH is as good as the slightly adapted TP40-H?

I haven't made that comparison. I tend to like the TP40 actions more than many people here do, so I would not be surprised if I preferred the Nord action, but I think many prefer the Yamaha action.

Originally Posted by Doug M.
Also, have they out-competed the Nord piano 4? I'm not sure they have.

Yamaha advantages: 4-zone MIDI controller functions, pitch and mod controls, more instant patch recall buttons, more split/layer flexibility, and for some at least, better action... and in the U.S., notably cheaper.

Nord advantages: wider range of different pianos (and yes, with sympathetic resonance), more complete clav emulation, much larger selection of non-piano sounds, ability to load your own samples, triple pedal.
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Piano Forum
3 minutes ago
Grands and uprights do feel different, and sometimes two grands can feel as different as a grand and upright. Regulation is everything. A well-regulated upright can't repeat faster than a well-regulated grand (let's assume they're both the highest quality pianos), but I've played on loads of really terrible pianos and found I can overcome most of the repetition issues.

I think one of the reasons I have overcome most of the repetition issues is because I practise mostly on very good grand pianos, and have done for decades, and of course I've been very lucky with my teachers.

Although it's possible to play most repertoire on a good upright, it is certainly easier and better sounding on a good grand.
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Adult Beginners Forum
3 minutes ago
It's good that you are identifying the mistakes well.

I was having some problem with Got Those Blues. This tutorial helped me loads in getting the swing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwTUi5pPcRY

I realised today while working with the metronome on this piece, that I was stretching the long-short notes for too long. If that makes any sense.. What I mean is, the long-short notes together were taking more time than the assigned one beat. Happy I caught that early, as I'm diligent this week. Normally, the metronome comes out on the eve of my lessons.

Hopefully, you'll turn into a human metronome soon enough! Keep ticking smile
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Pianist Corner
6 minutes ago
beethoven tempest
mozart k310
beethoven les adieux
beethoven op.10/3
beethoven op. 2/3

would recommend bolded ones if you want a more classical style, but the others work just fine.
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Members Recordings - Pianist Corner
7 minutes ago
That was really good to my ears. I liked it. Two and a half years? Nice job!!! Maybe some of the more advanced players can help you with specific refinement suggestions, but I Iiked it a lot.
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Piano Forum
14 minutes ago
I wouldn't worry too much about the size of the piano. I think your space can handle the 178 just fine. The quality of the bass gets really poor in the smaller grands. You tend to get more overtones than the fundamental tone. I've seen several online videos made by Hailun dealers singing their praises. Personally, I would want to talk to a couple of independent concert-level technicians to get their opinions on durability and serviceability over time and what issues they see 5-10 years out, based on the number of hours a week you plan on playing. Hailun may be fine in the home environment with only a few hours a week of playing, but they might not hold up in a professional environment or in the home of a skilled player who spends a lot of time playing or someone who plays more aggressively.

Based on what I've read here on PW, just be aware that piano warranty claims can often end up in finger pointing to issues of improper care or humidity control. Hopefully, others will chime in here on this and maybe correct my line of thinking, but personally, I wouldn't make too much of a decision based upon warranty. But that's just me.
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Adult Beginners Forum
25 minutes ago
Originally Posted by bennevis

On the other hand, everyone knows what you're referring to when you say the Appassionata or Waldstein or Pathétique or Hammerklavier, or even (possibly wink ) Moonlight and Tempest and Pastoral. You don't need to say which number (and in fact, opus numbers rather than numbers are used these days to identify no-name ones, because someone published an edition with 35 sonatas).

Forgot to add: that's in reference to Luddy sonatas. Of course Pastoral is also a symphony, and so is Pathetique. And Tempest is also used by other composers.

Strangely, Clair de lune is never translated into English - just as well........ grin
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Adult Beginners Forum
36 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Sam S
Originally Posted by cmb13
Nice, Sam! I thought living in the woods in Georgia was a camping adventure all the time! We used to have a place in Ellijay. The bears, the 6 foot rattlesnakes, wild dogs, scorpions, bats - it was like a wildlife conservatory up there.

Don't forget the deer, turkey, armadillos, possums, and raccoons...


Oh, I wasn't even mentioning dinner....(lol just kidding, I don't eat possum more than twice a year).
1,221 1,208,107 Read More
Pianist Corner
45 minutes ago
Originally Posted by cmb13
Originally Posted by thepianoplayer416
In my younger days, mom took me to a few piano lessons. After a month we've decided I got no talent playing and soon after the first and last upright was out of the house.......

I’ve come to the conclusion that talent is a myth. Practice, learning and experience is what makes you better. Perserverence is a big plus. The more intelligent, the quicker it comes, but nobody could expect a young child to play well after a month. Of course, your parents just didn’t know, as many don’t.

I think talent is REAL. However, it is what you do with the talent that helps you succeed. But, I agree with you that if you do not have much natural talent, then the items you listed are critical for any success. Practice, Perserverence, Learning etc...
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by sullivang
I haven't read it yet - I assume there's nothing new for triple-sensor actions? The current method is a real kludge, with no *proper* support in DAWs for recording "legato" repeats that I'm aware of.


What do you mean? MIDI supports note on/off events and is independent of the sensor technology and independent of how an application, such as a DAW, decides to use the events. The sensor technology (dual contact sensor, triple contact sensor, pressure sensor, optical sensor, ...) is just a way to detect (1) when a key is actuated/pressed, (2) when a key is released, (3) the velocity of the actuation and (4) the velocity of the release. How the sensors perform these measurements is irrelevant from a MIDI perspective. If you want to detect additional input while a key is depressed that would be translated to a pressure/after-touch event, not to a note on/off event. On an acoustic piano, the hammers simply hit a string with a given velocity. There are no more variables involved. So, a properly designed DAW/VSTi can interpret the note on/off velocities to simulate the same behaviour.
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Pianist Corner - Non Classical
1 hour ago
My preference would be #3, scales and building off of scales (I often understand arpeggios and riffs as glorified scale variations), because (for me at least) they get the music theory into my fingers better than anything else.

Scale practice is the vehicle that for any place I am in a song, it directs me where I can go, and if I play around the key notes or go into increasingly out scales, it can still sound good without sounding canned. And, the best part, the harmony largely comes for free & right at hand when you get the forms into your fingers; you can't say the same the other way around. And of course scales build both your technique and your harmonic mind, e.g., if you're playing a game like shifting scales with quick changes that progresively speed up. It also works well in conjunction with #2; they're mutually supportive, but scales is the one that really gets it into my fingers & mind.

By ear is right out for me because my mind doesn't work like that.
And learning by small structures leads my playing to sound very canned, and probably hurts my technique and harmonic mind if anything since you're internalizing shortcuts.
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Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
[quote=SibylleAn example from rock music in the "opposite direction" - a fast, angry rock song made into a ballad - is Tori Amos's hauntingly beautiful version of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. I liked the song when it originally came out, but I'd never appreciated the harmonies until I heard it from Tori. I still like the original, but her version has added another dimension for me. Does that make sense?


Absolutely makes sense. Do you remember Underworld did a song called Born Slippy? I'm really not a fan of it, but a band called Barefoot did a cover of it, completely different and it's beautiful
19 294 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Anyone have half pedal experience with Kawai MP11se? It is supported, they say, but even with the System parameter adjustment it does not function as I would imagine... really just on or off, no continuous or even 50% position. Maybe it is my ears.
26 22,644 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
1 hour ago
Oh one of my favorite recordings of his is this version of Blue Skies -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrrgvx6gVt0

It's really inventive in the first half and I liked this version better than the record version, but I also got the impression he didn't know how to finish it and flops around at the end just to get through it, finally ending with a weird half-hearted flourish and almost a dejected slouch. But for some reason it still makes me happy to listen to, that first half has some of my favorite musicality in a piano piece, and even that end still makes me smile. He's charismatic even in situations like that. It's on my regular play list.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Hello back everyone!

I just wanted to share with you something nice that I just discovered. I'm not quite sure now if stock EG V2 is best for me through speakers or not, since I've found a new setup which seems highly realistic to my ears. Through the headphones it doesn't sound as good as from the speaker, however I suggest for LX708 owners to try it.

The setup would be to use European Grand V1, brilliance set to +1, hammer sound +2, duplex scale +4 , lid to 5, and the most important settings would be to change SOUNDBOARD to 5. I find soundboard 5 to be highly expressive and the volume of the notes is heavenly, it's like it blows your ears if you press to hard. My reference volume was set to 60 while trying it, since it's pretty boomy.

Let me know if you guys think the same thing about it, and happy playing smile
719 40,290 Read More
Member Recordings - Non Classical Pianist Corner
1 hour ago
That's fun. Great repartee between you and the vocalist.
1 14 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
elenmirie - makes total sense to go ahead and get a teacher. Trial run is a good idea, I absolutely won't feel uncomfortable not going back. I'm likely tarring all teachers with the same brush as my childhood one. Times have changed, I'd hazard a guess teaching styles have changed too (less shouting, more guiding). I'm definitely playing twinkle twinkle haha.

Sibylle - That was my train of thought too. The Harry Potter sheet music book was sitting on my desk at work and a colleague saw it and asked if I'm learning piano. I said yes, simply because I wasn't sure how to define myself. Aren't we all always learning?

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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Here you go, Sloth! Software Piano Shootout.
Get your phones on. It's definitive--losers be prepared to delete their precious also-rans, and switch. grin
48 1,695 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Some tests you can do...
- record audio in pianist mode to internal memory;
- record audio in pianist and sound mode to an USB stick;
- record MIDI in sound mode to internal memory.

Do these work?
23 1,023 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
If you sum up: Nord Piano 4 + wooden stand + monitors + monitor brackets + note rest... I wouldn't be surprised if it is more expensive than a CA98 or CLP685, etc. smile But yeah, Nord is Nord and I like them anyway.
7 339 Read More
Piano Forum
2 hours ago
I always learn a lot from the posters here. Thanks!
10 670 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by MacMacMac
This has me puzzled ... because my old Kawai US-50 upright sounded MUCH MUCH better with the upper panel removed.

Each piano is individual. Different pianos may be voiced differently. Preferred tone is subjective.
Edit;. Room acoustics vary.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by navindra
Originally Posted by Gombessa
Hopefully all that buyer's remorse has instantly evaporated!

Originally Posted by JoBert
So, is it loud enough for you? wink grin

As happy as I was with the CA98, I think it ultimately resulted in a lower set of expectations for what I would get with the NV10. Lack of soundboard, speakers not "dimensioned" right, max volume not being loud enough, all of that was ultimately nonsense. grin

If the NV10 is able to achieve the sound and realism that it does with plain old speakers, I'm even brought to question if the whole wooden soundboard thing isn't just a gimmick. I played my CA98 every single day for 4 months, since the day I got it, and I don't miss it one bit. I guess we'll see if a soundboard pops up in a future Novus.


Vibration transducers indeed can be used to reproduce sound in specific applications, like having sound being emitted from materials such as glass or wood panes. But if the goal is replicate a sound wave with high-fidelity, they cannot match electro-acoustic transducers, i.e. conventional loudspeakers. Apart from the sound, a soundboard is able to convey low-frequency vibrations to the enclosing cabinet. But similar vibrations can be achieved with a properly sized low-freq speaker/woofer. So, the only way to understand if a soundboard has any advantage when used in a DP is to compare its sound with conventional loudspeakers. I seriously doubt it has any advantage.

But, honestly, I would prefer Kawai to release compact Novus models with improved speaker setups, especially with better sound projection, which I find a limitation of Kawai when compared to Yamaha and Roland cabinet DPs. But we are unfortunately likely going to get a big, expensive, N3-like baby-grand shaped Novus with soundboard...
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Piano Photo Gallery - Pictures of Pianos
3 hours ago
A Yamaha P105 in a 20' camper.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
I agree with that :-) You can remove the fallboard from the NV10. But they should definitely add a partial lid under the music desk - it could also improve the sound projection. The N2 has one, but I am not sure the action is visible.
51 1,786 Read More
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