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Piano Forum
50 seconds ago
Originally Posted by pianoloverus

That's why it irks me when the teacher at a masterclass says "you need a different color there". Don't they really just mean a different dynamic since the dynamic change is what changes the color?

I'm with the teacher on this issue. I understand that the dynamic change drives the tonal change, but it's often the tonal change that I'm really after; I truly want the "different color." If it's a different dynamic that gets me there, then so be it.

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Piano Forum
8 minutes ago
Watching Valentina on Youtube at St Pancras on that battered old piano has cured me (probably only temporarily) of my desire for a grand!
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Piano Forum
8 minutes ago
Number of hits on Google ...

"My dentist": 3,630,000
"My doctor": 18,200,000
"My boss": 26,800,000
"My teacher": 36,600,000

I don't know about elsewhere, but all these phrases are uncontroversial in my country.

If there is any demeaning attitude involved, it's not in the word "my", but in the abbreviation "tech", since it reveals some lack of respect for the whole job title (although not neccesarily for the person).
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
19 minutes ago
Thanks Anthony.. I appreciate your help.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
26 minutes ago
Originally Posted by hk1
Originally Posted by KevinM

The USB recording is a great feature on the Casio. You have to increase the output volume after copying to your computer but otherwise it works well and is a useful feature for critically listening to what you have played afterwards. This is a USB recording from my Casio AP-470 from earlier today. Mendelssohn Song Without Words Opus 19 No. 2

Very nice KevinM. May i ask, if this was recorded using the Grand Piano 1 or 2, on the AP470?

Grand piano 1 with default settings. Headphones plugged, I don't know if that automatically sets headphone mode or not.
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Piano Forum
35 minutes ago
Originally Posted by j&j
I myself prefer display models for the what you play is what you buy comfort. The piano’s on display have gotten full dealer prep and have had some time to settle in. If I was interested in ordering a different finish I would ask the dealer directly about the ordering process and what assurances s/he gives about my satisfaction. From what little I know is once the piano arrives at the dealer’s and is uncrated and prepped, the buyer gets to try it out before delivery. I do know how much additional prep is done to meet the buyer’s satisfaction varies widely. Ask the dealer directly about the ordering and delivery process.
On special orders for a finish not normally carried by the dealer, the buyer usually must commit to purchase. Although most dealers will try to regulate and voice to the buyer's liking there is no guarantee this can be done.

As far as pianos already on the dealer's floor, the amount of prep done varies greatly among dealers and can even vary among the pianos at a particular dealer. So the phrase "full dealer prep" is not particularly meaningful. But your suggestion of asking the dealer for assurances still makes sense although they may only commit to trying their best to voice and regulate the piano to your satisfaction.
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Adult Beginners Forum
42 minutes ago
Sorry, Handyman, my comment was about Ian's pieces. I could not find your contribution, but, then again, I am headed for cataract surgery!

Thanks, Tim, these threads are always fun.
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Piano Forum
46 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Retsacnal
As a former landlord, let me give you some insights.

Most likely, at least one neighbor (who has told you that they don't mind) has actually already complained to the landlord about this. People use the landlord to run interference all the time. Why risk friction with a neighbor when they can protest anonymously through the landlord? Case in point: you are agitated with your landlord now, not your neighbor(s).

The worst kind of tenant is not the one who doesn't pay their rent on time, but the one who drives other good tenants away. One bad tenant can cost the landlord multiple good tenants. The landlord fears that your piano playing will drive other tenants out. This should be no surprise, because your own concerns about it caused you to ask your neighbors and landlord if it would be ok.

Why did you ask if you didn't want to hear "no?" The only reason to ask is because you're concerned that it could be a problem, so why get upset when someone acknowledges that it is?

You asked the landlord, and she said no. You should accept the answer, because you asked for it.

An interesting perspective from the other-side-of-the-coin, Ret. We were all looking at this from one side, and rooting for afoonah without thinking much about the other side of the coin. Your points are certainly valid and any other member here who is or has been a landlord would have to agree with you on all points.

Not to drift too far OT here, but the barber who used to cut my hair was a landlord. I was in the barber shop waiting to get a hair-cut one day and overheard the barber talking to another customer/landlord who's hair he was cutting. Perhaps I had to wait a little longer because they were seriously engaged in a deep "landlord conversation". smile

Based on what I heard, I do not think I would ever want to be a landlord or rental property owner, even though it can be financially lucrative. They were talking about how the current tenant laws in Georgia, as well as federal law (section 8) were stacked against the landlord and favored the tenant/renter. They talked about how long and expensive it can be to evict a wayward tenant. In fact, both men talked about selling their rental properties and getting out of the landlord business.

Moral of the story? There are two sides to every coin/story. smile

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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
46 minutes ago
Not very severe temperature shift but maybe of humidity. Like 40% when wrapped and up o 70-80 on the road, or maybe 20%. But I'm not worried about soundboard, it will be repaired anyway.
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Adult Beginners Forum
52 minutes ago
1. Samuel Arnold, Gigue (Keyboard Musician)
2. Emil Söchting, Reflections (Keyboard Musician)
3. John LaMontaine, Highland Song (Keyboard Musician)
4. Alexander Tcherepnin, Joy and Tears (Keyboard Musician)
5. Minka (Russian folk song) (Keyboard Musician)
6. Frances Clark, Peaceful Valley (Keyboard Musician)
7. Frances Clark, Off-Beat (Keyboard Musician)
8. James Hook, Minuetto (Keyboard Musician)
9. V. Brumberg, Regrets (Keyboard Musician)
10. Alexander Tcherepnin, Relays (Keyboard Musician)
11. Fritz Spindler, Immortelle (Keyboard Musician)
12. Mozart, Minuet, K.6 (Keyboard Musician)
13. Beethoven, Russian Folk Song, Op. 107 No 3 (Keyboard Musician)
14. Alexander Goedicke, Hopak (Keyboard Musician)
15. Czerny, Op. 599, No. 23 (Burgmüller, Czerny & Hanon)
191 7,353 Read More
Piano Forum
53 minutes ago
Have you discussed the option of trading the piano in with a rebuilder like Lindeblad? Steinway pianos do hold more value than other brands. You might come out pretty good on that end, depending upon the condition of the case and finish. It depends on how much work someone like Lindeblad will have to put into it. Maybe you could find the S&S L or O your looking for. You might also be able to pull enough for the your piano to buy something like a nice Baldwin L or R or a Yamaha C3, or a Kawai RX2 or RX3 in the process. Just some thoughts to consider.

I have a Yamaha CP300 which I love along with my Steinway B. The CP300 is the latest in a line of stage pianos which started out as the P100 back in the 1990's in the Clavinova line. They have advanced a lot, and I love the convenience of a digital instrument, BUT there is absolutely no comparison to an acoustic piano in my opinion. It would be really hard for me to give up my Steinway, but if it's not holding a tune and you can't afford the rebuild or trade in right now your options are limited.

What does your tech say about the pin block? Is there a low cost option to get it to hold a tune for a while like CA glue. Is the issue just a few pins/strings, or is it wide spread? What condition is the piano in otherwise? Have you had other technicians look at it? I'm rambling just a bit, but just some thoughts.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
59 minutes ago
My sound settings are currently on default, because I found them more or less suitable and I didn't have time to try changing them yet. I turned off binaural sampling too because sometimes sound gets too muddy, and not because of pedal overuse, some intervals sound really strange with binaural on (for example try playing C3-G#3 - sounds totally fine with binaural off, but when I turn it on, it sounds almost like m7). Maybe they even should sound like that considering that samples are recorded from "grand piano player perspective", but then this mode is completely unusable for learning because you have to hear your sound as clear as possible. Also while CFX in binaural sounds at least interesting, stereophonic Bosendorfer sounds totally off and unpleasant, at least for my ears. Without stereophonic it's very good.
As for reverb - sometimes, depending on the mood I'm turning it on, with 25 depth and default acoustics (Recital hall). I can hardly hear any difference between all these rooms (Chamber, Cathedral, Plate etc.) so I'm using default one.
I'm currently trying to figure out the best touch settings, because apparently the whole piano tone changes when you change touch hardness. I haven't decided anything yet, so I'd really appreciate any input about how to choose proper touch sensitivity on a digital piano.

And I'm interested in responses from other users too!
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
You should really start a new thread.
Originally Posted by tblb
i 'm trying to make a choice between an acoustic piano with a silent system like kawai k500 atx3 and and hybrid like the n1x.
For those who has make there choice, why did you choose the hybrid way ? what about the sound without headphone ?
289 8,363 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
I about 5 years in and feel as you do. I'm able to play somewhat complex pieces, but playing them fluently, without (many) mistakes, consistently, is elusive. This journey is slow and takes a long, long time. I would have thought I'd be able to play these pieces consistently by now, but on the other hand, some of the pieces I'm playing are "grade 8", so maybe I shouldn't actually be playing them yet? I'm guessing it takes 10 years, based on where I am now, to play confidently and consistently.
13 209 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by NobleHouse
Originally Posted by Maximillyan
Upright piano "Petrof" Two versions of Chopin's Waltz Before & After the temperament by Max

You can really hear the difference.

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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by arc7urus
Maybe the conditions for the exhibitors have changed, but from the visitor's perspective I see no significant changes. Is Kawai planning something different for this year's event?

Wikipedia mentions that on earlier venues the first two days were restricted to professionals. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore, correct?
8 306 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by cagal

Bach prelude and fugue in g minor bwv 861 (fully memorized)
Beethoven sonata opus 2 no 1 first and 2nd movement (90% memorized)
Schubert moment musicaux op 94 no 2 (fully memorized)
Oscar Peterson land of the misty giants (will start memorizing but already about 70% just through playing)
Debussy suite Pour la piano sarabande my Achilles heel frown
Study - Rachmaninoff etude tableaux op 33 no 8
Study - haberier serenade

That's a really nice programme! The especially love your Bach and Beethoven selections. (I have a recurring gripe about exam boards not programming whole sonatas, but I will grudgingly admit that the first two movements of Beethoven Op. 2 No. 1 are more attractive than the subsequent minuet and presto.)

I think I played the Schubert piece about 25 years ago, but I didn't do it justice back then. I lacked the emotional maturity for that kind of music back then, so I didn't connect with it. I would probably do better now... but so much great music and so little time!

Out of curiosity, what are your troubles with the Debussy? I'm personally not a big fan of that Sarabande. It's on both the DipABRSM and ATCL syllabi, but I decided not to take it on.

I had never heard that Peterson piece before - that's the kind of jazz I like! Much of the jazz I hear (or find on syllabi) might as well be atonal gibberish to my ears, but that's Peterson selection is really nice. When I was young, a relative of mine had a TV show that featured jazz like that.

Those two etudes are great. Such emotion in the Rach, and the Haberbier reminds me of the first of Chopin's [i]Trois Nouvelles Etudes[/i[.

I’m struggling with ear tests although I’m getting better. Most concerned about chord progressions. I have no clue there! I’m also worried about the playback with chord accompaniment

I worked on chord progressions by picking them out in music I listen to. I remember driving my wife nuts by putting on an album of disco music and calling out the various cadences while driving down the highway.
573 96,393 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
1 hour ago
If you want to take the time and/or pay the money, and if everything is legal in your state/area, go ahead and reglue all your ivory. If one of my clients wanted to pay me my hourly rate to do it I would do it. But if they're also going to complain about the cost...forget it.

44 28,420 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
If Kawai can offer replacement parts in the UK then it ought not be too difficult to replace that switch.
I would advise getting the service manual. Disassembly can be tricky, at least the first time. The manual should give detailed instructions.
1 42 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by KevinM
I would certainly like to know some of the principles. I don't want to get into it intensively but having some concept of the main factors to take into consideration and why would be really good knowledge to have.

The only thing I've heard is to have a 15-20 gap between the back of the digital piano and the wall but literally that is all my knowledge and I'm not even sure why.

The gap makes a difference on the Kawai DPs that have a rear-facing soundboard speaker, such as the CA97 and 98. In this case, a gap of less than 10cm or so will have impact on sound projection. But the distance to the back wall should make no difference on DPs that have no rear-facing speakers or speaker ports. And, as cybergene just pointed out, some models like the N1X have recessed rear speakers, so the impact of the proximity to the back wall should be minimum. Anyway, the overall room acoustics and room decoration will play a major role on how the DP will sound, so you will always need to test different placements.
9 249 Read More
Piano Forum
2 hours ago
Rich -

I always enjoy your videos -- all of them! I always learn something new from you and Hugh whether it's the Piano Show, the demo of a piano, or when you do technical/rebuilding videos. I hope to visit Cunningham Piano the next time I'm in the Philly area.
20 730 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Tyrone Slothrop
Originally Posted by Sidokar
Hi Tyrone, I did not know that I was in any particular camp, so thank you to help me finally realize who I am...

Oh sorry, I shouldn't have used that term at all although I qualified it. I was just referring to those who believe that études are not so useful vs those that believe they are. But actually now, both of you have clarified it isn't that you don't believe they aren't useful, it's that you don't believe they are useful for learning this particular piece.

In this way, I find it enlightening and as useful as I find Richard's analysis of study pieces, which I find fascinating and useful and I hope he keeps it up! thumb

Also, if I were to play this piece, I feel like it does indeed help me to understand certain things. For example, one of the studies I did not extract was one on the pedal point and the importance of the pedal point in this being after the tonic and not on the note. This was justified by some music theoretical explanation of what Beethoven was trying to achieve. Now I know myself that I am quite sloppy at pedaling. I always pedal and change on the note. And having it explained how important it is for this piece that the pedaling be done correctly, I think would be useful from an interpretive perspective.

It maybe as you say that conventional piano pedagogy doesn't find studies for intermediate pieces to be generally useful.

Tyrone, on my response, I was just gently teasing you ! so no issue whatsoever. : smile:
For sure I see that you want to sort of look into the engine to understand the inner workings. It can be motivated by the purpose of composing or simply by sheer interest and personal education. Its all a matter of how far you need to go until it becomes superfluous from the point of view of piano playing.To fix an issue in the engine does not require to have a PHD in mechanical physics and usually those who do have a PHD do not know how to fix a broken engine (at least their PHD does not help them do that).
My view is that to interpret a piece of music you do not need to be a music expert but it does imply you have a pretty good knowledge of the style of the piece and the composer in question so you can make your own choices as to how you want to play it. For example many people use Bach inventions essentially as training materials but have little clue as to how it is supposed to be played (sometimes they dont even know what the ornamental signs are) so they go to You Tube and mimic Glen Gould or whatever other musician they like. I believe if you reach a certain level, piano playing should also include music learning, the different styles, how baroque is different from classic, what is the difference between Schumann sonatas and Beethoven's, ....... I guess thats part of the journey so you can become an educated musician and not just a key hammering machine. But that's just my view .....

To illustrate, I was having a thread on Haendel recently. So here are 2 versions of the same piece, the well know Sarabande. The first one is based on the urtext score on the piano:


The second one is on harpsichord with a typical baroque ornamentation:

37 369 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by orcoaffamato
Hello, you can always add an expander for organ sounds, like the new Viscount Legend Expander or the HX3 expander. Crumar is going to release one too in the near future.

Crumar's new piece is a drawbar MIDI controller, it has no sounds. But I think you can use it with the Gemini module.
8 446 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
Can't recommend books for piano, although if we were talking about painting I'd suggest the 'The Artist' Way' by Julia Cameron and although it's not the same discipline it may actually help in this instance. Not technique but 'an attitude to life' that helps 'nurture creativity' - sounds a bit grandiose, but I found it helpful for 'art' and (in my opinion, of course) there are parallels between art and music.
In general, though, I agree with @QuasiUnaFantasia that the time could be well (perhaps better) spent listening to music - but I wouldn't restrict it to piano music, my preference being orchestral music and I think there is a lot to be learnt from that in terms of phrasing and nuances. In my opinion piano recordings can be quite 'dry' whereas orchestral performances (and orchestration), sometimes of the same piece of music (there are transcriptions 'to and from' piano), can better highlight aspects of the piece.
Also agree with Bennevis, btw., that there's no need to 'beat yourself up over your playing.' Enjoy music, become immersed in it.
18 478 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by paf
I believe these points fall into the category of "behaviour I do not like", rather than being "bugs".
Yes, exactly.
And every manufacturer of systems with such a potentially great touchscreen as the CAx8/NV10 delivers updates to improve functionality and useability to make users happy, show that they are better than their competitors and sell more products.
But not Kawai.

+1. This is the whole point of the discussion. The touchscreen could be a product differentiator. Kawai decided not to use external applications to control and extend the functionality of the top-tier models (NV10 and CA98/78). So, I would expect Kawai to correct system (sound engine) bugs while continuously improving the GUI. Alternatively, Kawai could follow suit and develop an app to match the competition. But there were zero GUI improvements and there is no apps support, so we are stuck with an excellent DP that features an upgradeable touchscreen-based GUI running a poorly designed user interface.

The following is from a Kawai official video and is just one of the many GUI design issues. This issue is not even about functionality (as it happens with the favourites management or media player, for example) but improper handling of touch events. Pay attention to what happens to the "Fall-Back Noise" value when the user swipes down. Then wait a couple of seconds and observe what happens to the same value while swiping up. This issue is prone to erroneously change any setting while navigating the GUI - and there is no way to revert changes to the settings without a factory reset. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btgx7XIXJW8&t=72

57 4,633 Read More
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