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Pianist Corner
5 minutes ago
Originally Posted by achoo42
Schumann, on the other hand, is awkward to play no matter what, even his "easy-sounding" pieces.
So true !!! thumb
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Piano Forum
5 minutes ago
Hi everyone,

I bought a Kawai GX-5 (LOVE IT) for $30k a couple of years ago and insured it with a separate policy through my regular home owner's insurance. My technician mentioned that the cost of replacement for the instrument is likely to run considerably higher and even though I bought it at a lower price, he thought it should be insured at the MSRP. He wrote a formal appraisal in writing with his credentials attached. My insurance company is bulking and saying they won't insure for anything higher than the sale price despite his appraisal.

So two questions. Is this scenario normal? I know dealers regularly discount from MSRP but wasn't sure how much people would value them when it comes to insurance.

Secondly, are there any good or recommended companies for insuring a piano? I've seen some mention State Farm or Heritage on these forums but those threads were years ago. My intent is to keep this one forever, but I want to make sure it could be replaced if anything happened.
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Piano Forum
9 minutes ago
Originally Posted by fedbcc
I have recently bought a Kawai k600 as (sostenuto pedal version). I can share my impressionas during the year long journey in choosing the piano.

My main requirement was to find an upright piano (I don't have space for a grand) as close as possible to a grand in terms of control. I am advanced pianist, currently preparing for a diploma.
I tried the whole Yamaha upright range (from U1 to SU7), the C. Bechstein 124cm, a Grotrian Steinweg 124, a couple of Bosendorfer, a Kawai k 500 and k 600, and others. The Bechstein and Grotrian were second hand in excellent conditions and costed about as much as a new K600.

For me the k600 had the closest control on the touch to a grand. I believe that's because of longer keys and of the Millenium IIi action. I found the low and high registers to be nice, but the middle one lacking a bit of colour. The Bechstein for me had the best sound and I loved the middle register of the Grotrian. But I didn't feel in complete control of the sound. As for me a good control was the main requirement, I wouldn't replace my 10k Kawai with the 40k Bosendorfer. But, I also reckon German pianos had in general a more colourful sound.
Thank you for sharing your experience - and welcome to Piano World !!!!!!
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
10 minutes ago
Following srslysupersonic's advice, I made an adjustment to my soft-close mechanism. My soft-close fallboard worked Ok, but there was always a little bit of creaking noise on the left side when it was closing. Srslysupersonic said his was quiet after the adjustment.

It's a pretty easy adjustment and it actually did make my fallboard silent on the way down. After you pull the fallboard off, you have to remove an angled piece of wood (8 screws) in order to access all the screws on the soft-close mechanism. In the pic below you can see how the wood obscures two of the screws.

[Linked Image]

You'll have access to all four screws on the soft-close bracket after you remove the wood.

As you can see in the pic below, my left side bracket (left when it's on the piano) is actually not centered properly. It's at an angle.

[Linked Image]

I loosened up the screws and pushed it all the way out properly centering it.

[Linked Image]

No adjustment needed to be made on the right side. It was already pushed all the way out. I reassembled and sure enough, it's silent going down.

[Linked Image]

I think because the left side bracket was a bit off-centered, it made a slight creaking noise going down, but the adjustment fixed that.

God Bless,

1,748 100,871 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
12 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Curt R
I'm working on learning piano on my own. At this point, all I do is scales every day. I can play all 12 scales, both major and minor. I just play one octave, one hand at a time. .......

Well you have just fallen into your first bad habit, and I bet you won't like some of the answers you get here because it will mean having to change, or at least cast doubt in your mind in your method. Changing the way we have already learned to do something is very difficult, and of course we put up all sorts of barriers/excuses why we shouldn't have to change. I would advise you should review where you are getting your info from, and how you are going about your self learning. If you don't want to/can't afford lessons then at least get a method book to put you on the right path.

As to the question itself, if is not easy to answer not knowing why you are learning piano, what genres you hope to play, etc. But let me say this from my classical learning point of view. Many times in my beginner days I came to regret challenging fingering decisions, because I could not put myself in the experienced position of those that wrote them. What may seem easy when played slow, can be incredibly difficult to pull off when played fast. Scales will be no exception.

Going forward, I would put trust in recommended fingering (scales and pieces) until you have the experience to know different.
18 143 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
15 minutes ago
Thanks but I tried that before and didn't way the way it sounded, its not the same as direct into speakers in my opinion, plus to play the piano I would have to have to keep switching cables or always have the pc on if I did it the way you say...
8 101 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
26 minutes ago
Hello, I wondered if I might ask a question of you all as I’m trying to decide which route to take - I’m trying to decide between the two pianos above (I’d love to stretch budget to a 635 but just can’t)
It’s been about twenty years since I’ve played and am keen to get back into playing regularly.

I would really appreciate hearing any thoughts you had as to whether buying an entry level Clavinova was better than a high range Arius?
I’ve a notion that I read a comment on here some time ago that it was better to avoid a bottom of the range Clavinova but I’ve searched and can’t see the reasons behind this!
I’ve played and liked both but since it’s been so long since I’ve played properly, I don’t have the confidence that I’ll pickup the subtleties that will only be noticeable over time ..... I then delved into the world of online comparison and my head is trying to process everything!

Thank you very much in advance for your thoughts,
0 16 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
28 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Chordo24
Sorry for my missing proper command of English, but it`s not my mother tongue, but actually my third language. When I wrote LIGHT I didn`t refer to computer load - instead I meant "reduced version".

Are you talking about the difference between Garritan CFX Full and Garritan CFX Lite, for example?
10 344 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
29 minutes ago
Not doing things that I do not want to do for people who are not paying me is all part of my professional service. No need to thank me for it.
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Piano Photo Gallery - Pictures of Pianos
34 minutes ago
Adjustments made to the soft-close mechanism.
0 1 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
34 minutes ago
We should learn to play on a digital because sooner or later they will replace acoustic. Ok probably not in university or concert hall but everywhere else.
71 1,111 Read More
MY NEW PIANO or KEYBOARD! - Share Your Story!
39 minutes ago
Originally Posted by dogperson
Congrats on the new piano and returning to playing! I, too, had more than a 40 year hiatus; what you learned as a child really does come back to you. Two forums you might be interested in: the ABF. This is just not for adult beginners but also returners and anyone else interested in participating. There is a quarterly recital and occasional themed recital, if you are interested in participating; MOYD where you commit to playing every day and other useful threads. You also might be interested in the digital piano forum

Thank-you dogperson, for your warm welcome and helpful pointers... very much appreciated! I can hardly wait to be back to playing piano again after all of these years. A life-altering spinal injury (the result of a serious workplace fall) has unfortunately kept me bedridden for approximately 20 hours/day for the past 15 years, but one thing that I have learned over all of this time is that I must make the very most of my precious-few "good" hours, when I am still somewhat mobile. So although the daily time spent on my beautiful new Casio Privia PX870 will not be a lot, I am indeed quite anxious to jump back in with both feet. I will just have to do it in small doses!

Thanks again!!
2 50 Read More
Piano Forum
42 minutes ago
Here is a first application of the piano. A self-taught friend plays my Kawai CA98 and I'm playing the tenor saxophone...

46 1,204 Read More
Pianist Corner
49 minutes ago
Okay thanks for the input Bruce!
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Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Echoing earlier comments - posture can make a difference, also "core strength". Are you a sloucher? As to forearms parallel, there are "religious wars" about proper height. Should the arms angle down from the elbows to the keys, up from the elbows to the keys, level with the keys... How far away from the keyboard should you sit? Should the elbows be angled away from the body? close in? Etc.

One size does not fit all. It depends on your body structure and mechanics.

You might do some gentle standing stretches towards your toes letting the weight of your body carry your arms down. Once you've stretched in that direction, you can try a squat that stretches you in a different direction.
7 102 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
I have a serious potential buyer for my piano and I have a question about escrow services such as the one offered by Pianomart. It is not listed on their website though I will be sure to call them when they are available. My understanding on how this service works is at time of sale the buyer sends the money to Pianomart's escrow service and then the seller is made aware that all funds have been received by the escrow service and that the piano can be released to the piano movers. The question I have is at what point does the buyer assume responsibility for the piano. Is it upon receipt of the piano in their home or is it immediately after the movers take possession? In our case, the buyer is responsible for providing transportation and all costs associated with that. Since this is the case shouldn't the funds be released to the seller immediately at the time the buyer's movers take possession? My concern is what happens if something happens to the piano during the move or if the buyer for whatever reason doesn't like the piano he/she received or changes her mind at the last moment does the escrow service not release the funds? I have advised her to go with a quality transport company like Walter were she to buy my piano and to understand their insurance policy.

This may be nitpicking because the conversations we have had have been wonderful and I may be worrying about nothing, but the main thing I don't want to happen is to have someone damage my piano during transport and then I get it returned to me in a damaged state without the escrow service releasing the funds. The piano is in about as perfect a condition one would want it to be for a 2007 model and it just had a 15 point inspection today by a registered piano technician paid for by the potential buyer. The piano was inspected top to bottom, pins, action, strings, case, hammers- everything and passed with flying colors following a mild tuning. The technician's grading scale only goes from good to poor (not excellent) and my piano received a "good" rating across the board. However, he was quite impressed with how a good a shape the piano was in and commented several times along these lines but said he doesn't use the words perfect or excellent because he feels words like that can be open to interpretation and he doesn't want to be responsible for that.

Regardless I consider the piano to be in excellent condition and I just want to make sure both the buyer and seller are comfortable with this transaction if it goes through and that the piano arrives to her home in as excellent condition as it is now. (We both understand that tuning and mild regulation is usually required following any piano transport). Again, for my peace of mind, does anyone know who this works with the escrow service because at first glance it appears that the money is released only if the buyer is happy with the piano once they receive it in their home but could keep the seller empty handed if something were to go wrong during the moving process.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
I’m looking forward to building a grand piano action, something I’ll never do on a real grand.
40 1,426 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
I think you'll have more luck asking on one of the two Yahoo Groups for PianoDisc: PianoDiscUser and PianoDiscTech. Is it always the same keys that won't play? Have you checked the connections from the corresponding solenoids?
1 72 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
This weekend I played for two singers in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the NATS Artists Awards Competition on a NY Steinway "D". The venue was the Abramson Family Recital Hall at the Katzen Arts Center at American University. It is a beautiful facility, and the hall is quite lovely. The university is fortunate to have donors like the Katzens and the Abramsons.

The Room: I think it seated about 250 to 300 people; no proscenium arch on the stage. It is a lovely space visually. Acoustics were a bit "wonky" with sound going out and not coming back. (I wonder if this could have been caused by some panels that had been installed on the stage so we could enter from the back without being seen. Perhaps they absorbed some of the sound we would have heard from the rear wall of the stage?) Singers reported that it was difficult to hear the piano(!) though they stood in front of it and to the right of the tail of the piano as seen from the audience. I certainly had difficulty hearing the singers clearly when I was working with them.

The Piano: It was a competition, and I didn't have time to take note of the serial#, but from what I could see, it was a not new, but perhaps 10 to 20 year old New York "D". (I base that on the size of the pedals which were not as small as the newest ones seem to be). Regulation was pretty good, though Bb1 decided to ring on after I took my hands off the keys and pedal. My page turner reported that the key stayed down; I couldn't see that, but I did push down the damper (in front of the judges) so we could get on with the next piece.

If the ideal piano is a "PianoForte", or maybe "PianissimoFortissimo", this particular "D" was a MezzoForte-Forte, at least in some registers of the piano. The voicing was odd to me. The soft pedal had ample travel (though I could hear the keyboard moving side to side when I pressed it...), using it made absolutely ZERO DIFFERENCE in the quality and character of the sound and almost none on the VOLUME.

Further, the effect was... different in different registers. From the 1st Capo up, it was impossible to play under a MF. Below that, more so. "La Chevelure" from Debussy's "Trois Chansons de Bilitis" was a nightmare for me. As I caressed the first of the descending eighth note figures, that Steinway positively HONKED the notes out in a MF. Bellini's "Ah! non credea mirarti", went more easily, but the soft parts of the accompaniment center between F2 and F5... really more around C4, and the piano was more responsive to soft playing in that area than above it.

On the louder side, the orchestral reduction of Strauss' "Composer's Aria" was easy enough to play (at least as easy as playing a Strauss orchestra part on a piano can be) from the point of view of varying degrees of Forte. I would have preferred a bit more "bite" in the voicing of the wound strings in the bass, but that's my taste.

Volume aside I found the piano a bit on the monochromatic side.

Informal polling of fellow pianists and singers showed them to be "d'accord" for the most part with my observations.

Final Observation and Question(s): I did, out of curiosity when I was done playing have a look at the hammers in the piano. They appeared almost brand new, lots of "meat" on them, ungrooved. I suspect they were some earlier than most recent version of NY hammers on which some "tone building" juicing had been done, if somewhat inexpertly from my point of view. I cannot account for why there was no difference in tone color when using the soft pedal; this was a new (and unpleasant) experience for me. I hasten to add that the hammers did not have that over-lacquered nasty nasal sound that I remember from my younger days; they were just LOUD.

What would account for them sounding the way they did?

Why a "D"? When I was part of a committee involved in piano purchases for a university, I found that the vendors were pushing a "Concert Grand" as the solution for smallish (300 seats and under) fairly live venues. My personal opinion is that a "B" or some other 7' ish instrument would be more than enough. I am of the opinion that a "D" was overkill for Abramson Family Recital Hall. It's a small, live room. No, the seats were not filled, but they were upholstered, and I don't think people would have made the room substantially less live acoustically.

Were I asked to play a concert on that piano in that room, I'd first have a long "think" about what I could play that would work in that space on that instrument. The "Images" of Debussy would not make the cut; Prokofiev Sonata #7 more likely, Islamey, more likely to work. Mozart could be difficult - it would sound BIG, Chopin Nocturnes- nope; Bb Minor Scherzo, probably OK, and so forth.

End of Report - One Pianist's Opinion
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Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Piano camp! That performance must have been very satisfying.

And welcome back to the piano Jytte!
10,079 34,474,805 Read More
Piano Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by S. Phillips
Thanks. Rick. We all had a great time. It was wonderful to see everyone. I loved your rendition of Proud Mary!

Thanks, Sally, you are too kind!

I'm glad you enjoyed my rendition of Proud Mary, (hands shaking and all) but I'm quite sure you have heard much better piano playing. In fact, I knew you had told me that you've tuned for Jerry Lee Lewis, and Stevie Wonder, but I did not know that you had toured with and tuned for Herbie Hancock; your two assistants told on you when I was talking with them yesterday. smile

So, that being said, the fact that you liked my megar performance is quite a compliment! Thank you!

But like I have said before, the PianoBuddies group is not about who can play better than who, but about supporting and enjoying everyone who is interested in learning to play the piano and has the courage to play for the group at the piano parties/recitals. smile

I know I talk too much, and ramble on, but I keep remembering the events of yesterday and what a nice time it was, indeed. I love your piano store and all those beautiful Steinways!

After the event at your store all the PianoBuddies group went to TGI Fridays restaurant to eat dinner. That was pretty good too:-) I'm still getting to know some of the PB members. One guy asked me if I liked sports; I replied "sort-of". But my biggest extracular activity and pastime is learning to play the piano. Is that a sport? smile

Anyway, it will be nice to see the pics when Laurie can post them.

Thanks again for hosting the event!

All the best!

42 932 Read More
Members Recordings - Pianist Corner
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Vilhelm Moqvist
Originally Posted by Carey
BRAVO Vilhelm. Wonderful performance !! You've certainly made amazing progress during the past four years. Just curious - what are your long term musical goals?

Thank you very much for your kind comments Carey. My goals with music has always been to be a succesful concert pianist. I hope I can fulfill my dreams in the future.

You certainly have the potential to do so. That was a artful performance of a very difficult work, I'm subscribed to your channel now.
9 221 Read More
Pianist Corner
2 hours ago
Beatrice Rana in Seattle! October 24 and 26, she will play Schumann’s Piano Concerto Op. 54 in A minor with the Seattle Symphony.
250 17,528 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
I don't think they could fall so easily but, as with all the glued things, it is better not to touch them too much.
But, from the above picture, they look so thin to me that it's difficult to think they could collect much dust around them...
32 1,094 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Purpose built.... naw.... a headphone is a headphone. The higher the quality (and usually price) the more accurate it aspires to be. That's about it. However..... there are brands that cater to ignorant youth and have big boomy bass..... OK, that is a purpose built phone but not for a class of device, but a class of consumer.

Bruce in Philly
27 860 Read More
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