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Pianist Corner - Non Classical Jump to new posts
Re: Minor 6 chords in songs Nahum 2 minutes ago
Unlike classical harmony, chords symbols in jazz lends itself to interpretation in performance. This means that in each chord, some pitches can be omitted and others added , according to known rules (in fact, according to what sounds good). For example, in any chord you can remove the root and replace it with the ninth (second) degree. These pitches are called chord tensions .
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum Jump to new posts
Re: No sharps! Lady Bird 4 minutes ago
Which pieces have no modulations at all.Perhaps something in John Thompson beginner books.
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum Jump to new posts
Re: No sustain on c# P W Grey 6 minutes ago
Which one is the c#? Left or right?

Peter Grey Piano Doctor
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Kawai CA79 / CA99 owners club mwf 16 minutes ago
Thanks James
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Is the all white key piano the dumbest think ever? Lady Bird 31 minutes ago
Originally Posted by AaronSF
The big problem is having only one key (C major). The pianist has to wildly distort the harmonies of "Dr. Gradus" because of the total lack of accidentals. Stupid and useless. Surely it's an elaborate joke?
Perhaps it's a "Doctor Gradus as Parnussum " joke.
I think Doctor Gradus ad Parnussum means "Teacher Goes To Heaven"
If teacher has "gone to heaven" and I have no teacher perhaps I can only play in C major.
Any other "logical" explanations for this strange keyboard.

Imagine winning this piano as a prize in sort raffle or lottery?
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Faber Graduates Wish4 Thing 1 hour ago
Novela is the last song from my 3A performance book. I still have 4 songs to go from 3A Christmas book which will take a little while before I complete 3A.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: VSTs seem to kill the joy out of actually playing the piano Charles Cohen 1 hour ago
After reading this, I think that every VST (and especially Pianoteq, which I like to use), should come with a black-box disclaimer:

We have designed this piece of software to allow you to play music written for the piano.

However, it is not a piano.

We make no guarantee (expressed or implied) that you will accept its sounds as "just like a piano", or even call them "piano-like". We are sorry if you think it sounds like a kazoo -- we have done our best.
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Yamaha with a history coming up for sale Rickster 1 hour ago
I too really like Linda Ronstadt. She's had quite a career as a stellar singer, musician and entertainer, and, she started young, and paid her dues and climbed the ladder of musical success.

I saw a documentary on PBS about her, and other singers/musicians/entertainers. The documentary talked about how she performed a lot at the Troubadour nightclub in West Hollywood Ca. early in her career, which is where many budding performers, musicians and singers garnered their popularity in the music/entertainment business.

She wrote or co-wrote many great songs, but I think my favorite was "When will I be loved".

Back to her Yamaha G2, I'm sure it will sell, and at a good price.

I wish her well in her golden years.

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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Best virtual piano for my needs Charles Cohen 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by akse0435

I'm daily using a Yamaha P-515 digital piano for playing. As much as I like the sound of it, it sounds a little bright to me, and it is not technically much complex, having only 5 layers. So, I'm interested in getting a virtual piano for my computer, so I can connect the P-515, and use it as a midi-controller. . . .

. . .

Have you exhausted the capabilities of the built-in "Piano Room" tone control -- the "Bright" setting -- on the P-515?

. . . and the "Sound Boost / EQ" settings?

. . . and the "User Master EQ" settings?

Those are all free.

Have you considered getting a stereo graphic EQ (e.g. DBX 215s or 231s) or a stereo parametric EQ (e.g. two DBX 530's ) ? (There are Behringer equivalents, somewhat less expensive).

If you'd said:

. . . "I don't like the P-515 sounds! They're awful!"

I would understand switching to a VST. (I did that, with my PX-350.)

But solving "a little bright" -- you might be able to do that, without the cost and complexity of a VST (and the computer to run it, and the loudspeakers to hear it).

Sometimes, only a completely new sound will do the job. But you might find something cheaper, and simpler, that will fix your problem.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Kawai MP7-no sound on 1 key Royce 1 hour ago
Hello all, hope you all are doing ok during the pandemic. Here in Florida, things are getting scary.
Anyway, I hope someone here can help me to figure out what's wrong with my Kawai MP7. It got flooded with fresh water; however after many days and hours, I managed to have it dried and cleaned. Everything is back to function normally, except that there's no sound come off 1 key. Visual and physical inspection show that there's nothing missing, misalignment, or damaged.
Did anyone have a similar issue, and know what to do ? All suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you all in advance.
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Spinet or Console? Lady Bird 1 hour ago
Have you moved your Baldwin upright inside your house yet ? If so how are you enjoying it ?
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Buying a Yamaha C6x sight unseen? ando 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Steve Jackson
This is one of the reasons why I don't care for Yamaha. It's a commodity, like a t shirt. How much, how many are what matters.

The fact is the x series pianos are not at all like the older Yamahas and the few I've serviced have
shown much needed setup and some have not been satisfactory at all to the customer.

If you're dead set on buying it, check with your Credit card company. Have the piano setup after arrival, and if you don't like it, refuse delivery and call
your CC company to cancel order. Goods not delivered will allow a full refund and you can claim the goods did not match the
claim of the seller.

Two can play this game too.

Actually, they're just pianos, and they carry none of the personality traits of the dealers who sell them. The dealer has made his position clear regarding his ability to move such a piano. It's unfortunate for the buyer, but it's the dealer's decision, not Yamaha's.
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: How to pick between U3s (interstitial piano) scirocco 1 hour ago
The U3 is a good instrument- the main thing I would look at is condition as they are a very popular teacher’s piano and may therefore have been heavily used. Which is not necessarily a problem provided it’s been looked after.

Condition is everything - you’d either need to get a tech to check it over or educate yourself enough on what to look for. Plenty of videos on Youtube.

If the piano is in good nick there is no reason why it shouldn’t serve you well. I have a U1 and my teacher has a U3, both from the 80’s. Neither has had or needed any work apart from normal tuning and adjustments. (Except for replacing the hammer spring cords, which is a recognised fault with Yamaha uprights but actually makes very little difference to the playability).
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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: Bösendorfer, Valentina & Thunder pianoloverus 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by SiFi
Originally Posted by pianoloverus
There is certainly a difference between holding a note just with one's fingers(and no pedal) vs. holding a note with the pedal. But there is no difference between holding a note with one's finger and the pedal vs. holding it with just the pedal.

My teacher gets annoyed with me (and anyone else) when I finish a piece, especially a quiet one, and release the final chord before releasing the sustaining pedal, even though it makes no physical difference. He calls it the "Look Ma, no hands" trick and considers it amateurish/unprofessional. Actually, he doesn't like it in general and when I see Valentina doing it, I don't like it either.
If you're only talking about the final chord, then it's obviously visually inappropriate to lift one's hands off the keys before the piece ends. So, in that sense, it could be considered amateurish.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Final decision: Kawai CA78 vs CA58 Kawai James 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by terminaldegree
Most dealer agreements have defined territories. The vast majority of manufacturers, not just this one.

Absolutely right.

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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: 7 sharps pianoloverus 2 hours ago
I wanted to make a lot of changes to my last post but ran out of time. Here's what I wanted to say, please ignore my previous post.
Did Schubert write anything with 6 sharps? Nothing that I can think of although there might be a few. So it may just be that Schubert and many composers of that time didn't use that key for almost any of their works.

I think any association of a specific key with a specific mood must be a carryover from the time when the non enharmonic keys really did sound different because of the earlier tuning systems. On a modern piano F# and G flat sound exactly the same. I think that must have been true on Schubert's piano since one is playing the same notes whether the piece is written in F# or G flat. The only way they could sound different would be if the piano was tuned differently depending of the key of the piece.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Used NU1 Volusiano 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by newer player
Interestingly, we have seen plenty of N3 models with ask prices roughly in the $6-$9k range (you can search the forums for actual ask prices). So if you want the ultimate hybrid speaker system, this is a good option. And the N3 comes up much more frequently in the used market.
True. I bought a used (2014) N3 in AZ for $6500 (before tax and shipping) from a Yamaha dealer with a 90 day warranty covered (which I used twice after purchase). I can't imagine what the original owner must have sold it to that dealer for. But then he upgraded it for a Yamaha TransAcoustic so maybe they gave him a good deal on his trade-in. I snatched it up the same day I saw it because I assumed that it would go fast. It was barely on the floor for a couple of days when I stumbled on it.
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Clicky Schimmels? Pianosearcher 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by pianoloverus
It clearly sounds like the tech didn't really fix the problem.

I agree at least as far as whatever key was clicking that involved swapping a part with A0. The concerning thing is that the owner says the clicking has developed in a number of different keys over the years. To my knowledge Schimmel never used teflon bushings, so that's not the source of the problem.
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Composer's Lounge Jump to new posts
Re: Notation Question samwitdangol 2 hours ago
Thank you!
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Kawai VPC1 owners club Zaphod 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by maul
Also, I've found that using some black shelf liner folded over a few times on one end to compensate for the curved top, works well to keep a laptop securely up there.

I've always used a laptop stand, the kind you can also put a projector on, and adjusted to be slightly higher than the VPC1, then just set that up directly behind the VPC1. As another option.
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Another Marshall & Wendell serial number question BDB 3 hours ago
Originally Posted by MG Guy
Thanks! I looked for a master list of serial numbers and dates, but could only find the ranges. This is very helpful. Can I ask how you know? BTW, it sounds very good, although the original keys have been replaced and there are a few other odds and ends needing slight attention. I might putter with it in my dotage. Thanks again!

There is a book that correlates serial numbers with the dates of pianos.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Roland FP-30 Piano Partner 2 zzzero Yesterday at 11:55 PM
i use piano partner to turn on and connect my ipad to fp30 via bluetooth, so I could use a piano learning app. for some reasons, trying to connect directly using my ipad's bluetooth setting does not work
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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: I got one of the Lego Grand Pianos! Sebs Yesterday at 11:39 PM
That's great! I definitely would love to get one once back on stock. What a great lego kit and to think I can have a grand piano in my little condo now smile
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: GEM RP90 successful repair Munja Yesterday at 11:31 PM
first of all, many thanks for original Pro2 schem (Michael) and all advices (Maxis).

The synth is still not working, unfortunately.
It was at repairman (I don't have hot air reflow station etc. and never did that before), the SRAMs were replaced, but the problem remained.
He assumes that the CPU is dead. Maybe.
The friend is now looking for whole cpu board. Out of stock at Syntaur. We'll see.

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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Elementary Pieces by Rameau or Couperin? AZNpiano Yesterday at 11:24 PM
The easiest pieces Rameau wrote are found at the end of his first two suites. Minuet in A minor. Le Lardon. La Boiteuse. There is also a Menuet en Rondeau that Rameau wrote as a finger exercise.

Francois Couperin is problematic for beginners. He wrote mostly mid- to late-intermediate stuff. There are some "easier" pieces toward the end of his first two Ordres. From Ordre 11, Third Act is manageable if you leave out some ornaments. From Ordre 13, Les Coucous benevoles is short and easy, even though it is only a part of a larger piece. The most anthologized snippet is from Le Petit-Rien (Ordre 14), but most editors left out the 2nd couplet. Le Trophee from Ordre 22 is not too difficult.

So, no luck there. There are other composers from the Couperin extended family, so maybe they wrote easier material for beginners.
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