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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
59 seconds ago
Originally Posted by OscarRamsey

Haha - now that's in a different price range... You know what, I prefer to play my 705 without headphones (and I have very good MDR-7506 headphones). Something about the sound coming out from underneath... one can even feel it in the pedal. I've not tried a 708 (I'll keep that extra change for an acoustic piano when I'm ready for one).

PS I've not looked into the colors, so I thought the 705 was available in white in other geographical areas!

PPS I've never put anything on top of my piano apart from a cloth (when it was placed under a window for a few months). Soft toys only I say!

Yeah, it seems that the 705 is available in Japan in white but not in Europe.

I don't want anything on top of the piano either but if that's what it takes to get a piano into our home I guess that's a small sacrifice.
21 3,187 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 minute ago
Tomorrow I think I will try and list what I think are the important settings and how to find them.
125 56,305 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 minute ago
I have this (annoying) quality to not find peace on earth until I know how something works in details and can be as stubborn as it is required to achieve that.

So, three sleepless nights later I have a fairly good overview of how to program this d*mn thing and I still hold my view it’s very non-intuitive. Whoever designed it is a non-human being or someone who hates humanity.

Anyway, the MODX is really a very powerful machine. I like it more and more.
13 549 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 minute ago
Originally Posted by MacMacMac
Yes, it's worth a try. Free is always a good value. But that stereo is a REALLY good one ... using it just might forestall any realization that monitors can give better/superb results.

Good points.

Modern powered monitors can be very cheap and high quality.
39 2,942 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
8 minutes ago
1985 Yamaha hammers were relatively hard and bright.
You can voice them down, and they may stay mellow, or they may come back to bright.
You can replace the muffler felt with thin cloth, Beethoven would have had this on his piano, and it will give an effect somewhat like the una corda of a grand piano.
You could also replace the hammers with Abel Naturals, Ronsens or Isaac hammers, all of which are more resilient and will hold a mellow voicing.
If you're replacing hammers, find someone who can weigh the new hammers and produce a strike weight continuity. This will make your piano beautifully responsive.
6 99 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
10 minutes ago
I always use a good quality paper like 3m free cut gold and a brush to keep any build up nubs from happening. Sand straight in one direction only, no back and forth.
I also do the keys individually, out of the piano and use a sanding block
It helps keep the lines straight and nice looking and avoids the edges.
Try a sample first.
If you think 600 is too coarse, try 800.
You especially don’t want to create unsightly irregularities on a nice ivory set or plastic.
5 37 Read More
Piano Forum
15 minutes ago
A 42% to 50% discount from SMP isn't do-able in 99% of cases, and suggesting that it is in any way a normal price to expect is, frankly, bad advice to the forum.

I suppose if it were a B-stock warranty return, an institutional loan program piano (used for a year or two, but being sold as new because it's never technically been sold), or a store going out of business (no after-sale support, and needing to liquidate immediately), that could occur. But, in a normal situation, you're dreaming. I'm not just talking about individual retail sales, that's not been my experience in institutional purchases, nor purchases from institutional loan programs (including Yamaha loan programs), and not even among the most price-competitive dealers in the nearest major metropolitan area (Atlanta, which has a lot of new and used piano dealers), or the last place I lived (Minneapolis/St.Paul, with a couple of major players notoriously aggressive about price, but not service). The only purchasing scenario I don't know much about are group buys, but I tend not to suggest people purchase unprepped inventory, straight from the crate.
11 440 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
17 minutes ago
Originally Posted by TomInCinci
I found the perfect avatar for the musical me!

You don't want to know how many times I've done that in real life. blush
52 8,354 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
24 minutes ago
Glad to hear it arrived in pristine condition, Glen. And that you are pleased with it.
2 35 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
25 minutes ago
I tried out my HD-598's on my just-delivered Casio PX-870 today, and it sounded absolutely amazing! Tomorrow I'll test my Bang & Olufsen H2's.
9 115 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
27 minutes ago
I'd rather the quality be sufficiently high so that updates would be unnecessary.
123 11,982 Read More
Themed Recital Sub-Forum
29 minutes ago
Hi, folks! Thanks to everyone who commented on my various contributions -- it was a small, but IMO "high-end" recital, and I greatly enjoyed listening to everybody. There were some more specific queries; I'll try to address them, on a "piece-by-piece" basis:

Sibelius - Romance -- Morodiene, I definitely agree with you that this piece cries out for a cello/piano adaptation; it really is a richly late-Romantic statement, loaded with drama and emotion. Facdo, it may interest you to know that, in the sheet music I used, there is a suggested alternative version in which the "cadenza" portion is eliminated. Whether Sibelius himself authorized this alternative was not indicated -- it would make the piece far simpler technically, and the "cut" still makes good artistic sense. The sheet music I used was from a Schirmer Anthology of Modern Music, issued back in the 1950s.

Grieg - Slatter selections -- Gandalf, I'll take your commentary as a special compliment, since I was actively attempting to create a distinctly Norwegian character. But, as was Grieg himself -- this was essentially his last major project, in 1903, 2-3 years before his death, and he provided extensive notes explaining his intentions. My own background is Danish, on my dad's side, but the aesthetic appears to be somewhat different between the two countries. Thanks to Jytte for alluding to the richness of Danish Folksong.

Saeverud - Suite -- Gandalf, again, thanks for validating the "Norwegianness" of my interpretations. I do consider Saeverud to be the most considerable Grieg descendant -- interestingly enough , both wrote extensive scores for "Peer Gynt", and while Grieg's music is far better known, I actually consider Saeverud's music to be a little truer to the spirit of "Peer Gynt" -- acid, truculent, more Norwegian Troll swagger. Morodiene, you hit the nail on the head regarding "Her Last Cradle Song" -- the reason it is her last is because her baby was already dead in the cradle, and so the character is a screaming lament - not a lullaby!

Rautavaara -- Sonata -- Outo, you are well within your rights to treat this music with no programmatic referents -- Rautavaara did not indicate any specific extra-musical agenda. However, it was he himself who provided the subtitle; and as an added anecdote, he had a painting of "Christ and the Fishermen" above his composing workstation, which prompted my speculation -- but is it mine, not his.

Wiren - Sonatin -- Morodiene, I obtained both the Saeverud and Wiren scores via SheetMusic Plus -- in Wiren's case, the publisher was Gehringer Musikverlag, based in Stockholm. The music I found to be deceptively difficult technically -- I would rate it as Late Intermediate, personally, because of some awkward passages in the 1st and 3rd Movements. I agree, though, that it is very infectious, and would work well as a recital piece.

Nielsen - Three Pieces -- In general terms, I was looking for one representative from each Scandinavian country, without picking the obvious -- but in case of Nielsen, I had a couple of scores I had purchased many years ago but virtually never looked at, and this was my "excuse" to study them. These pieces are very late Nielsen -- posthumous, in fact, written in 1928 but published only in 1934, three years after his death -- and they exhibit his interest in the "modern music" of the 1920s. They were easily the toughest technically -- Morodiene, thanks for acknowledging the sense of pattern and gesture in the music, in spite of its quasi-tonal nature and neurotic outbursts at various junctures -- the sense of musical line is what I was trying to achieve.

Again, thanks to everybody who listened, whether you commented or not -- most appreciated!
40 607 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
33 minutes ago
Bluegrassdog, I just watched Dave Frank’s session in Budapest. Since you already play classical piano at that level, why don’t you send him a PM? I believe he gives lesson on Skype.
11 418 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
36 minutes ago
Originally Posted by pianoloverus
I'll add one other suggestion. If you think playing from memory might cause some of the anxiety, you can request to perform with the music.Ask your teacher ahead of time. At a recital of non professionals no one will care if you use the score.

I know I could...…. but I really don't want to. LOL I have wicked memory issues. I'd like to push myself and see if I could do it. You know, once it gets closer, I'll see how I feel and if I think I may need this, I'll run it by him. I just don't want to. LOLOLOLOL

Thanks pianoloverus. It's a good suggestion.
10 251 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
40 minutes ago
Mils: Welcome to the most frustrating, addicting and fascinating hobby ever. LOL

Seriously though: I always fall apart in front of my teacher (I've had what 3 or 4 lessons now?.) The first few times this really bothered me. I can't hit the right anything with the right fingers. My timing would just go and forget dynamics. It was embarrassing and I was practicing my butt off! However, I've had a sudden attitude adjustment all on my own. I'm in a piano recital come December (1st one) and I'm really worried I'll clam up completely or hit every wrong note etc. This lesson, I'm grateful I'm falling apart in front of him. Those tough spots are where I need help and where I need to practice more. My goal is to not fall apart on this song (just this one.. starting baby steps) in front of him before the recital.
Also, during my lessons, we mark my songs with my trouble sections. Am I using the wrong fingers? Seeing the wrong notes? My counting bad in this section? Break down and work on measure 8-13 as that's my tricky timing part. Or these last two notes in measure 22 I keep messing up. He gives me clear, concise help. He writes it all down for me (bless him.) I also can't stand Alfreds (and did most of the first book. lol) I told him that off the bat and also that I despise (and I mean DESPISE) circus, theme park style music. Does it involve clowns? I'd rather lose fingers. LOL. So he was fabulous. I don't have to do Alfred's and not circus music. YAY. Otherwise I'm very flexible.

My teacher is a good match for me. He's willing to work with me not me work for him. Great attitude. Definitely look I into a teacher switch if you are unable to work this out with him.

Also, we all suck at the beginning. And we are hard on ourselves. Have you tried recording yourself? Lots on here suggest it. That way you will see how much progress you are actually making. I keep a log book of each practice. Just reading that over shows what progress I'm making and I don't see it as I'm doing it. Also there can be wicked long plateau's where it seems like your treading water or going backwards. It's part of the process. Teaches us self love and patience. LOL

Have some faith in yourself. smile
32 246 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
48 minutes ago
Thank you for posting this, Dave. Really great playing. I liked the “surprise” ending too!
9 207 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
49 minutes ago
As a point of comparison, this piece will be significantly more difficult than the Fur Elise and also a good notch more difficult than the first movement of moonlight sonata. If you want to play it, give it a try over some short parts and see how it works for you.
6 87 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
50 minutes ago
Another quote from your website Duane:

" I am also a Certified Piano Technician based in Fredericton, NB. "
12 218 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
55 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Pete14
Tapping on a screen magically gets you a ‘ride’, and you don’t even have to speak with/to the driver: “Where to?” There’s an app for that, and once you get there, you may or may not tip (in the app.)

Uber were even trialling a button in the app to tell the driver not to talk to you at all
18 506 Read More
Pianist Corner
1 hour ago
And here is an example. Though she has to adjust gain.

2 36 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Chrispy
mentality. The video is a great deep dive in to the project, but starts with a video

I'm too late to edit, but that was supposed to read "starts with a demo", durr...
6 187 Read More
Pianist Corner
2 hours ago
I had the privilege of hearing American pianist Drew Petersen play a recital this past weekend. Besides performing Schubert's Wanderer-Fantasie (whoa!!), he played Granados's Valse Poeticos. I had never heard the Valse Poeticos. Petersen handled it with such care- there was sweetness, whimsy, and joy all wrapped up in this set. Needless to say, I ordered the sheet music. Wanted to call my fellow pianists' attention to it in the event you were not aware of this beautiful collection of pieces.
0 25 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
2 hours ago
Over the past few months I have all but abandoned (temporarily) classical music for "popular" music, specifically Alfred Music's Popular Performer series (these books are aimed at "advanced" pianists, but many pieces can be handled by a determined intermediate/late intermediate player). I fully intend to go back to classical, but I'm having a little too much fun with the Popular Performer books, which have pieces arranged by decades and sometimes arrangements for a given composer (i.e., Cole Porter). Not all books are created equal, but I especially like those by Jan Sanborn, Larry Shackley, and Mike Springer.

Because we're heading into the holidays, I wanted to recommend Mark Hayes "Christmas Classics" book from the Popular Performer Series. I am having so much fun with the pieces Hayes wrote- they are jazzy, full-sounding, and just delightful. They are definitely a big technical challenge (Hayes uses big chords, runs, and gliss), but proving worthwhile.

Jan Sanborn's Christmas book from the Popular Performer series is also aimed at the "advanced" pianist, but is a bit more manageable. Highly recommend both if you're looking for Christmas books!
0 20 Read More
Piano Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Miguel Rey
Also something to think about with any tariff is that it gets charged against the "cost" of the piano and not the retail or final sales price. Don't let dealers try to take advantage of the situation and end up making more

Since the tariff is charged against the cost of the piano, aren’t dealers paying more for their inventory of pianos and parts? The only way this would be a false statement is if the manufacturer absorbed the entire tariff cost... not likely to happen IMHO
12 354 Read More
Piano Forum
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by WhoDwaldi
Baldwin had a much different signature sound, though.

Indeed. When I was a kid, the only high-end pianos I ever played were Baldwins. I don't ever remember seeing a piano from "that other American company" in the area were I grew up. Thus, the sound of a Baldwin grand is the sound I associate with good pianos. Those other pianos mostly sound thin and sometimes harsh to me, though some of them are a joy to play.
10 679 Read More
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