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Pianist Corner
5 minutes ago
And for those who have not seen Jennifer Koh perform live, go see her if you have the opportunity.
43 939 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
9 minutes ago
Originally Posted by CyberGene
As I said, PX-5S was silently removed from Thomann. Maybe an update is imminent.

On another note, the more I listen to the new demos, the more I dislike the piano sound and Rhodes sounds. I understand it's unbelievable that such a tiny package is hammer weighted and the price can't be beaten by anything else, but the sounds are just not convincing at all. Is this memory limitation of the devices, compression technology or something else?

Not sure about the new PX models, but have you heard how the PX-560/PX-5S sounds? This is a comparison between the Casio PX-560, Kawai MP11 and Korg Kronos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-yO6caa1z0
184 11,276 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
13 minutes ago
In certain circumstances, the hammer can fail to be caught by the backcheck (depending on how far the key is pressed). In fortissimo playing, it's possible for the recoiling hammer to fly back past its rest position before the jack has a chance to return. The rest rail means the hammer only has to move back a small amount to allow the jack to return under the knuckle.

fff staccassimo (as mentioned by Erard) is a good example.
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Adult Beginners Forum
14 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Animisha
Generally our body, including our hands, is not too fond of repetitive movements. The ten-minute-staccato practice made this very clear to me. But even when playing other short phrases for ten minutes (which I did for maybe a week, when I was testing a new way of practising) caused a strain in my hands due to the repetetiveness. Yes, there is some tension in my hands, especially when I try to learn something difficult. But it is better now than it was when I started playing, and I have good hopes that this will improve gradually. Anyway, I don't think I am the only beginner with tension in their hands, and so, to prevent hands getting hurt, it might be good for beginners to change every three minutes what they do. smile

Animisha, whenever I remember to switch every three minutes or so, I have little to no pain in my hands. Pains in fingers/wrist occur only when, I compulsively practice something over and over in hopes that it'll get better. Also, I have absolutely stopped even attempting "forte", till I'm not somewhat comfortable with the notes. This single change has helped me a lot. I'm happily reporting that I've not had any hand or finger pain in the last few days. smile
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
15 minutes ago
Question for those who have great experience with WNG action.

I had WNG whippens, shanks, and flanges with Ronsen Weickert hammers installed on my S&S model B, and I love it!! I can't say enough good things about it. The original install was in October 2017. My technician said let's let it settle in a while and we did. He came back in November 2018 (a year later), about 3 months ago, and did adjustments and voicing. His 1st comment was that the aftertouch was gone. He commented that it must feel like playing on bricks. Of course, playing it every day, I hadn't noticed too much as it is with gradual changes. He said it had really settled. So he made all the adjustments, and it made a huge difference.

Now I'm wondering if it has settled again 3 months out from that last adjustment and if this is normal. I have played it quite a bit! I haven't done any actual measurements, but it seems I don't feel the aftertouch when pressing on the keys slowly. Could it be that it feels more "settled" b/c it's to cooler, drier season which has compressed the felt parts in the action? I know WNG CF actions aren't supposed to be affected by climate changes. Maybe the drier air has affect the hammers enough to make a difference. I'm keeping RH between 35 - 40% right now with a humidifier. It runs 45-50% in the summer months with a dehumidifier.

He made the adjustments around the time the weather broke into the colder, drier pattern here in Indiana. I plan on having him check it out when I have him come back to tune again. I'm trying to wait until April or so, but I'm wondering if I should call him back to check it out now or just wait until my normal 6 month tuning.

Your thoughts. Thanks for the advice. Maybe others will learn a little something here too.
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Members Recordings - Pianist Corner
18 minutes ago
In the opening section (and most sections throughout the piece), is there a particular reason why you simplified the accompanying chords & left hand?

It sounds like you rushed to get the piece up to tempo before you actually had the notes down.
3 134 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
18 minutes ago
Originally Posted by johnstaf
My answer is G Mixolydian. A grade 2 piano student should not be expected to answer this when they haven't studied modes.

That's a good answer only for the I chord. IV is C Mixolydian. V is D Mixolydian. I'm sure you know that. There is also the problem of b3 which is mixed in with 3. b3 would make it Dorian, which would be more like the blues idea in minor. Blues tends to be a blend of both major and minor. None of that can be taught or understood on a grade 2 level.

That's the problem with these STUPID tests.
13 182 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
18 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Rychubil
Hello Everyone again smile
I am so very excited and very happy by KH120 smile

That’s fantastic, they’ll probably sound even better as they get broken in.
14 592 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by zrtf90
One of my first questions would be how much weight to give the top A in M6 compared to the one in M5.

I think you could play it either way, placing more weight on the 1st A or the 2nd A. It conveys a different character. Building the sound from M5 to M6 and placing more weight on the 2nd A will sound emphatic and hopeful. Back off on M6 and placing less weight on the 2nd A in M6 will sound more wistful and resigned.

Since this passage appears twice in the piece I would not play it the same way. So in M5-6 I might build that phrase so the 2nd A has more weight and sound. Then in M 38-39 I might make that 2nd A softer. This is something definitely worth experimenting with and trying out different options. You can even change it up and not play it the same way each time. I think these kinds of choices are what makes each person’s performances unique.
15 228 Read More
Piano Forum
20 minutes ago
For those who were using the Virtual Chords & Scales app found here:


I received a number of emails saying it was broken.
It stopped working about two weeks ago, but should be working again now.

I'll leave this post up for a few days and then remove it from global announcements.
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Piano Forum
22 minutes ago
That has the dampers over the hammers, which is not desirable. I am not familiar with the particular brand. There were a lot of small piano companies in Germany from the period that this piano looks like it came from, and they have no brand recognition. So spending money on restoration is not a good idea.
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
22 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Seeker

We've got a Novus NV-10 more recently put in service at our school - no problems after a month.This one sits in our large ensemble room where it is used 6 hours/day as primary instrument for choral rehearsals, covering piano parts for jazz ensembles. It's also used by students who come in to play it out of curiosity (it's our first hybrid grand they can touch). Our N2 pianist reports that he liked the NV-10 when he test played it last week.

I very much hope you don't have any problems with your NV-10, Andrew. Being used for 6 hours a day will be a good test. If the hammers are going to suffer glue failure, it will probably happen within the next 6 months. And certainly that can be fixed. It sounds like you've been spared the "buzzing/hissing" defect that many have reported and for which Kawai released a temporary firmware patch to ameliorate until they find a permanent solution. The NV-10 is very unpredictable - some users reporting no problems, other reporting multiple problems. Luck of the draw, I suppose - although you'd hope that luck wasn't part of such an expensive purchase!
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Adult Beginners Forum
23 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Sarah65

Submitted smile
433 23,479 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
28 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Stubbie
Originally Posted by petebfrance
Enjoyable thread. To me, 'self taught' means starting from nothing, with no 'how to' guides either printed or on the internet. Seems that this isn't the generally accepted definition here, and of course selecting what materials to use and making proper and effective use of them requires skill but I think is a different degree / kind of 'self-taughtedness' from the 'starting from nothing and doing it all oneself without any training material.' Perhaps there should be levels of 'self-taughtedness.'
I do wonder how well people would get on stuck on a deserted island (palm trees, or at least a bit of jungle)somewhere with no radio / television / internet etc. but a rather nice grand piano (which magically tuned itself? maybe there was a piano tuner hiding somewhere in the jungle or behind a palm tree).
* edited to add - it would need a stack of sheet music somewhere or other or mysteriously arriving by steamer.....forgot about that.
It seems to me the way "self-taught" is used most often has the meaning "without a teacher." Using training materials, whether on the printed page or over the internet, is common to both with and without a teacher. Listening to training materials (recordings) would be common to both, as well.

I dunno, has anybody, ever, anywhere, started making music from nothing, from zero?

Me too, I dunno (actually, one a my favourite words) either!
While listening to a song thrush singing (what an exciting life I lead) I noticed a strong resemblance to Rossini's William Tell Overture, other birds sing and make a kind of music - so I thought, 'right, that's where the idea for tunes came from originally, imagine Rossini sitting listening and then copying it ' - then one of the local blackbirds had a good shot at putting a boot through my theory by doing an excellent mobile phone ring.
Actually, since joining PW I have spent more time looking at 'how to play' videos and they have filled some gaping holes in my 'technique.' Tbh I don't consider that 'self taught.' Self-directed in my learning more like, but the techniques were taught to me by the pianist, and without him I may never have acquired them. To me, that pianist (Graham Fitch), is a good teacher and I was learning from him.
As far as I am concerned I think there is a great body of knowledge behind music, piano playing and so on that has built up over time and in developing playing 'conventionally' one is tapping into that knowledge and from whatever source one chooses, be it via a teacher, imitation, using internet resources, books etc.
21 350 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
39 minutes ago
Hey Kwitel, as far as software, I've not tried many but my take is they all take a different approach so you may want to do some trials with each and see if you connect with any particular approach. Also, I'd recommend checking out some all-in-one method books and supplement with repertoire books starting at the most basic level. Mix it up with styles you enjoy there are many out there. Now, as far as that goes, in my experience the one downfall of not getting personal feedback is you will tend to fall into the common pitfalls beginner students can make like I did; bad form, playing too fast, exceeding my level too quickly, etc etc. The suggestion made to get feedback from some type of skilled friend or mentor is great if you have that as an option. Just be careful of those pitfalls because books and software are so easily circumvented by bad habits and you want to develop and enjoy it and not get frustrated and abandon the piano.
15 492 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
58 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Bruce In Philly
[quote=dmd]On the other hand, I hear some crazy stuff coming out automobile windows that I would never call high fidelity and the owners really seem to be happy with them... so, to each their own....

That's just a sonic propulsion system. At least if you consider the volume young folks listens to. laugh

@dmd: unless you get very lucky, I doubt that you will end up happy with the "throw the sub somewhere" approach. These darn beasts require so much work to sound right, esp when used for music.

@Bruce: well most amps merely match the loudness of the speakers via noise. Room acoustics and frequency response aren't even considered. The computer cannot do a perfect job but often it gives a decent starting point and saves time.
19 298 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Something new from me smile Sadly both microphones on mobile phone were covered by dirt so audio is very bad. I hope now that i cleaned them it will be better. I will think about investing in a standalone microphone for recording. So here it is, the elder scrolls: skyrim

38 1,364 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
AntOnYou8 - Congratulations on the new to you Young Chang! Rick is right, abit twangy in places but a tuning would fix it.
Rickster - the dreaded metronome fixes tempo problems or a drummer 😁. I always hated the metronome but my teacher made us use it every single time. In a band, the piano is percussion and your timing needs to be “spot on”. I still use the metronome when I practice. A metronome and playing slow helped me figure out the triplet over eighth notes in Serenade, that was always a struggle.
3 83 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
My opinion regarding Casio GPs is that their keyboards are very good, but the sound is really bad. The main problem is that their samples are short, the sound of a note fades away too quickly, it doesn't last as expected. For me it's a no no. This kind of sound leaves impression of a very cheap piano, not of the one that is being sold for that amount of money.
26 868 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Gombessa
Originally Posted by CyberGene
Yes, the tweeters are at ears level and are pointed forward. Main speakers are below the keyboard and also pointed forward but I guess that’s also true for N1.

It would be interesting to see a teardown as was just done with the N2 (why didn't it take 10 tea re a for this? :))

I think some of this is just a limitation of the form factor. You can stuff a lot of large speakers into a full vertical cabinet like the NU1X. Not so much into the "chopped at the keyboard" of the grand hybrids, at least wrt to positioning. Which is why the N2 has such a large back/bottom panel, they had to make space to put those large woofers somewhere.

Well, believe me or not, yesterday I was in a calm mood, not playing, just looking at the beautiful NU1X, wife and daughter sleeping, and in moments like that, you know... I took a screwdriver, pulled the NU1X off the wall, put the screwdriver in the first screw... and exactly in that moment I heard my daughter crying, meaning she was gonna come over in a second, and there's no way on earth I could eventually open an expensive electronics when she's near and could destroy it. So, I just pushed back the piano. And then thought I must have been out of my mind to even decide to open it... Maybe some other time wink
118 4,161 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
13. Dan- What a beautiful little piece and you play it so delicately. I really enjoyed listening.

17. Peterws- Very dreamy. i enjoyed the "visuals" on the youtube.

21. Moo- Wow, that must have taken you some serious time and work. good job on such a complicated and difficult piece.

22. CMB13- This is probably one of my favorite Chopin nocturnes. You do a really nice job with it. Congratulations.
64 1,531 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
1 hour ago
Chris, That sure makes the C-G fifth sound bad. It's narrow almost half a comma.
5 99 Read More
Pianist Corner
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by reunegade
I love both movements. Which one is considered to be harder?

Why are you asking? If you are planning to study this Concerto, wouldn't you be the one to decide which movement is the more difficult for you?

Otherwise ... ?

2 76 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Lady Bird
She follows a very Romantic style

She's made a passionate case for melody and beauty over contemporary classical (so-called "ugliness"). She's also said she won't change her mind about this in the future... but she's only 13. Will be interesting to see how she matures as a composer and if "beautiful melodies" will continue to be her thing in the years to come.
42 957 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
I recently read this book Super Sight Reading Secrets, by Howard Richman. It’s full of ideas and strategies to improve sight reading. Apart from that, it contains progressive drills concentrating on rhythm, keyboard orientation, visual perception, etc. Very clear and concise writing. You can read it cover to cover in no time, as it’s just 48 pages! This book will clear most of your doubts regarding sight-reading practice. All it will take from there is discipline. And patience of course. The drills should take many many months to master. The book has very few exercises though, so it can be used in conjunction with whatever exercises/beginner-pieces you are using for sight reading.

You can check out the PDF at Scribd too. Here’s the link. Bad part is, it can be downloaded only after signing up. Good part is, they offer one month’s trial membership. If you do sign up, remember to cancel your membership in time! That may be the most important step of all smile
8,216 50,386,742 Read More
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