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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
54 seconds ago
Yes, no sustain on a piano, but the decay has two phases : https://www.speech.kth.se/music/5_lectures/weinreic/motion.html
198 11,541 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
40 minutes ago
Originally Posted by maurus
Well, kapelli, this "years behind" statement does not become more valid by repetition. For gigging musicians the criteria are different than for home users. Low weight, reliability, a good action and just a few sounds that do the job is what you need. In these respects some heavyweights for home use are out, quite simply.

Thanks for clarification maurus. I agree, that for gigging, action and piano sound does not have to be perfect,as many of those delicate pianos aspects of resonances and so will will dissappear among other instruments.

6kg less than FP90 is a lot as well.
11 233 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
57 minutes ago
Nahum, in my first response to you, I responded to your idea that when people start inventing music, they will start with chords, with melody coming later. When I look at what I did when young, I definitely invented melodies first. I suspect that people who start with chords, do so because that's what they're taught to do. I've heard little kids singing little melodies they made up. I don't hear them singing chord progressions.

You never responded to that. I'm still stuck on that first idea. I'm not sure that this is what people really do.
16 898 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Here is a little tip that will boost your sight reading skill and general musical appreciation.

It might be a bit difficult for the absolute beginner, but any late beginners should not have much problem with this piece.

Download the the score for Bach cello suite nr. 2 from IMSLP:

Bach Cello Suite nr. 2

Play through the prelude to the best of your ability, making the music as beautiful as possible.
(To make it even more beautiful on the piano just transpose it an octave up)

Then watch this masterclass afterwards:

This idea of sight reading cello and violin parts is really fun and educational. Especially when you watch a masterclass afterwards.
0 27 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Michael K
22 years, Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 9, Juilliard Recording studio :-p

Great! I'm not a particular Liszt fan with its bombastic fits, but you brought this with style and technical skill. Amazing, for 10+ minutes you keep the neck bracing speed and energy till the end.

You're going to release an album or so?
201 5,142 Read More
Pianist Corner
2 hours ago
What's the point ?
39 1,391 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Slothrop, Tyrone
Finally finished Level 3 this morning. The last 90 lessons in Method/Technique were grueling and might have taken the same amount of time of the previous 200-300 lessons. Last big hurdle was "Tommy Thumb" in Technique 3E where I kept missing the Bb for the key of F.... (by 'keep', I mean >50 times). Over two hours of practice before I could consistently play it all the way through without any mistakes. Whew. Even made a SoundCloud file to memorialize a rather simple song. Well, onward to Level 4.

Congratulations on finishing Level 3. With me it will take a while because I have no free time, too much work in the garden.

Originally Posted by Slothrop, Tyrone
So having started 4A, I immediately encounter a piece which has me mystified: Method 4A#1. Find the C's. I assume this is some sort of exercise and we can use any fingering we want? Say index finger? Because there are no instructions and no fingering indicated. And in fact, I am curious why, if this was just an exercise in finding the C's, this belongs in Method and not Technique. What is the difference between Method and Technique?

There is not much difference in method and technique, one is already duller than the other... I just do what I like, it doesn't have to be all necessary:) Btw, Find all C's is an exercise that they usually teach in the first lesson to beginners, what does that do in level 4?
209 9,564 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Qazsedcft
Originally Posted by Groove On
Are there 4 keys where the I IV V progression will neatly cover all 12 major chords?

You can easily see that on a circle of fifths. Take any four that are at four opposite points on the circle. The IV and V are adjacent to the I, covering all the keys.

Thank you -- that's a proof I can understand !
6 200 Read More
Piano Forum
2 hours ago
I enjoyed that! And hey, I give it marks for honesty - seller is definitely NOT misrepresenting it!

PS: Seems like a country (which country I don't know!) song just a-waitin' there in the title: "C. Bechstein on a Truck"
1 133 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
3 hours ago
Excuse me Peter, I don't think this is correct.
Maybe if you were using premises as a music school business that might be so, (conform to safety/hygiene/insurance/child protection regs etc. etc.) And to get a job in a recognised municpal music school you would normally have studied your instrument to degree level.

But as a private music teacher operating within your own home with maybe a few pupils, or travelling to pupils' homes, you are not a business (Gewerbe) but freelance. You must of course declare your income to the tax office, and if you are teaching from rented accommodation you should have permission from your landlord. Quiet times should be observed. And you would be mad not to have third party public liabilty and legal insurance here anyway, teaching or not!

(I learn with 2 different private teachers and also a public music school but of course am not a legal expert. Tax advisors here know all that stuff and in your area there should be many experiened in US/German affairs.)
13 619 Read More
Member Recordings
3 hours ago
Here is a transcription of probably the most popular tune from the NieR Automata OST. Hope you enjoy it!

0 4 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
5 hours ago
Originally Posted by Meaghanw
anotherscott, would this procedure also be possible with the Yamaha Clavinova CLP 575? As you can tell, I’m a bit confused about how all this works; but, I’d be delighted if I could get more voices, particularly an orchestral sound.

You can do this with any digital piano that has a 'USB midi out' capability i.e. one that sends the key presses through the USB port to the computer.

For an iPad I'd also advise getting the genuine Apple Lightning3 camera adapter (which is actually a USB adapter) rather than cheap third party alternatives that (probably) won't work, unless you are lucky.
13 445 Read More
Piano Forum
6 hours ago
To me it sounds like you don't have enough experience on different pianos to tell the difference given you liked the S, then played some Bluthners, then noticed the S's deficiencies afterward.

Sounds like you live in a big city. Assuming you're a fairly competent pianist, try to find a friendly dealer that will let you spend a good amount of time on their 7-9 foot pianos, trying a bunch of different ones. That will get your ear accustomed to what most people consider "good balance", and your fingers used to a responsive keyboard with quality hammers (bigger pianos tend to be prepped better and have higher quality parts). Now that you have in your head what a piano is "supposed" to do, you should be ready to see what compromise needs to be made on a small piano. Does the bass have good power and dynamic range? Qualitatively, how do the notes at the extremes sound? Do you like how the keyboard feels under your fingers?

I have a similar problem with cooking fumes because I'm in a tiny studio in the NYC area now. I haven't gotten around to it but I was going to wrap activated carbon filter around a fan to provide some extra fume extraction, as well as running another fan on the window to vent air out. Venting air out poses another problem, which is that there's no more humidity control (my 5000 BTU window AC can't keep up). Also, using the stove will overwhelm the AC as well. I don't have a piano yet but I did order a hygrometer so I can keep an eye on this kind of stuff. It would be a good idea to keep the piano lid shut and a piano cover over it.

I don't think it's a good idea for you to go for a higher end piano from what I can tell, it's going to be sitting in a harsh environment, and you're severely limited on size, so the bang for the buck is really really poor. I think you should look at a Yamaha C1X or Hailun 161 or Kawai GX1 if you insist on going with a new piano. The only baby grand I've ever seen with what I personally consider satisfactory power in the bass is the Phoenix 170, but that's half a foot longer than what you said would fit.
33 1,753 Read More
Pianist Corner
7 hours ago
"Woohoo, I have a big vocabulary, let me flex it for everyone!"

That's my feeling of many (not all) reviews. Don't even get me started on young artist's bios...
11 612 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
7 hours ago
This is where all my pianos already are...
12 558 Read More
Piano Forum
7 hours ago
Originally Posted by Campanella12

It seems to be working for you to call me names or (rather) unkindly assign motivations to me

What names have I called you?
What motives have I assigned to you?

I’ve described you as a spinmeister, and said you rationalize, and engage in double-talk, dissembling, and obfuscation, but those are behaviors that I’m describing, not name calling or assigning motives.

Additionally, if assigning motives is a bad thing, then let me point out a comment you made earlier in this thread:

Originally Posted by Campanella12

Probably most piano merchants would want to create the perception that a competitive brand they do not carry is so "overpriced" and that the "other" brand is not worth considering. Some merchants post accordingly on this or other forums ... to create a public perception that fits their agenda.

Are you not explicitly ascribing a motive to Norbert’s earlier comments? I mean, if you’re going to [wrongly] accuse me of assigning motives, as if it’s a bad thing, then isn’t it hypocritical for you to have explicitly done the same thing?

And, this is another one of those things you do: when you can’t win a debate with facts and logic, you try to turn it into an ad hominem attack. You imply that the attack is against you, but in actuality you are attacking the other person. You claim I have called you names (boo hoo), and try to make me look bad, when in fact I haven’t called you names at all. I’ve simply described your behavior.

Originally Posted by Campanella12

No - I was never the rep for Sauter (on Sauter's payroll) but the company that I worked for along with other colleagues represented Sauter for many years. Last year, we trained a new sales manager from Germany and introduced him to the market to run the sales side and that company is not anymore the primary conduit for Sauter sales.

When I wrote this question, I wondered whether you’d bother to answer it at all, or if you’d try to double-talk your way around it. It seems you’ve chosen the latter. I actually considered wording the question in some all-encompassing way, to try to stop every potential gap, but then I re-read where Steve Cohen defended you by saying, “I can attest that Campanella is indeed a piano distributor.” And, in turn, you reward Steve by double-talking around the issue, and apparently claiming that you’re not. Well, the fact of the matter is that you have Sauter in your signature, and in some capacity you are were their distributor.

Ironically, I recall posts which described you as sending letters threatening legal action against a dealer for still having a certain line on his website. If I’m not mistaken, it’s this same line. Strangely, you still have the name online, not to mention in your signature here. I don’t know about you, but I’d describe that as hypocrisy.

From the sounds of it, you may be embroiled in legal activity related to this, and a reasonable answer would be, "I can't talk about it." In fact, you've said that in the past related to certain issues. Sometimes it's the legitimate answer.

Originally Posted by Campanella12

No - the increase of retail prices in Canada (about 8-10 years ago) that Norbert alluded to was not due to Hailun raising its prices but due the Canadian dollar getting weaker. They have fluctuated with USD CAD exchange rate in the last years.

The above is yet another attempt to continue to obfuscate things with this discussion of exchange rates. It simply is not relevant. My concrete example of one model increasing 35% in 7 years, is all in US dollars. That increase, which is within the description you called “fictitious,” is before any exchange rate fluctuations would have impacted it.

And I have not cherrypicked out the worst example I can find. It’s the only example I can find. As you have pointed out, the retail prices are public. You have them all. So it would be easy enough for you to say, “here were all our prices between 2011 and 2018.” And we could all see whether or not there were dramatic increases or not.

Btw, I can't speak for Norbert, but I suspect that he has been dealing with importing and international currency exchange for much longer than you have, and I have no doubt that he understands which side of the currency exchange price increases originate. And, off the top of my head, I can think of three regular posters here who import pianos. None of them engage in the kind of antics here that you do.


So, to the guy who cleverly injected “in God we trust, all others bring data,” bring some data. As the old saying goes: put up, or shut up.
52 2,107 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
7 hours ago
I would love either, or both. Did you see the story about the Grotrian Steinweg which I wrote?
35 2,055 Read More
Members Recordings - Pianist Corner
8 hours ago
Great stuff, Simon! So (collegially) jealous! It starts and ends sweetly, but the middle is on the way to Islameyian difficulty. How did you memorize all that in three weeks?? (And get the d&#% notes right???)
1 66 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
8 hours ago
Welcome to the forum pianoghost! wink
1,165 78,395 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
8 hours ago
My buddy William on a local level. Bruce Hornsby is a favorite.
29 2,585 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
9 hours ago
Hello QXN, thank you for your reply.

Originally Posted by QXN
We have the RX-5H. I am still stumped about why the NV10 didn't feel as good as the other Kawai's grands I am familiar with.

Yes, that is a mystery also. The RH-5H action and NV10 action share the same action technology, so should feel very similar.

Originally Posted by QXN
As for the store name, the owner and I have had a good relationship. I traded my Young Chang in for my current 7-ft Schimmel, bought a Nordiska, later traded that in for the current RX-5H, and brought friends in to buy from him a Kawai GM-10, a Schimmel upright, and a Kawaii K-500 recently. So I will decline naming him, as I don't want to get him into trouble with Kawai if the keyboard needs setup at the dealer, and he didn't have time to prep it up correctly yet.

Okay, I can appreciate your desire to respect the dealer's anonymity.

Originally Posted by QXN
Does the keyboard need additional setup at the dealer? Frankly, the uneven gaps between the keys were a turn-off.

I don't believe additional preparation should be required, however if the dealer wishes to make some minor adjustments to the action regulation, they are obviously welcome to do so.

Originally Posted by QXN
Does the division that manufactures the NV10 works closely with the Kawai site that manufacture the nowadays GX series?

It is my understanding that the NV10 action is produced in the same facility as the GX action.

Originally Posted by QXN
Do the GX grand folks agree that the actions feel the same?

I'm afraid I don't know. Presumably the action assembly process is the same for the NV10 and GX - or should I say GX AnyTimeX models, which share the same optical hammer sensing system.

Originally Posted by QXN
Back to waiting, and continuing to practicing on my old Yamaha Motif ES8 with headphones while my family is sleeping.

May I suggest that you pass on your comments to the dealer and Kawai subsidiary (Kawai America?). I'm sure all parties would gratefully appreciate your feedback.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,
16 2,943 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
9 hours ago
Thanks for this and for your nice comment re my Scarlatti on the Recital Discussion Thread!
9,630 33,917,901 Read More
Piano Forum
10 hours ago
Thanks for posting this link!
8 449 Read More
Themed Recital Sub-Forum
11 hours ago
To sign up to the Slavic Themed Recital, hit the quote button of the most recent post with the list in this thread, remove the quote in brackets at the beginning and end, and write the composer, title and your forum name.

Sign-up list:

1) Glinka – Polka in d minor – outo
2) Stravinsky- Royal March from L'Histoire du Soldat - GoldmanT
3) Tchaikovsky - The Seasons - June 'Barcarole' - noobpianist90
4) Rybicki - Sad Autumn - Keselo
5) Shostakovich - Prelude op 34/22 - outo
6) Tansman - Meditation (from 10 easy pieces) - outo
7) Rebikov - Elegy op 5/3 - outo
8) Janacek - On an Overgrown Path, Part 2 - Tim Adrianson
9) Dvorak - Piano Suite, Op 98, #s 2 and 5 - Tim Adrianson
10) Szymanowski - Etude, Op 4, #3 - Tim Adrianson
11) Rachmaninov - Prelude, Op 32, #10 - Tim Adrianson
12) Rachmaninov - Etude Tableau, Op 33, #5 - Tim Adrianson
13) Dvorak - Legend, Op 59 No 6 (duet) - PianogrlNW
14) Rachmaninov - 18th Variation from Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini - PianogrlNW
15) Hopak - Anonymous - Zilthy
16) Dvořák - Slavonic Dance, op. 72 no. 2 (duet) - dumka1
17) Mussorgsky - In the Crimea - Richard (zrtf90)
18) Gliere - Op. 43, 4 Morning and 5 Evening - Richard (zrtf90)
19) Dvorak - Waltz in D-flat, Op. 54/4 - Richard (zrtf90)
16 271 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
Yesterday at 11:44 PM
Where do you live? Why are we talking about a two hour trip? Call the dealer who sells Yamaha digitals and ask them what to do. They must have a rep authorized by the manufacturer.
6 227 Read More
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