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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
4 minutes ago
I recently bought their Studio Upright (while it was in promotion) solely for the Una Corda samples. I heard the soft pedal on their demo video, thought it sounded good, and now that I purchased the instrument, it doesn't disappoint.
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Piano Forum
5 minutes ago
Thanks Norbert! I would love to get a larger piano but am limited by space. 5'3" is pushing it, and the 4'11" size is ideal. Plus the temperature + humidity control in my home is subpar and will be challenging for any brand of piano (although our upright has been solid all these years, stays in tune). Just wonder how the 151 holds up outside the showroom.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
6 minutes ago
Using an SSD as an external drive over USB is not a good solution due to the way USB is implemented. It works fine as a backup drive but not for a VST. The actual bandwidth you get is significantly below the 5-10 Gbps theoretical limit of USB 3.0/3.1 (check charts on anandtech). Most importantly, USB will always introduce a significant hit in performance (especially in latency) when compared to any internal drive.

Note that for a VST, bandwidth and read speed are not the main factors. Read-access time or read latency, is the main factor. What matters is how fast the VST can start loading a sample. This requires low read latency. If you have high read latency then you will have hiccups, since the VST requires near real-time processing of the samples. After the VST gets the start of the sample from storage, reading the rest of the sample is a basic operation and bandwidth is not that important since the samples are actually "small" files (in the context of storage). With USB you will get a penalty on read/write speeds, but the external SSD will still be faster than an internal HDD when reading large files. But the penalty you will have on the read latency may make the SSD unusable for a near-real time scenario. In some cases, the read latency of an internal HDD can actually be lower than an external SSD. However, the internal HDD will be much slower than the external SSD when reading and writing large files. However, most charts out there just focus on sheer "speed" and not on read/write latency...

So, just get an internal quality 1-2TB SSD drive and move forward :-)
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
10 minutes ago
Not gonna buy the N1.
I've tested quite many models during this week, the best action was on NV10, N1 and CS-11.
CLP-685 action was interesting; it felt like tap-dancing in rain boots.
Need to wait for LX700.
31 959 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
15 minutes ago
Originally Posted by AlphaBravoCharlie
Originally Posted by Grandman
Originally Posted by AlphaBravoCharlie
[quote=Nordomus]No it's not the only demo, here is slower short one which is at least showing awesome resonances https://youtu.be/niM22lW9FzY
But seriously previous modeling engine is "terrible" for you??

I think the piano tone being characterized as "terrible" is very much exaggerated. Yes, modeled piano sound has not reached the plateau of being indistinguishable from acoustic piano tone. However, it is still very good and the new Roland sounds mimic the behavior and resonance of acoustic pianos more so than other DPs I've played. There is room for improvement and hopefully the new LX models will reflect that.

Once again: I distinguish piano behaviour, which indeed is very realistic in new Roland, from piano tone, or you might call it timbre, which is not. For me it's pretty far from being even OK. In other words: terrible 😊 I hope the improvement is significant in LX700 and will reach more affordable models soon.

What I find interesting is that the experience of playing the LX17 (with the multi-speaker setup etc) is much more impressive than playing the LX7 or FP90---I think perhaps that the mediocre amplification systems on portable and middle range cabinet pianos don't do Roland's modeled sound any favours! For instance, I don't like YouTube recordings of the LX17 but remember vividly the playing experience being pretty good.
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Adult Beginners Forum
16 minutes ago
And not just your teacher, but possibly your M.D. as well, especially if it continues.
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Pianist Corner
21 minutes ago
"Well, everybody has his favorites and not-so-favorites. I for one listen to the mazurkas and the waltzes rather rarely. However declaring something as mediocre or not a masterpiece is something I wouldn’t ever dare to do with Chopin."

Lots of elbow room between mediocre and masterpiece status. In any case, no one's arguing Chopin was not a supremely gifted composer and pianist. But he wasn't a god. Lighting won't strike you down if you say something critical of him. It's not sacrilege. Here are a couple others I don't like too well. Op 37 no 1. Also opus 21 in C Minor. Both are nocturnes. Interestingly (to me anyway) is that I liked both of them on first hearing, but soon changed my mind.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
22 minutes ago
I just read Richard’s response to johnstaf’s question (link at top of thread) about why we should consider a ‘Richard & Sons’ over a Kawai/Yamaha.
He claims his hybrid is 50% cheaper than Yamaha’s flagship hybrid. As far as I’m concerned the N3X goes for about 14K, so how is 12K 50% of 14K? (I’m bad at math).
He says the Kawai/Yamaha hybrids use approximations of a grand piano action. Other than not using real hammers, how different are their ‘hybrid’ actions from the ‘real’ thing?
The one thing I liked was the mention of a ‘modular approach.’ This is a definite advantage over the all-in-one Novus/AvantGrand.
I hope the price eventually comes down, but still, I’m fascinated by this project.
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Pianist Corner
29 minutes ago
Debussy's piano only had two pedals as did most European pianos of that time. So while some pianists might choose to use all three pedals, I don't think it's ever required in his music. He indicated very few pedals markings in his scores.
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Pianist Corner
30 minutes ago
At least the Schiff incident didn't end in a brawl, like this here yesterday in Sweden:

51 1,251 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Hope all is well Philip

Are you actually in Kuwait, or just having a bit of fun with us?
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
1 hour ago
I suggest that you look up the Lindner grand piano. It was a simply-made piano, light weight, and it could be tilted on the stand so it would fit through doorways.

Here's one https://periodpiano.com/rippenlindner-ca-1970/

Probably quite a collectors' item now though, and expensive. Unilke the little Lindner uprights with the plastic action parts, the Rippen/Lindner grand had a conventional Renner action.
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Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Congrats on your "new" piano.

I assume the piano is in walnut satin as that was popular for the CE7. Please correct me if I am wrong. All pianos are veneered and it is possible to refinish them, but frankly, pianos are much more difficult to refinish than a table, for example. There are many parts to the piano that must be disassembled, there are sometimes solids in small parts, (like the little music rack or a key slip) that will take stain differently and must be color matched, and most importantly, you may have a polyester finish on that piano that would require a painstaking process of removal.

Also, if memory serves, the CE7 still had solid brass hardware, so new hardware would not be necessary. You can just remove the hardware, buff the heck out of it, and it can look like new again.

My 2 cents,
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Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Lady Bird

If you have perfect pitch you do not lose it .

True. But can cause all sorts of problems if the pitch standard changes. Has taken me a long time to retune my brain!
64 4,457 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Michael P Walsh
According to John Mortensen he can get 10 different dynamic levels on his acoustic grand. Does the same apply to touch sensitive digital pianos, none of them or just the ones with very good actions? I tried it on my cheap korg and (I think) I can only get 7 but then again I'm a beginner so perhaps it's my own shortcomings.

I tried this out on my LX7 and reckon I can certainly match that if not better it. Which is why the Roland modelled sound has such a dynamic range.
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Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Thanks, Ralphiano. I will consider your suggestion.
26 719 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
Can someone list the advantages of having PP? Thanks.
34 1,075 Read More
Piano Forum
3 hours ago
Hi All,

Following previous posts about my search for a Grand, I've narrowed it down to these 2 (both New).

Both Pianos are the same size, and, as far as I understand, have the same scale design and Millenium III action . The Shigeru is made by hand in a separate factory, largely hand-assembled : it also costs approx. 70% more.

I tend to like the Shigeru better both Tonally and touchwise - but the difference isn't great, and could be psychological as the pianos are not in the same show room - so a "blind" test isn't feasible. I will say that when I first played the Shigeru I had a "WOW" moment - but now, having played it on 3 different occasions - I'm not so sure.

I've recorded myself playing on both, and listening to the recordings the GX (the less expensive one) sounds slightly "harsher" - an opinion shared by another pianist with whom I've shared the recordings

I am interested in the forums opinion whether these differences are worth the significant difference in price.
0 42 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Kawai James
ABC, thanks for your positive feedback - it's always interesting to read the thoughts of customers, especially those who have owned various different instruments.

Kind regards,

James, actually you suggested me trying new SK samples a few months back and I must admit I didn't believe they are such a significant upgrade. I'm happy to be proven wrong this time wink
48 17,756 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by jackifus
Originally Posted by Kawai James

There is no "specific" stand for the MP11, however the K&M 18950 table stand is often recommended (by me and other MP/VPC owners) as the best option for this instrument.

Kind regards,


I use the K&M stand for my MP7---they are awesome and excellent if you need to gig too. Definitely recommend them.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by MacMacMac
You'll have to do some shopping. Ebay maybe. Craigs List surely. It's hit or miss.

Maybe even Facebook marketplace...
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Piano Forum
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Lady Bird
Amazing! Did you go to the concert .Were you in the UK at the time ? So the overall dynamics of the sonatas .How was that ?Schuberts Sonatas are often very long ?Did you prefer it played on this period instrument ?I know that's a difficult question ,we would be so used to it played on our plush sounding modern instruments .The treble did it have a bell like sound ?I mean like a Forte Piano ?Too many questions I know .Thank you for posting this !

@Lady Bird

The link to the BBC website provided by David-G works internationally also (I'm in Ireland), and it's still working. The music during the interval is fantastic too! Well worth a listen.
4 192 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by hello my name is
Not everyone has money that they want to spend on piano lessons I suppose, and I'd say the best thing for them is whatever is in line with their goals.

Right, but have you worked with people like this? Who come to you saying they just want to learn X, Y, and Z? Even though they really should learn A through W before they get to X, Y, and Z?

Would you teach students like this to read bass clef? Or basic notation and rhythm? You probably would, but what are the chances the student is willing to learn all that?
37 1,339 Read More
Members Recordings - Pianist Corner
5 hours ago
Hi, Darin! Since you seem to be interested in programming work by Black and Women composers, let me add two who just recently died -- George Walker, at 96, and Katherine Hoover, at 80. I'm working on Walker's Sonata #2, and consider it to be a knockout of a piece. There is also his early Prelude and Caprice, which is very accessible and attractive. I programmed Katherine Hoover's "Toccata" for the 2013 Boston Competition -- she hasn't written a lot for piano, but what she has provided is very effective. Lydia Garuta is a new one for me -- will have to look her up. I have listened to a little bit of Lera Auerbach, but what I've heard hasn't done much for me. Finally, I'll throw in another couple of women -- Louise Talma, who wrote in a American NeoClassical vein, and Ruth Crawford Seeger, who wrote in a mystic atonal style.
9 781 Read More
Pianist Corner
5 hours ago
Originally Posted by Tim Adrianson
Hi, emenelton! This thread prompted me to recall a line from his song "Old Friends" -- "How terribly strange to be 70". Now that he IS in fact 70+, and from I understand, on his last tour, I guess I'll cut him some slack and allow him some strangeness in thought. In that context, I'll buy your analysis and treat it as his summing-up statement, but I agree with Mark C that it's pretty off-the-wall, and I don't normally feel that way about a Paul Simon lyric.

Tim: You seem like a pretty good source for an opinion on what classical composer(s) the music is suggestive of.

Best I could do was, "I'll say it was sort of Bartok/Prokofiev/Ligeti/Penderecki.
Maybe Penderecki is the closest."

Here's the song:

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Sweetwater - Keyboards
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by Kevin_kawai. 10/18/18 02:27 AM
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