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Piano Teachers Forum
4 minutes ago
I remember my kids doing all kinds of "exposure" classes through their daycare centers. There are lots of these out there and some use piano/keyboard as the main medium. I remember one is called "Harmony Road". There is also the Yamaha program. I'm sure there are many others. Some music teachers (not necessarily piano teachers) also run their own "first exposure to music" type programs with piano as the instrument. So such programs could also be good before the kid is sent to traditional one-on-one piano lessons. For these programs, a fun teacher is very important. :-)
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
6 minutes ago
Be sure your computer is in the "High Performance" power plan. It's very important to prevent cracks and other unwanted computer behavior.

[Linked Image]
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
8 minutes ago
That's so interesting, mcoll. The music pitch tests that I know of (whether dictation or musical IQ tone tests) have always been relative. It's curious that you were effectively given perfect pitch tests too - or rather, as you describe it, perfect pitch was just part of the skill set being tested and refined.

I do not have any pure kind of pitch recognition. In fact, I see chords and tone relationships as coloured geometric blocks or real world objects. It's probably a way of characterising musical phenomena for one who is totally void of the gift of perfect pitch.

Your story and bennevis's story are fascinating. I'd never thought of the possibility of losing this capability, any more than you forget how to ride a bike or swim, which does not happen - you just get out of practice.
56 1,197 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
27 minutes ago
Great news, thanks Steve.

I am enjoying my Dexibell as much now as when I got it. Very much looking forward to trying the Platinum pianos!
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Adult Beginners Forum
28 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Handyman
Originally Posted by Sam S
Originally Posted by Jouishy
I know it is not time. wink
But time and size is correlated, so...

If you encode your mp3 at 192 kbs, you can fit more than 14 minutes in 20 mb. But do you want to...


Sam - what is the usual or default for mp3s? - Will an increase lead to a subsequent decrease in sound quality? Or is the quality already so compromised with the compressed mp3 file that it won't make a noticeable difference?

128kbs is probably the lowest you should go. 192 is better, 256 better than that. The lower the number, the more information that gets lost. The higher the number, the larger the file. The only restriction we have for the recital is file size - 20mb max.

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Adult Beginners Forum
29 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Rickster
Once you have the pic image URL address, (meaning the pic has to be hosted on an online site) copy the pic URL address and click on the pic icon at the top of the full reply post window. It is the 9th icon from left to right. When you click on the pic icon, a drop-down window will appear and you to enter the URL address; since the drop-down window already has "http" in it, you will need to remove it because your pic URL address already starts with "http". If you don't remove the "http" that is already there, it will not work.

Once you post the pic URL address in the pic drop-down menu, click OK. You will see the http text language in your post, and not the pic until you either post the reply or click on preview reply. To see if your pic is there, click preview reply, and if everything worked like it should you will see your pic. Next, just click "post reply" and we will all see your photos! smile

You don't even need to do that. You can copy the contents of the BBCode section on the right side on the imgur site and then paste it directly into your message. It will put an embedded image in your post.
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Adult Beginners Forum
32 minutes ago
To feel the difference, compare the movements of the fingers, hands and body of the performers on these clips:

The greatest Zakir


Kid learns on tabla


Emma Leiuman on piano


See all the clips, including also from the OP at a speed of 0.25.
23 1,258 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
33 minutes ago
I started lessons in March of this year. My teacher is very good and I'm glad he took me on. He has about 20 students, two are adults (myself and one other). I would say nearly half the children are Asian, most of which seem to be siblings. I live in a typical, small, rural, mid-western town with little to no music culture promoted to speak of other than the occasional classic rock cover band in the local dive bar. Therefore, I'm not surprised at the ratios. He teaches students most motivated to learn and pay $$ and not many adults in my region have much interest in something like piano lessons. Also, my teacher finds that his Asian families value music as a cultural benefit for their children, whereas the prevailing extracurricular activity among the locals here for children is travel sports.
273 11,296 Read More
Piano Forum
33 minutes ago
I have one hard bound Brahams Piano Pieces and it is very nice but a bit difficult to set on the music desk. I got it on sale but prefer the soft bound editions.
6 268 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
48 minutes ago
I have to agree with clothearednincompo.

Stick with the name brands: Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Casio. (I'd add Korg and Dexibell, but I don't know whether they sell low-cost units.)

And ... avoid other brands. Williams is one to avoid.
4 105 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
53 minutes ago
I couldn't stress enough what Mac has said. Durability is essential if you're thinking about gigging. You wouldn't want to look at a laptop that just broke before the gig. For that budget you could look at an older business notebook in the local ads or on ebay (dell latitude, hp probook / elitebook, lenovo thinkpad). Look for a decent CPU (preferably at least an i5 since we're talking about older versions, but not i5-**** u, those are low voltage) with good benchmark scores and even if it's got a few years of usage, it should do OK.
A new laptop in that budget would likely be underpowered, and certainly of very low build quality.
8 119 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
58 minutes ago
I recently stumbled on your Youtube channel through some other path (researching clave patterns IIRC); great stuff, well-presented and entertaining. Good for a by-ear player/composer, like me, wanting to learn some jazz styles/techniques without getting too far down in the theoretical weeds. Thanks for sharing.

1 108 Read More
Pianist Corner
59 minutes ago
I'm left handed and frankly have to work harder on the left hand parts. To me, it's mainly a psychological issue I believe. Piano dexterity has been equalized at the start because I am a beginner still developing all the nuances in both hands at the same time. The left hand so often is playing an accompaniment or something less "familiar" than the dominant right hand melody. Therefore,I find my right hand taking off more intuitively and playing those parts with much less thought more quickly than the left hand. Yet, it really depends on the piece. If something is rather fluid or interesting in the left hand I seem to be able to pick it up quicker than the right or vice versa. Or, if the left is doing something repetitive then the right needs a little more memorization and attention. Guess what I'm saying is hand dominance for me never seemed to factor as an issue as I'm learning and has been more a factor within the pieces themselves than an issue with my hands.
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
1 hour ago
There are two possibilities: The wire is not the same thickness, which is not quite as likely as the second: The spring is too long.
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Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
That reality stings for a little bit.
23 777 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Thanks for the encouragement and reminder Qazsedcft...memorisation comes fairly easy for me as well...but it's a long way from infallible, and there are only so many pieces I can keep current at one time. I'm still memorising the pieces my teacher assigns because if I don't, then I would barely stumble through them during my lesson! I know she would rather see my eyes on the page though...

The shift you're noticing with the Grieg and the Chopin is surely a good sign! smile

@Jouishy...excellent my dear! A couple pieces ( or at least a page ) is all I've been doing....often more if I've found some enjoyable material. Just worry about developing the habit at first.
102 5,107 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Morten Olsson
It’s too bad that the subject seems to cause some friction for some of the members here but on the whole I find the conversation interesting and I may even have some opinions of my own in a year or two smile

It doesn't have to be that way. What causes controversy and harsh feelings is when some folks point their finger in your face, crack a whip or twist your arm and dictate to you in no uncertain terms that their opinion is the only one in the universe that matters.

Some people have no idea what diversity means or how it relates to social interaction. All they know is in-your-face rudeness and hatefulness.

I mentioned some of the lyrics to one of my original blues songs earlier, which I'll not mention again, but I always like this song, "My way", by Frank Sinatra. Do it your way, whether it is on the advice of someone else you respect and admire, or just the way you want to do it.

I've lived a life that's full
I've traveled each and every highway
But more, much more than this
I did it my way

Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption

I planned each charted course
Each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way

There are certainly more ways to learn to play the piano than one person's in-your-face opinion. Plus, not everyone has the same learning style. I've been a teacher (although not a piano teacher) for 26 years. I know a little about learning styles.

Just a few thoughts... smile


77 2,437 Read More
Pianist Corner
2 hours ago
I think your post contains several misconceptions:

1. Numerous pieces by Chopin go from slow to fast, not just the Winter Wind Etude.
2. "Chopin's pieces often have a relatively constant rhythm:". Debatable depending on what you mean by "often", but even if true so do many other composers.
3. Rubato is essential in Chopin but much less so in Classical era music. It makes no sense that Chopin's decided to use rubato based on some small passage from Beethoven, especially since that passage doesn't necessarily use rubato. Fast chromatic passages(kind of mini cadenzas) are not uncommon in classical music.
4. Chopin doesn't make use of tremolos very often if at all.

It's interesting that you saw some comparison in these two pieces, but I think your analysis is flawed.
1 154 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
I really love the Kurzweil sounds, their musicality. And that there is someone nearby who will really support a SP6 in Dave Weiser. There's not a great place near me that really supports its keyboards. There's a Guitar Center, but they're largely hacks and don't really know their keyboards all that well. I miss Daddy's Junky Music and Wurlitzer (where I bought my Roland).

Why sacrifice? Because I'm not going to get the build quality and keyboard unless I spend double that of the SP6. The current Roland model to the one I own is $2500 (and it's not under 30 pounds either). If there isn't compromising to be done, why would any company put out models that cost >$5000?
26 620 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
I would totally agree with Sam S's assessment that it's sort of an opposite "Picardy 3rd". If we can change from minor to major on the final chord, why not the other way around?

It's definitely a cool effect and a nice touch on an already unconventional piece smile
12 410 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
If you want to play that kind of music but there's no sheet music available for it there are lots of free apps available that will convert mp3 to midi format and apps that will convert midi files to sheet music (try googling "free mp3 to midi converter"). The mp3 converters may be a bit hit and miss but if you use a free midi sequencer app you can tidy up the midi sequence before loading it into the sheet music app and printing it. It's great when you hear a piece you want to play like the piano sample if like me you're not very good at improvising or playing by ear.
5 417 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
I don't know what model Clave you have. But most have dual 1/4" jack for the aux outputs ... and there's provision for running mono if you wish.

But if yours has dual RCA jacks you'll need to either:

a) Feed just one line to the speaker.


b) Mix the left and right channels with these adapters:
RCA Jack To 1/4" Mono Plug
RCA Mono Male to Two RCA Stereo Female
6 163 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
2 hours ago
If you have the chops to perform solo or in an ensemble, I can't imagine a better way for a trained musician to sustain themselves while they sort out the wide variety of options for making a reasonable living over the long run. If you live in an urban area of any size, there are lots of ways to earn some money and some exposure in the gig economy. Some people can work or sub as studio musicians. If they have the training, some can work on the technical side of music recording and performance. Some may collaborate with other recent graduates in forming small ensembles (classical, pop, whatever) that have a good niche in the area. Exposure is good. Options are good. You never know which door may open, so keep as many of them unlocked as possible!
10 602 Read More
Piano Forum
3 hours ago
Wow thank you a lot guys, i don't expected so much implication in your answers, i'll search for thoses then. Again thank you to have took your time for me i really appreciate !

I really wanted to search similar songs, one day my dream were to be a pianist but i realized that when i learn something, i assimilate it and by the way kill all the magic in it, so i'll don't learn how to play piano just to keep this music mysterious and evasive !

I am happy to see that people in this forum knows what they're talking about and i 'm happy to meet other piano lovers too, thanks for future people to help too ! Now i have time to experiment all this stuff.
4 310 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by dumka1
Sorry for the stupid question: how do you all post pictures here? I tried to use Full Editor and didn't see any simple "insert picture" option, only a web link option, so I tried to link my drop box pics but this didn't work either.

The best option is to first upload the pics to pianoworld in the photo gallery subforum, then link to these pics from the thread where you want them (like this one).

There are instructions on how to do this at the very top of the photo gallery subforum:

1,084 1,182,250 Read More
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