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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Metronomes Are Soul-Crushingly Dreadful, Where's the Groove? clothearednincompo 8 minutes ago
Swings and polyrhythms are also covered here:

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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Kawai new product 7/15 U3piano 12 minutes ago
Originally Posted by pold
good to know that, MP12 and VPC2 is what we are all waiting for.

And ES120.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Summer sale: Beautiful PEARL Concert Grand sullivang 14 minutes ago
It occurs to me that just perhaps, they've given us a very accurate reproduction of how the piano actually behaved. laugh

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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: Unpopular Opinions johnstaf 19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by boo1234
Unpopular opinion: rhapsody on a theme of paganini, is rachmaninov’s best “concerto.”

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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Steinway Artist playing a Boesendorfer wouter79 24 minutes ago
Originally Posted by trigalg693

LOL his hystrionics are better than the music itself. He scored a point here for making me watch something I otherwise would have turned off after 1 sec :-)
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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: Thoughts on Yuja Wang outfits? David B 25 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Emigre
What would you expect to see at a Yuja Wang concert?

What I would expect and prefer are two different things. What I would prefer to see is her not dressed like she is going to the beach. That's my preference.

Would you prefer to live in a society that considers "immodesty" an outrage? There's plenty such societies still you know... and I'm not looking at them fondly.

I'd prefer living in a society were individuals valued modesty. Not a society where government enforces modesty.

God Bless,
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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: Bach sinfonia 1 Sidokar 34 minutes ago
Contrary to most opinions, i dont think you should separate the voices in the beginning. Unless you have a very developped skill of thinking contrapunctally, assembling the voices from separate lines wont work. It is important to understand how the piece is built but it is difficult to use directly to play the piece. So my suggestion is to put hands together and learn how to play by small sections. Once you are comfortable playing together, then you can practice playing one line and see how it fits with the other lines, ie disasembling the whole to understand how each voice plays its role. But it will take time, so be prepared to spend quite some time on this first one .....
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Digital vs Real piano for practicing wouter79 36 minutes ago
Hakki +1.

I can add, does a DP or acoustic inspire you?

Did you ever look seriously into acoustics, eg visit a few dealers and test their range of pianos? Did you hear the large differences in sound and feel? Did you try the range of colors you can get from them? Does it sound the same to you as your DP?
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Roland FP30. Need help transfer recording piano-usb-computer clothearednincompo 38 minutes ago
A stereo audio input doesn't need to use two separate jacks and a split cable.

So a splitter cable might not be necessary.

But we don't know Otto's hardware.
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Is there any place here to sell my CFX License? marklings 1 hour ago
I am in Europe and in Europe is perfectly legal to resell licenses, nobody can prevent you from doing so. There's a well known ruling from the European court of 2012. So I would say go to Ebay and sell it in Europe !
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: A play-and-listen theory book? Sidokar 1 hour ago
In general, i think the issue you will run into is as follows: music is not like physics, there are no absolute rules as to how to compose a piece of music, there are practical guidelines. So what most theory books and sites will teach you is the most basic and common set of rules, which will already take you up to grade 10 or so (the harmonic tonality taught is that of the 19th century).

But as soon as you get into real pieces, you will have to deal with the specifics of each period. The way Bach is using a subdominant (and a dominant) is different from Mozart which is different from Chopin. Music theory has been evolving greatly and the practical guidelines to write music are dated. I guess for simplicity reasons most if not all theory books and sites ignore that fact. Often i see analysis of Bach music using 19th century concepts which obviously Bach could not be aware of, which sometimes leads to misinterpretation. Also there are many parts of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven which can not be understood only by applying the common harmonic theory.

I dont say that to make it overly complex but just to put in perspective the fact you obviously need to start somewhere and learn first the basic theory, but be aware that it will help you to understand simple piece or some parts of music but that is only a starting point.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
LX 700s series, best settings for more realistic sound? JackQ89 1 hour ago
I have an lx705, the default sound is nice but sadly still not on the level of an acoustic piano or some more realistic digital piano.

I am well aware it can never be 100% the same, but I would glad to use the Piano desgin option with the best setting to make it more closely resamble.

If there is already thread about people sharing their settings will glad to hear. thanks.
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Perfect fifths and minor sixths Sidokar 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Animisha
Thank you for your answers! True food for thought. Sidokar, what do you mean by "outer voices"?

In your case there is only 2 voices, but you could have 3 or 4. In that situation, the rule would apply to the bass and the top voice (because it is more audible). It is more flexible if the perfect fifth involves an inner voice. The rule is not an absolute one, and in practice there are exceptions, even with Bach, but it is a good one to avoid a certain harmonic void as much as it is possible. In counterpoint classes in conservatories it is usually strictly forbidden.

A good exercice is to harmonize a diatonic descending top voice using regular harmony.
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Pianist Corner - Non Classical Jump to new posts
Re: A Scary Gig Simon_b 2 hours ago
Hi Nahum

I don't have any recordings sadly. Would love to have some as it would be very interesting to hear it. Fortunately we did record a mini album (5 tracks) live at a studio the year before, so I do have a representative recording of the quintet playing.

Happily I also have a poster from the event with our bands name on it. This is framed and on my music room wall upstairs to this day.

My only memory of playing during the event is getting the head of Straight No Chaser wrong. The rest of our short set may of been pretty good, but I have no recollection of anything else, whilst we were playing.

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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Price for new piano - is discount too much? Joseph Fleetwood 2 hours ago
I'm not even going to respond to pianoloverus because he's being pretty obstinate really, other than to say that being from the UK, and having worked in the UK before moving to the USA only last year, and knowing more than a few industry insiders in the UK, yes I know what a good price for a Petrof is.

In the USA, the prices are much higher. Not only are there import taxes to contend with but there are also importers, and piano makers themselves know that US prices are much higher so sometimes they lay it on thick. I was surprised to learn that the Petrof concert grand is actually a lot more expensive than the Steinway concert grand in the USA. In the UK the prices are more in line with Yamaha, and while we're on that subject, Yamaha's prices in the UK are much cheaper than in the USA even when taking the currency conversion into account.

What I meant in my original reply was that the service and quality you'll get from this dealer will be very high even though they're offering a generous discount. Petrof is a really good maker, it's a high quality product at a mid-level price and so I think it's a worthwhile purchase.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Help! Headphone volume problem. sullivang 2 hours ago
(and I've just remembered that Eugene has said that it's difficult for him to do that, I think. I know it's stating the obvious, too)
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Members Recordings - Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: Chopin Ballade 4, op52 trigalg693 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Daviduu
Really enjoyed listening to this. Very assured and accurate playing. The piano sounds fine for a DIY tune. Have not been game to try that myself.

Thanks, though I'm not sure I would call it accurate XD I also voiced it myself (tip: don't just jump in and start doing things to the hammers like me...read a LOT first, because I definitely did some really stupid things), though the repetition springs are a little strong and I increased the letoff and drop as a quick and dirty measure to stop it from double striking, which in turn made soft notes harder to control...

I already have one pro tech telling me the tuning sounds terrible, so I'm glad I'm partially tone deaf.
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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards Jump to new posts
Re: Top reasons why every musician should learn piano? frundle 3 hours ago
What EPW means, in a nutshell, is that you can have a lot of 'other' instrument options with a Midi interface piano connected to a Laptop.

But I feel he is missing out on the fishing. I live on the banks of the river Severn (a song there?) and the fishing here is excellent (second line?) I don't play the piano very well yet. (that won't fit in at all) song writing on hold.

Main reason for learning Piano is it is so versatile, particularly nowadays with the many options.
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Adult Beginners Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Looking for some interesing chord voicings? Nahum 3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Slowroll
NAHUM- - do you mean what would be the individual notes for voicing each chord of your stacked list, or do you mean what could be a pleasant chord progression series as per something similar to your lost?
I remember the period of the secondary music school, when during the breaks we gathered near the piano, and everyone proudly showed a “new” jazz chord. For years, it was a pirate substitute for systematic jazz self-education - for the lack of an official one. But since then a lot of water has already flowed, and the look at the “beautiful” chords has changed: each voicing takes an honorable place in the harmonic pattern . Not an isolated single chord , but a harmonic progression!
Your C voicing is default part of pattern 2-5-1. But here is a completely different context and a different sound of the same voicing:

[Linked Image]
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Pianist Corner Jump to new posts
Re: Three musical wishes achoo42 3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Mark_C
I can't prove this (and I guess I don't know it either) ha but I think if Beethoven was going to die when he was 31, unless it was something sudden and unexpected, most likely his life course and spiritual course would have been such that he would have been at a later stage when he was 29 and 30 than what he was.

My mildly strong guess is that Mozart and Schubert's greatly growing pathos toward the ends of their lives was related to their being toward the ends of their lives.

Well, he was in deep depression and very nearly committed suicide at the end of his Early Period so I can't really say how much his spiritual course would have changed.
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MY NEW PIANO or KEYBOARD! - Share Your Story! Jump to new posts
Re: Phoenix C212, after a long wait trigalg693 3 hours ago
To be honest, I was pretty clueless about pianos before getting this one, I just saw the price and was pretty much immediately sold...I mean it was the same as a Yamaha back then. Now it's a little more, but still a great deal, and the bass is astonishing even compared with the best of Fazioli and Bosendorfer. I'm a strong believer in good engineering and low maintenance so I like that the piano is not humidity sensitive, and hope to buy a Carbiano someday when I have some spare money.

After messing with tuning it and voicing it (I know, you're not supposed to do this yourself without experience...I did anyways), I think it would be nice if the duplex scaling could be adjusted. The backscale makes a very messy sound around ~2600Hz which makes certain notes pop out with a lot of brightness. I guess it could just be muted too, but I think muting the duplex scale would work better on the more powerful carbon fiber bridge.

Here's my best effort at tuning it myself, using my custom algorithm that I wrote for Entropy Piano Tuner:
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Ivers & Pond Square Grand Piano - how to price? dogperson 4 hours ago
Originally Posted by FrankCox
And suddenly your 40 pound keyboard weighs 600 pounds...

And suddenly your wife, who hated your digital being kept out in the living room, loves it 😊
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Looking for a professional pianist around Hamburg Rich Galassini 4 hours ago
I also know a wonderful musician who knows the people there. Ratko Delorko teaches at two universities. I wanted to see if he would even consider this before mentioning him. He said he considers this fun. His email is delorko@gmx.de.

Here is more information on Ratko. I hope you can work something out with him.

Good luck,
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Pianist Corner - Non Classical Jump to new posts
Re: Chicago's "Colour My World" dogperson 4 hours ago
The chord has a wavy line, which means the notes are not played together like a standard chord, but one after the other quickly, starting from bottom to top. Think of a guitar strings being plucked, or a harp’s strings.

You don’t hold a note after it is played.

Great song, BTW!
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Piano Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Favourite Youtube Lockdown Finds supersport 5 hours ago
As not limited to piano, these guys: The REO Brothers

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