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Adult Beginners Forum
6 minutes ago
Originally Posted by bennevis
... ...Instead of relying on TomPlay (whatever it is), why not just play Ballade pour Adeline by ear? (OK, it's the only song that he plays that I've heard). Anyone pianist with a basic knowledge of music theory and reasonable aural skills can do it.

Yes, bennevis, thanks. I am Ok with that approach. The thing about TomPlay is the orchestral backing for piano solo that makes it sound like the real thing! wink But when I get my new Roland piano in the near future I can layer strings to achieve a decent sound.
116 1,902 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
17 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Keselo
Originally Posted by Tyrone Slothrop
Which, to continue to play devil's advocate, is the precise point that Vevurka made here - that finger strength is not necessary for piano playing outside of highly technical works like Rachmaninoff sonatinas, and even there, it is more aerobic capacity that is required, but that instead arm weight should be used to play classical piano, and as keystring pointed out here, the use of the arm in playing piano is no longer just a Russian thing these days.

I must admit I've never heard these Sonatinas by Rachmaninoff, though I do expect they sound quite a bit different from the Clementi one we're all learning at the moment. wink

LOL. Sorry! Good catch. I have Clementi on the mind laugh I meant, "Sonatas!"
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Pianist Corner
19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by kwitel
Assuming I absolutely cannot use a teacher at this time, what would you recommend in the way of software/online resource?

I don't want to learn how to play some songs quickly...I want to learn music theory and the "proper" way of learning, that will allow me to transition to a live teacher in the somewhat-near future.

Thanks in advance.

When you say you can't afford a teacher, does it mean you can't afford a monthly subscription fee either? Because the current self-learning system which I'm currently hottest on is this one, but there is a monthly subscription fee. It will teach you the right way including proper piano technique, as opposed to many online courses and books. Although I'm not presently a self-learner, I'm subscribed myself to this since it is a good reference. Note that it's classical piano, so if you are looking to learn contemporary (jazz, rock, pop, etc) this is not the course for you.

To get more answers from self-learners, I suggest you repost this question on the Adult Beginners Forum as there are a number of self-learners there.
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Adult Beginners Forum
49 minutes ago
I’ll definitely try the Scriabin! Maybe we could have a study group thread for that one too.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
50 minutes ago
Cybergene doesn't your edit actually shorten the sustain pedal window? They are smaller values not sure how that works. By the way I use them and it's definitely an improvement Thanks MooganDavid
23 2,817 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
54 minutes ago
06. Keselo - Valse Thanks for introducing a new composer to the Recitals - I’d like to hear more of Koechlin’s work. Loved the quality of your video, and your rendition of ’Valse’ was very sensitively played.

07. Animisha - Gefuhl der Wehmuth You’re right - you win the prize for the shortest entry - short on length, but not on quality.

08. sinophilia - German Dance D783 no. 5 Your pace sounded just right! I sympathised with your struggles to speed things up when I noticed the similarity of the bass (jump followed by tricky chord) to my Gymnopedie - knowing that in my case, I had the luxury of time.

09. Claudemir Medeiros - Schumann op 68 n 30 You played this beautiful piece with just the right delicate touch.

10. Sandalholme - Lyric pieces Op12 Nos 4 - 7 The ideal selection to showcase your super control of dynamics - that was a serial treat!
34 642 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
1 hour ago
Hi Max,

There are some important rules to follow if you decide to tap the pins.

Use a tuning pin punch to avoid deforming the top of the tuning pin.

Check the position of the coil. You don't want the coil to contact the plate.

If you are going to tap multiple pins, observe if they seem to be in a row. This might possibly indicate a crack in the pinblock.

On a grand piano, check that the pins do not extend below the bottom of the pinblock.

On a grand piano, inspect the bottom of the pinblock to verify as much as possible that the pinblock is not cracked or that the laminations are separating.

On a grand piano, make sure the pins do not extend below the bottom of the pinblock. Sometimes a pinblock isn't restrung correctly.

On a grand piano, support the pinblock with pinblock jacks, especially if you are going to tap multiple tuning pins.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
You've got some nice options in that price range, you should enjoy researching them, and hopefully testing some out in a store.
6 141 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
1 hour ago
I want to correct the previous post of mine in this thread. I just discovered that PTG Chapters have a Charter that precludes individual Chapters from using the PTG name to make public statements that claim to represent PTG.

This is enough of a gray area to cause me to suggest individual Chapters not make referrals such as a Request for Investigation of Trade restraint to relevant authorities. Individuals can and should do so if they feel a need.

Seattle Chapter will be voting on requesting the PTG Board as a whole do this.

I was ignorant of the Charter wording and apologize for not being more careful.

I would like to hear from any Forum members about specific cases where Steinway infringed on your business via PM.
30 666 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by anotherscott
Originally Posted by PossumES8Krome61
i wonder if anyone has had the opportunity to play both the PX-S1000 and Yamaha p125- considering trading in the Krome and then getting the S1000 and using that as my controller for my PC

If the S1000 is only going to be used as a controller for the PC, I'm not sure I see any advantage to choosing that over the CDP-S100.

Hi Scott- thanks as always for your insight here and on the other musicplayer forums as well--I greatly appreciate it. I was thinking of using the S1000 as both a combo of playing out with and controlling my vst standalone sounds or those with mixcraft.

I'm using typically VB3, Addictive Keys and EZ Drummer when recording and find that I am not really using the Krome itself that much and could basically sell or exchange it for most of the cost of the new Casio.

I might look at the 3000 as well just to see what the extra sounds offerred are like.
176 10,592 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Duaner
Good ol' CA got me out of a jam once again.

It's video made in 2015 but Mr. Robert very recomendationed attentionly using EVERY chemical for a pin.
2 107 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
There is also the complication of action geometry, which hasn't been mentioned yet.

The longer the piano, the farther out on the string the hammer must reach. So, getting substantially larger than 9 ft. would introduce challenges that have not had to be dealt with by modern makers before.
14 336 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Breakthrough today. I've been trying to play the bass line to Riders On The Storm with the left hand until it was automatic. I guess it became close, because (and this is not going to sound like much) I'm able to play the D and Emin chords with the right hand while the left hand stays on track. This was a HUGE hurdle for me.

If you can all remember back. . . while I was playing the bass with the left hand, I'd mess up even when I LOOKED at the other half of the keyboard to find the D key. Now I can almost feel for it, and play the two chords and the bass at the same time. Next will be the "rain" coming down the slab starting at the B.
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Pianist Corner
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by RogerRL
I do something similar, but also a bit different. When a harder section is coming up, I try to think "Oh boy, I get to play this part, and I bet I can really pull it off! I can hardly wait!'. Well, depending on what is going on I may not form that complete a thought, but I do try for anticipation/happiness that this is about to happen, instead of dread/worry. It seems to help me a lot.

I read something a while back (I forget where) that pointed out that the physical "symptoms" of nervousness are very similar to excitement, so when you feel nervous, just tell yourself that you are feeling excited instead, and it'll help you with the nervousness. That seems to fit with your strategy.
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
2 hours ago
I do not know what you mean by 15-degree. The diameter difference between sizes of pins is too small to be determined from a photograph.
1 26 Read More
Piano Forum
2 hours ago
I've been trying to look for the serial number but had no luck finding it frown I guess it was covered when maybe the plate was repainted? It sounded close to the Yamaha U2 on display when I was trying it out before buying it.
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Piano Photo Gallery - Pictures of Pianos
2 hours ago
Are these 15-degree #2's?
0 15 Read More
Piano Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by noyes
Ed McMorrow, could you elaborate on what prep work are more suitable to be done at a shop rather than at home? My knowledge of prep work is pretty much confined to voicing and regulation (for new pianos), so would be interested in learning more.

j&j, you made some good points. It would have been easier if I had the ear to tell a well prepped piano from an under-prepped one. But like Lady Bird suggested, being quite new to piano myself and haven't been around many pianos, I know what kind of sound I like but I don't have an idea what an un-prepped piano should sound like. So yes, this is a problem I need to face.

Despite somewhat disappointed by the "I'm your best friend" vs. "What do you need from me" type of attitude of the dealer before and after the purchase, I wouldn't say my dealer experience was necessarily that "bad". Bottom line is, the dealer kept a well maintained showroom with a large selection of piano inventory, I was able to try quite a number of pianos before finding one that I liked, delivery and set up was free as well as the first tuning after a month. Yes it would have been nice if someone called me and asked "how was the delivery" or helped me schedule the tuning, but all that is icing on the cake.

But I kept on hearing the term "dealer service" as if it were an important thing, while based on my own experience I couldn't think of how a good or bad servicing dealer could have made a difference for me, which led to my original question, what is good dealer service?

I like the "Cunningham Family" experience that Rich described. Acoustic piano is a small market, any adult wandering in the showroom trying out pianos is most likely a music lover. So yeah, I wish Rich's dealer wasn't that far away from where I am.

Would like to hear about other people's dealer experiences, whether good or bad. I still couldn't wrap my head around some of the things dealers told me face to face, many of which just laughable.

I tried a number of different individual Sauter pianos of the same model at the different chain stores of the same dealer but in different
areas around Vancouver. This meant we had to drive around the Lower Mainland. Mine was the only piano which had been in the showroom for several months. The other pianos of this model had really just arrived from the warehouse .One could feel a great difference in this piano compaired to the new arrivals .It obviously had quite a few adjustments already done .After the final prep with
the concert technician It was really ready .I could play very fast and softly or I could bring the tone right out as I wished .
While it was tempting to choose one straight from a crate I felt I had the best one . Correct prepping of a piano is very important.
39 605 Read More
Piano Forum
2 hours ago
A prodigy is simply someone who can perform at or near professional level at a young age (often 10 or younger). "Prodigy" doesn't mean someone who can do stuff without effort. Often, their early acquisition of advanced skills takes .... prodigious effort. I had to say that. smile
4 216 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
I don't *think* it was mentioned anywhere in this thread that the PHA4 Standard has a tri-sensor action - I just tested it - it definitely does.

I will receive my new FP60 next Tuesday.

Greg. (the tri-sensor wanker)
80 13,949 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Tyrone Slothrop
Originally Posted by bennevis
I assume you can keep using your Chinese passport until it's time to renew, when......

BTW, that's what I did with the passport of my previous tiny insignificant no-name country.

Since I did not renounce (which as I said, doing that only has negative consequences for me, and no real lasting positive consequences), practically speaking, it is a little different for me.

I'm going to stop talking about this now in case the watchers get unhappy from even this discussion!

So, back to pianos! smile

13 179 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by arc7urus

I probably explained myself wrong... playing off the jack is not an issue. Pressing the key to the let off and then accelerating the key will produce sound. On the GF1, this would not always happen as the lowest sensor was probably above or at the same level as the notch.

A limitation I find on the GF2 action is when trying to accelerate the key above the let-off as I find it hard to consistently produce sound if a key is not bottomed out. In other words, on an acoustic it is a matter of velocity, however, on the gf2 is a matter of vertical key position. So, even when the key has enough velocity above the let-off, the notch seems to be on the way of the key travel and block the movement before the sensor is activated. In the GF1 this was not an issue. So, there is a trade off between being able to play from the let-off (possible on the gf2 but not on the gf1) or to play above the let-off (easier on the gf1 than on the gf2).

I think CyberGene mentioned previously that he thought the GF2's escapement simulation "robbed" the hammer of its momentum. I have to admit I never experienced that myself, as I was always able to attain a keystrike without bottoming out the key on the GF, as you mention above. I haven't noticed the difference with GF2 but it's intriguing smile

Originally Posted by arc7urus
By the way, how does the nv10 behave when you try to play above the escapement (not from the let-off point)?

Perfectly, 100% every time. If I drop the key to the escapement, and lift ever so slightly (as little as humanly possible), I can attain an accurate velocity tone every time. I sometimes wish I could do that AT the escapement point, but not for any pianistic purpose. The top sensor on the NV10 is just above the escapement point, so there's no playing off the jack.
53 1,084 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
4 hours ago
I won’t for a second disagree that it is a very heavy action. However, it has greatly improved and eased my transition between practicing at home and transitioning to one of the several acoustics that I regularly play. As I am now used to it, it is a joy to play; I can articulate like I’ve never been able to before on a digital piano with purely digital action (i.e. not a hybrid).

This post definitely resonates with my own experience: http://forum.pianoworld.com/ubbthre...o-gp-300-what-to-choose.html#Post2694398
7 616 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by MacMacMac
I don't know why some don't hear that louder G.

Listening needs to be trained as well.

That's the good thing with traditional all-in-one piano dealers/tuners/maintainers: Because they actually tune the instruments they sell, they know what to listen for, otherwise they couldn't tune the stuff.

Now you have some retailer just selling electronic products like digital pianos: Forget it! At most you might make a point with MIDI velocities.
37 728 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
4 hours ago
Welcome to the forum. Be sure to enjoy your journey.
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