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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
5 minutes ago
It’s old. Really. old for a digital piano. And likely worth nothing. You probabably need to get a new one. Kawai has some great DP’s.
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Piano Teachers Forum
6 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Tomboy
Back in the early 1980s Sony introduced the first generation of portable cassette players (Walkman).

Yeah man, good times, the good ol' walkman. My parents bought me one in about 1985 or 1986, it also had the "anti jog" functionality on it which actually worked!

Memories of the music slowing down when the batteries ran out, and also using a pencil to wind the tape back in when it screwed up.

I had a Schubert Impromptus tape, a Prokofiev violin sonata tape, and various tapes of heavy metal that I used to get my mates to record for me off their vinyl. Iron Maiden "Live after Death" and some "Megadeth" if I remember right. I also used to hire records out from the library and tape them. Sue me!

The next step was my parents bought me one of those all in one stereo things where it had a double tape deck, record player, and radio. Ah, heaven! I was so grateful to them for that, these items got hours of use per day.

Personally I was studying classical music when I was pre-teen and during my teens, then me and a friend discovered Sgt Pepper by the Beatles when we were about 14, and Led Zeppelin about a year later (I was nicking my Dad's records) also Creedance Clearwater Revival. Then in later teen years I got in to heavy metal and Pink Floyd and stuff like that. Then in my twenties I got in to house and techno.

With each new thing I got into I didn't ditch the old things, I just added the new taste to the stack. And now I feel I reap the rewards, being able to hold my own in conversations about many different types of music.

In recent years I got in to Rockabilly and Surf and general 50's and 60's stuff, which has a certain charm to it.

I can see a common factor in all my tastes, which is they tend to be fairly romantic, yes even heavy metal - certainly your Pink Floyds and stuff, and they tend heavily towards dark and melancholy.

I don't really anymore like a "type" of music - it's a certain "sound" I like. For example, I rather took to Lana Del Ray for a while, because of the melancholy sound. I always find darker stuff a bit more musically interesting, minor keys, diminished chords and the like. So I don't think it's a matter of category, rather a matter of a certain kind of feel or sound, and one can get this from many different categories.

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Adult Beginners Forum
6 minutes ago
What do you mean 'chunking' ? I am not a chunk-er so perhaps explain how you practice. You may be reinforcing this in your practice so changing the way to practice may help.

I quite quickly would aim to play the piece slowly throughout asap. Until I could play the entire piece, I generally would play the piece very slowly so I tend to avoid this problem of stumbles in the first place. A very hard part I may play at a quarter of the speed or slowly (or hands separately) but this is only if needed, sometimes it is not, so I would only chunk in exception when learning. If I stumble I would slow it down further. I think the problem of stumbles is generally people trying to play quickly without knowing the notes well. It is not a problem I have often.

A very long piece I tend to split it like this - play first 2 pages one week, 2 pages the second week, 2 pages the third week - but generally I would not play a phrase unless it is very technically difficult, or if my teacher gives me something certain to work on. To be honest I often have to work on a lot of other things - projection, the dynamics etc. .

Maybe just learning first time by playing the pieces through slowly would be better than any chunking. I think there is a risk if you are overchunking this may cause this problem? Especially if you are a perfectionist and stop and restart all the time. I would just play it all very slowly together until I have got it.

Also once learnt and in lessons I would always play from start to finish and then would pick parts out to work on afterwards. I would tend to work on a phrase to get a projection, dynamics, complex rhythm not stumble. If you are struggling with stumbles I suspect it is a practice issue or the piece is beyond your abilities or you need more time to get it up to performance standards. Regardless of ability, time and practice is what it takes to get things ready, the examples in the recital is the best and doesnt show the journey remember. Bon courage.
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Adult Beginners Forum
7 minutes ago
Originally Posted by GoldmanT

15. Ted Jones - Improvisation
I found your writeup of how you approach improvising interesting as it is something I do a lot but I tend to never remember the cool stuff I've played so am unable to reintroduce themes or variations or things like that. I like the tonalty and patterns you have, almost like sketching out some Steve Reich ideas that could be developed into something.

I've recently been looking into improv and composition with a view of moving from the former to the latter (some interesting comments in this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/musictheory/comments/96wtgd/improvising_vs_composing/) and while the ideal would be recording a bunch of improv and then going back to edit the MIDI data behind it that seems like a huge amount of effort! So the balance seems to be somewhere inbetween.

Thanks for your thoughtful response. In younger years I composed many piano pieces in diverse idiom. I mostly used stop/start improvisation until, over a very variable period of time, a formal composition crystallised. The actual writing out, of course, was just a cosmetic and I have to say very tiresome exercise. At around fifty-five I decided to make recorded free improvisation my sole creative medium. Many reasons lay behind this decision, which was a very difficult one to make. Among the reasons were:

1. The development of cheap, very high quality recording devices with no practical limit on the duration of a session, making a recorded improvisation a permanent work of art.
2. I have never experienced shortage of ideas; indeed, I have the opposite issue.
3. I had become intolerably weary of the traditional magisteria of classical and jazz, with their conventions and jelly-mould structures. These things no longer moved me.
4. I heard Jarrett's solo concert recordings. I didn't particularly like his actual sounds, but if it was good enough for a famous pianist to just let ideas come out freely then it was certainly all right for a nonentity like me.
5. I hate writing out music, and finding approximations to the spontaneous, felt rhythms I like was mostly impossible.
6. The piano teacher of my youth, a distinguished professional, had told me I seemed to be built for it, but being young and silly I had ignored him.

There are many other justifications for it. Of course this does not imply such a course is right for you or anyone else. I shall stop now, as I do not wish to impose a lengthy discussion on it within the recital thread.
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Adult Beginners Forum
11 minutes ago
Please excuse me for 20 August. I don't know what happened - suddenly there was no more day!


243 12,595 Read More
Piano Forum
34 minutes ago
Originally Posted by James Guo
I am back and about to buy a Steinway.
The current options are a new Hamburg Steinway B or a used 2014 NY Steinway B.
I am just thinking if the new Hamburg Steinway B actually worth its 100000$ mark price if the 2014 NY Steinway B sells for only 56900$?
Like I have been very harsh on NY Steinway because I think they are kind of interior than Hamburg model but now I have thought of it and played it, the warm and deep tone on the NY Steinway is superb. To some extent I like it, but I heard the difference between a Hamburg model and a NY model is getting very small.
Is the renner action on the Hamburg model better than the accelerated action on NY models?

Anyone have any ideas?

For the prices you quote:

USD100K for a new Hamburg B: based on Piano Buyer's quote (I haven't quoted a Hamburg from my dealer; previously it would be about 10K more than NY models), ironically 100K is indeed a bargain.

USD$56.9K for a 2014 NY B: if your technician checks it out fine, that's a steal. Out of curiosity, if you are referring to this PianoMart listing: [2014 NY B], the first picture belongs to a Hamburg Steinway. So you'll have to really check it out; this might be just an incidental misplacement.

Eventually my opinion is to pick the one with touch/tone you like, with the price that you consider right, and not worry about which one is "better".

New NY Steinways have been a lot more consistent. I have been trying NY B's, side-by-side, intermittently since 2015. Last time was just a few weeks ago at Steinway Hall NY. Sometimes I got to try 5 B's next to each other. I can certainly attest that while some individual differences exist, the touch/tone has been quite pleasant.

In my 2013 NY A, the imperfection I can perceive the most is the lacquer/matte finish (some areas not completely even). The NY factory appears to push mostly high gloss (polyester polish) models these days. The ones I saw at Steinway Hall, and also recently at our local dealer, were all high-gloss models. Their finish is great.
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Adult Beginners Forum
36 minutes ago
I am really missing the piano...but having fun at the beach for sure!!

I do have an entry in the “recital” page, though! I want to listen to the other entries, but all I have with me is my iPhone...😳
7,907 50,246,481 Read More
Piano Forum
37 minutes ago
I forgot to give an answer on your second question. I don’t use a string cover because I keep the lid closed. Humidity measurements show that their is no need for an additional string cover.
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Piano Forum
41 minutes ago
Thanks Robert-
This is a 48" upright..so probably not a $6-8k piano unless it was new.

I thought about getting a technician to look at it, that certainly would have been the prudent thing to do.

There was a local, reputable dealer that offered the sellers $1200. They were asking $1500 at the estate sale, and I impulsively bought it. The house was nice, clean, they looked like the type of people that took care of their investment. They purchased the piano new 18 years ago.

I assumed the dealer would move it, tune it up, and price it at $2200-$2500 in their shop. Maybe a bit more, idk?

I mostly play keyboards (own a korg knonos and nord Stage 2), but miss having a real piano to sit down with, so have been looking around a little bit lately.

I figured with a free piano, you're likely getting someone else's problem. A $500-$1000 piano is probably not much better than a free one. So I assumed I'd likely have to spend at least $2-3k to get something that is decent quality.

So I think I found a good deal??!! It's certainly pretty (gloss black) and I know Kawai makes a good quality product! Getting delivered tomorrow so will soon find out.

Thanks for your feedback
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Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Montreal is a great city: my wife & me visited there first time last year from Vancouver B.C. Met the owner of Vertu Pianos [sorry, forget name due to old age.. smirk ] a guy who's very much on same wave length as I am [was]. Great guy too! It's nice to meet someone who's personally involved with every single piano he sells, non-pretensive and a pianist himself! Sure knows how to prepare his pianos!! Of course can't speak about Estonias as am "hopelessly prejudiced" as dealer. However, you're not alone in your experience. It's especially funny when being visited by someone who owns a much larger, more expensive piano himself. [This, after first having some of our area's best regarded technicians work on it] And then tries to "trade" in on the spot as this guy just did. Well, not exactly 'trade'. Simply bought a new piano [you guess...] and now trying to sell his semi-concert himself.....
Norbert shocked
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Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
I have burned many meals...
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Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by mypianos4evr
Originally Posted by Fidel
@mypianos4evr my tech specializes in old Baldwins. He says old Baldwins are no more trouble than old Steinways.

ANY piano can have problems. My SF-10 has none of the problems described above. I would not hesitate buying an SF or SD 10 if my tech gave it the green light.

I don't believe any reputable (online) dealer will sell an old piano (any brand) with serious defects...they'd go out of business that way. Private sellers OTOH may not know their piano is troubled. Your tech is your best friend.


Thanks, for your reply -- and, do believe I will have to trust the condition of the piano as given by the dealer and can also get a technician (i.e., RPT) to examine it if necessary. Do look forward to making a choice in about 5 months time.

I believe many of us here would always recommend an independent tech inspection for any pre-owned piano..,
38 1,146 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
1 hour ago
2 49 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Nordomus
Originally Posted by toddy
In fact, many people (in this forum) were sceptical as to whether it was really modelled, despite Roland's rep, Jay, assuring us that it was, because people were so used to it's being semi modelled, semi sampled.

Also maybe because another Roland employee claims it is NOT fully modelled and there is initial sample. I'm still confused honestly. If I find video with this claim again I'll link it for you. Anyway someone is either lying or does not know how this engine works.
From the sound and how it behaves I would say it IS fully modelled but I'm not completely sure.

I remember that video, and I remember letting the forum know that that rep was mistaken.

25 1,226 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
As they said, as long it respects the 500mA limit of a USB compliant port... FWIW I power my Yamaha AG06 from the USB port (on both, ES8 and RD2000)
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Kawai James
Yes, I don't believe the F-10H can be used with the VPC1, although I have never tried this myself.

Well it would be easy for you to ask your tech staff about it. laugh
12 442 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
You guys are gonna be the death of me.

I shed my G.A.S. and I've not bought anything for the piano in a long while. (Yes, I got new headphones, but those were a birthday gift in March. I've not spent a dime.)

But now your raves are giving me the urge to get new monitors. And not cheap ones, either.

You guys are gonna be the death of me.
4 166 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Fun stuff, CG. When I started this thread I hadn't given any thought to the connection between Mac and Thunderbolt. smile
Originally Posted by CyberGene
Originally Posted by mcoll
Not MacMac?!
No. Not even MacMacMac! Just Mac. And not the Big Mac either!

Anyway ... the network came back on line yesterday at "only" 70 Mbps. Then it dropped to 8 Mbps. Then it went out completely. And the TV went to patchwork-speckle mode.

The goog-dude came out today, replaced the network box, and all's well.
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Pianist Corner - Non Classical
2 hours ago
what's it mean when it says 'It's Not Unusual' is Hexatonic?
1 67 Read More
Pianist Corner
2 hours ago
I use the right hand fingering of A, the left hand fingering of B and my own pedaling to make legato without overlap.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
And to add to that ... the higher the note, the higher the energy needed to achieve the same perceived volume.
Our hearing is at its peak at around 1 kHz, and drops off marked above and below.
257 17,802 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Agreed. I just wanted to make it clear that an answer meant for Janerik might not address your question, or vice versa.

As for "a good deal" ... Steve L says that "$2200 is a huge discount over the $5800 store price!"
And that's an understatement. The top-end CLP models have listed in around the $5000+ range for many years, but they're often sold at a considerable discount.

But for $2200 ?
That's more than amazing.

Perhaps I don't understand the retail environment in Janerik's location in Sweden?
Or perhaps there's something strange or fishy about that deal or about that piano?
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Grazilerimba
Originally Posted by CyberGene
Yes, this is exactly the issue that is fixed. It’s configurable so if you don’t find my settings sufficient you can lower the values even further.

P.S. I believe Patrick bought CFX recently so the update is most probably built-in already.

Oh that's right, the Lite version is download only, forgot about that. So it should have the update already built in.

OK, I will check tonight and see if those two settings improve the playback. If not I will look at the configuration changes. Thanks!
22 3,046 Read More
Pianist Corner
5 hours ago
I miss the "in between" difficulty ratings. I wonder why they did away with that.
2 443 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
5 hours ago

People have, and do, dance to Jazz music. My parents met, dancing to Jazz, in the 1950s. The reason we don't associate Jazz with dance so much these days, is that it isn't as popular as it once was. In the UK Trad Jazz was in the charts in the early 60s.

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