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Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by CyberGene
Back here wink

Let me clarify. Karma is a b**ch smile I’ve reported other people twice on the forum indeed. First was slobajudge who insulted and attacked me and other people. I know for sure I wasn’t the only one who reported him back then. I was the only one who admitted it though. He was banned for some time and I’m not sorry about that.

Then more recently it was Jethro. It’s debatable who attacked who, who started it, who defended his position in a rather religious way but as I said it may have been a language thing and by a coincidence I was anonymously bullied on YouTube by multiple accounts on the same day and I thought it was Jethro. I decided to report him and leave it to moderators to judge wisely. Well, looking in a retrospective now after I’ve been (IMO) unfairly banned, I think it was too much for him to be banned, I may have overreacted and moderators may have just acted unnecessarily harsh against him. I was sorry and I apologized to him later.

Now to my ban after that Nord Grand thread thing. Let me get this straight. I haven’t had the intention to troll or cause troubles! It was about a guy asking whether Nord Grand is suitable for learning piano and I actually was among the first to recommend it. The guy ordered a Nord Grand and since the original question was rather answered and it was suggested that he should download the user manual while waiting, I decided to tell a similar story about my father and his Soviet car. I chose wrong intro though. In the context of some recent humorous discussions where the word “derail” was kind of the regular jargon I started along the lines of “since this thread is already finished, let’s derail it”. I guess it was a very bad choice of words and I’m sorry about that now but it’s ridiculous to think my intention was to troll or denigrate. It wasn’t even a complete offtopic since the moral of the story was that reading the manual while waiting for delivery is beneficial. In a follow up reply I told a story about my grandfather who defected communist Bulgaria for the US.

So, the dude reported me and the moderator edited my posts removing the content and stating that I should consider it a warning. And I thought “oops, I may have crossed the line, I should stop”. And I stopped and went to bed. Well, in the morning I realized the moderator reconsidered and decided to not just warn me but ban me. I mean, why? I rarely post offtopic here. Maybe 1% of my posts are OT but I rarely go into multiple offtopic and even the one I sometimes post is still somehow related to the discussion and is some innocent talk about Bulgaria, my family, traditions, Bulgarian sayings...

I couldn’t even discuss with moderators, apologize, promise not to dii on that again. I was just told that “if you don’t like the rules don’t come back”. Well guess what, I thought that was unfair. I’ve contributed a lot for the past 12 years and I think I have helped many people. I may have my fair share of Pianoteq criticism and heated debates but I consider my participation here rather civilized and helpful to the forum. I couldn’t even reply to PM-s that I received. That all left bitter taste. What I know for sure is I will never report anyone anymore, regardless. I think moderators lack the resource, time and context to judge wisely, so I would rather avoid relying on their judgment. Lessons learned everyday smile

Apologies to the forum for causing disturbance with my behavior.

Let’s move on. Peace smile

Welcome back CyberGene!

Your detailed story is one of the reasons I refuse to report anyone unless there is a safety issue or severe violation. It’s a shame when one is the forum’s most helpful posters is banned due to a simple misunderstanding.

Frankly if it was up to me I’d get rid of the report button altogether. If there was a serious issue a poster would still have the option of messaging a moderator, but instead of simply hitting a button they would have to take the time and effort to describe why they think action is needed. It would probably make the lives of the moderators a little easier as well.

Anyway, glad to have you back!
81 1,611 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
18 minutes ago
I have a MODX7, but I'm afraid I can't be of much help. The menu-diving complexity is high on this instrument and a bit daunting to me as well. I can't imagine that will be any less complex when the next OS update adds pattern sequencing ability.
5 121 Read More
Piano Forum
19 minutes ago
One great thing about living so near the UK is that I can take advantage of their oversupply of ancient pianos. Things will be potentially more complicated after Brexit, as my next UK-sourced piano would be an import into the EU.
24 540 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
33 minutes ago
Thanks for your help. I'll check out the Philip arranger. And I've liked most of Dan Coates stuff.
13 332 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
51 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Bruce In Philly
I think the lesson here is try the darn things out before you buy. Trust our comments and reviews with... well..... hmm....

Bruce in Philly

Why bother? Buy and if you don't like it, get your money back. Although strictly speaking, it's not your money, it's the CC company's money, if you return it before you even make a CC payment.

Don't tell me you've never done that before wink
11 562 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
I did go to have a look today. It's in the furniture section of Harrods. Took some photos..


and a quick recording of the sound..


The bass is as expected. And the piano didn't seem to have much sparkle. And the piano had some sort of buzzing sound - the sales guy said it had been there for 6 months on the floor so who knows maybe had been dropped inside it or something.
6 194 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
If you go out to dinner with some friends, does the conversation always stay on one specific topic? I think the only problem is when someone hijacks a thread after only a couple of posts. That has only happened once or twice to me.
14 238 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Man, sounds great!
47 2,190 Read More
Pianist Corner
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by johnstaf
Originally Posted by chopin_r_us
Making it stronger (something I've never heard of) is hardly going to help. Why don't you re-post a sensible question?

Why don't you post a less condescending response?

thumb thumb thumb
14 297 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
And, apparently in Victorian England the piano legs would be uncovered. Shameful!
10 298 Read More
Pianist Corner
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by dogperson
I would recommend that you need actual music that is planned to develop additional skills needed to play.
Agree !! You don't fully master the piano by simply playing "exercises." The ultimate goal is to play real music - which can be learned concurrently with exercises.

Well known method books include Alfred, Faber, Bastien, Thompson, Schaum, etc. It's difficult to recommend a specific book without knowing the OP's actual skill level.
5 134 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by outo
In the end there are a few options for the student in this situation:
- Do just what the teacher says and not progress
- Find a better teacher (not always possible)
- Quit the lessons and try to self-teach
- Keep taking lessons, but compensate for the teacher's shortcomings by finding information elsewhere and experimenting yourself
- Quit trying to learn to play piano

Most of these are not perfect solutions, but I still think the last one is the worst, if the spark is still there...

Yes, I agree. I was in a situation that had some of these hallmarks some 15 years ago more or less, so I'm sensitive to it. Some things about this:

If you are new to music / music instruction or similar, you won't know which way is up. You have a "niggling feeling" but you don't know if anything is wrong, or if it's just you. You may not even know anything is wrong; you diligently do what you're told and when you don't progress or even go backward, you think you lack the "needed talent" or such - the idea that the teaching is the problem doesn't occur to you. It is the very lack of knowledge and experience that prevents clarity that "this is not ok". Even the "niggling feeling" can be suppressed by guilt of having a "poor student attitude". You have a state of confusion and no clarity. If you know there is a problem with the instruction, you can start dealing with that problem, including your options. If you don't know and are just in a muddle, you can't.

This is where I find it so destructive when new students are told that if they just follow a teacher's every instruction, all will be fine, and if they don't follow a teacher's instructions, This implies that all teachers are good teachers - and that is a myth wink Adult students already tending toward deference, they'll shrink back to being the "good student" again and get ever deeper in that hole.

The first thing is to realize that not all who teach, teach well, and not all who hang up the teacher shingle should have such a shingle. If the myth of all teachers are teachers remains, it traps the novice student. The experienced student who has had good teaching, perhaps on another instrument, is more likely to trust the sense that something is not ok.

Once you have figured that out, you can go on to the options you listed. You've been pretty thorough with your list. Nothing to add there. smile
155 2,438 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
2 hours ago
I don't think it's all that necessary to re-space the strings, unless they are so close they are buzzing. If you re-space them, they're quite likely to move back to where they have already settled at, I think, over time.
3 57 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Pete14
Yes, but I’m talking about latency that we do not necessarily perceive in terms of hitting a key and waiting for the sound. I’m talking about a more subtle form of latency that we do not initially perceive yet is nonetheless there.
We can agree that a lot is going on in terms of calculations at any giving moment, and I wonder if some compensation is needed, in under-powered systems, and if this leads to that subtle but real phenomena.

I’m talking from a layman’s perspective, but I’m just genuinely curious about this dark matter that is elusive to lab tests yet still there.

Can latency be be both existent and not existent at the same time? Can a photon be both wave and particle? Can I be here and there simultaneously? So many questions..... smile

That's a good question. I think a serious response to this is: "Is there a way to measure such subtle phenomena?" If we can measure it, it's likely we can understand and reproduce it.

This brings to mind the debate about whether there is anything other than hammer velocity that determines the tone of an attack tone? It seems a good number of people believe there is (some kind of aftertouch or way the key is depressed with *feeling* or *emphasis*), but physics tells the only thing that matters is the velocity which the hammer strikes the string...
1,816 105,107 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
I have a backup recording for the recital. I'll be Oz for the first 2 weeks of November so I have to be done by the 30th of October, I can submit from there that isn't a problem. My recording is rough in places, but good enough if I can't do better in the next 11 days.

It is always good to have that first recording. There is just a little less pressure when doing further takes later.
35 710 Read More
Just For The Fun of It
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by TomLC
Hm, In the Maude translation I’m starting chap. 10. While in the P&V book, I’m starting Chap. 7. How can the chapters be different? So it looks like I need to use the P&V and not try to switch between. The “boys” just finished the rum party with the bear. I’m already loving this book.

Lots or repercussions with that bear!

The silly things young people do. When I was in college, I thought to myself, "what's the big deal about sitting on a windowsill and drink a bottle of rum? I could easily do that! I'm a rock climber, after all!" But before I could try it out myself, I realized I had no idea how big a bottle of rum it was, nor how sloped was the window sill/ledge... Anyways, it probably was worse than it sounds in the story as I don't think Tolstoy would have used that scene if it was a simple feat.
142 2,631 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
2 hours ago
Dave , bravo!!!
4 82 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
So I understand that its more complicated then i was thinking
8 183 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by bennevis
Originally Posted by Antihero

My question to the forum really can be summarized as "what do you do?"

Grind away at polish---or move on and periodically work on the troublesome passages over a longer span of time?

I'm not truly frustrated---just interested in making the most rapid.progress possible.

I was far from having your musical talent when I was a student, but perhaps some of my experiences might ring a bell with you.

There were several pieces that I tried to learn on my own after some four years into lessons - the fast and/or noisy ones (I was a teenaged kid, and that was what I was attracted to wink ): Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu, "Heroic" Polonaise (Op.53), 'Revolutionary' Etude, Mendelssohn's Rondo capriccioso, Beethoven's Pathetique. My teacher didn't teach me them - in fact, what she was teaching me then were of similar standard to what you're currently trying to master.

I got stuck at the first technical hurdles I encountered in every one of them (only the slow movement of the Pathetique yielded to my clumsy efforts), and soon put them aside, but I never discarded them, but returned to each of them every few months, and was gratified to see that I was able to do a little more with each piece on each subsequent occasion. All the while, I was continuing to learn more 'reasonable' pieces with my teacher, developing more skills (technical & musical) all the while. My teacher chose all the pieces for me.

It took years before I could actually play them at the right speed with something approaching fluency (five years, in fact, with the Chopin and Mendelssohn) but the satisfaction was all the sweeter for their long gestations (what I called 'delayed gratification' grin). I never spent more than a few days at each when I returned to them - a few days was more than long enough to realize that my technique still wasn't up to getting my fingers round them, until they actually could.

These days, all of them are part of my regular performing rep........

Thank you.

This is very relatable---albeit I'm at a MUCH lower skill level.

Encouraging though---Sounds like your persistence paid off in dividends.

I dream of being able to play Pathetique some day. I mentioned it to my instructor and she, of course, said "Not for a looooong time."
11 133 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by kj85
Originally Posted by magicpiano
Originally Posted by kj85
[...]a good acoustic is 100 times more expensive compared to a good DP.[...]
I'm wrong to think that in the used market you can buy a decent grand for about $10,000 ? That's about 5x the price of a good DP.

Money. Space. Acoustics. Neighbors. You might be able to get a grand for $10,000 (I have no idea if that is possible, but say it is), but you might still have to deal with the other factors.
Of course, I'm assuming you have no neighbors or space trouble.

If you search with google for "used grand piano" you will find the following suggestion from google itself:

How much is a used grand piano?
It's safe to say that you could spend a lot more money on a good used piano than you could on an entry level piano made in China or Indonesia. Retail prices on new, entry level vertical pianos begin under $3000. Retail prices on new baby grands begin under $8000.


And, will it sound as good as the Nord/Kawai stage pianos?
Considering that most manufacturers still use small looped samples with very few velocity layers (or "not so good" modeling), and that stage pianos need powerful amp + very good speakers, yes, I'm sure an acoustic will sound much better.
Of course that's true only if you play solo. In a mix, probably you wouldn't find so much differences (if the digital is good).
30 750 Read More
Piano Forum
3 hours ago
What's the word for a piano put together from two or more instruments? A "mule"?


Is the plate as late as the case? What does the pedal lyre come from?
Although a Model D is a concert grand, I think the proper name Concert Grand should be used only for the 8'4" and 8'6" instruments made before Steinway started using letter designations (in their 1881 catalog).
How does Renner make an action specifically for this rare piano? Or do they make a "one size fits all" Steinway replacement?
0 69 Read More
Digital Pianos - Electronic Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Get a pair of headphones for the wife !

Problem solved....
42 920 Read More
Piano Forum
4 hours ago
Your Roland is fully modelled, I believe.......(like mine smirk ).
Yes indeed, but I wasn't referring to Roland. If anything I would say it's sustain is too long.
13 313 Read More
Piano Photo Gallery - Pictures of Pianos
4 hours ago
Worn hammers and irregular string spacing
0 16 Read More
Pianist Corner
4 hours ago
Hi Matthew
Can I suggest just using a metronome to check whether you are playing a scale evenly? That would avoid the MuseScore and PianoMarvel work and cut straight to scale work. If you want to play at 8th notes or 16th notes, you would only adjust the number of notes per metronome beat when you play.

Maybe I’m missing the advantage of all of the extra work—- if so, my apologies. I’m just a simple soul.
10 155 Read More
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