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Adult Beginners Forum
4 minutes ago
A little over a day + 7 hrs. to go - as of now 49 submissions with approx. 55/45 percent Classical to non-Classical (depending on what you count - hard to tell in some cases) - it is what it is...

Was wondering about Mr Super Hunky's entry - Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 - no particular movement is specified, but he does seem to have it paired with the old pop standard song "All By Myself" - perhaps this song was derived from a theme in the Concerto and maybe he's going to do some morphing back and forth in some exotic, creative way from one to the other - this could get very interesting...
82 2,802 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
11 minutes ago
Originally Posted by MacMacMac
True Keys is a bargain at $99.

I will sell you mine for less than that if you want
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Pianist Corner - Non Classical
15 minutes ago
May it’s the consecutive modulations that make me want it to come back. As I said, I don’t want to simplify your intent. What I’ve wriien or co written was simple country type stuff for fun. The section past the intro sounded like a good rhythm for melody or lyrics.
13 402 Read More
Piano Forum
19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by WilliamTruitt
Oh, great. Now we are arguing about arguing....

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Adult Beginners Forum
20 minutes ago
Originally Posted by cmb13
I've started to use the metronome lately; previously, it was strictly decorative. Lately, I've been using it on scales to even them out. I'm doing 4 octave scales at around 60 (16th notes) and hope to increase gradually.

In my opinion it's not a correct way to practice scales.
16 730 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
21 minutes ago
Originally Posted by rocket88
Originally Posted by Lakeviewsteve
If your instructor only teaches beginners they aren't an instructor and you should get over it and move on. An instructor who isn't qualified can teach you wrong and leave the next teacher to fix it.


The first teacher a person has is the most important teacher, because the beginnings are where the very important habits and practices are formed, which, if incorrect, unfortunately can stick for a lifetime.

A teacher who is skilled at starting things off correctly is a gem. It is actually harder to shepherd a brand new student through the myriad things that must be learned concurrently than it is to teach a student who can already read music and play.

The OP wrote that he/she has advanced quite nicely in this the first year of piano. How does that square with your assertion that the teacher in question isn't an instructor, and is unqualified to teach?

Your point of view doesn't mean mine is wrong.
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Adult Beginners Forum
22 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Qazsedcft
Originally Posted by cmb13
Of course it's in Db maj which is tricky.

Why? It's a bit harder to read but often much more natural to play than the "easy" keys. I'm playing the Raindrop prelude, which is also in D flat and find that everything fits very nicely under the hands.
I think it should be obvious that for some relative beginners, having a lot of sharps or flats makes reading and learning the notes more difficult. It's also clear the poster meant "read" even though he wrote "play".
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
26 minutes ago
Allright, I fixed the problem. smile

And meanwhile managed to make the pedal run much smoother again.

This is a complete overview of the pedal unit:
Source: http://www.joflaherty.org
[Linked Image]

And I made this detailed picture of the sustain pedal mechanism.
[Linked Image]

1. Open the pedal unit (first the metal plate, afterwards the plastic cap by straddling the three pedals)
2. Remove the screws holding the pedal down (marked red in the picture)
3. Remove the front bar that keeps the pedal to the back so you can move the pedal freely
4. Re-align the pedal and move it in the correct position relative to the white gear (marked purple). I did this while I kept an eye on the PianoTeq pedal velocity curve to correctly calibrate the pedal in this way.
5. While holding everything in place put all the screws back in.

Now the pedal is sending 1-127 MIDI value in an even way. And runs much smoother / doesnt squeak anymore.
So somehow over the years the pedal got stuck in a bad position relative to the white gear.

I'm happy. smile
4 155 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
26 minutes ago
This may have been brought up here or you may already have it but a quick search didn’t show it. I was browsing somewhere and found a pdf called “piano practice, principles and methods” by Dr Brent Hugh from Missouri Western State College. I’m not sure how to link it but a search will get it. I hope it helps.
7,905 50,242,102 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
31 minutes ago
I agree with you Pianistje, I will also pass PV after I have Embertone. I dont like PV C7 and his Steinway reminds me too much of it. I have Garritan cfx and also VSL cfx and your observation is good, vsl cfx have very cold tone, and from the first day I don`t like his top notes. Now I even consider to sell it despite they are both very playable and good libraries. Sound wise no match for Embertone. Of course, let recent owners of PV Steinway to enjoy.
226 16,455 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
32 minutes ago
Interesting numbers there Toddy, let me add 134 new words to that count with this post then.

The new NV10 arrived today and it still produces an awfully loud buzzing noise. I've decided to keep hold of this one while the issue is hopefully being investigated by Kawai.

What a tease this is; the piano is gorgeous and it sounds amazing too on the new Pianist mode. Turning down the "High" frequencies as suggested I think by UKchap75, I can live with it for now, but the brilliance is quite affected by this tweak. I can't say I would recommend anyone else purchasing one at this time, unless they can play a display model for themselves, and purchase it knowing for sure it's free of these sound issues.

Hey JoBert want to trade please?
1,680 154,017 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
34 minutes ago
Thanks for your comments. I'll make and post an image of the score bar. It's from John Field's Nocturne No. 16.

2 38 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
35 minutes ago

If you want to improve your sight reading it's best not to think of "practicing" sight reading. It's much better to get a lot of good music by the greatest composers you're interested in trying and play through it(with or without stops) the best you can. I'm convinced most good sight readers got that way by doing that and never thought they were practicing sight reading.
12 146 Read More
Members Recordings - Pianist Corner
38 minutes ago
For practice, consider thinking of each measure as having only one beat per measure... helps me to increase the fluidity
13 322 Read More
Pianist Corner
42 minutes ago
Mozart is generally pretty uncomplicated IMHO (and personally I'd be delighted never to hear his music again). If you go to GrooveOn's link, you find that their description of the Mazurkas is also 'uncomplicated' (because it is).

If you want to describe the difficulty of interpretation as part of 'complication' then you're adding a whole load of emotional baggage onto a single word with little justification. There are much better words to describe that.
4 227 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
50 minutes ago

The piano is new. It was purchased in June of this year.

I will check on whether I hear the same problem over headphones and in a recording...and get back to you all soon. Thanks.
6 166 Read More
Members Recordings - Pianist Corner
1 hour ago
Dear Mark
Thank you so much! It's such a great honor that you like what Jacky played.
The problem you mention is really important, I wondered that is one of the reasons he didn't win the competition.
He learned many great things by listening masters recording ( A.Schiff, G Gould,Gulda......), one of our friend told him some freedom and creativity is not allowed in competiton, but Jacky is a bit stubborn and like to do what he feels.I hope he can learn a lesson from this.
Your advice is so precious. Thank you again for all your help!
9 127 Read More
Pianist Corner
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by pianoloverus

It would be interesting to know which famous pianists used beta blockers or other drugs but I doubt it will ever become public knowledge for the reasons mentioned in the article. I do know that Leonard Bernstein(and an incredible number of world famous people in the arts and politics)used an amphetamine concoction dispensed by a NYC doctor called Dr. Feelgood. You can read about it in this book:

Dr. Feelgood? I LOVE IT!
6 98 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Iaroslav Vasiliev
Musical taste is cultivated when classical music sounds in the house (in unintrusive manner) very often and kids listen to it from young age.

I agree, that is certainly contributatory, but there are several of us here that never heard classical music at home. What I consider to be the strongest influence in developing my love of classical was from watching Looney Tunes cartoons. There is no other explanation possible to me, as no music was played by my family in any form.

Other tastes developed or were rejected with exposure.
32 450 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Pay close attention to the vertically laminated bridges. There was a period in the 1990s (maybe earlier and maybe later, too) where the bridges would split apart between the laminations.
14 304 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Jeff Clef
"...and Lawrence Welk had overstayed his welcome..."

Well, maybe with you and me. But here's a news flash for you: The Lawrence Welk Show is still on the air to this very day.

I can remember being a horny 20-something lad waiting to hit the Town on Saturday night, watching The Lawrence Welk Show reruns on the local PBS station in the early evening, LOL. Now, Lawrence Welk precedes Led Zeppelin in my vast, eclectic music library.
128 59,332 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by BDB
It is probably a cut-off bar.

Exactly what does a cut-off bar do in relation to the soundboard? Why would Steinway place it in this area of the model B?
20 751 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
2 hours ago
Ed, as someone who has been doing hybrid scaling for a number of years, and who has asked myself these kinds of question about a number of pianos, I will offer a different take on the why it sounds better at the higher frequency, particularly in the tenor area. Peter's M is a good example. As a smaller grand, both the tension and breaking percentages drop as you descend the scale towards the break. If you raise the pitch from 440 to 440, both the tension and breaking percentage will rise. You are attributing the improvement in tone to a rise in tension. However, my experience with hybrid substitutions of wire has taught me that there is a goldilocks zone of breaking percentage. The rise in tension that accompanies the rise in pitch also moves the breaking percentage upward. If the breaking percentage has been too low, then this rise in pitch will create a better tone.

Consider this example. I have rescaled many pianos with Paulello hybrid wire of differing breaking strengths. For many of the notes in the scale, the speaking length has not changed, I am tuning the note to the same pitch as before, and I have not changed the wire gauge. In Paulello wire, type M is roughly equivalent to Roslau or Mapes in breaking strength. So I substitute equivalent Type M with Type O, or even Type O. Type O is roughly 10% weaker than M, Type 1 another 10% weaker. So if I sub Type O on a given note, then the Breaking percentage might go up 6 to 12% (depending on where you are in the scale. Note 21 on a Steinway B with Type M will have a PBL% of 30.06, Type O will be 36.26, and Type 1 will be 47.36. We all have heard that tonal droop on A B as we near the break. The Type 1 wire sounds markedly better and more in keeping with its neighbors above. Since I have changed nothing else, the only thing I can attribute the improvement to is the change of wire type.

Will Truiitt
26 665 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by drewr

* Earlier I roughly estimated 2013 as the era when SN came into existance but last night I did additional searching and found an online marketing brochure on a UK website that indicates 2010 as the year Roland rolled out SN by way of the v piano

Actually, I don't think the V- piano was ever called SN - and (unlike the original SN) it was always 100% modelled. However, this isnt that important re the dates as both SN (hybrid) and the modelled V-piano came out around the same time about 2010, afaik.
16 689 Read More
Piano Forum
2 hours ago
So far the only people I've talked to who still prefer acoustic pianos are the Suzuki teachers. In my area the S teachers are members of the Suzuki Association of America that recommends teachers & students train on an acoustic. Even if you don't have an acoustic at home, you'd at least find an acoustic in your teacher's studio.

As much as many of us like the sound of an acoustic piano, not everybody is not settled in our own homes. We take music lessons as a child. When we go to college, we move out. With little job security, we may relocate to another city so having a piano (even an upright) is not practical. Once saw an ad for a Chickering baby grand in very good condition but the home is too small to accommodate it.

After reading a few posts I do agree that many people took piano as a child because of their parents and tend to think of piano lessons as an academic exercise. They are not encouraged to play music as a way to express themselves. On the other hand, it's nice to see many adults picking up piano again.

The next keyboard I may decide upgrade to is a Yamaha P515. This is the latest from Yamaha released barely 1 month ago. Like it of not, it comes their default CFX grand piano sound and a few enhancement settings for adjusting the equalizer as well as choosing your hall settings like auditorium, concert hall sort of thing. And with the touch of a button we get the imitation Bösendorfer grand piano sound. Not many people can afford a B grand so Yamaha is giving us the next closest whether everybody agree or not. Keyboards in general are not the real thing but simulations of recorded sound samples. Every few models that come to the market we get better & better piano simulation.
95 3,090 Read More
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