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Adult Beginners Forum
37 seconds ago
Originally Posted by Slothrop, Tyrone
Uh oh. I feel like Sarah65 just showed a yellow card for thread hijacking! wink

Nono, i said I'm having fun laugh

About Marvel, I said it before, after level 3 you have to figure it out youself. frown And I give up on the technique in level 3 its to hard for beginners, and none explanation or howto.
129 4,131 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
9 minutes ago
47 1,111 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
12 minutes ago
Oops, that is correct, it was SaraMS.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
12 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Royness

This makes me a bit worried. How many years are "the first years"? I understand that progress is highly individual, but am I potentially spending $4,500 US on a digital piano that I will outgrow in 2 years? 4 years? 6 years?

It could be four years, or much longer, of playing before you start to push the limitations of that piano, but some folks here seem to have changed after six weeks :-)

Personally I bought a cheap $300 casio keyboard, but one with proper weighted keys not the PSR stuff you mention. I had originally intended to upgrade to a mid range DP after 6->12 months once we were certain we'd be playing the piano for the rest of our lives, but it was just four months for us. And to my surprise it wasn't a mid or even top end DP we bought but an acoustic and that's the problem, you can't at the start know what you'll end up wanting later, especially if you haven't gone round actually playing lots of different models.
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Adult Beginners Forum
15 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Richrf
Releasing the inner creative spirit. Absolutely wonderful!

That young lad was really enjoying himself! It is amazing what music can bring out when a person is uninhibited-"releasing the inner creative spirit" as you put it so well!
320 22,653 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
24 minutes ago
Play what you want. Listen to what you play. Enjoy the music you create. I am still practicing the very first piece in my very first book as I learn to create new tones, rhythms, directions and shades. It is like any art. There is as much beauty (maybe more) in simplicity as there is complexity.
3 161 Read More
Pianist Corner
42 minutes ago
I personally don't use Sepia effect in forScore because my iPad Pro 12.9" (2017) has True Tone feature, which I never switch off (I mean never, even if I don't play piano or if I'm not reading). I feel comfortable with True Tone. But for those having iPad Pro 12.9" 1st gen (which doesn't have True Tone feature), this Sepia effect in forScore can be useful (or maybe someone would prefer Sepia effect in forScore to True Tone or Night Shift).
43 4,204 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
42 minutes ago
@ppxrare: This piece is not too difficult, maybe about grade 4 or 5 ABRSM but that difficulty would also include being able to pedal properly.

I think your technique is pretty bad. If you played like that on a real piano with a heavier action you could injure yourself from the repetitive movements. You seem to be playing with your fingers more than with arm weight and your hands look tense and not centered.

So I would recommend to slow down but not for artistic reasons (see my previous post) but to relax your hands and fix your technique.
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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
47 minutes ago
For books to refer to, I recommend Piano Tuning Servicing and Rebuilding by Arthur Reblitz, and Pianos Inside Out, by Mario Igrec. The latter is much more expensive, but is the best piano technical book ever produced. I also strongly recommend the Haynes Piano Manual, which is inexpensive and in full colour throughout. It is more slanted towards upright pianos.
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Piano Teachers Forum
53 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Opus_Maximus
A possible idea, related to the above post: Don't fire them, but get them to quit themselves. If they don't progress, or are deadbeats, say that you've been thinking about how much time you have left on this earth, and you want all of your teaching to have value, and you want to make THEM get their money's worth for lessons, so as a result of this new epiphany, you standards will rise astronomically. Make sure they know it's about YOU, not THEM. Tell them that you understand if they can't rise to these new standards of teaching, and then mention that you have some "Easier" teachers on hand. I'm assuming the reason you want to fire them is because lack of practice/motivation.

Are you talking about adults or children? With adults, this might work. With children, not so much because with a child it doesn’t matter whether a child is motivated or not, if the parent wants him to take piano lessons. Wouldn’t most parents argue that their child would meet these new standards?

My sister hated lessons and would only practice under threat of extinction . My parents would not have accepted this explanation and would have insisted that she stay. Sometimes brutal honesty is what it takes......

Disclaimer: I am not a piano teacher, so I’m only viewing this approach from a personal perspective

42 1,292 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
57 minutes ago
That's a good point, Jobert, and in fact I did notice a page turn issue when playing my recital piece. However, my issue was that I can't get the next page to lie completely flat quickly. I do play mostly from the score, but most thus far of my pieces are short enough as to require no page turns, or maybe only one.

My system is scan, print on good paper, and place in sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder. I wonder what your thoughts are on the brightness / very black-white nature of the e-format. That bothers me a little - can you make it as if it's on yellowed or ecru paper? I posed this question on the Pianist Corner as well.
22 1,138 Read More
Piano Forum
58 minutes ago
Mevans4715, how many leads are in the keys of your Model L? If there are a lot of leads in the keys, that may point as much to geometry issues elsewhere in the action on top of the contribution of the hammers I am curious as to what exactly undone on the hammer tails.

Will Truitt
41 1,646 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
In case you were wondering my friend Google tells me that "Blow the Man Down" is an old English sea chanty from back in the day that may refer to a sudden, strong gust of wind blowing a Man-o-War ship with all sails set over and down into the sea...

Practice this piece slowly - a few measures at a time - over and over - the simultaneous rhythmic patterns are easily doable - in short time you'll scoff at the idea that they were going to be tough - get this down pat because there are much more complex alternating patterns to come...say "Can we do it? Yes, we can!"
13 788 Read More
Pianist Corner
1 hour ago
What you can attend and at what cost is highly dependent on location. I live in a very small town in the US. Recitals and chamber music? Almost never. University? No. Local symphony orchestra? Yes ...... well known performer? No

I love living in a small town except when it comes to talking about musical opportunities.... and then I am green with envy
20 604 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
1 hour ago
Makes sense Peter, after laying a straight bar diagonally on top of the board I found out that has a negative crown however with the bar laid longitudinally it as a positive crown roughly from the beginning of the bass bridge to the tail but I cant detect if all this was intentional or the result of age.
The piano is going to be strung with softer wire, the pin block is sound and the piano is a John Broadwood grand piano
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Jefsco
Originally Posted by dmd
Considering that you say "there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information out there about dexibell or the se version of the mp7" ....

How were you able to "narrow it down" to those options ?

well after researching i found a lot of positve comments on the kawai mp’s.
i like the lighter weight and lower price of the 7 over the 11...
and i like that kawai has just refreshed both models.

and dexibell looks like a newcomer trying to shake things up.
what little i have found seems to be fairly positive.
...and the s7 is even lighter than the mp7se...

Well, First of all .... Are you aware that both those choices are "stage" models without internal speakers ?

You either have to listen with headphones or purchase additional hardware to hear what you are playing.

Is that what you want to do ?
4 214 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by PianoWorksATL
One of the clear benefits of a new keyset is that you are not working on top of other work when making changes to geometry and touch weight. Removing weights, plugging and re-weighing is good, but a fresh canvas is even better.

Originally Posted by JohnSprung
Originally Posted by PianoWorksATL

I would note that the benefit does seem to be size proportional...most benefit for 9' and 7' pianos...very hard to justify for sub-6' pianos ...

Interesting -- could it be because there's more deflection in the longer sticks? Sort of like old floor joists? Is the new wood lighter, so you can balance with less inertia?
Longer keys do flex more. Replacing the keys is not designed to use lighter wood, so I won't make that argument. Restoring old keys is both about improving cosmetics and fixing the wear points, but the wood is not completely unchanged. If past high use crushed and scoured the wood in places, there are some limits (not many) to repair options.

When replacing keys that were only good but not great to begin with, there is much improved stiffness, especially at the balance rail. Kluge keys offer this as do custom replacements. Last year, when restoring a Mason & Hamlin CC for a client, we opted for a custom keyset, and the result was better than original while still offering the same fit and spacing. They were probably a little heavier at the balance rail than the original with the extra hardwood reinforcement, but if you have to add mass, that's often the best place. I wish I had some photos of those.

Technicians and rebuilders are practically conditioned to work with what is there, replace only when failing, and that some things cannot be replaced. Once you start considering replacing the keys, you begin to look at old keys differently, seeing flaws that we used to just work around. We look at a lot of our work from a few decades ago and think yes, that piano could really have used new keys. Most pianos won't need it but would benefit from it, just like most pianists don't need a tier 1 piano but would still receive pleasure or benefit from it. But again, if the other work isn't also exceptional, new keys will not have priority over the other major and minor components.

If you sit down and do the maths, a really heavy "Let's destroy the piano" pianist who is able to put 10% of his weight on a single stick, will result in momentary deflections in the stick of much less than a millimeter. You're much more likely to get deflections in the action and shank greater than that with those sorts of loads. Playing that hard the pianist is most unlikely to notice fractions of a millimeter - his fingers will compress much more than that.

If the OP is just wistfully asking questions, thinking about all the components of the action, rather than knowing that there is a definite problem that needs to be sorted, replacing the key-sticks with Kluge seems like spending an awful lot of money without good justification, when he could spend that elsewhere with complete WNG action, for example.
28 869 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
If you can’t get a teacher then start here
31 1,006 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Hi -

I have the same inquiry as the OP, with the prime (only, really) consideration being ease of use / intuitiveness of the sequencer for composing, arranging, dumping into a DAW (I use Presonus Studio One - Notion and Abelton), etc.

I'm a musician, not a programmer, and I want a hardware composing-arranging solution. I find it difficult to work with DAWs for anything other than simple. I can write what I want on Sibelius, but of course it sounds like a robot. I want to be able to just play what's in my head straight through and punch in easily to correct mistakes, adding tracks. I have a drummer friend who does this on an old Yamaha Motif ES and it sounds fantastic.

I don't really like Roland sounds. I have their VR-09 and most of the sounds are dated, 80s city. I like Yamaha sounds but apparently their interface has a steep learning curve. The sounds on the new board need to not suck, even if I replace them with VST ones after DAW dumping. I don't know much about Korg but the keybed on their Krome 61 is a toy.

I own the Kawai MP11 and the Casio PX5S (both 88 key, real piano action type devices that I'm very happy with), so perhaps I could use same on the sequencing keyboard via MIDI?

Of course, I'm a Jazz saxophonist and compose in that area (as well as sort-of classical - maybe I'll write a concerto for tenor sax and orchestra, since only 1 exists presently).


- Jeff
20 26,776 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Digitalguy
Originally Posted by michaelvi
Originally Posted by propianist
Obviously if you're a die hard Steinway fan like me you'll be buying both...!
I am not dying yet (hopefully) smile but I was hunting for Steinway software piano several times with no much success (Galaxy Vintage D and PV Compact don't work for me, True Keys American almost does but not fully). So I am really interested if anyone here has experience with Light and Sound Concert Grand...

EDIT: Sorry I ran too fast with my question. I later found Light and Sound Concert Grand dedicated thread that answers it very well smile

Haven't you tried Ivory German D or American yet? Those are IMO the best virtual Steinways aroud.

Thank you Digitalguy for suggestion. Ivory II ACD is in my wishlist under N1 but not for nearest time - I already spent too much time and money evaluating a number of different software pianos (far not all are in my signature) and currently CFX Lite is my main (and almost the only) instrument for practicing. I prefer to save money for full CFX upgrade first smile. Next try will be ACD - unless by that time community opinion will shift to something new smile. I asked about Light and Sound Concert Grand not buy it immediately but because I am still collecting information for some future smile...
87 6,736 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
It's hard to judge the sound from a video ... but the cabinet! Is that the worst looking cabinet ever made? frown
1 92 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
A new Gewa demo on YouTube:

38 3,940 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
5 hours ago
ClsscLib- I will add April 19 to your excused list.
160 4,958 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
6 hours ago
I am fortunate too. My Piano is in the living room and if hubby wants to watch tv, HE uses headphones!
Just to be clear: I offer to go to digital or to use headphones ((Ihave the Silent feature on my Yamaha) but he’s ok with wearing the headphones.

I really agree that watching tv shouldn’t have priority over Piano - both are hobbies/ for pleasure and relaxation.
Seems to me that the womenfolk in the OP’s home want to dictate terms rather than work on a balanced compromise
37 1,128 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
7 hours ago
Originally Posted by Isaiah Ojo
Here are the following songs I want any professional who is able to identifying a musical piece to tell me what abrsm or equivalent (because it's American) level these gospel pieces are. Thank you for your time. I don't mind the time it takes to learn these pieces but for reference I would like to I know the level of these pieces.




and how long do you think it would take you to learn any of these pieces.

my aspirations are to play just a few songs on piano.

What you are witnessing in those links you provided are advanced interpretations of modern black r&b gospel songs, which are being sung in most modern black churches today.

You can learn to play  in this style by studying the course below. 


It's by far the the best gospel piano course out there. After you have studied this course you should be able to understand what is happening in the links you provided. May the Lord be with you. Be blessed.


18 513 Read More
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Grade 2 Abrsm
by Chemblue. 04/20/18 05:00 PM
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