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Adult Beginners Forum
6 minutes ago
Check out the Yamaha Arius YDP-S52. It has the GH keyboard and 20W speakers. Compact and light enough to move by yourself if you're reasonably fit.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
13 minutes ago
The high pitch could be a ground loop. You may try powering the speakers from a different outlet. Also, for debugging this, you can try switching the power cables between the speakers and see if the noise changes to the other speaker and changing the sig al between the speakers and see if the noise changes.
Lastly, I recommend having the volume of the Dp se to max and using the speaker at slightly lower volume - you'll amplify the interference noises less this way.
62 1,799 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
14 minutes ago

Is it possible to setup the Garritan CFX (Lite) to sound like an upright piano ?

Thanks !!!
226 15,984 Read More
Piano Forum
21 minutes ago
Hi all. You've been very helpful in my search for a new piano.

I have two possible locations for the likely grand, as I note below. Would either of these raise concerns?

--First is along a wall with the keyboard end placed two feet to the side of a floor heating vent.

--Second location is along a wall with the keyboard end placed four feet to the side of a non-drafty sliding glass door. (The door panel that slides is further away.) In this location, the end of the piano would extend just a few inches in front of a non-drafty window where I can control light. The end of the piano would be five feet from (but facing) the same heating vent.

With either of the above, the heating vent is in a corner where I could easily buy some sort of short vertical divider to divert heat upward.

I shouldn't have any real difficulty maintaining constant temperature and humidity. I may get a device to maintain humidity under my piano.

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Piano Teachers Forum
30 minutes ago
Originally Posted by NMKeys
Originally Posted by Gary D.

The problem is that schools are using a model that is a century out of date, and I suspect a lot of piano teachers are teaching more in this manner.

Can every subject be effectively taught in this style? I see some of this "fast thinking" as very linear with not much depth to it or is it more the spiral learning approach where you revisit every cycle and add to it?

You cut my message, so I have no idea what you are talking about. I'm objecting to what is going on in our schools. Somehow you assumed that what I teach does not have much depth. Where did you get that from?
35 1,006 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
38 minutes ago
I had a pair for a little while.

Really great for listening to Tidal/Spotify or whatever but when used with my DPs there was a problem. On certain notes or at certain frequencies the iLoud casing and/or grilles buzzed slightly. Enough to be distracting and a deal-breaker. I didn't see this a QC issue for iLoud but rather I felt it was a reflection of the higher dynamic range of a piano when compared to recorded music. I also didn't feel like their frequency response was quite right for piano and the (less powerful) onboard speakers of the two pianos I tried them with (Roland FP90 and Dexibell P7) sounded more 'right' to my ears.

After a week I returned the iLoud Micros.
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Piano Forum
1 hour ago
This piano has had a damp chaser system installed from new. Is not this problem exactly what a DC is intended to prevent? Does this imply that this is simply not true and such devices do not provide the implied protection they are sold with. I do not know what position Bechstein take on damp chaser.
46 1,289 Read More
Pianist Corner
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Mark_C
Originally Posted by Kenny Cheng
I think that is the combination of phrasing and voicing.

Voicing usually is about how the notes of a chord are balanced.

Or notes in different voices...
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Piano Teachers Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by dogperson
Originally Posted by JohnSprung

Wouldn't random errors be the result of insufficient physical skill -- like a baseball player dropping the ball? While consistent errors would result from incorrect notes being memorized?

Hi John
Your premise is not true for me. My random errors are in those meadures that are not technically difficulty. Like a measure I play correctly 499 times, and then with an error once. Therefore when I make a mistake (non-repetitive) , I am surprised ..., I attribute it to temporary lack of focus and complacency.

The same with me. With a piece learned my mistakes are almost always random memory/focus related and can occur anywhere. I don't tend to make consistent physical errors after the initial learning period. If I kept making consistent physical errors I would not continue playing the piece through, it's either back to the drawing board or drop the piece as too difficult. But of course there are other kinds of physical errors related to sound, bad voicing or wrong dynamic on a note. Those may be random but often just a sign of more (thinking) work needed on how to make it sound better.

Unfortunately random memory errors occur, no matter how long and how many different methods I practice...sometimes it's the muscle memory that fails and confuses me enough to not recover (usually I just suddenly play the wrong finger on the right note after using the same finger for 200 times) but mostly the brain suddenly shuts down some way and I just do not know what to do or where to go next. I can imagine it's different for those who have more solid memory and focus.
10 524 Read More
Piano Forum
2 hours ago
btw, I don't have a lot of experience with the non-Artist models, but they don't have the quite same reputation. As Rickster pointed out, though, the current models coming from China are receiving praise. I'm curious to try them out. smile
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Pianist Corner
3 hours ago
I use 5-1-2-1, 5-1-3-1, or 5-2-3-2. Basically, I keep the same finger on the lowest note, not switching as indicated in the score.

Anyway, besides that, it's good to practice in rhythms as BruceD mentioned. Do in groups of 3 notes, and start at different notes.

The most difficult part is the transition from end of measure 51 to measure 52. If you can get through this smoothly, the rest is just a breeze. Focus on the right hand, don't worry too much about which note on the right hand to go with which note on the left hand.

I normally play with my wrist quite low, even lower than the key surface. But when I play a fast single-note passage like this, I keep my wrist high and let the fingers walk over the keys.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
There's an NU1 going on ebay for £1500 . . .buy it now price.
17 504 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
3 hours ago
A public piano in hospital. This is best method to spend redundant time.
If reasonable tuned, this is not a bad instrument.
26 641 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
3 hours ago
Yes, I have seen it, and it is a nice idea. However, I wish they had marked or otherwise identified which keys to pull out to make the adjustments.
1 39 Read More
Piano Forum
3 hours ago
Of course if you get it, you don't have to retore it now. You could wait, or just have it as a memento as it is.
7 205 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
5 hours ago
Congratulations, both on your new found freedom from work and taking up such a worthy instrument.
19 588 Read More
Piano Forum
6 hours ago
NYSteve - hope your AA arrives soon. BTW, I am having a tech check out the M & H tomorrow.

Carey - thanks for confirming the serial number. Also, I reached out to M & H today; they confirmed the instrument was shipped directly from the factory to the dealer (not a C & A instrument).

Corvus, I appreciate the comment re: re-sale value. I'm not sure why so many people focus on the "investment value" of a piano. I mean, if you're dropping tens of thousands on a musical instrument, shouldn't you love it for what it is?

GC13 - I find it interesting you put WNG action into your older Steinway B. Very creative from a technical standpoint. Were the Steinway techs supportive of that?

Terminaldegree (and any of you on this thread) - No DOCs but I'd be happy to take you all out for beers.

Rank Piano Amateur - you previously sold? What are you playing now?
10 457 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
6 hours ago
Originally Posted by kpembrook

...Michigan's UP is the same. In this case, my driving was all at once .. 3 hours one way plus 30 min ferry. Overnight there. Only did 5 tunings the next day. Then return.

Cheater--- you spent the night... Nothing like driving home 2 hours back, in the dark through wilderness road...Moose are everywhere!
Seriously, I've only manage 4 concert tunings in the day...I don't think I could keep my sanity with 8. You're either one of the most patient people on the earth-- or, a complete psycho! LOL

* Edit: Think I must be much slower than you- tend to linger a loooong time over my temperaments.
6 376 Read More
Piano Forum
6 hours ago
Thanks to everyone. My piano teacher friend was unable to take it. (And thanks to everyone else for the other offers, but I decided that I'd only like to loan it out to people whom I've met in person.)

It looks like a second piano store, also in town, is willing to store it for a much more modest fee. Anything I should confirm or check with the store first?

Thanks again!
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Adult Beginners Forum
7 hours ago
Once heading out for a vacation there was a piano sitting in the airport departure terminal. I am sure a lot of people have taken music lessons before but only saw several young people playing it. Can remember a lady who played a simplified arrangement of the Mozart Symphony #40 in G (mvt. 1). Gave a livelier atmosphere to the people waiting to board their flights. An airport terminal is quieter compared to street pianos with traffic noise throughout the day.
23 689 Read More
Piano Forum
7 hours ago
Hello JodyT,

This is, as you have found, not terribly straightforward. The "A" seems to indicate a series of U3 made during a specific time period. The "R", best as I can tell, indicates the piano had a rosewood finish. Does that corroborate what you have seen?

Also, for whatever it's worth, the U3 is the clear choice to me. The 1977 U1 I had thirty years after its manufacture performed very well.

5 359 Read More
Pianist Corner
7 hours ago
Originally Posted by pianoloverus
A. Lavignac. Galop-Marche for 8 hands at one piano

8 413 Read More
Pianist Corner
7 hours ago
Originally Posted by NobleHouse
Good fun! grin I did prefer the 4 pianists version though. thumb

So, NH, you're a minimalist? smile

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Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
7 hours ago
Sounds like you are on the right track scanderbeg. When you are able to diagnose your own work and figure out where you went wrong...you know what you're doing. Keep up the good work.

BTW do you know the 6th/10th test for the 5th? You obviously know the 3rd-6th test for the 4th. If you drop a 6th below the lower note of the 5th and compare that speed with that of the upper note (the 10th), the 10th should be SLIGHTLY slower than the 6th, proving it is contracted.

5 156 Read More
Pianist Corner
7 hours ago
Originally Posted by JohnSprung
Originally Posted by bennevis
I've just spent the whole day at a conference all about treating advanced Type 2 Diabetes with insulin, possibly the most depressing day I've had in quite a long time. And then returned to flop in front of the TV (as one does, before heading for the piano) to watch a program about........successfully reversing the same condition entirely by weight loss. By being very rigorous and, yes, sheer willpower. (It's on ITV, called "The Fast Fix: Diabetes" for those who live in the UK and interested in the subject). No medication or surgical procedures involved. Apparently, such a novel concept that controlled studies have only recently been seriously undertaken - baffling or what? After all, we've all known the cause of this worldwide epidemic for decades eek.

Here in the states, PBS has hordes of these diet doctors, and they seem to be converging on a few recommendations:

1. Eat real food. Stuff that grows on farms -- not stuff that's processed in factories.

2. Eat mostly vegetables.

3. Eliminate sugar and carbs that turn into sugar.

4. Take probiotics.

5. Some fats are actually good.

They have some interesting explanations. One of them is that our desire for sugar isn't our idea, it comes from the bacteria in our intestines. The sugar-using bacteria send a chemical message to the brain to eat more sugar. If you starve them out and replace them with vegetable-loving bugs from the probiotics, the craving for sugar and carbs goes away. I'm trying it, and not all the way there yet. I still like raisins, grapes, oranges, etc..... But I haven't had any processed food or sugar in a couple months.

The theory on artificial sweeteners is fun: The brain accepts them as sweet when you eat them, but the sugar-bugs in the intestines yell "Hey, no -- that's not what we want. Give us real sugar!" -- and so you're more likely to crave carbs and sugar if you use the sweeteners.

And then there's the mayo diet. Nothing to do with the famous clinic, the idea is that real mayonnaise is actually good for you.... ;-)

What did you just do? Now you've done it. You've reopened the medical topic in a room of doctors! laugh
31 1,365 Read More
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by EVC2017. 06/21/18 07:51 PM
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