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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
19 seconds ago
I played an FP90 at an out-of-town gig over the weekend. I did not like it as well as my Kawai ES8, but it was quite good and served its purpose. The piano sounds were more than adequate, but the minute you hold the pedal down and let a chord decay slowly the illusion is broken. Weird swimmy digital stuff. So, don't do that.

Also, the interface was odd: instead of a reverb with different rooms and different levels, there's an "ambience" setting that goes from 2 to 10. Because I was playing in a large, reverberant hall, I turned it to zero. It did not remember that the next time it was turned on, though I bet there's a way to save settings if you look harder (I didn't get a manual with it). And some of the buttons often are not near the functions they control, but you'd get used to that quickly if you own one, I expect.

The speakers were good and loud, perhaps even a bit louder than the Kawai, though I didn't have them side by side of course. Note that for full volume, you not only have to raise the main volume slider but the Part 1 and Part 2 sliders.

I'm sorry you didn't look into why your ES8's speakers were buzzing, because mine only do that when something weird is going on (not firmly placed on the stand, or touching something else that vibrates, or I left a piece of paper on the piano). Your FP90 might have the same problem, so look to clean up the environment around the piano if that happens.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
4 minutes ago
Originally Posted by puremusic
You can use a separate midi controller with a pitch and modwheel if you need one, it will work seamlessly with the piano. . . . .

I think that's true _if_ the DP has "real MIDI" (5-pin DIN jacks including "MIDI In").

I think it's _not_ true if the DP only has "MIDI-over-USB". In that case, you'd have to route the MIDI controller messages into a computer, through a DAW (or MIDI-Ox), and back to the DP (I think).

. . . Not impossible, but some head-scratching might be needed.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
5 minutes ago
Originally Posted by MacMacMac
If you can save Frank some coin ... make that suggestion to him.

BTW ... I don't know (and I generally don't care) about the software that runs the various boards that I frequent.

But since you mention it, what software is being used here?
And what others are available?
And what are the pros and cons of each?

PW is using UBB threads, a software from the late 90s. I would not be surprised if PW is the largest forum running on this software nowadays. Paid forum software like UBB went on decline as open source solutions matured a long long ago.

phpBB is the most widely used. It is free and open source. Drupal and Joomla are alternatives for more complex use cases.

Pros (phbBB vs UBB): free, easier to administrate, better performance, more secure, better UI, ...

Cons: need to properly migrate the pw content from UBB to phpBB - nothing special, but it will cost money (and this a side effect of using a proprietary system like UBB); the current sys admins will have to learn how to use, config and maintain the new site.

The only advantage in keeping UBB is to avoid a change... but after the transition process is concluded there will be virtually no cons on using something like phbpp, but only advantages for the admins and for the community.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
5 minutes ago
Blue72: I don't think we are in complete agreement. In your most recent recording, it simply sounds like G4 is being played at a velocity that is higher than you intended. This results in the note sounding too agressive - both too loud, and too agressive in timbre.

In NO way do I hear a bell tone in that note. I hear a very pleasing "twang" sound.

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Adult Beginners Forum
6 minutes ago
7 Animisha

Very nice. Precisely played. I was looking forward to the next bit. Next recital? smile

8 Sinophillia

Seemed fast enough for my ole ears to get around. But I thought it was short enough as it was . . . nice job, as always lass.

9 Claudemir Medeiros

I like Schumann, but not heard this before. Rather different, but superb nonetheless. Your playing was steady and thoughtful throughout.

10 Sandalholme

You play with flourish on this piece, which sounds like more than one. (just read your stuff again, sorry) Grieg has his own magic and I've enjoyed playing his stuff thanks to this forum and these recitals we do. lovely job, with a steady confident approach. And these songs are good to go. Nice!

11 SzolpyW

Played with destructive force! and also with much tenderness and thought. sounded good to me, man!

12 pianist 685

The Vintage D sounds well on this Chopin piece you play. This has turned out well but, as with so many of his works, it's not music to have a laugh to. Having said that , i enjoyed it's contemplative features greatly. Good work.

13 B Sharp Cyclist

Pleasant, very. Might not have been well known, but does it matter? His music's good, and you play it well.

Super stuff, guys. great to hear. Got to go now. 'Bye . . .
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
8 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Gombessa
I hear the G standing out in the scales, but I don't hear the "bell" effect in the other recording.

I know it's a bit disheartening, but it's not at all uncommon for others to not hear the defects the player complains about. Remember the bongos threads here? smile

Aside from the fidelity of the recording, some of the reasons include: 1) the audience is just listening, and not playing, so they can't tell what velocity/dynamics the pianist is imparting or intending, they only hear the output; and 2) it's not actually not uncommon that people have significantly different auditory responses to certain sounds or frequencies, which can be exacerbated by room/environment setup. *Sometimes* it's just in our individual ears.

In any case, it sounds like you've got a tech visit scheduled, so hopefully he can satisfactorily address all the issues you have!

You're right, it is a bit disheartening to hear everyone say they can't hear what you can hear clearly. It's partly the reason I started this thread as 2 different people said they couldn't hear anything strange when they were stood right next to the piano. I'm starting to appreciate that we don't all hear the same thing, which is a strange concept to wrap your head around.

People here at least recognising the G4 being suspect has been a great help.
33 644 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
10 minutes ago
Disgruntled much? smile
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Piano Forum
11 minutes ago
[quote=j&j) .......Buying my piano from a reputable dealer ensures all the pianos in the showroom are prepped for sale and are ready for me to try out. It’s pretty much in final form, not raw. I’m paying the dealer to stock, prep and display a nice selection of pianos from which to choose my piano. I’d love a tour of the Bosendorfer workrooms or the Yamaha factory but sure wouldn’t want to make my selection for an expensive piano from there. A concert artist could, but I sure can’t.[/quote]

I have gotten to know 3 of the high end local San Fanciso Bay Area dealers and one in Portland as a customer, friend and now a somewhat bumbling tech. I also am friends with a tech who does dealer work at one of them. What passes for dealer prep in all these shops is tuning and correcting glaring functional regulation problems period, that's the dealer prep. No regulation of let off, drop, dip, jack/knuckle, jack/ rep lever, hammer line, after touch etc.....Maybe these 4 showrooms are a complete anomaly, but I doubt it. They confide in me that they can't afford to do more and be competitive, and most customers can't tell the difference anyway. I think unfortunately that dealers like Cunningham, Atl. Piano Works and a few others that contribute regularly here may be real exceptions. When a dealer tells me they fully prep their pianos before selling I think "they tune" and the keys will all work. From their perspective they must be extremely price competitive, or they'll lose the customer to someone who charges $200 less. It's a tough field.
Finally a full concert regulation including action, bushings, pedals, your preference of after touch and much more can take a couple of days. To think this is what a dealer is talking about when he says the piano will be fully prepped is pretty unrealistic.
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Adult Beginners Forum
13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by peterws

Sounds real good, Ted! Ole silent music stuff! (are you that old? My g'dad played in the cinemas in those days. You certainly had a flambouyant style! Good stuff.

Thanks Peter, glad you like it. No, I am seventy-one, but my teacher used to do that for a job at one stage. It is actually something I have always wanted to try.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
17 minutes ago
Blue72 what you experience sounds so familiar. The problem I had was with E4. The problem was most noticeable when played as part of a chord and as long as there was a note as part of the chord that was below it.

I was much less certain of myself as I have only been playing again for a few months after a forty year break.
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Adult Beginners Forum
17 minutes ago
Originally Posted by GHN
Hanon exercises train the student to have: finger strength, agility, eveness
That might be the intention, though origami might be better for that, but it's not the result unless the way those exercises are used is well designed, probably well supervised and almost definitely well supplemented. Finger strength isn't necessary for piano playing. We can get the agility from Bach, Scarlatti, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Grieg, Tchaikovsky. We don't have to resort to lower quality material.

Czerny is not useless material but it is not for beginners. Would you seriously give 599/16 and 17 to a beginner? And would you expect them to whistle it with joy while walking in the country? Czerny's material may have phrasing but it's not teaching phrasing. Quality music can be used to learn block chords, broken chords, triplets... Outside his sonatas and nocturnes, and predominantly in his etudes, there is more quantity than quality, more cliche than inventiveness but from the composers that followed him we have greater material more suitably geared to cantabile and the greater demands of the modern instrument. The modern instrument makes more use of the body than was the case when Czerny and Hanon were produced (or rather the markets they were targeting). Hanon was produced in the mid 1800's when Chopin had already dimissed the anatomical impossibility of training all fingers equally.

Chopin's method was to to make the fingers appear equal using the whole body more and the isolated fingers less.

Scales and arpeggios are important but the prerequisistes are simply a year or two of varied music, a comfortable mechanism and a more sensitive ear. Also, Hanon, like most scale manuals, is simply notes and fingerings. There is no instruction regarding the fundamental means of moving from note to note. At least with repertoire there is a musical line to give us a clue as to the sound we're trying to produce and better audible feedback with which to judge the results.

The structured steps for a beginner are to bring out the musical phrase and structure in a simple piece then move to a more complex piece. Rinse and repeat. You don't have to learn handbrake turns, double declutching and heel-toe braking for driving the kids to school.
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Pianist Corner
17 minutes ago
Originally Posted by RogerRL
Originally Posted by vmishka
You are better off totally abandoning negative thoughts and replacing them with only "here is what I want to do," never "I don't want to mess up here."
That's interesting. I do something similar, but also a bit different. When a harder section is coming up, I try to think "Oh boy, I get to play this part, and I bet I can really pull it off! I can hardly wait!'. Well, depending on what is going on I may not form that complete a thought, but I do try for anticipation/happiness that this is about to happen, instead of dread/worry. It seems to help me a lot.

That is a really good idea. For me, too, it makes a huge difference to actually *want* to play. The nerves will try to undermine that desire and make you feel you don't even want to be there, so it's great to cultivate excitement and anticipation.

I don't say to myself that I can pull it off, though--for me that would introduce doubt again. Instead I try to think about how wonderful it feels to play it and how beautiful it is.
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Piano Teachers Forum
20 minutes ago
Tyrone Slothrop, I wish you have purchased your flat 10 years back in Shanghai :-)
How can you be a dual citizen? China does not recognize dual citizenship, does it?
9 129 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
20 minutes ago
We are glad to have you here Paul.
11 130 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
23 minutes ago
An interesting report on my UR22 :

When comparing buffer length with input or output latency, I find that the latency is in tha range 32-128 samples :

latency = 1.90 * buffer_length / 44,100 + constant

With the constant = 1.177 ms (input) 2.152 (output).

The 1.90 seems to indicate that there are 2 buffers involved (the ASIO specification shows a scenario with two alternate buffers). But it is curious that the factor is not 2. The 1.90 is from a linear correlation, the equation is not exact.

After 128 samples, we have a lower slope (input : 1.10 or output : 1.37)
55 554 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
24 minutes ago

Large US bookstores sell them..Barnes and noble sell them.

Originally Posted by nancyde
After all the comments above, I should be too embarrassed to ask this, but I am way to old to be easily embarrassed so here goes. Is it possible to subscribe to the paper magazine (rather than the digital edition) in the U.S.? I don't see the hard copy on their web site, just digital.
42 378 Read More
Piano Forum
24 minutes ago
I have never, ever seen something from a factory requiring me to use a particular technician in order to maintain warranty coverage. I believe there are laws against such things here in the US. I have seen language that stipulates who may provide warranty service for an item. I would love to see a photo of this documentation, and am curious of its origin.
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
25 minutes ago
Originally Posted by CYama
Originally Posted by Tyrone Slothrop
Originally Posted by CYama
USER LOCATION: Torrance, California, USA
MAKE: Kawai
MODEL: Novus NV10
ALSO INCLUDED: WB-160 Bench and Fully Assembled
PRICE PAID: $8127.85 USD (plus $772.15 USD local tax) = $8900 USD
PURCHASE DATE: Jan. 29, 2019

Wow. What a great price!

Thanks Tyrone. I was hesitant to post what I paid because I couldn't believe how low he was willing to negotiate.
The gentleman who runs this store is extremely kind, no pressure sales, sole owner of his store and not part of a big chain store.
I'm not sure what his margin is and I hope he doesn't get bombarded with low ball offers once others see my post.
Perhaps the low price is now because the NV10 has been out for close to a year now. I'm not sure.

WOW. What else can I say? Well, competition from the N1x selling at this price may be taking effect.
1,460 3,142,069 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
26 minutes ago
I appreciate those that have listened and commented, and have universally agreed that theres an issue with the sensor, possibly. I'm a bit more relaxed about the 'bell ringing' effect, as It's more of a symptom of the original problem, which I think will be remedied once the G4 is sorted out. I also accept that the recordings are not showing it very well. I think most people that have posted in this thread would notice it if they played on the piano.

@MacMacMac, I'm in the UK, and the retailer has already arranged for a technician to attend next friday. This wasn't arranged though until I forcibly requested a refund as all parties (the retailer, and Kawai) were saying there was no issue. I'm actually pretty disgusted with the retailer, and not overly impressed with Kawai. Aside from James posting on here, I've had zero contact from Kawai, and they are sending a 3rd party technician.

@sullivang, You are indeed correct about the neighbouring keys being slightly dodgy too on occasions, even without being as extreme as fff.
33 644 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
26 minutes ago
Originally Posted by arc7urus

- the note on event (with velocity 1) is generated once I reach the notch and apply a light pressure. No need to go fully past the notch. So, it seems that slightly “bending” the rubber notch is enough to trigger the sensor (sensor 3, right?) I tested this with several different keys and the notch/sensor calibration was consistent.

So what happens if you press a key to the notch, verify Note-On velocity 1, and then press the key down fully, intending to strike a note? Can you produce a sound at that point (essentially play off the jack, which was enabled/improved with GF2), and if so do you get an additional Note-on with velocity?
49 1,019 Read More
Piano Forum
29 minutes ago
Norbert kindly suggested someone who is very good .
I have decided to ask the head technician if I may use him .
That is one choice .
I could just have the head technician tune the piano once a year only .
That of course is another choice .The piano does keep its tuning
very well and I do have some climate control available to me now.
But I think it quite oppressive that they are trying to control who tunes thier customers pianos.
Perhaps my old technician was not qualified in the usual way ,but then most of this dealers technicians are not RPT .I know they do undergo training at different manufactures however .,so that counts I suppose. It works out that I pay the technician $50.CDN more than you pay your technician.
36 528 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
30 minutes ago
I come here for the people and some conversations, not for the great experience of the forum.

The fact that there hasn't been any investments in improvements in decades says a lot about the lack business strategy behind. You don't need a business analysis to realise that this website is not generating very much revenue.

Facebook groups, reddits, social media and other content aggregators can "eat" this place very soon if they keep staying this way. New and younger generations are elsewhere consuming content in a different way. Pretending it's not happening is bad strategy.

Cost of technology and "webserver power" is so inexpensive today that it cannot be used as an excuse, especially for this kind of websites which is almost text based. And it will be even more inexpensive in the future. A smartphone has power enough to run all the feature of this website.

There aren't any valuable alternative simply because pianists are not an interesting target from a business perspective. Not yet.

I stop here to be because as I said it's time to enjoy our hobbies.
Good weekend to everybody smile
38 511 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
32 minutes ago
Originally Posted by JoBert
Originally Posted by arc7urus
Originally Posted by JoBert
... So you cannot do this: Press the key down to the escapement notch (which would already lift the dampers on an acoustic), then hold the key there and hear the resonances. On an acoustic that would have the effect that the string of that key could already resonate. On a standard 3-sensor DP it wouldn't, as there never was a note on message signaling the lift of the damper from that string....

Maybe I understood you wrong, but this is exactly what happens in the CA78/98 in both HI-XL and SK-EX modes: the sympathetic resonance for a key is activated exactly at the escapement point and deactivated once the key goes above that point. This behavior is independent of velocity, so either a silent strike or one with velocity > 1 will activate resonance.

Could you compare this to the generated MIDI messages?
Do you already get resonances without getting a note on message first?
Do you get a note on message even if you never press the key further than to the let-off notch (i.e. to sensor 2, but never down to sensor 3)?

- resonance for a given key, simulating that its damper is lifted, is activated once a note on with velocity = 1 (silent press) or > 1 is generated.

- no resonance at all before the note on event - there is resonance but its undamped string and cabinet resonance, not the (very noticeable) string resonance for that key. Behavior is exactly the same in sound and pianist modes.

- the note on event (with velocity 1) is generated once I reach the notch and apply a light pressure. No need to go fully past the notch. So, it seems that slightly “bending” the rubber notch is enough to trigger the sensor (sensor 3, right?) I tested this with several different keys and the notch/sensor calibration was consistent.
49 1,019 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
34 minutes ago

TripleMac that has been discussed, with Frank, in the thread about forum speed issues.

Look what you started! laugh
38 511 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
36 minutes ago
Originally Posted by petebfrance
Originally Posted by nancyde
After all the comments above, I should be too embarrassed to ask this, but I am way to old to be easily embarrassed so here goes. Is it possible to subscribe to the paper magazine (rather than the digital edition) in the U.S.? I don't see the hard copy on their web site, just digital.

I had a look pianist subscriptions and there were 3 options, UK, Europe and Worldwide. The worldwide has a print / paper subscription for £59.50.

For US subscribers (might also work for those outside of the US), check out Squidbot's post about a special price through a magazine vendor.
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