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Adult Beginners Forum
20 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Sibylle
1. I just always wanted to play. I was too young to remember now exactly why that was.

2. I love the feeling of the cool keys under my hands and the full-body experience of playing.

3. When I listen to classical music, it's 95% either piano or orchestral. Since I can't play an entire orchestra, I settled on piano!

4. I think it's the most beautiful-sounding instrument.

Obviously, all of this is highly subjective... but those are the reasons I started playing, kept playing, and keep coming back to it.

Great reasons!
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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
28 minutes ago
Originally Posted by arc7urus
But, as @paf said above, if Kawai believes the current system is perfect, then obviously there will never be any kind of proper updates to the current models. I still hope that Kawai understands that these minor suggestions would make a very positive difference.

My perspective from reading these forums and working in software development is that Kawai has moved on to other projects. At this point I wouldn't expect much in the way of updates other than minor bug fixes. Part of the problem is that while these changes may seem simple it's much more difficult to add them in after the product has been deployed. The analogy I use with clients is that of building a house. The easiest time to add a window is when you are still designing the house. After the house is framed it becomes more difficult. After the sheet rock is up even more so going up to when you have moved in and all your furniture in place it becomes much more difficult to add a window. It's not totally analogous but the general principle applies. At this point I would assume that their development teams have been assigned to whatever is next and need to meet those deadlines. For myself the bugs/anomalies of the CA78/CA98 have probably taken them off of my list.
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Piano Forum
48 minutes ago
If it's a Steinway, how come it doesn't have a Steinway logo on it?
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Adult Beginners Forum
49 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Nahum
Originally Posted by Animisha
There is no proof that all of your thinking is accelerated, for instance when you are asked to say as many words as you can in a minute that start with z.

To click on a number, you must:
1. to identify him
 2. determine whether it is ordinal,
3, to click.

And this is not a thinking process ??

Yes Nahum, this is a cognitive process. However,

Originally Posted by Animisha
There is no proof that all of your thinking is accelerated
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Adult Beginners Forum
54 minutes ago
Sounds like great fun, and a wonderful challenge for yourself. Congratulations!

7 161 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
57 minutes ago
Very very nice, and good job on doing this at all!

I'd be so stressed out (even if I could play like you) that I'd probably have passed out right at the start.
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Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
This is my first time hearing this and I liked it for several reasons; your singing and playing were pleasant to hear and I liked the lyrics also, I can relate to some.

I'd LOVE to have the skill to do this even if for just my own enjoyment and my wife's enjoyment.
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Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago

This is one of the main reasons I took up piano. That and my love for music. There are numerous studies supporting the cognitive benefits of learning an instrument. That, a healthy diet, exercise, reading and some puzzles are now part of my routine.
8 475 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by AprilE

... I can't even imagine what "encouraging words of tough love" might be to a partner who has a passion for piano and has worked hard at it for two years...

How about "Stop sulking and pouting and whining about not being able yet to play those pieces as well as the professional pianist on the CD - keep bearing down and practicing faithfully and with unrelenting determination and you know d__n well that pretty soon you'll not only equal but perhaps surpass those recorded performances, and you'll be well on your way to becoming an accomplished pianist...but you've got to cease beating up on yourself right now - and being far too self critical - and you need to set some realistic goals and have some reasonable expectations for yourself."

This might be the heart of the problem here - the OP has been comparing herself for some time with a professional studio pianist on a CD and has been continually disappointed and frustrated with her inability to match those recorded performances. This makes her unhappy. She's been feeling this way for some time now. A casual remark by her husband brings all of these feelings back to mind. She blames him for her hurt feelings. But the feelings have been hurt long before this, and by herself, in her continuing routine of constantly comparing her performances with a professional's - a standard far too high to meet at this stage, and thus, an unreasonable expectation on her part leading to disappointment and sadness.

This is not a situation unique to the OP - we all suffer this just about every time we play or practice or listen to a really good pianist play.
64 1,446 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Kawai James
Hello jgmallard, thank you for your reply.

Originally Posted by jgmallard
...my idea would be that you could change the setting once and the piano would remember the behaviour, and from that day on, all you would have to do is adjust the volume on the top panel.

Just to clarify: what would happen when you wish to play with the already-attached headphones? How would you prevent the sound from being produced by the built-in speakers when wishing to play in silence?

Kind regards,

Hi! I believe these questions are answered by the solutions provided by other DP manufacturers that give the user the ability to control when the speakers are muted. For example, Yamaha's CLP 600 range lets the user control the speaker mode via the UI. There are three modes: normal (speakers muted when headphones are connected), speakers always on and speakers always off. On older CLP models this was done via a physical switch near the headphone jacks.

The Yamaha CLP also has two sound optimization modes designed to work with headphones only, in some sense similar to Kawai's SHS. Yamaha's headphone optimization mode can also be turned on or off, just like Kawai's SHS.

So, the difference is that Kawai's design decision was not to let the user decide when the speakers are muted, which was the opposite decision taken by other DP manufacturers. IMO, this creates an unnecessary functional limitation.

Moreover, Yamaha's headphone optimization modes are designed to work with all instruments on the CLP. In contrast, Kawai's SHS headphone optimization is clearly designed to work with the HI-XL samples/instruments (sound mode) but not with the new SK-EX samples/characters in pianist mode since it distorts the sound in this mode. So, the SHS should actually be disabled by default in pianist mode, which is not the case.

The inability to mute the speakers is just another example of the CA and NV design limitations. Some of these limitations could be fully resolved just by revising the GUI software. Examples of these are the inability to edit, copy and backup favourites, internal recording and playing of MIDI in pianist mode, and many other UI-only issues already discussed on this forum. Other example is the incompatibility of the VT and Sound Museum apps with the CA78, 98 and NV10 models. All of these only require software updates and are independent of the actual production of these DPs. Other limitations that could potentially be addressed via software updates include controlling when the speaker are muted, having a volume control for the headphones (in the UI, similar to the line-in), controlling the line-out gain (in the UI) and adding USB-Audio support. But, as @paf said above, if Kawai believes the current system is perfect, then obviously there will never be any kind of proper updates to the current models. I still hope that Kawai understands that these minor suggestions would make a very positive difference.
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Piano Forum
1 hour ago
Hello! I spent a lot of time reading the forums here and trying out pianos, before deciding on a new Estonia L190 (which I love).

I got the impression that, barring some unusually good luck, you'll need to spend 10K or more if you want a good grand. You should be able to find some nice used options in the 10-15K range; e.g. Yahamas that aren't too old.

If you ever are in Oakland, CA you might check out the cavernous basement at Piedmont Piano -- they have a dizzying variety of used pianos, many of which are grands in the 10-15K range. A lot of them are older, and some are in less than perfect condition -- but really exciting pianos, a lot of fun to play.

If you're willing to buy from private parties (which probably means flying somewhere), I noticed Estonia L168 and L190 pianos from 2004 and later on sale for around 12K-20K. Estonia improved their manufacturing considerably over the last twenty years, I think especially around 2002-2004. An Estonia from the last fifteen years or so could be an excellent buy. (And a new Estonia would also be excellent if you stretched your budget somewhat.)

I tried out some new Kawai grands that were affordably priced. They were not to my personal taste, but they have an excellent reputation and a lot of people on the forums love them.

Another new option is a Hailun; I got to try one of these, and it seems an excellent option, especially for anyone on a budget. You could probably get a new 178 for well under 25K.

There are a lot of rebuilds of golden age Steinways, Mason and Hamlins, etc. which often sell for roughly around 20K. You might find one of these to your liking.

This is not an exhaustive list! If you have the option to travel, I recommend visiting as many piano stores as you can, and trying out as many pianos as you can. When I did this, it was tremendously educational, and lots of fun.
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Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
Thanks, Chili-Time. Gosh, the pedals, forgot about those... oops. Truly time for a teacher!

Also, having a teacher set pace sounds about right. There may be a fundamental difference between say, violin, and piano here. On my violin forums, there's a somewhat common experience that a teacher will have the student move on to the next piece, not because the current one is played well but because the student has understood the specific lesson to be learned in that piece. Notice, I said "understood" not "mastered". I think the underlying assumption with violin learning is that it's so damn hard to pull a nice sound that you've got to expect a much longer timeframe to get there. Many of us older violin students seem to find that tough to accept. At first I was thinking, "Wow, my teacher thinks I'm a lost cause, not worth the bother." Many, many moons later, I began to understand the wisdom of my teacher's pace setting approach.

I would guess it's not quite the same with a piano... a student's dynamics, phrasing or whatever may be so-so, but each individual note on a nice piano just sounds plain nice to my inexperienced ear. There aren't any intonation problems and the spectrum of opportunities for screwing up sound production on a piano is much narrower than on a violin.

OK, so maybe I'm stuck in a serious case of "I don't even know what I don't know".

Please, keep wisening me up!
972 350,921 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by AlexBltn
Hello, how are you? smile

June, 2012
New model ES7. Kawai America is pleased to unveil the latest generation of its popular ES Series portable digital pianos.

August, 2015
ES8 Portable Digital Piano announced by Kawai Japan.

Do you expect/accept that this year ES8's successor could be announced?

If so (or even if not so) what could we expect to see in it? Let's take the most important factors: action and sound. ES8 brought the new keyboard action: Responsive Hammer III (ES7: RHII). And new sound source: Harmonic Imaging XL (ES7: Progressive Harmonic Imaging). So, both keyboard and sound have got improvements.

And here I see an interesting thing: RHIII action is still Kawai's top plastic/folded action (which doesn't mean that improvements aren't necessary of course). So how could it be improved?
1) New wooden Grand Feel Compact action?
2) New type of plastic/folded action?
There's one more, the worst option: just to leave it as it is (RHIII).

And there's another interesting thing. Sound. ES8 already had samples of SK-EX Concert and medium-sized SK-5 Studio grand pianos, which just recently appeared in MP7SE/MP11SE.

Similar story was before: Kawai announced MP7/MP11 with only one main Kawai EX sampled grand piano tone, and MP7 had RHII action. And after some period of time they announced ES8, which in addition to EX had two new piano samples (SK-EX, SK-5), plus new RHIII action, which made this offer even more interesting for many pianists than "more professional" MP7.

So here comes the question: will Kawai add the new SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine with multi-channel sampling and resonance modelling in ES8's successor? If no, and if keyboard also won't be upgraded, then there's no sense for such a successor. That's why this question is quite interesting for me. What could be improved? And can we even expect "ES9" this year?

Do you have some thoughts about ES8's successor? Would be interesting to read.

Low ES8 stocks being reported at various outlets I have tried recently and "Kawai are also waiting for new units" says one dealer. Not sure if that signifies anything but we can hope..
11 4,561 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
2 hours ago
The path of combining the melodic line with speech can be heard here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KrLzQa1ygU 06:18 - The World Is Going Wrong

The violinist plays simultaneously with vocals, exactly keeping a rhythm, intonation, breathing and articulation. Since the melodic line is a series of riffs, this format is most suitable for a beginner with a musical ear, acquaintance with the blues scale (or pentatonic) and a certain mastery of the instrument.
6 214 Read More
Pianist Corner
2 hours ago
Wow. Now *that*s why I love YouTube. I'm catching up on so many legendary performances I have missed. Thanks for the link!
2 122 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
3 hours ago
I tuned a Yamaha grand for a lady a while ago. She is a perhaps unusual person, and had more or less single-handedly restored a remote cottage to live in.

She had bought for herself a tuning lever online of a type that I have seen on Ebay/Amazon. In the online photos it looks quite smart. She said she had found it wasn't a good fit, and out of interest I tried it on a pin. Boy was she right. I didn't even attempt to turn the pin with it; the fit just felt so awful. Quite weird - not simply loose and waggly, as with a too-large tip, but as if the internal shape of the tip was different from that of the tuning pins.

I don't know what the repeated use of such a lever would do to tuning pins.
21 468 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Smaug
Thanks JoBert - it's a revealing photo of the insides of the base unit. It doesn't appear to contain the elegantly-crafted soundboard of a grand piano - it looks like a slab of MDF!

Smaug, did you see somewhere that the NV10 features a soundboard speaker?
2,210 215,339 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Guess you are using Windows without Asio and have high latency. If so. download and install asio4all and choose this from pianoteq settings.
1 102 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Thanks JoBert - it's a revealing photo of the insides of the base unit. It doesn't appear to contain the elegantly-crafted soundboard of a grand piano - it looks like a slab of MDF!
2,210 215,339 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
3 hours ago
Very nice Peyton. I remember this piece from the first time around as the same line got me again.. "Their sleds are still in the barn, rusting away". I remember commenting on this and after listening to it once again, it hit me the same way. Very powerful, very moving. The emotion and lyrics come together perfectly in this performance and composition. Well done.
11 374 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by bennevis

I never thought converging the eyes is ever a problem: look at one index finger and gradually bring it closer to your nose - even when you can't focus, your eyes will still manage to avoid seeing double until your finger is just a few inches away.

Before being perscribed glasses the hospital opticians had me exercising the eye muscles by focusing on the tip of my nose. It seemed to work for a while. But no thoughts about distance vision exercises.
81 3,131 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Fleer
Did you try the Pianoteq Steingraeber?

In the end, all their pianos sound Pianoteq. They all have that artificial prolongation or synthetic sounding sustain. What Pianoteq needs to concentrate on first is to change their modelling of the harmonic ringing of a piano tone. The first segment of the tone (the loudest part) is mostly okay but that very same segment is too present in the sustain of the note. It's as if the 'attack' is merely stretched to create the sustain. It reminds me of a very short loops they used to do in the early days of sampling.
24 571 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Hi everyone, I own the Yamaha CLP-645 and I've just found out about Pianoteq. I am new to this virtual instrument stuff so I would require some help with the settings. I downloaded the trial version of Pianoteq to test out playing through my digital piano and I must say I really love the sounds compared to the DP's own internal piano sounds. However, the problem I have is that the keys do not feel the vibration or the sound coming through them when playing with Pianoteq as compared to playing through its own internal sounds. I just feel so disconnected from my piano playing through VST. Not sure if I said this right. Is there any way to change any settings to solve this?
1 102 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by DutchTea
I began learning piano at 57 years old and now, 2 years later, I'm doing okay. Not great... I have a book I am using that has a cd of the music. It helps me to know what how the piece is supposed to sound. Well, I started one of the songs and he came up the stairs right at that moment and said with laughter, 'I thought, wow, she's doing a lot better!' ... I'll get over it. Maybe I'll go back and play something really loud and really awful.

-As a compare and contrast to this OP’s story.
NOTE- her husband was walking up the stairs and heard her cd, playing a lesson . He, thinking it was her playing thought “ gee she's really improved” and said it aloud which she heard, [yikes!]
BUT … [to me it’s almost “sitcom”humor…]
A contrast would be if you heard your own recording , not realizing it was you [because you’re stoned or …in a another room heard from afar], then thought…. gee that’s really good [or bad] and then realized it was you!.

Which happened to me! .Oooooh No, blush hmmm eek Guess I really need to practice alot more! smile
64 1,446 Read More
Pianist Corner - Non Classical
3 hours ago

[Linked Image]
6 214 Read More
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