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Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 minutes ago
AFLAC SN is modeled?
5 197 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
5 minutes ago
Just a reminder, the recital deadline has been extended - you still have a couple of days to get your submission in!

74 2,509 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
11 minutes ago
AFAICT SN is not sampled. Aaeons ago, one manufacturer, I am not sure if Roland, Emu Systems or another whose name escapes now introduced a hybrid technology where the attack was sampled and the rest of the sound was modeled (though they did not use this term by then, AFAIR) based on psychoacoustics (they did not use this term either). I remember reading an article describing an experiment where the attack was removed and people were unable to tell what instrument generated the sounds. A lot of development must have occurred in 30 or so years so that concept must have evolved. I understand from what I read that SN is based in samples in the sense they are analysed to be emulated synthetically.
5 197 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
20 minutes ago
My "new" Keurig at 5:30 am today!
[Linked Image] [Linked Image]

74 2,509 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
25 minutes ago
These responses are really great. Thank you all so much.

Mr Willey - thank you for the useful drawing. Crystal clear! I think I love my piano too much to take a screwdriver to it (to loosen a screw) but I will use your drawing and instructions to see what I can discover without making any adjustments.

My next steps are:
- try and inspect the damper felt for foreign matter
- visually inspect whether the damper may be misaligned
- call the tuner-technician

I will of course keep you posted on the outcome. Thanks again.
6 180 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
30 minutes ago
Thanks for the information! I'm fresh out of college so I'm only beginning to learn how this works... glad I discovered this!

What payment methods do you suggest for a private in-home piano studio if I were to charge, say, monthly tuition? Cash, check, direct deposit? How would I go about implementing each? Of course many years later I may want to move my private business out-of-home which means my payment methods could change, but for now, any advice from experienced teachers is welcome!

Also, how should I account for these payments? I work at a teaching studio in my city and we do monthly auto payments where we scan cards. Accounting is done through QuickBooks. Should I adopt a similar method and ask my boss how exactly she handles payments?

I apologize if this is common knowledge to many teachers. I've only recently stepped my foot into the business world. Thank you.
5 86 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
47 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Jitin
Hello I want to get an idea of how reliable has Kawai digital piano been for owners.
Please state:
1.) Kawai digital piano model
2.) how long you had it
3.) issues you had with it
4.) if you had issues , was it repaired with ease?

1. ES100

2. four years

3.1. strange MIDI velocity issue out of the box (fixed itself by returning it to the dealer, cause remains a mystery)
3.2. lubricant leaking out of the bottom of the instrument, when the weather is hot
3.3. one slightly louder A left of middle C
3.4. one slightly sticky G# left of middle C (still working, just more friction and slower return)

4. no repairs necessary so far
72 6,571 Read More
Piano Forum
57 minutes ago
You will get as many brand preferences as you get responses; thank goodness, or there would be a shortage if we all liked the same one. Please take Carey up on his generous offer to help; he lives near you and can provide experienced advice regarding the options you have.
32 688 Read More
Piano Forum
1 hour ago
If new, a Shigeru Kawai.
32 688 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by monkeeys
Oh pathguy, we didn’t tell you? Vacations aren’t allowed for the first 4 yrs of piano study. It’s in the rule book.

Oh dear!!! Maybe I'll do a phone in to my teacher grin
7,902 50,240,278 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
1 hour ago
Hi Ryan
You might want to reconsider your assumption that primarily using credi cards would make you look more professional and use checks/cash as your primary payment method. The credit card fees will eat into your income every month as each payment is a separate transaction fee. I take from several different teachers, and none use credit card payments.

If you want to add the credit card fee as an addition to your service fee, there are two considerations: First, it may not be legal in your state. Secondly, if your students have to pay more money to use a credit card they may want to pay cash or check.
5 86 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by RyanThePianist
... Seems as though the app requires a processing fee for each swipe, is this correct? How is this working out for you?

We factor the fees into our prices. The per swipe fee keeps it manageable - they get money only when we make money. I like Square, they’re easy to setup and the fees are clear and fairly competitive.

FYI - there are no “free credit card” processing services. They all charge a fee even if you own the equipment. Many bank or credit card processing services will charge additional monthly fees + rental for the equipment on top of the percentage of sales. You can find deals, but be prepared to shop around and negotiate or you’ll be paying more than you should.
5 86 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Hi, I have CA65 4 years and multiple hard keys because of felt and PTFE.
I have repaired all the keys so that I do not have to open and close the piano many times.
Here I leave a post where I have indicated how I have done, it is worth reading the whole post as other colleagues have had the same problem and indicate how to open piano and how they have done.
Kawai Grand Feel key clinic:
72 6,571 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Gandhi
Well i have already ordered KAWAI 78....

I took very fast decission because there was no option left for me as Distributor of Kawai told me to comfirm order within 24 hours than only it will possible for them to include My CA 78 in Shipment which Will start from Japan on 20th Aug so there is no time left..
According to Distributor If i opt for next shipment which will be in October than i will receive my Piano in End of November which is 3 month waiting Period which i wanted to avoid...
so i place order immedietly..

Now i will receive Piano 1st Week of September.

Well it was very difficult decission for me to decide so fast & without Personal demo,

But in the end everything is fine now(hopefully)....

SO I would like to THANK you all
Dear JoBert Jitin ArtlessArt Mcoll Tyr rolex67 & Kawai James..
This became possible only because of guidence & advice i received from this forum & yes videos on youtube..



well I am too from India and waiting for delivery of CA78 which will come in the same shipment .
I had to order without demo but I think both of us will be happy when we receive it.

Nice to see that your are revisiting your piano passion after so many years. wishing you many happy moments with your new piano

Congratulations !
36 1,288 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by MiguelSousa
This is an interesting topic and, between us, has made me considering a change in career. The funding for the arts is decreasing; I remember the last time I visited my grad school my teacher told me that she only has students doing a minor in music.

The lack of interest of students and the audience makes me wonder if my profession really matters.

Is it possible to move to an area where piano is more valued?
23 756 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
I like the Swiffer/brush/vacuum idea Sam. I'll try that next time before using the compressed air as it should make less dust that way. I'll still have to use the compressed air afterwards to get into the spots that are unreachable with anything else but the combo of using both methods should do the trick.

I'm not too concerned about the flying dust however as it settles quickly and is easily mopped up. Besides, we frequently dry mop, vacuum and dust the house courtesy of our Australian Shepherd (shedder) puppy!
74 2,509 Read More
Piano Teachers Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by rocket88
The first teacher a person has is the most important teacher, because the beginnings are where the very important habits and practices are formed, which, if incorrect, unfortunately can stick for a lifetime.

This is, of course, correct. However, there are so many teachers who will only teach beginners because THAT'S ALL THEY KNOW HOW TO TEACH.

Sorry for the screaming all-cap type, but it frustrates me to no end to get students from these teachers. One of my adult students came from such a teacher, and when I tried to teach a younger girl from this teacher, the damage was beyond repair.

What the OP describes is actually quite common. Lots of students get past level 1 music by the end of year one. I wouldn't draw any conclusions about the teacher's ability based on that.
9 244 Read More
Adult Beginners Forum
2 hours ago
Started Little Brown Jug.

If any of you need a metronome app, I use one on android called "Metronome Beats". Real quick and easy to use. My teacher started playing the songs along with me at the same time so I can learn the correct rythmn and tempo. Really helps alot!
7,902 50,240,278 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
I've mentioned this with Rob as well re the LCD screen touch interface. I find the it easier to use than my old ES110 where you have to push and hold multiple buttons at a time. With the LCD, you just have to scroll through to find different sounds, and VT is easy to use enough as well.

There are certainly some bugs yet to be resolved by Kawai which are discussed in detail in other threads. But working around it, personally I prefer the touch screen over the old button interface.
39 2,080 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by jeremy12
How are you finding the playability compared to vsl cfx or garritan cfx? Those have long been my favorite libraries and nothing else I've tried has even come close to the playability that those two libraries give me. Unfortunately, they're both samples based on the cfx and I really want a good steinway library.

I'm thinking about taking the plunge for this library during the promotional pricing period but I've purchased several libraries lately that sounded good in the demos and were not enjoyable to play at all (the latest being the new embertone steinway).

A VSL Steinway is not a far fetched realization since they have one in the Synchron stage. When will they sample it no one knows.
211 15,944 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
2 hours ago
Hehe thank you guys, I'll have a lot to read but I'll do it with pleasure.
Thanks to everyone for the advice, clearly I will keep you updated on my purchase and maybe even write something once tested, even if my opinion will remain that of a novice
16 287 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by AWilley

Now for a little TMI about damper alignment: The damper head can be out of alignment in at least 4 different ways (pictured).
[Linked Image]
First (left), it could be out of alignment in the "direction" of it rotating around the damper wire. That's one you might be able to fix yourself. Second it could be misaligned so that it's not exactly between the strings. That, on an upright, you might be able to fix by loosening the screw and sliding it slightly up or down the damper wire (while being sure to keep the first "twist" alignment correct). The third is if it's not parallel to the strings, and the forth is if it isn't close enough to parallel in the other dimension so it doesn't lift completely off the strings. Both of these adjustments involve using specialized tools to actually bend the damper wires, and it's something finicky enough that you want an experienced technician doing it.

The problem could be compounded by gunk on the damper felt itself...a crusty layer from spilled liquid or something. Or it could be something entirely different...some object coupled somehow to the damper. Be sure to keep us updated on what you find.

Thank Mr. AWilley for your detailed drawing. This is useful for any layman. He will be able to correct this damper himself.
Badly or unregulated angles of the damper construction relative to the location to the string are very often the cause of that buzzing of the strings and any liquid on the surface on the wool damper was soaked as well .
Poor or lost wool damper also.
seek ye, and gird up (hear and see)
good luck,
6 180 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Hello All,

I have now had my CA78 for eight months. Here's an update on my experience with the piano that I promised a while ago.

The piano is used heavily - since I restarted taking lessons in January, I have been practicing two hours on average pretty much every day. It has definitely met my needs / expectations for a good practice instrument.

When I bought the piano I had expected to do most of the practice with headphones on; but it has turned out I practice mostly during the day (the luxury of being in retirement!), so I mainly play using the piano's speakers. The default sound through the speakers is rich and musical. Just yesterday, my teacher (who comes to our house for lessons) complimented the piano on having good sustain sound. I would even say that the lowest notes may have more musical content than many acoustic uprights and baby grands. I'm just a little dissatisfied with the tone in the C4-C5 range, which seems to lack certain liveliness. I notice this especially when I'm playing a descending scale; as I enter the range the tone seems to lose "sheen", only to regain it as I exit lower.

I don't find the lit screen interface distracting. There is always clutter on my piano top (scores, practice logbook, various coloured pencils etc.) and the screen doesn't add substantial visual distraction. The keyboard is always well lit. I also use the interface a lot, especially practice-related features like the metronome and internal recording; so I really don't mind it being lit up all the time.

These features, by the way, are incredibly useful (although of course they are not unique to this piano). Coming from an acoustic, I really appreciate them. One wish-list item: For practice, I wish I could do a short record - playback - record again etc. cycle, without the interface asking if I want to save the recording. (I.e. the recording gets always overwritten.) It would be best if this was separate from the standard recording feature, so that overwriting would not be the default for the latter. Also appreciated in the digital piano are the alternative temperaments available in the Sound Mode (I often use Werckmeister C for baroque pieces).
506 51,845 Read More
Digital Pianos - Synths & Keyboards
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Grazilerimba
Bought the LE version. Didn't spend too much time with it yet, but here's some first impressions.

The Compact version doesn't provide a good representation of this instrument, to me personally there's no comparison to the LE version. Additionally, I'd say that the Kontakt version feels a lot more "sturdy". I don't like the sforzando sampler too much.

The instrument sounds very beautiful and rich. Playability is solid so far, but the velocity controls are only pretty basic. You can choose between two curve types and then you have a knob for changing that curve. There's no way to add points or something like that. From what I can see, the Production Grand 2 had the same lack of finer velocity controls. I don't like that.

The sound is superb, and the microphones are a joy to experiment with. There's this whole ambisonics thing that I don't fully understand yet. You can do some kind of positional room micing and there's a deluge of settings and presets for it. I tried out some stuff and the sound is very nice. The sheer amount of customization of the sound will make advanced users who might come from the pro audio scene very happy, I'd suppose.

There is one thing that bothers me, and that's a part in the upper registers of about one or two octaves that feels a lot quieter than the rest. This was already present in the Compact version and I notice it here very strongly. It's as if he accidentally used una chorda samples for the notes in the question, that's how significantly different these keys feel to me. I'd like to hear the opinion of other users about this though, because in the past I have viewed such things very differently from other users here.

I did not notice any out of tune notes or anything, and besides this above mentioned range, the rest of the keyboard felt pretty even so far.

I guess in Kontakt you can probably make individual notes louder? Perhaps I can try to fix that segment myself somehow.

If the LE samples already sound so rich I wonder how the bigger samples must sound.

The instrument is fun to play with so far. I'll spend some more time with it and then write some more thoughts.

How are you finding the playability compared to vsl cfx or garritan cfx? Those have long been my favorite libraries and nothing else I've tried has even come close to the playability that those two libraries give me. Unfortunately, they're both samples based on the cfx and I really want a good steinway library.

I'm thinking about taking the plunge for this library during the promotional pricing period but I've purchased several libraries lately that sounded good in the demos and were not enjoyable to play at all (the latest being the new embertone steinway).
211 15,944 Read More
Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum
3 hours ago
I have been considering getting an adjustable table for the same reason. I think it would work better. Ikea has them.
1 20 Read More
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