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Please fill in this form as completely as possible.

  • First, fill in your name and email address
  • Then, to find the file you want to upload, click the Browse button (next to " Your File ").
  • It will open a new window with files on your computer in it (usually defaults to your desktop).
    Looks something like This
  • Navigate to the file you want, click to highlight it (don't double click).
    The file you are looking for may not be on your desktop (depends on where it's saved).
    If it isn't on your desktop, you need to navigate to where it is.
    Looks something like This
  • Once you've found the file you want to upload
    Looks something like This, click once on the file to highlight it.
  • then click Open, the file path and name will now show up in the " Your File " box.
  • Finish filling in the file information then click Submit. Repeat for each picture.

If you are uploading pictures to be used in an ad on our Piano Exchange
YOU MUST USE YOUR AD NUMBER as the file name.
Your ad number will be listed in the email confirmation you receive when you place your ad.
If you are posting more than one picture of your piano for sale, append consecutive numbers.

EXAMPLE: If Your Ad Number is DP9050302...

  • Your first pictures should be named DP9050307
  • Second picture DP9050307_2
  • Third picture DP9050307_3
  • Fourth picture DP9050307_4

  • Please do not use odd characters in your file name or it may not open for people wishing to listen.
    DO NOT use things like # sign, - (hyphen) or any other unusual characters.
    DO use an underscore _ to separate things, and No to represent #.
    Wrong .. 04-sidrach2#9.jpg
    Right .. 04_sidrach2_No9.jpg

    File Uploader
    Your Name:
    Your email address:
    Your file:
    File Information: (what is this picture)
    Forum Member Name (optional)
    Comments (optional):
    Please Note: Large files take a while to upload, only click Submit Form ONCE!

    Your file will be at: (where should be replaced with your actual file name (including the ending .gif or jpg).

    We receive a notification for every file uploaded. If you are uploading pictures for an ad on Piano World, we will see the ad number (you should also indicate in file information that it's for an ad), and we will attach the picture(s) to your ad.

    Do Not upload any pictures that are in bad taste, they will be removed and you may find yourself restricted from the forums!
    (We record your IP address when you upload)