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In-Tune April 2002
In This Issue ...

~ New Stories & Reviews
~ Welcome Classical-London
~ Piano World Mugs It Up
~ Piano Forums News
~ Music Contest “Vignola Classica”
~ Summer NAMM Show
~ In The News?
~ Hit Parade
~ Contest
~ Did You Get Your Screensaver?
~ The Art of the Piano
~ What's In Store for You?
~ Help Wanted
**** New Stories & Reviews ****

When was the last time you visited our Stories & Reviews area?
We've added new stories and started a section for CD reviews.

Gibson Guitar Company buys Baldwin Piano
Angela Hewitt Piano CD Review
Drop by and take a look...
**** Welcome Classical-London ****

I'd like to welcome our new friends from Classical-London.
Classical-London publishes a free opt-in newsletter full of great reviews of classical music, concerts, cd's and more.

From time to time we will be posting some of their reviews and stories on our site (with their permission of course).
If you are interested in subscribing, drop by their web site (tell them Piano World sent you).
**** Piano World Mugs It Up ****

We are designing a two-tone ceramic coffee mug for our Piano World friends, it should be ready soon. It will be a white mug with our logo in black on one side, and on the other. Should sell for about $6.95 plus S&H. If you are interested in one, please drop me a line and I'll be happy to let you know when they are read (no obligation).
**** Piano Forums News ****

The Piano Forums on Piano World are growing fast!

There are now over 20,000 piano-related posts with more going up every day. The forums are now averaging about 1/4 million page views a month.

If you have a question about the piano, chances are good it has already been answered on our forums (use the search feature to find them). If not, post your questions or answers today.

We recently added new features to the forums too...
Preview Posts
Printer Friendly View
Take Part in Polls
Get Around Easier

There are now 10 different forums, including one called the Coffee Room for non-music discussions. There are even forums for digital keyboards, organs, performance, and general music.
**** Music Contest “Vignola Classica” ****

Will be held in Vignola (Italy) from May, 31 up to June, 2.

The Chairmen of the juries are
Sergio Perticaroli for the piano section
Maureen Jones for the chamber music section
Rolando Panerai for the opera section
Gloria Banditelli for ancient music section

Prizes consists in student’s grants (up to 4000ˆ prizes) and concerts.

All information on their web site e-mail:

Address: Associazione di Volontariato Alef di Vignola
Via Lodi, 8 ­ 41100 Modena (MO) ­Italy
**** Summer NAMM Show ****

The summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show is coming soon. If you are a merchant (or a friend of one) you should be there.
Coming July 19-21 in Nashville, TN

Thousands of NAMM members, exhibitors and manufacturers from around the world come together for one of the year’s most important industry events!
For more information, visit the NAMM web site at:
**** In The News? [Win a Mug!] ****

Piano World was recently featured in a book about family-friendly web sites and in an article in the Cincinnati Inquirer.

Have you seen an article or story about Piano World?

Be the first to let us know and win one of our beautiful new coffee mugs. Send an email (if it's in print, we would be happy to pay you for a copy) to:
**** Hit Parade ****

I'm happy to be able to say Piano World is now averaging almost 3 million hits a month.
That's a lot of piano lovers!
**** Contest ****

Have you entered our contest lately? Entry is free and we are giving away a great wall clock with a keyboard motif every month.
Enter now at:
**** Did You Get Your Screensaver? ****

Did you know Piano World is giving away a free screensaver?
It features beautiful pictures from the book "Piano" by David Crombie Much more fun than watching those fish go across your screen.

Get yours today:
**** The Art of the Piano ****

This book of visionary piano designs by NYC architect/artist John Diebboll, intended for one of a kind construction, take the instrument's traditional form to a new level of understanding by expanding the viewer's multifaceted knowledge of music, musicians and art. This architect's inspired imagination expresses itself in a new dimension of art and design.

There is a direct link for purchasing this book on our Piano Books page if you are interested:
**** What's In Store For You? ****

We have been adding a lot of new goodies to our online store. If you haven't visited in a while you might want to take a look around. Piano accessories, tuning supplies, benches, clocks, and much more...
**** Help Wanted! ****

If you enjoy visiting Piano World (and I certainly hope you do), please consider lending a hand.
Anything from contributing a short anecdote to a full fledged article would be most appreciated.

Other things to consider:
* CD reviews (reviews of piano oriented CDs)
* Stories
* News about the piano industry
* How-to or helpful hints
* Pictures (particularly of unusual or unique pianos).
* Concert schedules
* Competitions
If you do decide to help, please make sure the content you are contributing is ok for us to use. Be careful of copyrights and permissions, we don't want to anger anyone. If it isn't something original you created, please check with the rightful owner.

Send them to:
Please include your name, State and Country

Let us know if you want us to include your name or not.

Thank You

We would also appreciate it if you would help us spread the word about Piano World, and "In-Tune".

Until Next Time

Frank Baxter
Piano World

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