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Piano World Newsletter
September 2000
"In-Tune" the Piano Lovers Newsletter -

September 2000
September 16, 2000

I hope everyone had a great summer!
We have some catching up to do, so this issue 
is a little longer than usual…

In this issue:

~ Pianos On Parade!
~ Piano 300
~ Search The Exchange
~ Word Searches
~ Keyboards & Digitals
~ What's New?
~ Forums
~ Steinway Concert Grands - Perfect for a Nap?
~ Piano Competitions
~ CD reviews 
~ Piano Price Chart
~ Chat Room Hosts
~ New In Store
~ Piano Care
~ Quiz Time
~ Payment Due

Pianos On Parade!
Our own unique screen saver for people that like pianos.  The "commercial"
version is finally ready (for PC and Mac).  Only $2.95! Download yours
More info:

Piano 300
This is the 300th anniversary of the piano.  The Smithsonian is having a
big celebration. 
For the rest of the story …

Search The Exchange
In response to a number of requests, we have made the Piano Exchange
completely searchable.  
Now if you are looking for a piano, you can search by any combination of
brand, price, type, and location.  

Word Searches
By popular demand we have added more music theme word searches.  Check
them out.  If you have any ideas for new searches, please send them to us
(with the words would be really great).

Keyboards & Digitals
Piano World is now affiliated with Musician's Friend.  If you are looking
for a new keyboard or digital piano, take a look through our new pages.
You can find them under the "Buy It Online" section.

What's New?
To help you keep up with new additions to Piano World we have added a
"What's New?" page.

Our piano forums continue to be very popular.  Please drop in sometime and
join the fun (Under the "Piano Information" heading).

Steinway Concert Grands - Perfect for a Nap?
"I have a friend who owns an old Steinway concert grand, and she lets her
kitten sleep inside the piano, on top of the strings!  When she told me, I
could hardly believe that anyone would let something like that happen day
after day after day.  Wouldn't the cat hair ruin the strings?  Last
December or so she had the piano completely re-strung---it seems like she
would refrain from letting her cat sleep under the lid!"
(contributed by Clare)

(contributed by Charles Knupp)

Piano Competitions
We added a page for Piano Competitions. (Under "Just for Fun")  If you
know of any, please share the details with the rest of us. 

CD Reviews
Under "Stories & Reviews". Recently reviewed a great CD of popular and
rock pianist playing classical music.  A few of the performances are very

Piano Price Chart
Added a price comparison chart of new pianos (from the "Blue Book of
Pianos" by Bob Furst)

Chat Room Hosts Wanted …
We are looking for a few good piano lovers to host our Chat Rooms.  If you
are interested, you can choose the "theme" for your room and set the times
you can be there.  Sorry, the only compensation is knowing you are helping
other piano enthusiasts.  For more details:

New in our Store
We have added a ton of new items to our online store,
Including  watches with a revolving keyboard second hand, bar stools with
music notes, hand-crafted toy pianos, grand piano wall hangings and much,
much more!
Drop by today and have a look around ….

And speaking of our store, we would like to offer all of our subscribers
10% off anything in the store.  Just enter "10OFF" (without the quotes) in
the "redeem coupon" box at the end of the shopping process.  Good through
the end of September.

Piano Care
Fall is fast approaching here in North America.  This is a good time to
get your piano tuned and have the inside cleaned out.
Speaking of piano care, we finally found a product for cleaning the keys
that really works.  It's called "Key Clean" (of course).  More details at:

Quiz Time
If I remember correctly (and that would be a first) our last quiz question
was "why do piano bass strings have "windings" around them?
Answer: To slow down the vibration thereby creating a lower tone.
Otherwise, bass strings would have to be incredibly long.

And this months question ….
What is a "tracker bar"?

Payment Due Notice

"In-Tune" is your newsletter, so we are asking you to do
your part.  Help us to make "In-Tune" better for
everyone by contributing.  No, I don't mean money. I
mean articles, jokes, stories, hints, concert schedules, reviews
piano-related news, ideas, pictures, feedback to our questions.  
You get the idea.  Come on, think about it.  
I'm sure you can come up with something.

Send them to:
Please include your name, State and Country

Let us know if you want us to include your name or not.

		Thank You

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the word about Piano World, and


		Until Next Time

Your piano-loving freind

Frank Baxter

Piano World

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