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Sept. 2006
About "In-Tune"
In-Tune comes out regularly, make that semi-regularly, ok... when I have time :-)

Much of the material for In-Tune comes from our world famous piano forums.
If you haven't visited the Forums in a while (tisk, tisk), this would be a good time! There's lots going on.
We now have 18,600+ members, and over 675,000 posts.
Our monthly average page views on the forums alone is over 1-1/2 million (that's a lot of lookin).

NOTE: If you receive more than one copy of our newsletter, I apologize. Our email program sometimes hiccups.

Brook Mays Files for Chapter 11
Brook Mays Music Co., a 105-year-old seller of musical instruments,
has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, hurt by disappointing holiday sales last year.
Piano Piano Closes NY Showroom
According to their web site, they are only closing the showroom, not the rest of their operations.

Sell Piano World?
We have recently been approached by three different industry heavy-weights inquiring about
purchasing Piano World. No, I'm not ready to sell, but it is flattering.

Del Revives Book
Del Fandrich (a forums member) has brought back a book called " Piano Tone Building"
The book was first published in the early part of the 20th century. Del has edited, annotated, and updated the book.
Details Here

$140,000 to Write a Piano Book?
A Bay university lecturer has been awarded a $140,000 grant to write a book with a central thread
of Tauranga's The Elms Broadwood Grand Piano. More Here
(geesh, somebody offer me $140,000 to write a piano book:-) )

2 Out of 3 American Adults Don't Know All the Words to "The Star-Spangled Banner"?
And many don’t even know which song is our National Anthem or why it was written.
The Rest of The Story
Tours, Parties, & Concerts!

M & H Tour 2007
We have already started taking names for the 2007 Mason & Hamlin Factory Tour.
Space is limited to 25 people, if you are interested check it out here...
2007 M & H Tour

Cape Cod Piano Fest
Plans for a unique piano gathering on Old Cape Cod are currently underway.
3 homes, 3 Mason & Hamlin grand pianos.
Looks like it will be Sat. Oct. 21 Details

NYC Forums Party
Set for Sunday, Sept. 24. Get the details Here

Indrek Laul Concert
PianoWorks in Duluth, GA had an announcement posted that Indrek Laul will be
performing a free concert there on October 14 at 7:00 PM on an 9 ft. Estonia.
I've heard Indrek a few times. If you live near here you should go.
(Indrek is a forums member, a wonderful pianist, and a gentleman.)
(Oh, and did I mention? ... he owns Estonia)

Other Concerts & Competitions
For other news about concerts and competitions, see This Forum
Free Stuff

Free Piano Screensaver
Did you know you can get a FREE piano screensaver from Piano World?
It is a slide show of piano pictures, primarily taken from the book Piano
Read more about it Here

Word Search Fun
If you like to do word searches, you'll like our music word searches.
Each one has a music theme, and they are all free.
(Lots of teachers use them). More Here

Better than Free
Enter our Contest to win cool free prizes!

2006-2007 Supplement to The Piano Book

A piano is one of the most expensive consumer purchases many people will ever make. Yet when you shop for a new piano, you'll find that honest and unbiased price information is mysteriously scarce. This Annual Supplement to The Piano Book fills that gap by supplying "list prices" for most piano brands and models, plus advice on how to estimate actual "street prices." Updated general information about manufacturers and models is also included.

The Piano Book: Buying & Owning A New Or Used Piano

A piano is one of the largest consumer purchases most people will ever make. Yet when you shop for a piano you're up against a vast variety of brands, models, and styles, competing claims, and strange terminology. Finally, here is a book to guide you through the process with practical information on every aspect of buying and owning a new or used piano.
The Piano Book, now in its Fourth Edition, has been the standard consumer reference in the piano business in the United States and Canada since 1987, and is the only book of its kind
(Larry Fine, author of The Piano Book and The Piano Book Supplement is a forums member.)

I own both of these books. If you're into piano, you should too.(Frank B.)

Other Stuff

Have you taken our new Poll yet?
No? Drop by and take it now, it only takes a couple of minutes. It's fun to read the results.
If you have ideas for other polls, let me know.

KeyboardMag TV
The first Internet-based TV station for keyboard players!
I checked it out, looks like it will be fun.
An upcoming episode will feature B3 playing by John Novello (John is a forums member).
More Details Here

Moderators Wanted
The forums keep growing, and we need more moderators (particularly for the Piano Forum).
If you think you might be interested in helping, please Read This
Available in now (Piano World's online store)...

Perfecton Piano Care Kit

Formulated exclusively by Meguiar's.
Essential Products to Enhance and Preserve the
Beauty of Your Piano's Fine Finish.

Piano World Piano Forums 2 CD Set
Own a piece of history. This 2 CD collection is the first ever CD of piano music performed by our forums members.
This is a Limited Edition, only 1000 copies were pressed for the first run. Own an original, Order yours today! (while supplies last)
Check out what else has in store for you (lots of goodies for your piano or music room)

Other Stuff Continues...

Where The Action Is
The Boston Chapter PTG and Mason & Hamlin Pianos Presents
Tuesday September 19, 2006, 7:30pm at Mason & Hamlin Haverhill MA
Bruce Clarke, Engineer, Mason & Hamlin Pianos, will give a technical presentation on comprehensive Action Design.
Details Here

I've started working on a new Wiki for Piano
Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the expertise to expand on it.
If you think you can help, please check it out.

So You Think You Know?
All about Piano World?
I bet there's a lot you didn't know.
Visit our Directory/Site Map to see what you've been missing.

And The Search Goes On
You may (or may not) have noticed the recent addition of a Search Options link in the
What's Hot box (top right of forums page).
We've tried to gather all our search options in one place to make it easier for you. Try it.

Other Forums
Do you usually stick to visiting one or two of our forums?
Try poking your head in the others, you may be pleasantly surprised.
For example, try the Just For The Fun of It forum :-)

I've started my own consulting business for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and
Search Engine Marketing (SEM). You can check it out on my new site,

Are You A Subscriber?
Are you a subscribing member to the forums? Has your original "subscription" expired?
Remember, you're on the honor system here. If you'd like to continue to support the forums
(or find out how you can start), please see This Page

Piano Business Professionals
If you are a professional in the piano business, you should be advertising on Piano World.
Find out why ... Here
In Closing

I hope you've found something fun or interesting (or both) in our newsletter.

I'm very proud of the community we call The Piano Forums, you are a great bunch of people!
Sure, we have people get out of line occassionaly, but overall for a group this big we get along pretty well.
I hope you have as much fun reading and participating in the posts as I do.

If you think I missed putting something in this issue of the newsletter, or you have ideas for the next one, please Let Me Know

Until the Next Time, Remember...

It's Fun to Play the Piano! ... Pass It On

Frank B.
Frank B. (your host) is the founder and owner of Piano World, the Piano Forums,, Wiki Piano, and SEO Experts To Go
© 2006, all rights reserved