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October 2013

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What is Piano Voicing, and Why Should You Care?

What do we mean by "voicing your piano"?

I'm glad you asked.
My good friend Larry Buck (of E.J. Buck & Sons) has been voicing my piano, which is providing me with a wonderful first-hand look at the process. Although I've long known the theory, I've never sat with a qualified piano technician and worked through the entire process step-by-step.

Let's start with what is meant by your pianos voice.

Each instrument has a unique sound, a tonal quality and resonance, timbre, sustain & decay, and ... well enough of the technical jargon, in the end it's what your ear hears/perceives, often interpreted as "it sounds ... pretty, rich, full, deep, round, sharp, harsh, thin, thick," ... you get the idea.

This "sound" is a result of many factors including construction, age, materials, care, tuning, regulating (another subject for another article, but essentially how the mechanical parts are adjusted by a technician), weather (temperature, humidity, dryness, etc.), placement (where it is in a room), acoustics of the room, and even how you play it.

Whew, that's a lot of possibilities. So the bad news is there are a lot of variables at work, the good news is most of them can be effected (if need be) by a good technician.

And one of the most important (after basic care and tuning) and probably least understood is voicing.

The short explanation of voicing is that it is a process a qualified technician uses working closely with the piano owner/player to ideally bring out the best possible sound in your individual piano. Now sound being subjective (in the ears of the beholder if you will) it is critical that the person having the voicing done be an integral part of the process, interacting with the technician.

Don't worry, a good voicer will help you along the way because he/she wants to give you what you will be most pleased with in the end, even if you aren't yet sure what that is yourself. After listening to your piano, and to you playing your piano, they will ask questions and explain some of the options, and of course answer your questions.

It is a learning process for both sides, so relax and appreciate that they are here to help make your piano sound better (to you, it's your baby). And when they are done you will love your piano even more.

As for the actual mechanics of the process, we will cover that in more detail next time. Just don't be scared when I tell you it involves needles and possibly chemicals, these are for the piano not you :-)

In the meantime, if you have questions or comments, please share them with us.

I can be reached at
Larry can be reached via his web site,

Steinway Piano Company Sold! The Saga Continues

The discussions continue on our forums about the recent sale of the Steinway Piano Company (and Steinway Hall in NY)
There are now multiple threads running about the purported pros and cons. Read what the public (and I suspect some professionals in the industry) are saying about this hot topic.

Steinway Piano Company Sold - Details and Thread Here

Steinway Acquisition

A Message from Steinway about new owners

And this one

Why pianist care about the Steinway Sale
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Concerts, Recitals & Competitions

Kevin Kern, solo piano concert in Duluth, GA Friday Oct. 11 Details Here
Kevin is a professional pianist, composer, recording artist and a forums member. (his Who's Who listing on our forums Kevin Kern)

What: First Annual San Francisco International Boogie Woogie Festival
Who:Bob Seeley, Carl Sonny Leyland, Silvan Zingg, Lluis Coloma and Wendy DeWitt
When: November 17, Sunday, 2013 4:00pm
Where: SF Jazz Center's Miner Auditorium
201 Franklin Street, San Francisco
Produced by Eliel Redstone, Wendy DeWitt and The Golden Gate Blues Society

San Francisco's first International Boogie Woogie Festival brings in top artists in the world of boogie woogie piano to the Bay Area for a first of its kind event. Featuring Bob Seeley, Carl Sonny Leyland, Silvan Zingg, Lluis Coloma and Wendy DeWitt the show will highlight boogie woogie, a piano style that's been popular through the big band era, helped to create rock and roll and continues to remain vital and inspiring, as illustrated by a thriving network of international festivals and borrowing by today's pop artists.
More about the Boogie Woogie Festival Here
There are some major talents playing this festival, I wish Kathy and I could be there. If you go, please post on the Piano Forums so we can enjoy it vicariously through you :-) I hope Bob does his "Mamma Don't Care" routine, a classic.

Frederick Historic Piano Collection - Fall Concert Schedule
If you've never visited the Frederick Historic Piano Collection, you owe it to yourself to go.
They have an amazing collection of period pianos from the late 1700's to the early 1900's, all restored and all there to be played. Their concert series is wonderful as they bring in talented musicians who play period music on instruments that are from the actual period itself. Trust me, not all music was written to be played on a massive Steinway D, nor are you necessarily getting the composers original intent. But on a piano built for the time when the composer was writing? Now we're talking!
Frederick Historic Piano Collection Fall Schedule

Free Concert in Lawrence MA
Lisa Caliri, Piano
Joel Moerschel, Cello
Sunday, November 3, 2013, 2 p.m.,
Lawrence Public Library

Did you know there is a special sub-domain of PianoWorld specifically for the ABF recitals?
You can find it here:

Remember, if you know of any piano concerts, competitions, or events ... let us know!
You can post in this section of the piano forums (and/or email us) Piano Concerts - Competitions - Events

FUN & Interesting Stuff!
75 Pianos to be installed around Boston
That's right, 75 hand painted (by artists) pianos are being placed OUTSIDE around Boston. They are there to play and enjoy. I once found and played all the pianos from a similar event in Florida, but it was nowhere as big as this one. If you go and find/play some of these pianos, please consider taking pictures/videos and posting on our world famous piano forums.
More Details, 75 Pianos Around Boston

This one is worth repeating...
Alice is a 109 110 year old piano player!
Alice is now 110, PLEASE click here to Wish ALICE Happy Birthday
That in itself is amazing, but she is also the oldest living holocaust survivor. Amazing and inspiring story, check it out...
The Lady in Number 6 - - This is the story of 109 Year Old Pianist Alice Herz Sommer's.

Alice is the oldest living holocaust survivor and quite possibly the oldest living pianist. She was 109 when the documentary was made. If you'd like to see some more, read on (or better yet, catch or buy a copy of the full documentary itself).
This video is titled Music Saved My Life
This one is "A Few Precious Moments with Alice":
This is a YouTube video of reaction to the documentary.
And finally, this is the web site of Nick Reed, the producer behind the movie (and husband of long time forums member, concert pianist Elena Hammel)

Would you like the opportunity to record with a full orchestra?
Virtuoso for a Day can help.
Although they actually paid us to advertise on our site, I found the concept interesting enough that I thought I'd pass it on in case anyone could benefit from it.

Our friends at PianoDisc recently unveiled a line of new products for the piano, built around an optical sensor system called ProRecord. I'm very excited about this system because among other features, it can record a pianist playing and capture all the nuances, then output it to MIDI where you can convert it to sheet music. Perfect for someone who wants to compose/write music. But it also offers much more, including the ability to make your acoustic piano sound like 100 other instruments.
Because it uses an optical sensor, nothing touches your keys. More details coming soon, watch our piano forums for news.

Do you use the "Active Topics" function on the forums?
It can help you discover interesting topics, like this one About How to Read Music

Or this one in the Teacher's Forum About Funny Things Students Say

Naked On The Piano Bench
Our friend and forums member Robing Spielberg (her Who's Who listing on Piano World Robin Spielberg) has just released her new book, Naked On The Bench. I was privileged to get to read an advance copy and I can tell you it is a great read. Funny, poignant, interesting, and just an all around well written book by a very talented young lady (pianist, composer, recording artist, writer ... )
"As a child, Robin Spielberg had a recurring dream that there were secret rooms inside her living room piano. Readers are now also treated to the secrets revealed in these rooms, as they follow her seemingly elusive quest for a measurement of success in her life as a performing artist, which comes at last, in the most unlikely of places."

Check it out on Naked on the Bench: My Adventures in Pianoland
Trade Regrets - Marian McPartland

By now I'm sure most of you have already heard, but I wanted to mention it in our newsletter because it is important to note that jazz great, and great woman Marian McPartland has passed away.
There is a thread Here that includes some posts from people who knew her. She was one amazing lady and a fabulous musician. She will be missed.
Piano Parties!

Here are some Piano Parties that members are trying to organize...
Adult beginners Piano Party Forming in Georgia?
Georgia Piano Party?
A European Piano Party in Portugal?
Portugal Piano Party

Piano Party at Mr. PianoWorld's Home in Maine
That's right, Kathy and I are hosting our first official piano party in our new home in Maine, on October 13th.
Details In This Thread About Our Piano Party

What? You don't know what a Piano Forums Party is?
Essentially it's an opportunity for members to meet each other with no pressure. The parties are usually held at a member's home, and everyone brings a little something (pot luck style, or just ask the host). Each member (and/or their guest) takes a turn playing the piano. Nobody judges anybody's playing, it isn't a contest. It's a chance to share a common interest in pianos and piano music.
We really love to have pictures and comments posted after the event.

If you'd like to get some ideas from past Piano Forums Parties (as well as tours, cruises, and more), Check Out This Area On the Forums
Please Help Me Help My Daughter
My daughter has been working very hard to build her pet care, dog training, dog walking business.
She is a warm loving girl with a huge heart, and absolutely great with all animals. The matter what the weather or what the circumstances, she is there to take care of her friends. All I'm asking is that you Please "like" my daughter's page on Facebook, and if you know of anyone who might benefit from her services, send them her way. Please LIKE

And if you'd like to know more, this is her web site:
Thank you for helping out a proud Dad and his wonderful daughter.
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