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October 2010

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Deutsches Museum Hall of Keyboards Please ... JOIN OUR Piano & Music Lovers European Tour!

Tour Some of the Finest Piano Makers in Europe with us in 2011.
Get your name on the list now. First payment isn't due until Dec. 1st, but we would like to get a head count as soon as possible. (Get your deposit in early to secure your place for the tour.)
If you are planning on joining us, please let our travel agent know.

This is your chance to see how some of the world's finest pianos are crafted. Plus it's a chance to meet other Forums Members, tour music museums, visit composers homes, and much more. And of course, it's a chance to see Europe!

We only need a few more people to join the tour and we'll move into the next price bracket. Saving $530.00 per person!
If you've been considering joining us for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, please let us know now.

Although visiting top notch piano manufacturers in Europe is our central goal, the tour to includes much more than piano shops. For Example:
  • Hamburg Steinway Tour (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Steingräber u. Söhne Tour (Bayreuth, Germany)
  • Blüthner Tour (Leipzig, Germany)
  • Bösendorfer Tour (Vienna, Austria)
  • Meet & Greet and Concert with Robin Meloy Goldsby (the Piano Girl)(Cologne, Germany)
  • Visit the Beethoven Museum in Bonn
  • PM City tour of Leipzig with Thomas Church
  • Mendelsohn Museum
  • Music Instruments Museum
  • Dinner at famous Auerbach-Keller
  • Germanisches National Museum, historic music instruments (Nuremberg, Germany)
  • Visit Wagner & Liszt Museum (Rothenburg, Germany)
  • Visit Deutsches Museum (one of worlds largest musical instrument collections)
  • Visit National Museum (possibly with behind scenes visit)
  • Visit Mozart Haus, the birthplace of Mozart
  • Castle Schonbrunn Visit
  • Musical Vienna Tour
  • We've also scheduled free time to explore on your own
The complete itinerary along with pricing, lots of pictures, and more details can be found on the Piano Forums here ...

Piano & Musical Tour - Europe 2011 Click Here Now!

OT: Learning German?

This may be considered off topic, however it ties in with the tour announced in the post above. I thought it might be fun to learn some very basic German before next summers European Piano Tour.

I realize there is no way I'm going to become proficient in so little time, I just want to show some respect to our hosts, and challenge my fuzzy brain a bit.

So of course I started A Thread About Learning German

Quite a few people have jumped in with suggestions ranging from don't bother, to hire a native.
But they didn't stop there (of course not, it's the forums). In an effort to be helpful, and to keep neophyte travelers like me (I've never been to Europe) from making a complete fool of themselves, our knowledgeable members talked about cultural differences, the people, the food (and drink) and much more.

There are actually some very helpful tips in this thread. So if you are planning on joining us on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, or just planning a visit to Germany/Austria, check out this thread
Musical Genius - Derek Paravicini

I revived this older thread because Derek's story and talents fascinate me.

Excerpted from the 60 Minutes Web Site:


CBS) There are some people we meet in our "60 Minutes" stories who we just can't let go, whose next chapter we're almost compelled to follow.

Like Derek Paravicini, a masterful musician who is blind, with disabilities so severe he can't tell his right hand from his left or hold anything but the simplest of conversations.

"60 Minutes" and correspondent Lesley Stahl started following Derek because of his gift at the piano, but it's what he has taught us about relationships, communication and what music is really all about that has kept us coming back.

When Derek is playing the piano, it's hard to believe there is anything he can't do, and yet when you meet him away from the keyboard, as we first did in London six years ago, the contrast is shocking.

Derek is a musical savant, blessed with an island of extreme talent in a sea of profound disability.

Derek Paravicini Thread on the Forums
Concerts & Competitions

Jeffrey Biegel - Virtuoso Concert Pianist
Piano Forums member Jeffrey Biegel, a world renowned virtuoso concert pianist will be performing with the Hartford (CT) Symphony Orchestra Oct 14 - 17 2010. Jeffrey Biegel Hartford Concerts

Speaking of Concert Pianist, I recently read the book Piano Lessons by Anna Goldsworthy.
Very interesting (and well written) look into her experiences as she went from beginner to concert pianist.
Although many things came relatively easy to her (she breezed through academics), she quickly learned there is a lot more to playing piano at the top levels than merely being able to play the notes.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes the piano, particularly if you ever aspired to be a concert pianist :-)
See More about this book below under Books & CDs

PianoForte Foundation, November Events
Listings of concerts from the PianoForte Foundation. Chicago Area Concerts

Steinway Young Artist Competition
The Steinway of Chicago Young Artist Concerto Competition is the ONLY opportunity in the entire state of Illinois for a young artist to perform a complete concerto of their own choice... Steinway Young Artist Competition - Chicago

60th Wideman Piano Competition
December 3-5, 2010
Shreveport, Louisiana

Finals with Shreveport Symphony
January 8, 2011
Shreveport, Louisiana
60th Wideman Piano Competition Details


PIANOTEQ PLAY: Focus On Your Playing

Pianoteq PLAY

Pianoteq PLAY is a virtual piano, based on the award winning physical model offered in Pianoteq 3 and Pianoteq 3 PRO, praised for its close intimacy and responsiveness. Pianoteq PLAY includes the same instruments, sounds and playability. All this for an unbeatable price: 99 €. Visit for more details.
Books & CDs

Piano Lessons by Anna Goldsworthy
Piano Lessons: A Memoir

Here is one if the editorial reviews of the book:
From Publishers Weekly

Australian pianist Goldsworthy was nine years old when she began instruction with the renowned Russian pianist Eleonora Sivan, now relocated to Adelaide. Their pupil-master relationship grew and deepened over the next decade, rendered here in serene, clear, elegant prose, as Goldsworthy, the child of two doctors and musicians, blossomed into a stunning stage force and a vessel of Sivan's deeply intuitive music instruction.

Over her meticulous stages of instruction, Sivan took on each composer in turn--Bach was like God, she noted, offering "peace, of course, and bells," while Mozart was like Midas, "every sound he touches turns into song"--and Goldsworthy tidily arranges her memoir according to their embarking on these composers' works, from Shostakovich to Liszt.

At first Sivan did not believe that Goldsworthy had the "emotional freedom" to be a concert pianist. However, the youth proved her wrong by incorporating her teacher's radiant artistry and coming to feel the joy of playing. Moreover, after earning top prizes and attaining her dream of playing a Beethoven concerto with a full orchestra, Goldsworthy returned the gift of music by teaching, as per Sivan's ministrations, and composing to her teacher this rich, heartfelt tribute.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Other Piano Related Books we Recommend on our Piano Books Page

Feel free to send us suggestions of additional books and CDs you think we should add to the lists.

Our own member, concert pianist Jeffrey Biegel recently released not one, but two new CDs.
We were at the Millennium Fantasy concert live last year when this CD was being recorded. Loved the entire concert, what a fantastic job everyone did! I have the CD now and play it frequently. I'm still waiting for my copies of the Bach to arrive any day now, but I do know it's been receiving glowing revues.

Interesting Stats & Stuff

Some interesting stats about Piano World.
We've Recently Passed the 1,500,000 post mark!
In Sept. we served up 7,814,965 Page Views for an average of 260,498 page views per day.
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Piano Parties!

Most of the following piano parties were still forming, but some may have already happened.
Of course anytime is a good time to have a Piano Forums Party/Gathering/Get Together!

Delaware Piano Party Anyone?
Delaware Piano

Denver Area Piano Party? Denver Area

Long Beach California Piano Party... Long Beach, CA

WI Piano Party... WI Piano

What is a Piano Forums Piano Party?
It's when members get together with other members (and their non-member spouses/friends/neighbors) to share their common bond - - the piano.
Most piano parties are held at a members home. Typically everyone brings something to the festivities (food, drink, etc.). And everyone takes turns playing the piano(s).
Pictures are a must! We love to see pictures and hear the stories.

Like to see some good examples? Check out this area on the forums... Forums Members Parties, Tours, & Cruises

And while you are checking things out, check out our Fun Stuff category. Most of the posts in here are off topic, but they're fun!
Fun Stuff

With Sadness

This is definitely my least favorite part of putting out our newsletter.
It saddens me when we lose any of our friends, particularly when they are young.

RIP Phlebas (Mike Olsen)
In Memory of Phlebas (Mike Olsen)
Phlebas (aka Mike Olsen) was a long time member and frequent contributor to the forums (and a volunteer moderator), as well as a gifted musician and a gentleman.

RIP Virgil Smith
In Memory of Virgil Smith

Trade Regrets Webb Phillips, founder of Allied Piano, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Thursday, August 12 at the Neshaminy Manor Nursing Home, where he had resided for the past year and a half. He was 83 years old. His wife Ruth, President of Allied Piano, and friends were at his side.

Webb founded the Allied Guild of Piano & Organ Technicians, the original service name, in 1970. This startup company specializing in service, rebuilding and refinishing became one of the largest and most respected in the greater Philadelphia area. Over the years, with Webb and his wife Ruth's nationally recognized expertise in piano service and wood finishing, they expanded into distribution.
Interesting and/or Fun Stuff

Miscellaneous stuff that didn't exactly fit any other categories...
Please note, any piano manufacturers or other businesses mentioned in this section did NOT pay for the mention, I just found the stuff interesting and wanted to share.

Did you know we had a section devoted to player pianos/nickelodians and other mechanical musical instruments? Mechanical Music Instruments
If you'd like to subscribe to a list run and frequented by people who are seriously into mechanical musical instruments, see Mechanical Music Digest

The: Let's See Pics of Your Piano Room thread
Just what it says, members posting pictures of their piano rooms.
Your Piano Room Pictures Includes some interesting discussions of room acoustics.

OT: Wizarding World of Harry Potter - A Visit
Kathy and I recently went to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida to check out the new Harry Potter area. They've done an amazing job creating this magical experience. Check out the pictures and comments. Wizarding World of Harry Potter - at Universal Studios

Glove Helps You Play Piano Like a Pro?
Gloves Help You Play? Well, not exactly, but they do have some real benefits.

National Piano Travelers Association (NPTA) Has a New Web Site: If you don't know what this is, you probably won't need the web site either :-)
Speaking of the NPTA, anybody know when and where the 2011 meeting will be?

It's closer than you think.
As usual I'd like to know who plans on attending the show.
I plan to be there the Jan 12-16. If anyone would like to meet up to say hi, grab a drink and/or food, or talk business (perhaps you'd like to advertise on the world's most popular piano web site, or bestow a huge grant upon us?), please let me know. NAMM 2011 Thread

Need a Laugh? The adventures in "Let's Talk Weddings" Continue...
If you haven't visited this thread yet, do yourself a favor, check it out. If you have been following it, make sure you catch up with the latest chapters.
Let's Talk Weddings

New to Piano World?
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