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Time to Have Some Fun!

May 2011

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Time to Have Some Fun!

We're Going Back to Mason & Hamlin!
It's been a couple of years since we last took a group tour of the famous Mason & Hamlin Piano Factory, but we're getting back on track now.
Those who have taken the tour know what a wonderful experience it is. Those that haven't ... here's your chance!
Join us for an exciting Tour of the Mason & Hamlin Piano Factory Friday Oct. 7, 2011
Mason & Hamlin Tour Details - Click Here

Cape Cod Piano Party!
Join us for a fun filled Piano Party on beautiful Cape Cod the same weekend as the Mason & Hamlin tour. We planned it that way on purpose, knowing some people will be traveling a good distance to attend the tour.
By having the piano party the same weekend we're hoping most (all?) of the people taking the M&H tour will join us for the party.
Cape Cod Piano Party

Piano & Musical Tour - Europe 2011 Click Here Now! Our exciting tour of Germany & Austria is almost here. This is a very unique tour designed specifically for piano/music lovers. Time is running out, but if you hurry you may still be able to join us.

Starting the beginning of June, watch the forums for posts/updates/pictures live from this historic tour!
Live Piano Music?

We are still collecting details about places to hear live piano music.
Restaurants, Piano Bars, Clubs, etc.
If you know of any we can add to the list (thread) please post the details in this thread.
Check it out today... Live Piano Music

Take Your Playing to a SuperNATURAL Level

With Roland’s SuperNATURAL® Piano technology, you’ll enjoy a level of expressiveness and realism that’s simply unattainable with other digital instruments. Unlike traditional designs, which focus on creating a simple snapshot of an acoustic piano’s sound, SuperNATURAL Piano gives pianists a complete playing experience, with the touch, feel, and tonal behavior of a real acoustic grand.

SuperNATURAL Piano blends Roland’s award-winning V-Piano® technology with meticulous 88-note stereo multisampling to create instruments with stunningly natural note decay and seamless tonal variations from pianissimo to forte. For the ultimate in rich, organic sound and dynamic expressiveness, nothing comes close to SuperNATURAL Piano.
Concerts & Competitions

NOTE: Additional Concert Information can be found here: Concerts, Recitals, Competitions

Ragtime Piano Competition - ON Canada
What better way to tickle the ivories and celebrate the Bicentennial than by playing hot ragtime music popular a century ago?

Pickering resident, Ennio A. Paola, is no stranger to the ragtime genre of music. Not only is he the Founder, Collaborative Composer, Artistic Director, Artistic Curator and Director of his own company, Significant Music®™; Paola is also an award-winning Composer and Music Educator. In fact, his featured opus' include "Hawkins' Hill Rag" which is recognized as the last published Ragtime work of Canada's Ragtime Revival Period (1960's-1980).

So it comes as no surprise that Paola has established a ragtime piano competition to celebrate this toe-tapping, upbeat style of music. The fourth annual Significant Music®™ Ragtime Piano Competition will be held in conjunction with the City of Pickering during the Pickering Museum Village’s event, Rag Dolls and Ragtime. Ragitime Piano Competition

Grand Piano Haus - Friday May 20
Grand Piano Haus of Skokie, IL & Lisker Music Foundation is proud to present an exciting evening with internationally acclaimed violinists David Lisker and Bela Horvath. The duo will be joined by sensational pianist out of Los Angeles, Yana Reznik, in a concert featuring masterpieces from their newly released album "Duets". Grand Piano Haus Duets

PianoForte May 2011 Concerts - IL
INNA FALIKS, piano & MARK LEVINE, poet Music / Words
Inna Faliks was recently hailed by American Record Guide as “reminiscent of Argerich.” She and Brooklyn-based poet Mark Levine will juxtapose readings of new literary works with performances of music old and new. Fine Arts Building, 410 S. Michigan Ave., 8th Floor 3:00 PM
$20 / $10 students­includes post-concert reception with the artists For tickets: or (312) 291-0291

works by Bach, Prokofiev, & Brewbaker
Broadcast live on 98.7 WFMT and
Sherwood Community Music School, 1312 S. Michigan Ave.
12:15 PM
FREE admission
For more information: or (312) 291-0291

Acclaimed for his “edge-of-the-seat brilliance,” pianist Anthony Molinaro joins soulful, versatile saxophonist Greg Ward for an electrifying array of original tunes. Mayslake Peabody Estate, 1717 W. 31st St., Oak Brook
7:30 PM
$25 / $20 / $16 (students & seniors)
For tickets: or (312) 291-0291

Beethoven and Debussy
Israel-born pianist and composer Matan Porat has been praised for dazzling audiences with “solid technique” and “splendid musicality” (Chicago Sun-Times). He graces PianoForte’s stage with Debussy’s first book of Preludes and Beethoven’s Op. 109 and Op. 110 sonatas.
Fine Arts Building, 410 S. Michigan Ave., 8th Floor
7:00 PM
$20 / $10 students­includes post-concert reception with the artist For tickets: or (312) 291-0291

This one warrants repeating...
Submitted by member TerryTunes:
Patricia & Michael Frederick have put into place another enjoyable concert season beginning Sunday, 17 April. The following info for the concert season can be found here

Pat & Micheal, over the course of the past year, have overcome any & all obstacles presented to them in having a secure location for their historic collection/study center. They are now able to devote their time into what they enjoy most; the beautiful period instruments made available to the public & the spring & fall concerts.

If you happen to be in the area or live within driving distance to Ashburnham, MA, I highly recommend taking the opportunity to be in attendance for a concert. There is nothing quite as elegant as hearing a period instrument being played by one of the many artists who have appeared at concerts and who understand the tonal qualities these lovingly cared for instruments can produce.

Please join us on Facebook in a show of support for Pat & Mike Frederick and their immense contributions to support classical musical & period instruments. www.facebook/frederickhistoricalpianocollection

Remember, if you know of any piano concerts, competitions, or events ... let us know!
You can post in this section of the piano forums (and/or email us) Piano Concerts - Competitions - Events
When Is a Porch Not a Porch?

When it's a music room.
Waiting for my NEW PIANO! Read the thread about my new piano here: My Music Room Takes on New Importance
Waltz of the Asparagus People!

What is this you ask? It's the title of Robin Meloy Goldsby's new book.

If you are familiar with The Piano Girl you already know this is a winner for anyone with a sense of humor. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, or even if you are, click the link to the post with the details.
Waltz of the Asparagus People
Go ahead, click the link, you know you want to check it out.
Interesting Stats & Stuff

What is a Piano Forums Piano Party?
It's when members get together with other members (and their non-member spouses/friends/neighbors) to share their common bond - - the piano.
Most piano parties are held at a members home. Typically everyone brings something to the festivities (food, drink, etc.). And everyone takes turns playing the piano(s).
Pictures are a must! We love to see pictures and hear the stories.

Like to see some good examples? Check out this area on the forums... Forums Members Parties, Tours, & Cruises

And while you are checking things out, check out our Fun Stuff category. Most of the posts in here are off topic, but they're fun!
Fun Stuff

Do You Own a Dog? Could You Help My Daughter?

My daughter is working on a degree in animal behavior (taking 3 classes and maintaining a 4.0 average), while she works full time running her own pet care / dog walking business.
As part of her degree program she has designed a questionnaire about dog behavior. If you have (or had) a dog it would be a big help to her if you'd take a few minutes to take her survey (and a favor to me).
Dog Behavior Survey Details Here
Fun and/or Interesting Stuff

Miscellaneous stuff that didn't exactly fit any other categories...
Please note, if any piano manufacturers or other businesses are mentioned in this section, they did NOT pay for the mention, I just found the stuff interesting and wanted to share.

Take the NAMM Pledge...
NAMM is asking people to pledge that they will take up a musical instrument, or get back to learning one. I know most of our members are already on board, but it helps to show other people they can do it too. NAMM Pledge

Worlds fastest Piano Juggler?
No, he doesn't juggle pianos, but he does use 4 tennis balls to play.
Some people think it was faked, I don't. What's your impression? Fastest Piano Juggler

David Stanwood Piano Patent
Forums member and piano technician/engineer David Stanwood recently received a patent for one of his interesting inventions. This system gives the pianist control over the touch of the piano. Stanwood Patent Info

I hate Cars!
Well, at least Mine Adventures of a non-mechanic with car trouble

New Piece I'm Writing
I'd like to share my new piece with you. It's a work in progress but you can get the idea from this first live recording. Waterfalls by Frank Baxter
Can't wait to play it on my new **************** piano.

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