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May 2010

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Our First Piano Forums Piano Cruise!

We had a great time, near perfect weather and lots of fun making music.
Too bad you missed it, but you can join us for the next voyage (or maybe our 2011 European Tour?).
In the meantime, check out the Pictures and Reports from Our Cruise
Piano Party Time!

There are always piano parties happening, we just don't always know about them (so hey, let us know).

What's a Piano Party? It's when people who share your affection for the piano get together (usually at someone's home, sometimes at music stores or other venues) to have a great time playing the piano, talking, and of course, drinking & eating. The majority of the attendees typically have met through the Piano Forums, but they also include friends and neighbors who may not be familiar with the PW Piano Forums (yet).

The parties go by various names ... Piano Forums Piano Party, Piano World Piano Party, Piano Gathering, Piano Party, Piano Crawl. That last title usually means visiting various piano stores, although our Cape Cod Piano Party this past summer was like a piano crawl (5 houses, 5 pianos, over 3 days).

If you are planning a piano party, or would like to organize one, please let us know.

Post Your Piano Party Details Here (and let me know about them)
NAMM is Letting the Public In This Summer!

You've been asking for this for years, now it's here. Your chance to see the NAMM show, hear the live musicians, and see all the new toys.
That's the good news, the bad news is, I haven't seen any acoustic piano manufacturers listed yet, just digital and keyboards. But if you also happen to like drums, guitars, amps, violins, flutes, sound equipment, live music, etc. then you should go.
Besides, it's in Nashville, and after the floods they can use all the tourist dollars and help they can get.
More here ... Summer NAMM Let's Public In
Meet Kirby the Wonder Dog

New member in my house, meet Kirby the Wonder Dog.
He's a Havanese, came from the local pound. A real love bug, he's usually right at my feet.
And... he likes my piano playing, lays under the piano (it's a Yamaha digital on a stage stand). Meet Kirby

And while we're already Off Topic - I volunteered for a Pet Festival in Clearwater, FL
If you like animals, particularly dogs... I think I got kissed by about 40 different breeds of dog, from Great Danes and Newfoundland brothers, to Yorkies and Chihuahuas.
Pet Festival
Misc. Interesting Threads, Tidbits & Stuff

Did you play the Sunday Comics on Feb. 14th?
I know, that was months ago, but this is our first issue in a couple of months and I'm still curious how many people played, or at least played in their heads, this piece... Sunday Comics Music

What Would Piano World Sound Like? Listen ...
This web site takes the code from a web page and turns it into music. Piano World Sounds Like

What to Do if There is a Mouse In Your Piano ...
Hey, it could happen. Mouse in the Piano?

The Let's Talk Weddings
And this thread still continues to grow. If you haven't read it yet, check it out. There are some really funny stories here. Let's Talk Weddings Thread

Interesting Thread About YouTube and Copyrights
This is a topic that comes up on Piano World occasionally. You do need to be careful what you post on the Internet. If it's someone else's material, you better have permission. YouTube Copyright Discussion

How to Make an Origami Piano
Ok, so you can't really play it, but it's cute, and the directions are done well enough that you can actually make one yourself. Make an Origami Piano

Men Can Fix Anything ...
I know, off topic, but it's funny and sometimes I just like funny.
A tongue-in-cheek look at the wacky solutions men come up with to "fix" things.
Men Can Fix Anything

Quick Links to Useful Stuff Do you ever check the Quick Links to Useful Stuff section in the right column of the forums?
It's below the ads and forums stats. You should take a look, there's a lot more to Piano World than the forums.

A Ragtime Piano Thread...
I love ragtime piano music. Here's a thread about the music and the musicians. Ragtime Piano

What Animals Do When You're Not Home.
OK, it's off topic, but it's fun. Can't help myself, I'm an animal lover.
I would have tried to work for a zoo or animal preserve if I hadn't followed music.
If you haven't visited this thread in a while (or ever), check it out, it's fun... What Animals Do

Keeping Track of Interesting Threads
Found some posts/threads that interest you, but when you come back a few days later, you can't find them?
Here's an easy fix...
At the top of any post (even if you haven't posted in it) is a box "Topic Options", choosing Ad Topic to Your Watched List tells our forums system to send you an email every time there is a new post. Want to stop following a particular thread? Go back to the same box, and choose "Remove Topic from your Watched List"

Acoustic and Digital Piano Buyers Guide - Spring 2010 print edition

Keith Emerson Piano Concerto - Jeffrey Biegel Pianist

Our own Jeffrey Biegel (world renowned concert pianist) is to perform Keith Emerson's Piano Concerto in NY, Dec. 3. The Orchestra needs donations to help cover costs. I've heard Jeffrey perform this piece, it's amazing.
Jeffrey and Keith Emerson have become friends, and Jeffrey is scheduled to record the piece sometime in 2011 (with Keith's blessings). Here is your chance to hear it performed live.

More details can be found on this special Facebook page... Piano Concerto / Jeffrey Biegel (donate through this Facebook page, and/or indicate you are interested in attending).
At this point Kathy & I are planning on attending the concert, hope to see you all there.

Piano Bars - Restaurants - Clubs

We recently started a list of places you can go to hear live piano music. I know it's been done before, but I'd like this to become a central place to gather a master list.
f you know about any piano bars, restaurants, etc. please add them to the thread. Include your own comments if you've been there. A few members have already contributed to the list, now it's your turn. Check out the places already listed and please, add your own.

Where to Hear Live Piano Music Thread
European Piano Factory Tour

We are working on a tour of European Piano Factories/Shops for 2011.
Because there is so much to see and do in Europe we would like to also allow time to visit some composers homes/birth-places and other historical sites. Then of course there is the incredible architecture, and the food (not to mention the people).

While we are still in the planning stages, things are starting to come together. Please visit this thread and let us know if you might be interested in joining us on the tour.

We're also open to suggestions for what to see and when, and would welcome input from people who have been there (or live there).

Note that we now have a travel agent working with us. Elle is originally from Poland, lived in Germany and had a travel agency in Germany. She know works for an agency in St. Petersburg, FL. Elle has been most helpful, and has enlisted the help of a friend of hers who is a travel agent in Germany.

We hope to have some pricing guidelines soon. It's difficult to get pricing this far out (we're looking at June 2011), plus the agents have been busy with all the issues caused by the volcano in Iceland.

Please keep an eye on this thread (listed below), as this is where we will post updates (you should use the Topic Options / Add Topic to Your Watched Threads List option).
European Piano Factory Tour Thread
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You know I can't resist sharing some of our numbers with you.
Those of you who have been around a while know that in addition to founding/owning/hosting Piano World and, I'm an Internet Marketing & SEO/SEM consultant. All of which simply means I'm fascinated by the stats (and constantly trying to improve them).

Here are some numbers for the Piano World web site...
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Results of the competition are being posted as they happen, in our Concerts & Recitals area (I will condense them when it's over). Concerts & Recitals

Jeffrey Biegel plays Keith Emerson's Piano Concerto Dec. 3 in NY (as mentioned previously). Piano Concerto / Jeffrey Biegel

Let me know if you'd like to post an event on our Calendar, and/or have it mentioned in our newsletter. Email Frank B.

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Some Special Stuff

Virtual Fireside Chat with CEO of Hailun Piano USA - Friday, May 7th, from 5-6 pm EST
Details Here... Hailun Chat

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Each month I try to pull together some information I hope our subscribers will find interesting, informative, or just plain entertaining. I'm happy to do it, but I'm only one person. There are over 33,000 subscribers to this newsletter, not to mention 51,000+ members of the forums.

I could use a little help from our friends. If you spot a post that you think might be of interest to our subscribers, please let me know ( .
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Speaking of interesting posts, we are always looking for posts to add to our FAQ sections too.
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I ask this question every so often because you'd be surprised how many people think Piano World is just the Piano Forums. Not so. I spent years building the other 1000+ pages of Piano World, please feel free to explore.

Things like:
Silly-Fun and Interesting Videos
Including the famous Nora-the-Cat, a hamster, a pig, and a pipe.

Online JigSaw Puzzles with a music theme
You can even submit pictures of your own for consideration in making new puzzles.

Word Search Puzzles (also musical) Print them out and have at it!

A Virtual Java Piano For when you really need to pick out a melody, but no instrument is available.

Check Out our Directory for Lots More to See and Do Or explore the lists in the left side navigation on the main Piano World site.
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