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July 2012

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It's Been A While - & - Next European Piano Tour?

I know, I know. It's been a while since my last newsletter. The older I get the faster time seems to go by, to the point where it sometimes just gets away from me.

It's hard to believe it has been a year since we met up in Germany with a group of our forums members for our European Piano Tour. And what an amazing time we had exploring Germany and Austria, visiting music museums, composers homes, cathedrals, castles and so much more.
If you aren't familiar with our European Piano Tour, please check out this thread.
We're in the very early planning stages of another tour (for 2013), similar to the last one but with some differences (more non-piano activities, more free time). If you think you'd be interested in joining us for the next tour, please send me an email ( right away. Please put 2013 Piano Tour in the subject line, and include your forums name, real name, where you live, and a phone number. I promise I won't share any of your information with anyone without asking your permission first.
It would be a big help to us to have some idea of how many people might be interested in the tour.
Meet Some of our New Piano Owners!

Always happy to see posts by members who have purchased a new (or new to them) piano.
Here are a few recent posts by those kind enough to share with us.
If you've recently acquired a new piano, please be sure to post about it, and let me know the link.
New Piano Arrivals...

Where are the Pianos? FL - ME

We are heading up to New England, leaving Florida on July 7th.
Eventually will get up to Rockland and Vinalhaven Maine.
I'm always on the lookout for places that I can play the piano, partly because I love to play, and partly because I have arthritis in both hand and they get very painful if I don't loosen up by playing.
So, if you know of places along the way (mostly rte 95) be it music stores, restaurants, private homes, whatever, I'd be thankful if you would share the details with me.
You can post the info in this thread or contact me directly. Where Are The Pianos? Thread

We also hope to visit with some friends on the way back down to Florida, so if you're up for having some company for a short visit (particularly if you have a piano :-), let us know.

And speaking of New England and the Boston area, we've created a thread to help you understand the local language and customs of the Boston Area

Rob Mullins True Veteran jazz pianist Rob Mullins released his 27th album June 9 2012 with a sold out appearance at Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver Colorado. Rob's album is his first release in 2012 and features a live jazz quartet performing 7 new compositions plus a new version of Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique Mvmt II.

"I was happy to bring a new set of originals to life with the great musicians in Denver. We rehearsed the material at 3pm on the day of the show, and recorded the album four hours later in front of a live audience. I was very pleased with the interactions and improvisations of the musicians and feel it important to continue making live albums with human beings playing real instruments" Rob said from his studio in Los Angeles today. This year has been a productive one for Rob as he has performed at the NAMM Show, Yoshi's Jazz Club in San Francisco, the Fullerton College Campus Theatre, the Bellevue Jazz Festival, and Dazzle Jazz club with three concerts coming this summer at the Pageant Of The Masters Laguna Arts Festival. For more information please visit the Rob Mullins website at

From me (Frank Baxter)...
I have a copy of Rob's new CD and I love it!
His playing, his composing and arranging, and the tight musicians he plays with all come together to remind me why I love good jazz music. It's a fun album. Check it out, and add it to your collection.

Who's Who on Piano World

Our Who's Who on Piano World forum is a place for professional pianist to post their profiles. It is limited to people who make their living through music, particularly the piano or other keyboard instruments.
If this describes you and you'd like to add your profile, get the details here Adding your details to Who's Who on Piano World

Welcome Our newest Who's Who Member - Jake Runestad, Composer
Award-winning composer Jake Runestad (b. 1986) is noted for his versatility and wide range of expressive capabilities with music driven by soaring melodies, driving rhythms, and lush textures. Considered "highly imaginative" (Baltimore Sun) and "...a voice for the future of composition" (Jeffrey Biegel, pianist), Jake's diverse musical experiences, spanning several continents, have inspired him to create music that captures the emotional vibrancy of life experiences while transcending diverse musical genres.
More about Jake here... Jake Runestad

Concerts, Recitals & Competitions

The III BNDES International Piano Competition of Rio de Janeiro will take place from November 25 – December 8, 2012, in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. Details Here

As I have mentioned before, Kathy and I volunteer at the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg, FL. They have great concerts and shows. If you're in the area Check Out The Events at the Palladium

If you are in the Massachusetts area, be sure to check out the events put on by the wonderful folks at the Frederick's Historical Piano Collection in Ashburnham, MA. Fredericks Events Details And by all means, check out their unique collection of historical pianos.
And if you can be in the area July 29, please attend the important fund raiser to help keep this fabulous collection going and growing...
A special fund raising concert to benefit the Historical Piano Study Center will be held at 4:00 PM on Sunday, July 29, a t the Ashburnham Community Church, 84 Main Street, Ashburnham, MA. Pianist Yuan Sheng, of the faculty of the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China, is donating a repeat of the all-French program he will be playing earlier that week at the International Keyboard Institute and Festival, The New School for Music, Mannes College, New York. In Ashburnham, Mr. Sheng will be playing the 1877 Erard piano from the Frederick Collection – an instrument advertised by the leading Parisian firm as its "Extra-grand modèle de concert" (extra-large concert grand), boasting 90 keys extending to a low G, rather than the usual low A.

The Brott Music Festival is under way (in Canada).
This is their 25th anniversary.
Once again featuring the Steingraeber concert grand. Check out their remaining concerts for July & August.

William Kapell International Piano Competition and Festival
July 7-21 at the University of Maryland.

NOTE: Additional Concert Information can be found here: Concerts, Recitals, Competitions

Remember, if you know of any piano concerts, competitions, or events ... let us know!
You can post in this section of the piano forums (and/or email us) Piano Concerts - Competitions - Events
Trade Regrets: My Friend, George Cole

If you've been around the piano business long enough, particularly those of you who are/were reps, you may remember George from Curtis Music Stores, based out of Lynn, MA. Or you may remember when he was a rep for Kimball.
George was my friend, my mentor, and often times, my second father.
He passed on Sunday, April 15th. (Talk about tax time being stressful!). I posted a little tribute to George Cole Here. tribute to George Cole Here.
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Do you ever visit our other forums?
What do I mean? Many of our members (and guests) find a specific forum from our list and stay with that one forum.

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Or maybe drop in on the Digital Piano Forum to see what the latest keyboards are all about and what people are saying about them.

Did you even know we have an entire section of forums Just For Fun?
That's right, a collection of forums of stuff just for fun.

Than we have the Mechanical Music Forum for discussions about player pianos, nickelodians, music boxes, and other mechanical musical instruments.

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FUN & Interesting Stuff!

Threads with things we found interesting, unusual, or just fun!
  • 17 Excellent Studies About Music, The Brain, and Your Health

  • Turns out music is not only good for the soul, it's good for the brain.
  • U.S. Presidents and their Music Abilities

  • Some of our presidents were pretty good musicians, others not so much.
    One even helped his campaign by playing on national TV. A few years later he got in big trouble for playing, but that's a different story.
  • Competition 2012 - 4 Contests / 4 Instruments
  • USAF Band of Liberty - Piano Auditions

  • (this round may be over by now, but they are always looking for good musicians)
  • Jeffrey Biegel Commission for Fallen

  • Our own Jeffrey Biegel, concert pianist, working with our newest Who's Who member, composer Jake Runestad.
    This is a musical tribute to our men and women in the armed services, written for full orchestra, choir, and piano solo, based on poems written by a veteran.
  • Practice Pianos - Would You Buy One?

  • Would you consider buying a practice piano you could take with you when you travel?
    This subject comes up every once in a while. Unless you are a top professional who is assured a piano to practice on, it isn't always easy to find an instrument when you are traveling (I know, I'm traveling in July and trying desperately to find pianos along the way that I might be able to play).
  • A Real Piano Bar?

  • Now this is what I call a real piano bar. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to be their tuner though.
  • Unusual Piano / Keyboard Pictures from Facebook

  • Whenever I see an interesting picture related to piano, keyboard, or music posted on facebook, I typically share them on my own timeline. Because not everyone uses facebook I decided to post some on the forums. Hope you enjoy them.
  • Had a great time boating, Rented a deck boat for a day

  • I love boats and being on the water. But it's been many years since I was out on anything but a big cruise ship.
    Decided to rent a boat for a day, had so much fun I'm considering joining a boat club now.


Sterling Van Lines - Piano Movers

Sterling Van Lines offers piano moving services across the United States. We can be almost anywhere in the continental United States within 2 weeks. We can handle everything from spinet pianos, to player concert grands with full service door to door inside delivery and pick-up. Our piano movers are experts at handling, protecting and moving any piano. Piano Movers
800 264-6313
License # MC290939 / Cal P.U.C. T. 189566
Nationwide piano movers Serving:48 States
(also local moves in Southern California)
Sterling Van Lines is also known as America's Small Move Specialists.

Help for Melanie?

Many of you have been kind enough to take the pet surveys my daughter created for her courses at college (she finished the year with a 4.0 average and got her degree). Now she is promoting her pet care and training business on Facebook and could really use your help. Like many business these days, hers has slowed down and she needs our help. As her proud Dad, I'm asking my friends (that's you) to help her by liking her Facebook page.
All you need to do is visit her Massa"Chew"setts Pet Service page on Facebook MassaChewSettsPetService on Facebook and click the "Like" button.
As always, thanks so much for your help.
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Please do not create multiple accounts on our forums!

The practice is deceptive and could get you banned. There are very few exceptions to this rule, and they must be approved on a case-by-case basis.
If more than one person in your household wants to log onto the forums with their own account, please be sure to contact a moderator or me directly BEFORE they create their account. We track all IP addresses and automatically receive reports when multiple accounts show up against one IP.
If/when we discover you have multiple accounts we may ban both unless we hear from you with a legitimate reason.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Vote for Kirby the Love Bug!

Kirby the Love Bug Kirby is trying to win his daddy (that's me) a cruise from 1800flowers.
He needs your help VOTE for Kirby
Kirby is a 3 year old Havanese, a real love bug and my best (non-human) friend.
The pose in this picture is his way of saying "Please Pick Me Up"
Fun free videos on Piano Technique

Piano Playing Technique Video Check out our new series of short clips by concert pianist and owner/host of Living Pianos, Robert Estrin.
Robert has been creating a series of free videos for us in which he shares some interesting insights about piano playing technique.
His enthusiasm is catchy and you just might learn something.
Free Piano Playing Technique Secrets

Additional videos will be coming out periodically throughout the year.
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