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NAMM Show 2015!

NAMM It's that time again. The NAMM show starts January 22 and runs through January 25th.
Kathy and I will be arriving Thursday afternoon, leaving late Sunday (red-eye).

We'd be happy to meet up with any industry people who would like to learn more about the advantages of advertising on Piano World and what opportunities are available.
Of course we'd also like to meet up with our friends and forums members at the show as well!

There is a NAMM 2015 Show Thread Here

For those not familiar with the NAMM show, it is a chance for manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers to show off their wares to retailers, and a chance for those of us on the retail side to see all the new goodies, and hopefully take advantage of some show specials.
It's also a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, make some new ones, and hear some fantastic live music.

(Sorry, the show is not open to the general public)

Concert Pianist Just Misses Performing for his 100th Birthday!

Frank Glazer Concert Pianist It is with some sadness that I must report that Mr. Glazer has passed.
We were all looking forward to his performing during the celebration of his turning 100, but alas it was not meant to be.
Frank's health started to decline rapidly (congestive heart failure) and it all happened quickly.
This is from his nephew (who was by his side right up to the end)...

" Friends and Family of Frank Glazer

Frank Glazer is now with Ruth.

He died peacefully, quietly, almost imperceptibly at 1:35 a.m. Joyce and I were here. But so were you. Your words of love had such a profoundly wonderful impact on him in his last few days.

We are all so sad. But try to see him, dark, perfectly pressed suit, shocking white, neatly brushed hair, as he makes his way across the stage to the corner of the piano, as he takes his bow, turns, sits, adjusts himself, puts on his glasses, perhaps gives a little cough, and begins to play ...

He has left us so much.

Take care all of you. I'll update you over the next few days with news of what's next, a celebration most likely but not for a while. A burial of his ashes will be small and private; and we will make sure he is as close as physically possible to Ruth at the Kezar Falls Cemetery.

In the meantime, share the news, share stories and laughs, appreciate this fine man in your own way and appreciate how much he meant to all of us. Stay in touch.


There is a thread about Frank's passing here Frank Glazer

He would have turned 100 on February 7, 2015

Piano Parties!
We love piano parties! If you are planning to hold one, please let us know. Piano parties are a great way to share your love of playing (and listening) and an opportunity to get non-players interested.
Past Piano Parties, Tours, & Events

The European Piano Party scheduled for 4 July, 2015 in Lucerne Switzerland seems to be coming along nicely.
You should see some of the pictures in this thread, breath taking! European Piano Party 2015
Kathy and I are really trying to find a way to attend this one, thinking perhaps we could spend a couple of days in Switzerland and then hop over to Italy for a couple of days. Particularly now that the exchange rate for USD with the Euro are the most favorable they've been in years.

Piano Party in Bulgaria?
Anybody interested in attending a piano party in Bulgaria?
As pointed out in This Bulgaria Party Thread
... Philip an Englishman in China is discussing with Cas, a Canadian living in Italy (who's signature has a picture of a Norwegian composer and a note about Lisbon, Portugal) about Bulgaria, while a UK educated composer and publisher from Greece is commenting on this thread in the forums owned by an American!

(Editors Note: A perfect example of why we call our web site Piano WORLD :-))

Not sure what a piano party is? Check out the links above, and this forum Forum Members Parties, Tours, Cruises, & Meetings
Also, see this Collection of Piano Parties and Tours compiled by one of our moderators (thank you Casinitaly).

Concerts, Recitals & Competitions

Piano Battle!
Chicago, IL – PianoForte Foundation is proud to host the North American debut of the international sensation, Piano Battle, featuring pianists Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis. The duo performs February 5th and 7th at 7:30 PM in the intimate concert hall at 1335 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605.

Piano Battle is an interactive competition between the two pianists who, through rigorous performance during five rounds, are deemed winners by the audience's popular vote. The program ranges from classical pieces to pop music covers.

Piano Battle has been performed and broadcast in China, Armenia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Taiwan. Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis are internationally successful pianists. They could have simply enjoyed a career that followed the usual concert circuit, but that's not what's on their mind. In the Piano Battle, they challenge each other in an energetic fight for quality and acclaim... (Der Tagesspiegel) "The intensity and music heats up with every round." (HK Magazine)
More Details About the Piano Battle
pianist vocalist Carrie Marshal CARRIE MARSHALL
Emotive vocals and acoustic piano, laced with jazz and blues Friday evening, February 13th at 7:30, Lowell MA

E. J. Buck and Sons Performances 171 Lincoln St. Lowell MA
4pc band Piano, Bass, Drums and Horn.
tickets $20.00 includes reception with Carrie and refreshments.
-- -----
E. J. Buck & Sons
Custom Piano Service
171 Lincoln St.
Lowell MA 01852
(978) 458-8688

Additional Details about the Carrie Marshall Concert

Our own Robin Spielberg, some upcoming concerts...

Saturday, January 24, 2015: Mahwah, New Jersey at 8:00pm
The Berrie Center for Performing & Visual Arts presents
Jimmy Webb in Concert with special guest Robin Spielberg opening
The Sharp Theater – 505 Ramapo Valley Road
BOX OFFICE: 201-684-7844 more info:

Thursday, February 12, 2015: Green Valley, Arizona at 7:00pm
Green Valley Recreation presents
Robin Spielberg’s American Tapestry
West Social Center
1111 Via Arco Iris
BOX OFFICE: (520) 625-0288

Friday, February 13, 2015: Phoenix, Arizona at 7:30pm
The Musical Instrument Museum presents
Robin Spielberg’s American Tapestry
4725 East Mayo Blvd.
BOX OFFICE: 480-478-6000

Did you know Robin is a Celebrity Artist Spokesperson for the American Music Therapy Association?
Did you even know there was such a thing as the American Music Therapy Association?

Our own Jeffrey Biegel.

Legendary musician, Peter H Tork The REAL Peter Tork (Official), composes new work for pianist Jeffrey Biegel titled, "Moderato ma non troppo" to be premiered with Orchestra Kentucky of Bowling Green conducted by Music Director Jeff Reed at the SKYPaC on January 26, 2015. Joining them is Dick Tunney's new Piano Concerto featuring the beloved songs by The Monkees.
More Details Here

High Point University 2015 Inaugural Piano Competition
$10,000 in prizes awarded among 3 finalists
For pianists, ages 15-25 who reside in the United States.
Details of High Point Piano Competition

Xavier University Classical Piano Series
Information about the 2015 Piano Series Xavier University Piano Series

2015 Valletta International Piano Competition
Valletta, Malta
February 6-9

Valletta Piano Competition Details

2015 Concerto Competition "Theodor Leschetizky"
New York April 18-19
(Winner's Concert April 22)
Application deadline February 6, 2015

2015 Concerto Competition Theodor Leschetizky Details

Additional Piano Concerts and Competition Listings
Have you visited the member recordings forums?
This is a great place to hear some of your fellow forums members. One is a sub forum in the Pianist Corner which features primarily classical music. Member Recordings - Pianist Corner

The other is under the Fun Stuff category and contains hundreds of recordings of all types of wonderful music. Member Recordings - General

Remember, if you know of any piano concerts, competitions, or events ... let us know!
You can post in this section of the piano forums (and/or email us). Don't forget to keep an eye on the forum below for news of upcoming concerts, competitions, and special (piano) events. Piano Concerts - Competitions - Events

Master Piano Technicians Convention 2015

The Shocks, Breaks and Mufflers of the Piano Business
From Theory to Hands On
August 6th, 7th and 8th

Hosted by
E. J. Buck & Sons Pianos
Lowell MA.

(ad) Ken Knapp Organ Repair

Ken Knapp Organ Repairs

Organ Repair
Vintage Hammond and Leslie Specialist
Repair or Rebuild - To Sound your Best
Sales - Service
Pleasant Mount, Pa. 18453
570-960-1018 / 570-679-2715

Posting Pictures in the Forums

We are often asked how to post pictures in the forums. There is a Picture Gallery Forum specifically here to make this easier. First, please understand that we much prefer you upload a copy of your pictures to our servers using this gallery feature, or our older uploader, rather than just linking to them hosted elsewhere.
We constantly find that pictures linked from one of the free services on the web inevitably end up with broken links.

Our picture gallery tool automatically creates three size pictures. Thumb, Medium (best for display in a forum thread) and Full (full original size of the image you uploaded).
Essentially the steps are:
1.) Upload your pictures to the gallery 2.) Copy and paste the url for each picture where you want them in your post (each picture will have the correct syntax for embedding the picture in your thread).

Full instructions for using the gallery can be found here... Posting Pictures in the Forums

Fun & Interesting Stuff

Cara & Kirby (our dogs) meet Ray Charles.
You'll have to Watch the Dogs & Ray Charles Video to see what I mean.

Eccentric Frenchman turns home into Piano Orphanage
Jean Jude, glasses perched on the end of his nose, is practising scales when his visitor arrives.
"Sorry there isn't much room in here," Jude says, getting up from one piano before wending his way among countless others filling his living room, part of a unique collection totalling around 150.
Jude and his cat live among the pianos in a four-bedroom house at the end of a cul-de-sac in Saint Pierre des Corps, a suburb of the central French city of Tours.
A wooden gate opens into a yard cluttered with pianos stored in crates and protected from the elements with blue tarpaulins.
These are overflow instruments that the 63-year-old music teacher cannot manage to squeeze inside or in the garage.
Piano Orphanage

Disabled boy learns to play piano with his eyes using virtual-reality headset
VR headset maker Fove is raising money to distribute its Eye Play the Piano device to Japanese schools for children with disabilities
Read More Here... VR for Piano

There's a piano in an East Texas tree Piano In Tree

Do you know of a particularly good thread you think others would enjoy?
Send me an email with a link to the thread ( or send it from within the thread itself. I'll take a look and consider listing it in a future newsletter.
And if you find one that would make a really good addition to one of our FAQ areas, please let me know that too.

Are You Taking Care of Your Piano?

Piano Need Tuning? Did you know your piano should be tuned at least twice a year?
As a piano tuner I sometimes receive calls from customers who tell me they aren't sure if their piano actually needs to be tuned. Let's think about this. Have you ever watched a violinist in an orchestra? They often tune up before every piece, and they only have four strings to contend with. The average piano has about 235 strings! And how do you make music on a piano? By whacking those strings with felt wrapped devices called hammers!
Yes, your piano needs to be tuned.

And it isn't just playing that knocks your piano out of tune, changes in temperature and humidity cause all those wood components of your piano to swell and shrink, helping to stretch and shrink the string lengths, contributing to driving the piano out of tune.
Yes, your piano needs to be tuned.

Call your piano tuner today.
Need help finding a good piano tuner? Check our classified listings Piano Classified Listings Tuners, Dealers, Movers, Teachers, Restoration Houses, Manufacturers, and more

PianoSupplies our online store for piano and music accessories gifts and more

Sheet Music Plus Featured Sale
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Find a Professional
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*Piano Manufacturers


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