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Feb. 2010

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Piano Forums Piano Cruise - Almost Here!

Cruise Ship Our first Piano Lover's Cruise is coming up fast, but there's still time to join us.

Read about the cruise and the ship details ... Piano Forums Piano Cruise

Join us on this fun cruise, and don't forget to bring your sheet music!
Piano Party Time!

There are always piano parties happening, we just don't always know about them (so hey, let us know).

What's a Piano Party? It's when people who share your affection for the piano get together (usually at someone's home, sometimes at music stores or other venues) to have a great time playing the piano, talking, and of course, drinking & eating. The majority of the attendees typically have met through the Piano Forums, but they also include friends and neighbors who may not be familiar with the PW Piano Forums (yet).

The parties go by various names ... Piano Forums Piano Party, Piano World Piano Party, Piano Gathering, Piano Party, Piano Crawl. That last title usually means visiting various piano stores, although our Cape Cod Piano Party this past summer was like a piano crawl (5 houses, 5 pianos, over 3 days).

If you are planning a piano party, or would like to organize one, please let us know.

Post Your Piano Party Details Here (and let me know about them)
New Sub Forums for Member Recordings

In response to popular requests we've created two new "sub-forums" specifically for members to use to post their recordings. One is under the Pianist Corner, the other is under the Pianist Corner - Non Classical. These new areas replace the old Members Recordings forum (don't worry, everything posted in the old forum will still be available).

You can find these new sub-forums by clicking into their respective top level forum and looking near the top of the page.
Which Digital Piano Sounds Best?

Ok, I know the answer to that question is subjective, but there's a thread going on in the Digital Pianos, Synths, & Keyboards Forum that may come close to answering the question.

Member dewster started a thread about using a midi file and recording to capture the sounds of various digital instruments. As I understand it (and I'm sure there are plenty of people who will be happy to correct me if I'm wrong), using the midi files acts as a control to produce valid comparisons, eliminating some of the inevitable variables caused by us (humans).

Maybe you should just check out the thread, where people much smarter than I am have posted lots of good information. I've been following this thread for a while and find it very interesting, even if I do only understand about half of what is posted :-)
Digital Piano Comparisons Thread (DP BSD)

This is not to be confused with the "Official" Top of the Line Digital Comparison Thread (the topic creator's title, not mine). Top of Line Digital Piano Comparisons
Misc. Interesting Threads, Tidbits & Stuff

Piano World - The Early Years
Every once in a while someone brings up the subject of where we were at years ago on Piano World. This post contains links to some threads I saved from 1999/2000
the Way We Were

A new Grand Piano is Born
Can't find the right grand piano for you? Why not build your own?
That's what one of our members is doing, and you can read about it here. (hint: this is not a typical diy project). A New Baby Grand

The Let's Talk Weddings thread still continues to grow. If you haven't read it yet, check it out. There are some really funny stories here. Let's Talk Weddings Thread

Can I Say That on the Forums?   This one is worth repeating to make sure new members see it...
According to a recent article in Parade Magazine, you'd better be careful what you post online. Particularly on a popular forum like ours.
And if you think you are being anonymous because you didn't use your real name, and used a junk email address, think again.
Read this post for an idea of What Can Happen When You Say the Wrong Things Online

Silent Monks Singing Hallelujah
This one is fun, but you have to pay very close attention to the video. Silent Monks - Hellelujah

Of Pipe Organs in Romania ...
This thread contains some great pictures and stats about some beautiful pipe organ installations in Romania. Pipe Organs
I bet you didn't even know we had an organ forum did ya?
Well, we do, and it's right here ... Organ Forums

Yamaha Pleased With Results
According to article on The Onion, Yamaha is please with their earnings results, based on ... (you'll have to see the article). Yamaha Results

1916 Steinway Piano Factory Tour
Wow, that's even before my time :-) Henry Z. Steinway talks about the factories in NY while viewing pictures from 1916. 1916 Steinway Factory Tour

How to Get Jazz Gigs?
Some members post tips on getting gigs, check them out and add your own. Although the title says Jazz, the techniques for getting gigs apply to any genre.
Getting Gigs

NAMM Foundation is Looking for the Best Communities for Music Education
There have been some interesting comments about the selection criteria. Best Music Communities?

Keeping Track of Interesting Threads
Found some posts/threads that interest you, but when you come back a few days later, you can't find them?
Here's an easy fix...
At the top of any post (even if you haven't posted in it) is a box "Topic Options", choosing Ad Topic to Your Watched List tells our forums system to send you an email every time there is a new post. Want to stop following a particular thread? Go back to the same box, and choose "Remove Topic from your Watched List"

Acoustic and Digital Piano Buyers Guide

NAMM 2010 - Anaheim, CA

Another winter NAMM show has come and gone. We enjoyed visiting with friend old and new, and as always enjoyed playing with the toys.
Unfortunately most of the German piano manufacturers opted not to display this year, and many other displays were smaller than in past years. Still the overall mood was positive. The dealers and the exhibitors we spoke with all seemed more optimistic about 2010 than 2009.

Pictures and reports are posted in this thread (ignore the silly discussions about my choice of apparel)... NAMM 2010 Thread

Piano Bars - Restaurants - Clubs

I've just started a list of places you can go to hear live piano music. I know it's been done before, but I'd like this to become a central place to gather a master list.
If you know about any piano bars, restaurants, etc. please add them to the thread. Include your own comments if you've been there. A few members have already contributed to the list, now it's your turn. Check out the places already listed and please, add your own.
Where to Hear Live Piano Music Thread
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Have you recently purchased a piano (new to you)?

Let me know where your post is (or some details so I can find it). I'm thinking of creating special sub-forums under the Piano Forum and the Digital Piano Forum specifically for posts about piano purchases. We love stories about new piano owners (and pictures, don't forget picture), but they tend to get lost pretty quickly. It would be nice to have them in one place so others can share in your joy, and learn from your experiences.

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National Music Museum in SD

Pictures Posted by member feeble. These are great pictures of some amazing old pianos, including the best shots I've seen of the mysterious Janko keyboard. Many of the pianos (and other instruments) shown are very rare, yet in amazingly good condition. I'd love to tour the museum, but unless they can move the collection to Key West (Florida), I think I'll wait until summer. Would make a great PWPF travel trip though :-)
Music Museum - Great Pictures
Numbers Please

You know I can't resist sharing some of our numbers with you.
Those of you who have been around a while know that in addition to founding/owning/hosting Piano World and, I'm an Internet Marketing & SEO/SEM consultant. All of which simply means I'm fascinated by the stats (and constantly trying to improve them).

Here are some recent numbers for the Piano World web site...
PW Stats Dec 2009
Unique visitors means just that, the number of unique visitors to Piano World in the month of Dec. 2009 (508,338 or over 1/2 million).

Number of visits indicates how many times the site was visited, including by people who visited more than once (823,665).

Pages is how many complete pages we served up for people to view (much more accurate representation of a web sites popularity than hits). We served up 7,363,580 pages in Dec. or an average of approximately nine pages per visitor.

Hits are a metric I don't much like. They are often used by people trying to make their web site seem more popular than it is. To a web server, every element that loads in a page counts as one "hit". So if a page contains 25 pictures and 2 scripts, it counts as 27 "hits" every time it loads. Very ambiguous if you ask me. But if you're counting, we had up 35,350,083 hits in December.

And finally, bandwidth tells me how much data we served from our servers. 509.15 GB means over 509 Billion Bytes transferred from our servers to our guests (well, not exclusively to visitors, some goes to the spiders, some to running scripts, etc., but you get the idea).
I'm move interested in the first three stats (and a number of others I follow in other analytics software). And if you are a thinking of advertising on Piano World, they are numbers you should know.

Oops, One more number, we recently moved passed the 49,000 registered members mark.

The next milestone will be when we hit 50,000 members, a number I'm pretty excited about (because it sounds impressive :-)
Of course, it would be more meaningful if more members kept active, but I understand why many people join, get the info they want and leave. Still lots of those same people drop in to see what's going on, they just don't necessarily participate.

Miracle in a Box
a piano reborn
Miracle in a Box Miracle In A Box is the true story of a 1927 Steinway, the people who restored it, and the First UC Berkeley Piano Competition where the Steinway was awarded as First Prize. Narrated by John Lithgow. Featuring Garrick Ohlsson and Jake Heggie. 56 minutes with over an hour of Bonus Features. A film by Oscar and Emmy winning filmmaker John Korty.

See the trailer or order a DVD at
Concerts and Events

Additional Dates and Venues for ELP concerts this summer
Actually it's just Keith & Greg.
Emerson & Palmer Concerts

Free Concerts in DC Area... We've posted this one before, but there are some updates and reviews now. Free DC Concerts

Fredric Chopin's 200th - 2010 E-Cital check in
A tribute recital from our Piano Forums members. F. Chopin 200th e-Cital

The MTNA National Conference
A thread about the upcoming MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 20–24, at the Albuquerque Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque.
MTNA Thread

Let me know if you'd like to post an event on our Calendar, and/or have it mentioned in our newsletter. Email Frank B.

And by all means let me know if you discover any interesting threads you think we should add to our FAQ sections and/or share (via these newsletters) with the others.
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European Piano Factory Tour

We are working on putting together a tour of European Piano Factories for 2011.
Because there is so much to see and do in Europe we would like to also allow time to visit some composers homes/birth-places and other historical sites. Then of course there is the incredible architecture, and the food (not to mention the people).
This is very much just in the planning stages right now. Please visit this thread and let us know if you might be interested in joining us on the tour.
We're also open to suggestions for what to see and when, and would welcome input from people who have been there (or live there).
European Piano Factory Tour Thread
The Rules & Guidelines Are Changing

I've had a number of meetings with the moderators over the past few weeks. We will be making some changes in how issues are handled on the forums. Some of these changes are internal (we will now be keeping better records of infractions, communicating more readily with each other, and making major decisions as a group).
Other changes are really mostly an update and reiteration of our Rules and Guidelines. All of this will be incorporated into the existing Rules/Guidelines post shortly. In the meantime I am including an outline here (my thanks to the moderators for all their help with this).

Please know that I think we have a wonderful goup of members overall, with the majority of you showing respect for each other, even when you agree to disagree. However with so many members there are bound to be a few who feel the are exempt from the rules and guidelines (trust me, you are not).

Behavior on the Forum
Although we lively discussions and strong opinions are welcome, here are some guidelines:
  • Don't hijack threads. If you read something in a thread that makes you want to explore a different tangent, start another thread.
  • Stay on topic. Piano World is the place to discuss pianos, pianists, piano playing, piano music, ... - All Things Piano! The occasional off topic thread gives the forum a bit of spice but please conform to the following:
    • Mark your thread as off topic e.g., OT - what's the best device for listening to music
    • Do not start off topic threads on topics that are potentially controversial or inflammatory. Examples include: politics, religion, etc.
    • Be aware that forum moderators may choose to limit the number of off topic threads in a particular forum.
  • Repeatedly hijacking threads either to start a new topic or carry on a "side" (but public) conversation is not permitted and will result in a warning and possible suspension of access to the forum.
  • Discuss what has been said, not the person who said it. Feel free to disagree, even strongly, with something someone has said but note that they're as entitled to their opinion as you are and just because they don't share your opinion doesn't mean they're wrong or deserving of abuse.
  • If you feel someone is attacking you or a fellow forum member, resist the urge to wade in and do battle. Use the Notify button. It's the icon labeled "Notify" at the bottom of each post. This will give you the opportunity to say how you think the post is "out of bounds" and will send a notice to forum administrators. Note that if you choose to ignore this and respond on the forum, your posts and subsequent responses may be deleted. Repeated infractions will draw a warning and possible ban.
  • If you feel someone is using the forum improperly e.g., to post spam, advertising, etc., use the Notify button to report it.
Suspension from the forum

While it is our strong desire to allow conversations on the forum to continue freely, violation of the rules discussed here or any other behavior deemed by the moderating staff to be inconsistent with our desire to make Piano World a welcoming, friendly place may result in suspension or termination of your ability to access the forum.

In general, we try hard to be fair and not overly heavy handed. If you step out of bounds, you will more than likely receive a message from a moderator alerting you to that fact and warning you against future infractions. You should take that warning seriously. Subsequent misbehavior on your part will result in a suspension of your ability to access the forum. The duration of that suspension depends on the nature of the infraction. Note that although you will receive notice of suspension or termination from a single moderator, all suspensions or terminations of access are reviewed by the entire moderating team..

Moderators Wanted
Because we have such a large membership and keep growing I've decided to look for a couple more moderator volunteers. These positions will be in addition to the moderators we already have, to share the load. Please see this post about the basic requirements, then let me know if you are interested. Moderators Wanted
With a Little Help From Our Friends

Each month I try to pull together some information I hope our subscribers will find interesting, informative, or just plain entertaining. I'm happy to do it, but I'm only one person. There are over 33,000 subscribers to this newsletter, not to mention 49,000+ members of the forums.

I could use a little help from our friends. If you spot a post that you think might be of interest to our subscribers, please let me know ( .
Same thing goes for interesting articles, stories, clips, etc. found in print or on other sites.
If it's something you found other than on Piano World, please make sure you include all the details so we can credit the right original source, as content is often times under copyright.

Speaking of interesting posts, we are always looking for posts to add to our FAQ sections too.
With over 1.3 million posts, it takes a lot to slog through looking for answers. Moving particularly helpful threads to one of our FAQ sections helps new visitors/members find answers, and minimizes the need to keep posting the same answers to the same questions over and over. Again, please Let Me Know if you think you've spotted a good canditate. And PLEASE, include a link directly to the post.

What About the Other Places on Piano World?
I ask this question every so often because you'd be surprised how many people think Piano World is just the Piano Forums. Not so. I spent years building the other 1000+ pages of Piano World, please feel free to explore.

Things like:
Silly-Fun and Interesting Videos
Including the famous Nora-the-Cat, a hamster, a pig, and a pipe.

Online JigSaw Puzzles with a music theme
You can even submit pictures of your own for consideration in making new puzzles.

Word Search Puzzles (also musical) Print them out and have at it!

A Virtual Java Piano For when you really need to pick out a melody, but no instrument is available.

Check Out our Directory for Lots More to See and Do Or explore the lists in the left side navigation on the main Piano World site.
Piano Forums Hints & Help

PM (Private Messages)
Replying to a PM instead of clicking the link where it says "You can ONLY reply to this message by ...." sends it to me, not the intended recipient. You need to CLICK THE LINK IN THE PM that was sent to you.

Searching on the Forums...
You must be signed in to use the search function. It is best to use Advanced Search, setting parameters that will narrow the search to one or two specific forums and a particular timeline. Because the search is such a drag on resources, we have put in place a process that will kick you out of your search if it is too broad and taking too long.
Do us all a favor, narrow your search. The only other solution is for me to use Google search for our internal search engine, which means being exposed to Google ads. I figured we'd try to avoid that as we show you enough ads now in our effort to support the forums and Piano World.

Multiple Accounts
Please DO NOT use more than one account on the forums. We automatically track members with multiple accounts (by IP address among other tools). Members with multiple accounts from one location are immediately suspected of being "sock puppets".
Meaning you are suspected of being up to no good, trying to deceive your fellow members.
Don't think because you haven't been contacted yet that you aren't being watched, you are. We have software that automatically tracks multiple sign-ins. You could end up being permanently banned, and yes, we will expose you to the other members.

Want to display pictures and/or multimedia (ex: YouTube)?
Make sure you choose "Switch to Full Reply Screen" first. You will then see a number of icons (buttons) including Images, Media, Links, etc.

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In Closing

As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions for the next issue of our newsletter, the Piano Forums, or Piano World, please let me know (
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