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December 2009

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Happy Holidays , Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
May the holidays bring you cheer, and the new year bring you peace, prosperity, and piano music :-)

Piano Forums Piano Cruise - Prices Dropped!

Cruise Ship Our first Piano Lover's Cruise is coming up fast, and now cabins are available at new lower prices!
Don't worry, if you already booked through Bill (our travel agent), you will get the lower price. If you haven't booked yet, do it now.

Read about the cruise and the ship details ... Piano Forums Piano Cruise

Join us on this cruise, and don't forget your music!
Piano Party Time!

There are always piano parties happening, we just don't always know about them (so hey, let us know).

What's a Piano Party? It's when people who share your affection for the piano get together (usually at someone's home, sometimes at music stores or other venues) to have a great time playing the piano, talking, and of course, drinking & eating. The majority of the attendees typically have met through the Piano Forums, but they also include friends and neighbors who may not be familiar with the PW Piano Forums (yet).

The parties go by various names ... Piano Forums Piano Party, Piano World Piano Party, Piano Gathering, Piano Party, Piano Crawl. That last title usually means visiting various piano stores, although our Cape Cod Piano Party this past summer was like a piano crawl (5 houses, 5 pianos, over 3 days).

If you are planning a piano party, or would like to organize one, please let us know.

Piano Parties Coming Soon

San Fran Piano Party Jan 23, 2010 SanFran Piano Party Thread

Post Your Piano Party Details Here (and let me know about them)

Create your own piano with Pianoteq!

Create your own piano with Pianoteq Pianoteq is a unique physically modelled piano software that lets you create your own piano.
It also offers a range of beautiful historical instruments such as pianoforte, harpsichords, vibraphones and electro-acoustic pianos.
Listen to audio samples and download a free trial version at
10 Pianos Out In the Street!

Ybor City Outside Piano

That's right, 10 pianos all outside ... where anyone can play them!

And what fun it is hunting them all down. Ten different pianos in ten different spots around the city. Each one of them painted by a different artist. Yes, they are still there, but only through Jan. 9
10 Pianos Outside - the Details
Read the thread, view the pictures, and join the hunt!
RIP Charlie Banacos

"The jazz community lost Charlie Banacos on Dec. 8th. His students and friends worldwide have lost a much loved and respected mentor, a true genius and advocate for jazz". Charlie Banacos tributes and stories
Misc. Interesting Threads, Tidbits & Stuff

Tailor Made Contest
This was a contest to come up with a caption for a cartoon showing a room full of grand pianos (you have to see it to understand). I thought our members came up with some great captions, wanted to share them with you. Tailor Made Contest - the Captions

60+ Pianos Vandalized at NY School
Sad but true. Some idiot(s) vandalized over 60 pianos at this NY school.
Read about it here School Pianos Vandalized

The Let's Talk Weddings thread continues to grow. If you haven't read it yet, check it out. There are some really funny stories here. Let's Talk Weddings Thread

A word or Two on the Piano Industry
This one stirred up some interesting comments. The Piano Industry

Can I Say That on the Forums?   This one is worth repeating...
According to a recent article in Parade Magazine, you'd better be careful what you post online. Particularly on a popular forum like ours.
And if you think you are being anonymous because you didn't use your real name, and used a junk email address, think again.
Read this post for an idea of What Can Happen When You Say the Wrong Things Online

Keeping Track of Interesting Threads
Found some posts/threads that interest you, but when you come back a few days later, you can't find them?
Here's an easy fix...
At the top of any post (even if you haven't posted in it) is a box "Topic Options", choosing Ad Topic to Your Watched List tells our forums system to send you an email every time there is a new post. Want to stop following a particular thread? Go back to the same box, and choose "Remove Topic from your Watched List"

Acoustic and Digital Piano Buyers Guide

NAMM 2010 - Anaheim, CA - It's Almost Here!

The countdown continues. Now it's only about 3 weeks until the big show. January 14-17, 2010.

We would love to see you there.

Curious about which piano and/or keyboard companies will be exhibiting this year?
I've added a list to this thread, compiled from a spread sheet of all 1600+ exhibitors.
What's interesting is the companies who are NOT displaying this year, and that includes some big names in the industry.

Let us know if you are planning on attending, or exhibiting. And by all means, let me know if you'd like to meet up while we're out there.
NAMM 2010 Thread

Piano Bars - Restaurants - Clubs

I've just started a list of places you can go to hear live piano music. I know it's been done before, but I'd like this to become a central place to gather a master list.
If you know about any piano bars, restaurants, etc. please add them to the thread. Include your own comments if you've been there.
Where to Hear Live Piano Music Thread
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Christmas Sheet Music to download instantly     Download Sheet Music at

Have you recently purchased a piano (new to you)?

Let me know where your post is (or some details so I can find it). I'm thinking of creating special sub-forums under the Piano Forum and the Digital Piano Forum specifically for posts about piano purchases. We love stories about new piano owners (and pictures, don't forget picture), but they tend to get lost pretty quickly. It would be nice to have them in one place so others can share in your joy, and learn from your experiences.
Can You Help?

If you enjoy the Piano Forums, please consider doing a little something to help support them.
We are a small business that relies on revenue from our advertisers and sale in our online store.
We are surviving, but like most small businesses, money is tight.
Please visit our Help Support the Forums page for some suggestions of how you might help.
Christmas Music Performed by Our Members

Check out this thread in the ABF (Adult Beginners Forum).
It has a wonderful collection of Christmas/Holiday music performed by our very own members.
Many even include videos (including one of yours truly).
It's great fun to hear all the different interpretations and arrangements. Not to mention you get to hear a lot of different pianos, both acoustic and digital. Spend some time in this thread, it will certainly help you get in a cheerful holiday spirit.
Christmas Piano Music from Your Friends on the ABF

Miracle in a Box
Miracle in a Box Miracle In A Box is the true story of a 1927 Steinway, the people who restored it, and the First UC Berkeley Piano Competition where the Steinway was awarded as First Prize. Narrated by John Lithgow. Featuring Garrick Ohlsson and Jake Heggie. 56 minutes with over an hour of Bonus Features. A film by Oscar and Emmy winning filmmaker John Korty.

See the trailer or order a DVD at
Concerts and Events

Chicago Amateur Piano Competition Now Accepting Applications
The first Chicago Amateur Piano Competition will be held next year from June 24 – June 27, 2010 (Thursday through Sunday). Applications are now being accepted from amateur pianists who pursue piano playing through love of the instrument and its repertoire, rather than as a professional occupation or for financial benefit. Competitors are expected to be at least 30 years of age at the time of the competition, and may be neither a faculty member at a music school nor a student pursuing a degree in piano performance.

Chicago Piano Competition Additional Details

Let me know if you'd like to post an event on our Calendar, and/or have it mentioned in our newsletter. Email Frank B.
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Silly-Fun and Interesting Videos
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