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August 2013

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Mason & Hamlin Factory Tour 2013!

There are still a few openings for our free tour of the Mason & Hamlin Piano Factory!
The tour is scheduled for Monday, September 9th starting at 9:00 a.m. If you are interested in joining us you've got to act fast, these openings won't last.

There will also be a Piano Party following the tour, more info below. DETAILS about the Mason & Hamlin tour HERE
NOTE: If your name isn't listed in the M&H thread, we do not have you on our attendee list.

Piano Party - Lowell MA - Sept. 9!

Join us for a fun time on September 9th. Our friends Larry and Pattie of E.J. Buck & Sons Pianos have kindly offered to host a Piano Forums Piano Party immediately following the Mason & Hamlin factory tour. I expect we will arrive in Lowell between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m.
You DO NOT have to be a forums member nor do you have to attend the factory tour to join us for the piano party.
YOU DO need to like piano music, good food, and having fun :-)

Speaking of good food, we always appreciate contributions of food and drink at these functions. If you can bring something, please do, and please let Larry and Pattie know what you plan to bring.

E.J. Buck & Sons Pianos
171 Lincoln St Lowell, MA 01852
(978) 458-8688

Piano Party at Mr. PianoWorld's House!
October 13 in Maine

Kathy and I have been working hard fixing up and remodeling our new (to us) home in Maine, and now we feel it's ready enough to invite guests. Part of the reason we purchased this house was because it gives us some room to entertain (and plenty of parking).

We can't wait to Host Our First Piano Party in our new home!

We are located on Moulton Hill Road in Parsonsfield Maine, considered southern Maine ( southwest). While our house is up in the hills, it's really only about an hour to the Maine coast (Wells, Ogunquit, Portland), or about the same to North Conway New Hampshire (and the Kancamangus highway).
We are planning the party for Saturday October 13th. This should be right around peak foliage time in our area. I can't begin to describe how beautiful it is up here, the mountain vistas are breath taking!

The Visit Maine website has tons of listings of things to do and see in and around our area. Here is a direct link to their fall listings. Maine in the Fall

Right now we would just like to get some idea of how many people might join us for our party.
If you feel you would like to come, please let us know (and let us know if you will be bringing additional guests with you).
Also, if you are within driving distance and can help out with the food/libations, please let us know that too.
You can email me at , please put Party at Mr. PianoWorld's in the subject line, so your email doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

More Details In This Thread About Our Piano Party

What? You don't know what a Piano Forums Party is?
Essentially it's an opportunity for members to meet each other with no pressure. The parties are usually held at a member's home, and everyone brings a little something (pot luck style, or just ask the host). Each member (and/or their guest) takes a turn playing the piano. Nobody judges anybody's playing, it isn't a contest. It's a chance to share a common interest in pianos and piano music.
We really love to have pictures and comments posted after the event.

If you'd like to get some ideas from past Piano Forums Parties (as well as tours, cruises, and more), Check Out This Area On the Forums
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Steinway Piano Company Sold!

After much speculation and many discussions on our forums the real answer is finally here.

Steinway Musical Instruments Inc., best known for its grand pianos, agreed on Wednesday to be taken private by Paulson & Co. after the hedge fund firm raised its offer to $40 per share, valuing the 160-year old company at about $512-million (U.S.)
Steinway shares rose above the Paulson bid, touching a high of $41.60, suggesting some investors expect a higher offer.
The piano maker caters to the tastes of the rich and famous, a market known to be more resilient to economic shifts, said CJS Securities Inc analyst Arnold Ursaner.
"When you are dealing with any global luxury brand, the value is in the eye of the beholder. To me it's no different than a work of art, it's what someone is willing to pay for that unique asset. The piano business of Steinway has a great pedigree and is not easy to come by," Ursaner said.
A leveraged buyout of Steinway represents an unusual private equity-style deal for hedge fund mogul John Paulson, who shot to fame in 2007 with a prescient bet against subprime mortgages and repeated his success in 2009 with a bet on gold.
"We will proudly support the company's legacy as the premier global piano manufacturer, a reputation earned with an uncompromising commitment to quality appreciated by almost all of the world's most demanding pianists," Paulson said in a statement.
He added he does not plan to close, relocate or change any of the company's manufacturing operations.
Steinway Piano Company Sold - Details and Thread Here
Concerts, Recitals & Competitions

Introducing the 31st quarterly recital of the Adult Beginners and Beyond
This includes discussions, a streaming player of the recitals and more... ABF Recital Lists

Did you know there is a special sub-domain of PianoWorld specifically for the ABF recitals?
You can find it here:

Remember, if you know of any piano concerts, competitions, or events ... let us know!
You can post in this section of the piano forums (and/or email us) Piano Concerts - Competitions - Events

Our Digital Piano Forums

Our digital piano forums continue to grow, with lots of good discussions and information.
Digital pianos keep getting better, but with more choices than ever it's getting harder to figure out what you want.
The Digital Piano Forums are a good place to ask questions, discuss features and options, and more.
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FUN & Interesting Stuff!

The Lady in Number 6 - - This is the story of 109 Year Old Pianist Alice Herz Sommer's.
Alice is the oldest living holocaust survivor and quite possibly the oldest living pianist. She was 109 when the documentary was made.
This video is titled Music Saved My Life
This one is "A Few Precious Moments with Alice:
This is a YouTube video of reaction to the documentary.
And finally, this is the web site of Nick Reed, the man behind the movie (and husband of long time forums member, concert pianist Elena Hammel)

Do you use the "Active Topics" function on the forums?
It can help you discover interesting topics, like this one About How to Read Music

Or this one in the Teacher's Forum About Funny Things Students Say, Piano World's Online Store
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If you are searching for a new piano or curious about your old/current one, you likely want to be visiting the forum called simply Piano Forum.
Even so, you may find it interesting to pop into the Piano Tuner-Technician's forum, or the Teachers Forum occasionally just to see what is going on.

Or maybe drop in on the Digital Piano Forum to see what the latest keyboards are all about and what people are saying about them.

Did you even know we have an entire section of forums Just For Fun?
That's right, a collection of forums of stuff just for fun.

And one just for Composers

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There's even one for Organs including electronic (think B3), theater, and pipe.

And don't forget to check Active Topics (see links at top of forums page) This shows you the most active discussions going on right now.

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