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April 2014

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It's Time to Start Planning Piano Parties!

Spring, Summer, Fall, all great times to host a piano party!
What, you don't know what a piano party is? It's just what the name implies.
It is a gathering of people who share a love of the piano. Usually hosted at someone's home, although sometimes hosted at a venue. Typically there is food and libations, often done "potluck" style.
Kathy and I have had the pleasure of attending a number of piano parties in different parts of the country, and have had the joy of hosting our own (we're planning to host another one this summer, and possibly this fall too).

You can get some idea of what I'm talking about by visiting this forum Forum Members Parties, Tours, Cruises, & Meetings
And by all means, if you host one near Maine, let us know, we'd love to join you!

Concerts, Recitals & Competitions

Our friends at the Frederick Piano Collection have started their 29th Spring Season Concert Series.
If you haven't attended their concerts, you should!
They have an amazing collection of wonderful Historical Pianos!

"The purpose of the Collection, owned by Michael and Patricia Frederick of Ashburnham, MA, is to acquaint musicians and the concert-going public with the sounds of pianos of the types (and where possible, the makes) known to and played by the composers whose works comprise the standard late eighteenth through early twentieth century piano repertoire."

May 4, 2014 Concert Constantine Finehouse will present a selection of polonaises, ballades and fantasies by Chopin and Schumann on the 1846 Streicher.

May 11, 2014 Concert Artem Belogurov performs a program titled The New England Romantics, a selection of pieces by Arthur William Foote, Arthur Whiting, John Knowles Paine, George Whitefield Chadwick, and Margaret Ruthven Lang, on an 1862 Chickering piano built in the Tremont Street factory in Boston.

May 18, 2014 Concert Shiela Kibbe, playing the 1830 Tröndlin, and Heather Braun, violin, present the Grand Duo sonata by Franz Schubert and pieces by Robert Schumann.

May 25, 2014 Concert Beatrice Long in a solo recital featuring Chopin's Sonata No. 3 and a selection of Liszt transcriptions of Schubert Lieder, on the 1840 Erard.

June 1, 2014 Concert Dmitry Rachmanov, music by Scriabin, in recognition of the hundredth anniversary of the composer's death in April 1915, playing the 1877 Erard "Extra-grand modéle de concert".

Additional Concert Information Historical Piano Concert Series

Pianist Greg Pauley Concert June 1, 2014

Greg is back for his 3rd concert of Beethoven sonatas. Greg will perform all 32 Beethoven Sonatas in nine concerts over three years.
Don't miss it.
Greg Pauley Concert Details
E. J. Buck & Sons
Lowell MA 01852
Piano masterclass in Italy + tours
2 weeks with concert pianist Mauro Bertoli
Enhance piano playing technique and become acquainted with contemporary teaching methods
Repertoire is not limited to solo piano works, but could be also extended to chamber music works with piano.
Guided tours that focus on music and culture.
Final concerts with all the participants DETAILS Piano masterclass in Italy + tours
Piano Masterclass Enharmonia with world renown professors
International Music Academy Enharmonia is a new academy born to connect young pianists with world renown professors. In September 2014 (19th-28th) we will hold our first Masterclass in Estepona (Spain).
DETAILS Piano Masterclass Enharmonia

Remember, if you know of any piano concerts, competitions, or events ... let us know!
You can post in this section of the piano forums (and/or email us). Don't forget to keep an eye on the forum below for news of upcoming concerts, competitions, and special (piano) events. Piano Concerts - Competitions - Events

Wanted - Baby Grand Piano Shaped Object

Kathy and I have a project in mind and we need a (non functioning) grand piano to make it.
It doesn't need to be playable at all, in fact it would be better if the harp was removed.
We're looking for the proverbial landfill grand, something that is likely headed to the dump.
The cabinet should be in reasonable shape, and it should have the legs, pedal lyre, and keyboard.
If you know of a piano like this, within a few hours driving time of Parsonsfield Maine (it's near Ossipee NH), please let us know.

Posting Pictures in the Forums

We are often asked how to post pictures in the forums. There is a Picture Gallery Forum specifically here to make this easier. First, please understand that we much prefer you upload a copy of your pictures to our servers using this gallery feature, or our older uploader, rather than just linking to them hosted elsewhere.
We constantly find that pictures linked from one of the free services on the web inevitably end up with broken links.

Our picture gallery tool automatically creates three size pictures. Thumb, Medium (best for display in a forum thread) and Full (full original size of the image you uploaded).
Essentially the steps are:
1.) Upload your pictures to the gallery 2.) Copy and paste the url for each picture where you want them in your post (each picture will have the correct syntax for embedding the picture in your thread).

Full instructions for using the gallery can be found here... Posting Pictures in the Forums
Fun & Interesting Stuff

Piano World has been around the Internet since 1997. We started as All About Pianos on Prodigy (an old web hosting service), then we moved to a host called (something like
The Web Archive Organization has snapshots of Billions of old web pages, including a few of us from way back when.
Old snapshots of Piano World
Piano World on Tiac
Piano World on Prodigy
Piano World Old Archived Pages
Piano World Old Forums Posts (1999/2000)

Do You Know Who was a Master of Promoting Piano in the Late 1700's?
It was Muzio Clementi.
Muzio Clementi did it all. By the age of fourteen, in 1766, he had been appointed to a position as a church organist and sacred vocal music. At that point he was scooped up by a rich Englishman, Peter Beckford, who paid Clementi's father to let him bring the boy to his estate in Dorset, where in addition to providing musical entertainment, Clementi spent long hours, for seven years, turning himself into a keyboard virtuoso with unprecedented skills. Thereupon he set out for London, where he made a name and fortune for himself as a performer and composer of keyboard music.
READ MORE About Clementi and the Piano

It looks like everything is a go for the European Piano Party in Lisbon, Portugal this coming July. Lisbon, Portugal Piano Party Details

NAMM 2014?
Ok, I know it's long over, but as usual I'm late to the party and just came across a short post on the forums that includes 369 pictures in 369 seconds. A great way to get a little feel for the show.
For those who aren't familiar, the NAMM show is a very big deal to the music industry, it is where the dealers/techs/shop owners, etc. get to see all the wonderful new toys from the music industry. Something like 1500 exhibitors from all over the world, and attended by over 80,000 people in the music business. So check out the NAMM 2014 369 pictures in 360 seconds (and thank you to member PianoManChuck for posting this).

Do you know of a particularly good thread you think others would enjoy?
Send me an email with a link to the thread ( or send it from within the thread itself. I'll take a look and consider listing it in a future newsletter.
And if you find one that would make a really good addition to one of our FAQ areas, please let me know that too.
Are You Taking Care of Your Piano?

Piano Need Tuning? Did you know your piano should be tuned at least twice a year?
As a piano tuner I sometimes receive calls from customers who tell me they aren't sure if their piano actually needs to be tuned. Let's think about this. Have you ever watched a violinist in an orchestra? They often tune up before every piece, and they only have four strings to contend with. The average piano has about 235 strings! And how do you make music on a piano? By whacking those strings with felt wrapped devices called hammers!
Yes, your piano needs to be tuned.

And it isn't just playing that knocks your piano out of tune, changes in temperature and humidity cause all those wood components of your piano to swell and shrink, helping to stretch and shrink the string lengths, contributing to driving the piano out of tune.
Yes, your piano needs to be tuned.

Call your piano tuner today.
Need help finding a good piano tuner? Check our classified listings Piano Classified Listings Tuners, Dealers, Movers, Teachers, Restoration Houses, Manufacturers, and more

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