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April 2013

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A Moving Experience

As many of you know, Kathy and I moved to Parsonsfield Maine (in February yet!).
We've been working hard on the house while pursuing a mortgage. It looks like it is finally going to happen (soon). We'd also like to thank our friends Larry, Pattie, and Leo for helping us unload the heavy stuff from the POD :-)
You can bet we are looking forward to hosting some piano parties, and attending other piano parties in the area (as in New England).
If all goes well I will have my Estonia L-190 home by May 7. Can't wait!
Hoping you will join us in Parsonsfield Maine for some fun piano parties in the mountains.
Regrets: Our Friend Jerry Groot

I'm sorry to say we recently lost long time member Jerry Groot. Jerry was a talented piano technician, family man, and all around nice guy.
He had a great sense of humor, which often came out in his posts, and there were many. 6828 posts to be exact. There is a thread on the Piano Techician's Forum (and another on the Piano Forum) with condolences and stories. Jerry Groot RIP

Concerts, Recitals & Competitions

Live Ragtime Piano!
Artist Sue Keller this coming Saturday at 6pm.
Sue is a fabulous performer capturing the true essence of Ragtime as only she can.
Doors open at 5pm and there is a reception with Sue to follow.
There is no charge for this, although donations are accepted. Pot Luck as well if you have something you would like to bring.

Sue Keller
6pm Sat April 27th
at E. J. Buck & Sons
171 Lincoln St.
Lowell MA 01864
Tel: 978 458 8688
Whisperings Comes to Boston!
Saturday, April 27, 2013
7:00pm until 9:30pm
M. Steinert & Sons, 162 Boylston Street, Boston, MA
Whisperings comes to the Boston area for a solo piano concert event Saturday, April 27th at 7:00 p.m. at M. Steinert & Sons, 162 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02116. This unique, interactive solo piano concert series features the piano artistry of Gary Girouard, as well as pianists Joe Bongiorno (Sedona, AZ) and Greg Maroney (PA). Whisperings concerts are known for their intimacy, energy, and humor as the artists share the stories of the life events that inspired their compositions.
More Details About Whisperings Concert Here
Forums member Nikolas Sideris recently won the 1st prize in an International Composition Competition, in Luxermbourg, with a piano duo work of called, called 'Piano Stories'. He has made a thread about this in the forums: Nikolas Piano Stories

From The PianoForte Foundation, Chicago IL:
PianoForte Foundation May events

Friday, May 3, 12:00 pm
David Kalhous, piano
With a repertoire spanning centuries, David Kalhous is equally at home playing the music of Bach or Ligeti. Kalhous has studied around the world (Prague, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Chicago) and works closely with many living composers. Program includes works by Scarlatti, Ligeti, Kurtag, Janacek, and Chopin.
Sherwood Community Music School, 1312 S. Michigan Ave.
FREE admission
Also broadcast live on 98.7 WFMT and
Info at or (312) 291-0291

Saturday, May 4, 3:00 pm
PianoForte Family Series: Animal Music

Animals can be represented in music in many different ways. Brenda Huang and her talented students will discuss and play examples of animals in piano music. Works by Copland, Daquin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, and Saint-Saens.

Children ages 6-12 and their families are invited to join us for this new series about the piano! Each 45-minute "informance" will include performance and discussion about different topics related to the piano and piano performance. Followed by a milk-and-cookies reception.

PianoForte Salon, 410 S. Michigan Ave., Studio 825
$5 per person
Info at or (312) 291-0291
From a member...
Dear Mr. Baxter,
I send you the information about the Chopin International Piano Competition City of Granada.
Best Regards
Miguel Gálvez Taroncher
Managing director

3rd International Piano Competition "Luciano Luciani" Cosenza Italy, 3 – 5 May 2013
The competition consists of the following rounds:

PRELIMINARY ROUND Competitors are requested to present: a) one of the studies by different composers, chosen from those of F. Chopin, F. Liszt (except op. 1), S. Rachmaninoff, C. Debussy, A. Scriabin, S. Prokofiev, G. Ligeti. b) one or more compositions freely chosen by the competitor. Total performance must not exceed 20 minutes.
a) A free recital not exceeding 45 minutes
More Details - 3rd International Piano Competition "Luciano Luciani"

London Piano Festival
Details Here

NOTE: Additional Concert Information can be found here: Concerts, Recitals, Competitions

Remember, if you know of any piano concerts, competitions, or events ... let us know!
You can post in this section of the piano forums (and/or email us) Piano Concerts - Competitions - Events
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Mason & Hamlin Factory Tour

We've been asked by a few members when/if we will host another tour of the Mason & Hamlin Piano Factory.
I've checked with management at M&H and they would be happy to have us back.
We usually try to coordinate it around the time they host their dealers, which is typically in the fall.
If you are interested in this most interesting and exciting tour, drop me an email and I'll put you on the list.
Space is limited, so sign up early!
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FUN & Interesting Stuff!

Threads with things we found interesting, unusual, or just fun!
  • Proud new Young Chang BG owner... New Piano Owner

  • New owner of a Steinway B Steinway B

  • The Party at Larry Buck's Place
    We had a great time at the piano party Larry & Patti hosted for us at their shop in Lowell, MA.
    The shop looks great, there were multiple beautiful pianos to play, many of our Piano World friends were there, and yummy food was served. All in all a fantastic way to spend an afternoon! For more comments as well as pictures and videos... Party in Lowell thread
  • April Piano Bar in the ABF
Do you use the "Active Topics" function on the forums?
It can help you discover interesting topics, like this one About How to Read Music

Or this one in the Teacher's Forum About Funny Things Students Say

Piano Parties!

European Piano Party!
A group of our European piano forums members are hard at work organizing a piano party to be held in Europe this summer. We hosted a European Piano Tour last year that was great fun, and we fell in love with Europe (Germany, Austria, Estonia at the time). If you live in Europe or plan to be there this summer, you should check out this European Piano Party Thread

What? You don't know what a Piano Forums Party is?
Essentially it's an opportunity for members to meet each other with no pressure. The parties are usually held at a member's home, and everyone brings a little something (pot luck style, or just ask the host). Each member (and/or their guest) takes a turn playing the piano. Nobody judges anybody's playing, it isn't a contest. It's a chance to share a common interest in pianos and piano music.
We really love to have pictures and comments posted after the event.

If you'd like to get some ideas from past Piano Forums Parties (as well as tours, cruises, and more), Check Out This Area On the Forums, Piano World's Online Store
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For those of you who may not be familiar with the ABF (Adult Beginner's Forum) Recitals, they were the brainchild of one mr_super-hunky back in 2006. Essentially they are a series of piano recitals posted online by members of the ABF.
Our good friend Sam S. has been maintaining the index and hosting of all the recital files for some time now. And he has kindly offered to continue to help maintain the technical side of things (thanks very much Sam), but the entire collection has been migrated over to the Piano World servers.

It is now located at All the Best,
Frank B. - Founder, Owner & Host
Piano World
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