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Piano World Newsletter
November 2000
"In-Tune" the Piano Lovers Newsletter -

November 2000
In-Tune The Piano Lovers Newsletter
November 1999 issue

In this issue:

~ Picture Gallery
~ New Word Search Puzzles
~ Pianist Sculptors
~ Try the Auctions
~ Quiz Time
~ Contest
~ Key Cleaning
~ Short Story
~ Speaking of Great Pianist
~ Screen saver (beta version)
~ Sheet Music Plus
~ Online Stores
~ Holiday Wishes
~ Payment Due


		Picture Gallery

We have added a couple of new pictures to our online gallery, drop by and
take a look.  These are similar to the ones that will be in our

		Word Search Puzzles

We have added 2 new music related word search puzzles.  One is made up of
great composers; the other is instruments in the orchestra.  There is also
a link on the Orchestra word search page to a great site we discovered
that teaches you all about the various instruments of a symphony orchestra.
By the way, they have the piano listed under "percussion" instruments!

		Pianist Sculptors

Renowned Sculptor, Stanley Taub has created some wonderful sculptors of
Vladimir Horowitz and Arthur Rubinstein.  Drop by his web site and take a
look.  You can find a link to his site on our "Great Pianist" page at:

		Try the Auctions
		By Kathy McDaniel

Hello. I am new to your newsletter, so you may have already told the
about this.  If not, here is something you might add.

Do you know that the online auctions - EBay in particular - provide a
source for finding piano rolls, old music and antique musical instruments?
bought a player piano a few months ago, and a friend suggested using the
auction to find original rolls.  I am not going to say I was carried away 
with the fun of the auction, but I will say that I now have more than 150 
rolls.  The auction is pretty simple.  First,
(for the rest of the story, please visit:


		Quiz Time

Last month we asked:
What is the total tension exerted by the strings on the average upright
piano when it is tuned to A-440 concert pitch?

a. 1800 Lbs
b. 18,000 Lbs
c. 18 tons
For the answer, you need to do a little math.  The average tension of a
piano string is 165 lbs and the average piano has 230 strings.

This month's question:
What do you call the right-hand pedal on a piano?


Have you visited our contest page lately?  We are giving away some very
nice prizes. Entering is quick, easy and free!

		Key Cleaning

There seems to be a difference of opinion about the proper way to clean
piano keys.  The following suggestion was contributed by one of our

Hi ,

I am Jan Goossens from Belgium,

I have a business in piano maintenance  (this is tuning / repair /

Whilst  working on keyboards I have experienced (and learned from my
grandfather -who turned 100 years in may- and father) that on Ivory key
tops, disinfectant alcohol has a very purifying effect.  Dirt comes off and
you take it out of the pores (little holes in the structure as in our
skin), it doesn't get the fat out of your hands so they don't get dry.  Do
be careful with the black keys,  The colored ebony is no problem but the
color on the wood under the upstand is.  I usually use cotton (like used in
pharmacy  and hospitals) and have plenty on hand.  If some black paint
get on the ivory this is no big problem since is  dissolves it.  So just
go over it with an new clean cotton with new disinfectant alcohol.

Mostly it also gives a better result than ether, by which you have to
re-polish the ivory completely.  The alcohol leaves a natural shine.
The des. alc.  can also be used on plastic key covers.
Thank you for your monthly newsletter

sincerely yours 


		Short Story
		Contributed by David Estey

A "mother daughter" home had a remodeled basement complete with a kitchen, 
where the piano was located. The owner of the piano, in ALL seriousness, 
looked me in the eye and said: " Will the piano be O.K. here? If not, we
can move the kitchen."

		Speaking of Great Pianist

The following list represents some of the pianist nominated as "Great
Pianist" by our visitors.  I apologize for not getting these posted on our
Great Pianist page yet, I hope to have them up soon.

Glenn Gould, Martha Argerich, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Tori Amos,
Rudolf Kempf, Paul Badura-Skoda and Walter 
Klien, Carl Czerny, Alexander Scriabin, Johann Hummel and Kalkbrenner,
Emmanuel Ax and Vladimir Ashkenazy, David
Sancious, Laura & Beatrice Puiu, Sviatoslav Richter, Paulena Carter, Joe

There were many more, this is just a sample.

		Screen Saver - Beta Version

The much-anticipated piano screen saver is just about ready for testing.
I expect to put the finishing touches on it this weekend and will be in
touch with our "testers" soon.  I call it "Pianos on Parade", catchy huh?

		Sheet Music Plus

Our friends over at Sheet Music Plus recently finished remodeling their
site (yes, I'm still working on the Piano World re-design, but that's
another story). They have over a 1/4 million titles!
If you are looking for a great selection of sheet music, you should check
them out:
(Yes, we are an affiliate of theirs and we get credit if you use the above
link.  Hey, at least we are honest).

		Online Stores

Speaking of shopping online.  If you plan on doing some of your shopping
online this year (millions of people do), please keep some pointers in
Unless the online store is someone you already know you can trust (like - that's us, or etc.) you should exercise
caution.  Always look for the companies address and phone number, privacy
policy and return policy.  Before you enter any personal information,
particularly credit details, make sure you see the little lock at the
bottom of your browser that indicates that it is a secure transaction.

I have had some very good experiences shopping online, but like dealing
with "brick & mortar" stores, a little caution goes a long way.  

		Holiday Wishes

From our family to you and yours;
We wish you a happy, safe and joyous holiday season!

Payment Due Notice

"In-Tune" is your newsletter, so we are asking you to do
your part.  Help us to make "In-Tune" better for
everyone by contributing.  No, I don't mean money. I
mean articles, jokes, stories, hints, concert schedules, reviews
piano-related news, ideas, pictures, feedback to our questions.  
You get the idea.  Come on, think about it.  
I'm sure you can come up with something.

Send them to:
Please include your name, State and Country

Let us know if you want us to include your name or not.

		Thank You

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		Until Next Time

Your piano-loving Webmaster

Frank Baxter

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