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Piano Forum Hits a Million - Proof the Piano is Still Popular

I started a thread a couple of days ago called Watch for the Magic Number! It was sort of a watch the countdown thread :-) Well, we reached the Magic Number

Wednesday June 18, 2008
The world famous Piano Forums at Piano World reached a milestone when the forums post count passed the One Million Posts Mark.

Many thanks to all the members who have contributed to the forums over the years.
Years ago when I started Piano World, and then the forums, I never could have predicted we would reach a million posts.

With our membership growing every day along with the growing popularity of the forums (2,451,958 page views in May alone), I suspect our next million will arrive more quickly.

I'm so proud of our forums and your accomplishments, I put out a PRESS RELEASE

Keeping Track of Good Posts
Of course with all these posts, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of valuable posts.
We need more people to step up and suggest threads for our FAQ areas (see This Thread ) and as has been suggested by members Apple* and Jordang, a way to track interesting/helpful/fun threads.
See Suggestions and Add Your Own, Here

And here is an example of a thread to keep My New Steinbuhler small keyboard

Support the Forums

Speaking of us growing, our hosting fees including our new 4 barrel (quad core) server will now be about $600.00 a month.

Anything you can do to help us keep going and growing would be appreciated. (My thanks to the members who have already stepped up to the plate). You can tell most of the subscribing members by the special icon under their avatar (some people donated but didn't want the icon, while others chose to support us by purchasing something frokm our store, or advertising on the site).
Support the Forums

BTW, if you became a supporting member a while ago, it may be time to renew. Mouse over your bronze/silver/gold or platinum icon to see when it expires.
Party Time in Maine!

Long time member KathyK is planning a party in her area (about 1/2 hour north of Portland).
It will be in either August or September, both wonderful times to be in Maine.
Check it out and post your interest here Maine Piano Party

If you are thinking of hosting a piano party, please be sure to post about it here Post Your Party Info
101 year old still playing the piano!

I know I already mentioned this in the last newsletter, but I thought it was worth repeating for those who didn't catch it.
This wonderful lady is still playing the piano, and entertaining people, at 101!
Includes links to story and video Read It Here
Complaints being settled against Piano Company

The Biasco's keep popping up in forums threads, unfortunately none of them are good news...

Complaints being settled against Piano Company June 15, 2008

By BILL BIRD Roughly 60 percent of the more than 100 consumer complaints filed against the owners of a now-closed piano store in Naperville have been settled by officials of the Illinois attorney general's office.

At least 64 of an estimated 102 customers used credit cards or financing plans to bankroll their purchases from Piano Experts, formerly located at 1163 E. Ogden Ave. on Naperville's northeast side.

Read the Rest of the Story Here
Members Sharing & Other Stuff

I always enjoy seeing posts from members who have found the Piano Forums helpful, and from members who purchased a new (or new to them) piano.
Member celebrates 1 year on the forums, and feels like home now
1 year

Another member thanks the forums for their help...

And another proud new piano owner...
New Piano Owner

Member SantaFe_Player needs help with cat problem Deeper probing on cats
Apparently teaching piano can be hazardous to your health :-) Stinky feet and flatulence

Concerts, Workshops and Recitals

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Misc. Stuff

Master Piano Technicians of America - Convention July 24 - 27
The "Master Piano Technicians of America" will be holding its 2008 convention in Boone, North Carolina on July 24-27". --- the first time ever in the Appalachians!

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