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March 2007

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In-Tune is the newsletter for piano lovers, and is a Piano World production. It comes out regularly, make that semi-regularly, ok... when I have time :-)

Much of the material for In-Tune comes from our world famous piano forums.

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And the Winners Are...

We've Chosen The Winners of the winners of our first ever annual Post NAMM Contest! Post NAMM 2007 Contest Winners

1.) lkplatow = 27
2.) a: mr_super_hunky = 14
b: ShiroKuro = 14
3.) jon-nyc = 13
4.) Helen&Ken = 6
5.) a: CPTpianotech = 5
b: loveschopintoomuch = 5
c: oldcars = 5
Winners must visit the above link to choose their prizes.
Congratulations to all our winners, and many thanks to all who entered and/or voted.
Piano Forums Parties ...

Be careful who you invite to your piano forums party ... See This Post

Speaking of Piano Forums Parties, if you'd like to host one (or attend one), please post something in This Area
There are a couple of posts in their now, looking to organize parties. Please check them out, they may be in your area.
Survey Says: Win $500.00!

Take the Piano World survey for a chance to win $500.00 and other great prizes!

Survey & Contest Details Here
24 Across

A Very Puzzling Story
Click the above link to see why.
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Piano Supplies and accessories

Mason & Hamlin 2007 Tour Reminder

It's less than 8 weeks until we take the 2007 tour (May 2)!
If you've ever wondered how quality pianos are built, here's your chance to see them in action (no pun intended).
It's a fascinating tour, a great time, a chance to meet other members, and they even feed us :-)
Read More & / or Sign Up for the Tour
Nora - The Piano Playing Cat

Nora The Piano Playing Cat By now most of you probably have seen this, but if you haven't, you should. smiley  
Nora The Piano Playing Cat (It's a real cat)
This cat actually plays the piano, she even does a duet with a student. The look on the cat's face is priceless. Maybe we could invite her to our next forums party.

Helping Support the Piano Forums

If you enjoy the Piano Forums, please consider helping to support them.
If you can't, or simply don't want to help, not to worry. The forums will continue, and will remain free to use.
Help Support the Forums Options Page
Posting Pictures on the Forums

When you want to post pictures to the forums, please use our "File Uploader".
The file uploader helps you upload your pictures to our server. We prefer to host your picture(s) ourselves so they don't disappear (which happens all too often with the free services). File Uploader

This thread is a good example of what I'm talking about.
Show Us Your Picture It's a great thread with hundreds of member submitted pictures, but some of them no longer show up because the link to the file is not valid anymore. This won't happen if you host your picture(s) on our server.

Here are a couple of other fun threads...
Who Do You Look Like?
Tell Us About Yourself
Post Your Piano Pictures
Stop The Presses!

We now have our own "Press Room" Visit the Press Room
And ... Our first ever official Press Release

I would love it if journalist and music industry publishers picked up on our press release, or requested more information. I'm very proud of the enthusiastic piano community we've built and feel you all deserve credit for helping to keep the joy of making your own music alive, as well as sharing the fun of playing the piano with others. Many of you have demonstrated your willingness and eagerness to help each other, whether it's about deciding on a piano, or learning to play, or dissecting a piece, or ...

So, if any of you have any journalist friends, feel free to send them the link to our press release, and give them the link to our Press Room (where they can find contact information if they would like more details) :-)
I could easily expand the press release into a full length article if anyone was interested, I have a lot of good things to say about our community.
Attention: Professional Piano/Keyboard Musicians

One question I'm often asked is "Who belongs to the forums?" . By this they usually mean, what professionals in the business.
I've started creating a section on Piano World listing the professional piano/keyboard players who belong to our forums.

I think it would be interesting to our members, and propective new members, and it would be good exposure for you.

Ideally I'd like to post your name, screen name, web site URL, and a short bio.
The primary criteria is that you make your living playing.
I might want to put them in categories, but that could prove challenging (concert artists, jazz pianists, rock musicians, etc.).

If you'd be willing to participate, please send the information to me, and make sure you put Artist in Residence - Piano Forums as the subject line.
Just for Fun

Flying Flaming Pianos Watch the entire clip, you will see what I mean.
Pianos Make Lousy Parachutes
Piano-modium: Composition for 200 hands
A Piano Tale Conflict between a Jazz and a Classical pianist. (thanks to member decibeL101 for this one)
Did you know we have a Virtual Java Piano?
And, a Virtual Piano Chords & Scales Keyboard?
Helpful Threads

How To Record Your Piano
Member mehlzeit has created a page with very detailed instructions for recording from digital equipment.
This link is to a thread on How to Record Your Acoustic Piano It was created back when we were making the Piano World Piano Forums CD.
This thread is an interesting discussion about the decline in piano playing ... The Twilight of American Piano Culture -- ?

Speaking of helpful threads, if you find one that is particularly helpful, please consider submitting it for our FAQ forums. The place to submit them is Here
New Stuff!

Last issue I talked about the Tell A Friend button you can use to email up to 4 friends about whatever page you are on.
Now there is a new button at the bottom of every page, next to the Tell A Friend.
It is the Bookmark button. Clicking this button brings up a huge list of services you can use to bookmark the page (or post) you are on when you click the button. This is a free service of AddThis ( You may have to set up an account to use it the first time. It only takes a minute to set up and then you're all set.

Rating Posts You asked for it, you got it.
There is a new drop-down menu in the bottom left corner of post threads now. It says "Rate It".

You can now choose a rating for any post.
I'm hoping this will help us identify particularly helpful threads that might be candidates for our FAQ, or some other form of archiving. This is NOT for rating posters, it is for uncovering particularly helpful posts we might add to the FAQ. Rating Posts

Some members have already decided they don't like it, and attempted to negate it's usefulness. I would ask that you give it a chance, and use it correctly. I had to pay a programmer for this feature, and would have to pay him again to remove it. All I ask is give it a chance, and use it correctly (or ignore it if you prefer).
Wiki - Wiki - Wiki !

My usual request for help with our Piano Wiki
This is our answer to the wikipedia :-) Won't you please help us build it? Wiki Info

Congratulations once again to our latest "new" piano owners (new, or new to you).
It always brings a smile to my face to read your posts, and see your pictures.
So, if you've recently purchased a piano, or are about to, please be sure to let us know all about it (and don't forget, we love pictures).
Like these My new Estonia   &   New Piano, Got Picts
New Piano
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In Closing

As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions for the next issue of our newsletter, the Piano Forums, or Piano World, please let me know (
You can find previous issues (and a copy of the current issue) of our newsletter here ... Newsletter Archives

It's Fun to Play The Piano ... Pass It On!

Warm Regards,

Frank Baxter
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