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July 2009

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Piano Forums Piano Cruise - There is Still Time!

Cruise Ship What, you haven't signed up for our cruise yet? Well get with it!
The prices have actually gone down some since we started, everyone will get the lower price.

Sign up know before they are all gone! You only need $250.00 per person to reserve a space, the balance isn't due until November. Come on everyone, this is going to be fun!

Bill (our agent) has confirmed... we will have access to real pianos and real fun.
And the first 20 people to sign up will receive a official Piano World T-shirt, and a official Piano World hat.
Plus, as we get more people signed up, Bill will get more goodies for us.

Read about the cruise and the ship details ... Piano Forums Piano Cruise
A New Family Concert for Storyteller, Jazz Quintet and Orchestra

Jumpin’ Jazz - A Swinging Jungle Tale is a New Family Concert for Storyteller, Jazz Quintet and Orchestra built on the premise "Imagination is the Key." It is an entertaining and educational mixture of song and story about the adventures of a 7 year old girl named Claire and her jungle animal friends.

Jumpin’ Jazz combines the swinging energy of the jazz quintet with the powerful yet playful expression of symphony orchestra. This innovative toe - tappin’ production stimulates the imagination and invites young ears to appreciate an original American art form - Jazz! - and the classic European art form - Orchestra!
Read More about Jumpin' Jazz Here
Your Take on the PTG Convention?

I know a number of our piano tuner-tech members attended the PTG convention in Grand Rapids, as did some manufacturers, authors, and other industry professionals.
A couple of threads have been started with thoughts and observations from the convention.
If you attended (or just wish you did), please join in..

PTG 2009 Convention Thread

Another PTG 2009 Convention Thread
Forums Stuff

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If you really want to reach our members/visitors, consider paying for Advertising like other legitimate businesses do.

Help Us Choose the Default Look & Feel for the Piano Forums
Did you know you can change the look and feel of the forums yourself?
Well you can. I'm thinking of changing the default look, but wanted to get some opinions first.
This thread explains how to change the look (it's easy), and asks you to vote for your favorite. Forums Look & Feel POLL

Do You Use the Watch Lists?
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World renowned concert artist Jeffrey Biegel Reaches Out to Students via Skype!

A distinguished Professor of Piano at Brooklyn College in New York, and protege of the legendary teacher, Adele Marcus at The Juilliard School, Mr. Biegel now offers online interactive lessons for pianists and teachers alike.
  • Preparing for a competition?
  • Preparing for a recital or concerto appearance?
  • Want to improve your playing to teach your students?
  • Questions about specific repertoire you are learning, teaching or performing?
Jeffrey Biegel has opened his studio worldwide through the technology of the internet. Having created and performed the first live audio/video concerts on the internet in 1997, Mr. Biegel is now able teach on a global level.

Need to brush up on your technical abilities? Need assistance in putting programs together, and audition materials? You can benefit from the life and career of Jeffrey Biegel.
This is not one of those canned video presentation, this is Live, Interactive, Online Lessons! Special Introductory Pricing!
Misc. Interesting Threads & Stuff

Making of a Steinway Piano - Circa 1929
This is pretty cool, it's from an actual video recording circa 1929 Steinway 1929.

World's Fastest Violinist
(He's not just fast though, he can actually play) Fastest Violinist

What if Musicians Ran the Country?
Which musicians would hold which posts? See for yourself... Musicians Running the Country

Have you checked out our new Who's Who on Piano World forums yet? Who's Who?
Don't forget, if you make your living primarily from playing (piano, organ, keyboard) you can likely add your profile.

Why Kids Don't Make Music
Results from a national survey of high school students. This thread has spawned some interesting responses. Kids Music Survey

Fund Raising Recital For Famous Frederick's Museum of Historical Pianos

Fredericks Piano Museum Rare PianosFund raising Recital for The Frederick Collection of Historical Pianos.
The Frederick's are friends of Piano World (sorta like family:-). The pianos in this picture are just a very small representation of the wonderful collection of rare pianos they have lovingly restored. And the best part? They aren't just for show, they actually get played!

I've even played some of them myself, but somehow Moon Dance just doesn't do them justice. Luckily the Fredericks put on concerts using pianist who can play the right period pieces.

Please take a minute to visit this thread... Fredericks Historical Pianos Collection to learn more about this amazing collection, and the recital to help the Fredericks continue their mission.

Concerts and Events

Beethoven Concerti at Kaufman Center
Beethoven's piano concerti are a testament to the composer’s enormous creativity and his undisputed place in the piano repertoire. Like his symphonies and sonatas, the piano concerti not only are the cornerstones of the classical style, but also forge the way to the Romantic period.
On Thursday, August 13, 2009 7pm at Merkin Concert Hall (129 West 67th Street NYC) The Piano Passions’ More Details Beethoven's Piano Concerti

Waves of Inspiration: The Legacy of Moog / At the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, CA
Keith Emerson will be playing there the opening weekend in August!
Details - Waves of Inspiration / Moog / Emerson

Speaking of Keith Emerson...
Keith Emerson was at Winter NAMM 2009, and Nobody Told Me ?!?
Emerson at NAMM
What's the matter with you people! Geesh.

Cape Cod Super Piano Gathering Is Only About 10 Weeks Away!
- Mark your calendars for Columbus Day Weekend 2009 -

Yes, those wonderful folks down on Old Cape Cod are hosting another 2 day event. This is one piano party you just gotta attend.
If you've attended one of their previous parties, you know how much fun it is, so start planning to attend this one. If you haven't been to one, here's your chance!
Please respond to this thread so our hosts can get an idea of how many people would like to come. Cape Cod Piano Party Info & Sign Up

Here are some Pictures from Previous Cape Parties to entice you...

Cape Cod Shoreline
Cape Cod Shore
A Group Mug Shot
Cape Cod Party Group Shot
Just One Example of the Great Food at the Parties
Cape Cod Piano Party Food
For more info, and a link to lots of picts and reports on our last party on the Cape... Cape Cod Piano Party Info & Sign Up

Speaking of tours and parties... If you'd like to host a Piano Forums party, a concert, or a factory tour, please let us know, or post something Here

If You Know About Upcoming Concerts, Recitals, Competitions, Factory Tour, etc. --- Please Share! We're happy to post details about piano concerts, recitals, competitions, interesting news, etc. Let us know so we can all share. Here

Let me know if you'd like to post an event on our Calendar, and/or have it mentioned in our newsletter. Email Frank B.
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More Misc. FUN Stuff

Free Pianos Beg Londoner's to Play
This is older news now, but I still found it entertaining... Free Pianos in London

Let's Talk Weddings
Let's talk about funny experiences playing at weddings... Funny Wedding Stories This thread is still going, feel free to jump in with your story.

Pianos Status in U.S. Living Rooms Declining
(An article in the LA Times)
Piano Status There was a previous discussion on this in May, wanted to see if there were any other/new opinions.

Our Road Trip in July I know, I'm supposed to post pictures and stuff about our road trip in July.
I'm still trying to get caught up around here (that will teach me to take two weeks in a row on the road).
We had a great time meeting with forums members (Hi Lilylady, TerryTunes, BeeLady), piano store people (Allegro Piano - Stamford, CT, thanks Ori & Rebecca / Faust-Harrison - NY,NY, thanks Paul /Beetoven's - NY,NY, thanks Carl, a pleasure as always / Cunningham Piano - Philly, thanks Rich G. & company [I can still taste that Philly Cheestake]. Unfortunately Bechstein was closed and the young man there wouldn't invite us in, although he did open the door and say hello (Faust-Harrison was closed, but Paul welcomed us in anyway) and the man in Kavier House chose to ignore us completely.

Also had a great time visting some historic places (Savannah, GA , St. Augustine, FL). Will post picts and stuff when time allows.

What About the Other Places on Piano World?
I ask this question every so often because you'd be surprised how many people think Piano World is just the Piano Forums. Not so. I spent years building the other 1000+ pages of Piano World, please feel free to explore.

Things like:
Online JigSaw Puzzles with a music theme
You can even submit pictures of your own for consideration in making new puzzles.

Word Search Puzzles (also musical) Print them out and have at it!

A Virtual Java Piano For when you really need to pick out a melody, but no instrument is available.

Check Out our Directory for Lots More to See and Do Or explore the lists in the left side navigation on the main Piano World site.
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