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July 2008

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Reviewing Piano CDs - Should We?
I occasionally receive CDs from companies who want me to review them (on Piano World of course).
I don't feel qualified to provide the reviews, and besides, it would only be my opinion.
But, it did get me thinking.
Perhaps we could review Piano CDs as a group.

I'd like to get your opinions. I'd also like to ask you to take a short (4 yes/no questions) poll about the subject.
Please see this thread... Reviewing Piano CDs - Should We?

And, if you are a company hoping to promote a piano CD, we'd love to hear from you.
Piano Forum Hits a Million - Proof the Piano is Still Popular

In case you missed it, we recently reached the one million post mark.
There is a thread about reaching the one millionth post HERE

With our membership growing every day along with the growing popularity of the forums (2,451,958 page views in May alone), I suspect our next million will arrive more quickly.

I'm so proud of our forums and your accomplishments, I put out a PRESS RELEASE

What's In a Logo?

It seems a number of members see more than the world (as in Piano World) in our logo.
At the time an artist friend of mine designed our logo, most things on the web were square shaped. He purposely developed our round logo, obviously incorporating the world and a piano keyboard into the design.
However, our always creative members have decided they can see other things within our logo

What Do You Think?
Vienna / Bosie Trip, with Pictures...

Long time member (#54) Rich Galassini recently traveled to Vienna, and kindly posted some pictures for the rest of us to drool over.
Vienna Trip

Party Time in Maine!

Long time member KathyK is planning a party in her area (about 1/2 hour north of Portland).
The party will be on Sept. 6, a wonderful time to be in Maine.
Check it out and post your interest here Maine Piano Party

Speaking of Piano Parties ...
One of our members from the land down under is looking to organize a piano party in the Brisbane area. If you are anywhere near there, please consider joining in. Piano parties are a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people who share your joy of piano music.
Brisbane Piano Party

If you are thinking of hosting a piano party, please be sure to post about it here Post Your Party Info
Searching for Answers?

Are you searching for answers to your burning piano questions?

With over 1 million posts, there is a good chance your question has already been answered.
Of course, with over a million posts, it can be daunting to try to find your answers.

That is what the Search function is for.

If you are just on the home page, clicking the Search link at the top of the page will bring you to a search box with the choice "Search All Open Forums" aleady chosen. I don't recommend searching all forums at once, but you can.

If you are in a particular forum (Piano Forum, Pianist Corner, etc.) or thread, clicking the Search link at the top of the page will default to searching that forum.
You can of course change where you are searching anytime by clicking on the drop-down menu.
The more options you use in the search feature, the more you can narrow your search, and the better the chance you will find what you are looking for.

Still not enough?
On the home page of the forums, near the top (just above the thick blue line) there is a link that says "Search Options". This pops up a window with additional search options, including the ability to search the rest of the Piano World web site (over 1000 pages of information) and other search areas.

And by all means, feel free to post your question if you can't find an answer (or don't like the ones you found).
Composite Piano Actions

There is a thread discussing the recently released new action from WNG.
Wessell, Nickel, and Gross is a sister company of Mason & Hamlin/PianoDisc

The thread is titled "Carbon Fiber Actions in M&H?" but that is a misnomer.
First, the action is a composite, second, WNG while owned by the same people is a separate company.

WNG developed the action primarily for piano rebuilders/restorers. It is said to have certain advantages over more traditional actions.

You can read the discussions here... Composite Action
Concerts, Workshops and Recitals

The 2008 Mannes International Keyboard Institute & Festival(IKIF)
Manhattan from July 13-27 Details Here

The Rocket Man's Red Piano Comes to Nashua
Ok, technically not a "concert", but still interesting. I'm expecting to be in the area on the 14th, so I'll probably check it out. Elton John's Piano A "live" performance

Post your concert, recital, and competition news Here
Check out our Events Calendar Here
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Found Our Cruise Ship

I know, I keep talking about a PWPF cruise. We'll get there yet.
Rich G's pictures of Vienna sure looked enticing. I know he wasn't on a cruise ship, but as a destination (sigh).
In the meantime, I think I've found our cruise ship... That's Some Boat!

Misc. & Fun Stuff

Strange Use of a Piano...
I've seen pianos converted into some interesting (and odd) things, but this is one of the strangest. Strange Piano

Internet Connected Piano?J
Is everything going to end up connected to the Internet? (can you say Matrix?)
Connected Piano

Piano Tuna
Some silly stuff, just for the fun of it Piano Tuna

Reminder, when Posting Pictures on the Forums PLEASE use our uploader, or if you have a lot of pictures, send them to me. Too many good pictures disappear because they were linked to photobucket or one of the other services, and the users account closed.

Playing Octaves - Relaxed?

I asked the membership for some help with a piece I like to murder, I mean play at parties.
Because I'm not much of a player (watch the wise cracks, I can pull your membership), I have some difficulties playing the octaves the way Billy Joel does.
Read Members Helpful Suggestions Here
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