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It's Time! NAMM 2007 - Anaheim, CA
NAMM - The show starts Thursday January 18th. I hope everyone who is attending and/or exhibiting has a great show. For those of you who don't know what NAMM is, it's the National Association of Music Merchants, and their January show in Anaheim California is a major event.
All the major piano manufacturers will be there (from around the world) along with every other type of musical instrument you can imagine (and some you can't).

I keep wishing they'd move it to Carlsbad, CA (where they are headquartered), but Anaheim is still a nicer place to be this time of year than north central Connecticut. Come to think of it, it's a nicer pretty much anytime of the year :-)

I'll be there Thursday through Sunday morning. I'm already meeting with some of our members from the music industry, would be happy to meet any others, just let me know, especially if you want to buy me a drink :-)

There are a couple of threads running on the forums right now about meeting at NAMM ... Here   |   And Here

If you're going, we'd love to hear your thoughts and impressions (and see pictures).

Oh, and while you're at the show, we'd be thrilled if you'd spread the word about Piano World and the Piano Forums. We're always happy to welcome new members :-)

Piano Site Rankings
As some of you are aware, my "day job" involves consulting for SEO (search engine optimization), Internet Marketing, and Ecommerce.
Because of this I tend to like to watch how the numbers relate to web sites.

I recently posted a chart comparing Piano World and 20 other piano web sites, mostly piano manufacturers. You can see the details, plus some data about our rankings in Google here... Piano World Rankings

I think it's interesting to see how we rank in comparison with other related web sites.

Mason & Hamlin Factory Tour
Another reminder: Our yearly tour of the Mason & Hamlin factory in Haverhill, MA isn't until some time in May, but we are already booking people for the tour. If you would like to join us for this fascinating tour, better get your name on the list a.s.a.p. !
Details here...
Mason & Hamlin 2007 Tour
BTW, Mason & Hamlin has graciously expanded the number of people they can accommodate on a tour.
So jump on board, and bring a friend!

Piano Polish Kit - Free Shipping!
There's Still Time. Free Shipping - Fender/Meguiar's Piano Polish Kit

Available in our online store,

See this page for details about this kit...
Piano Care Kit

From now until January 31, 2007 ... Order the Fender/Meguiar's Piano Care Kit (and optionally add the Ultimate Wipe Polish Cloth) and pay no shipping costs!
Continental U.S. only, you MUST enter FREESHIPPING in the coupon box during check out.

This coupon is only valid for purchase of the Fender/Meguiar's polish kit (and optional Ultimate Wipe polish cloth), and expires midnight EST January 31, 2007. It cannot be combined with any other offers.

New Posts from Your Host
You may have noticed a new box on the right side of the forums that says "New Posts From Your Host".
What, you didn't notice it? Geesh, ok go look now.

You should see different post titles fade in and out (hey, I like it). These are just some posts I happen to like right now, or would like you to see.
If something in the list catches your attention, just click on the title and it will take you directly to that post. Come on, there has to be something there that you're curious about.

New - Video & MP3 links section
I've noticed lots of members like to post links to videos (think YouTube) and/or MP3s of pianists.
The only trouble is, the thread eventually gets buried by new threads, and a valuable (and fun) resource is lost.

So... I've created a new area on Piano World for adding Video & MP3 links. With this new area, the links will be categorized and remain available for anyone/everyone to enjoy.
But... We need links! Please see this post for details...
Videos and MP3s

Cool Sweeps
Ok, I know this is way off topic, but I couldn't resist.
I happen to come across this sweepstakes from Microsoft and the prizes caught my eye.
If you're into flying (like I am), and/or into tech toys, this is a good one to enter.
If you do decide to enter (it's free), please put as your referrer (one of my other emails), gives me extra points :-)
Details Here About Prizes and Entering

Etiquette Reminder
Please remember the piano forums are a family-friendly place. Keep your posts clean, and be kind to other posters.
Promotion of your products or services is not allowed. Piano World and the Piano Forums are supported by advertising (and sales of products from our online store). Advertising info is Here

Amber Alerts!
One of our members posted a thank you because she noticed we run Amber Alerts along the bottom of the Forums pages (as well as on most of the rest of Piano World).
Please remember, by paying attention to these alerts you just may save a life.
If you aren't sure what an Amber Alert is, please see ... This Post

Piano Forums CD Vol 1
If you haven't ordered your own copy of the Piano Forums Piano CD Vol 1 (2 CD set), there's still time.
Details here ... Forums Piano CD
This CD was a labor of love by a number of our talented members.

Everyone OK?
I know some parts of the country (here in the States) have been experiencing some pretty nasty weather with ice storms and snow storms. I hope everyone is doing ok.

If you recently purchased a new (or pre-loved) piano, congratulations!
I love seeing posts from members when they get their new piano home.
It's also very gratifying to read how many people find PW in general, and the forums in particular helpful in their piano search (often combined with Larry Fine's Piano Book).

In fact, I have to say overall our membership really tries to help one another, whether it's in learning to play, how to record, info about pianos or keyboards, ... all kinds of stuff

If you are in the piano and/or music business and you would like to reach our music loving audience, please visit our Advertising Information page at:

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We offer very effective classified/display ads, run of site, and spots in this newsletter.

In Closing
As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions for the next issue of our newsletter, the Piano Forums, or Piano World, please let me know (
You can find previous issues of our newsletter here ...

In our next issue I will post some pictures and thoughts on the NAMM show, I'm hoping other members who attend the show will do the same.

It's Fun to Play The Piano ... Pass It On!

Frank Baxter

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