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This is a SPECIAL EDITION. - Tragedy Has Struck the Family of One of Our Own
(A regular edition of the newsletter will be out later this week).

Time to take care of our own - Justme & Family

(quoted from a post by Mikhailoh)...

As some of you already know, an unimaginable tragedy has happened to one of our own.

Peggy, who you all know as Justme, moved to the Northport, Florida a couple years ago to be near her family and grandchildren. As you may have seen on the national news, her daughter-in-law.. her grandchildren’s mother .. Denise Amber Lee was abducted from her home and murdered Thursday. You can read more about the family, the crime and her fight to stay alive at this link and the various links on the bottom of that page.

Tribune Article

Peggy has been around these forums since day one. She has always been respected. As a former piano dealer she has been a source of information and wisdom for piano shoppers, and always a voice for compassion for everyone here. In all these years we have never, ever seen anyone who did not like her.

This is the stuff that happens to other people - not people we know. But it did. Noah, 2, and Adam, 6 months, are left without their mother and Peggy’s son, Nathan without his wife. They will not remember their mother - a sadder circumstance we cannot imagine.

These kids and Nathan are going to need a lot of help in the coming days and years. We have an opportunity here to help take care of our own. We are starting a fund to both help this family with today’s expenses and hopefully also an education fund for the boys. This will include at least Piano World, The New Coffee Room, the Well Tempered Forum and Piano Facts.

PLEASE READ the rest of the thread HERE and do whatever you can to help.

Warm Regards,

Frank Baxter
Founder / Host
Piano World & the Piano Forums