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Feb. 22, 2007

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The 2007 Post NAMM Show Contest - POLL

VOTE! For the winners of our first ever annual Post NAMM Contest! Post NAMM 2007 Contest Poll
Please visit the link above to view the entries and cast your vote.
Our thanks to everyone who entered a picture in the contest.
My apologies if your picture didn't make it into the contest. All pictures needed to be posted in the contest thread itself. If you sent it directly to me, I may have missed it (you gotta bug me about these things).
Concerts & Recitals

Know about an upcoming concert or recital? Post it ... HERE
If you know of any good concerts and/or recitals coming up, please take a minute to share the information with our members and guests.
We can also add it to our calendar (see next topic)

Do you use our Calendar? (take a peek)
If you would like to post something to our calendar (a forums party, concert, recital, etc.), let us know here... Calendar Postings
Fender / Meguiar's Perfection Piano Care Kit

By popular request, we are extending our free shipping offer on the Fender / Mequiar's Piano Care Kits!
See this page for details about this kit...
Piano Care Kit
Piano Polish Care Kit

From now until February 29, 2007 ... Order the Fender/Meguiar's Piano Care Kit (and optionally add the Ultimate Wipe Polish Cloth) and pay no shipping costs! (U.S. customers only)

This is only valid for purchase of the Fender/Meguiar's polish kit (and optional Ultimate Wipe polish cloth), and expires midnight EST February 29, 2007. Polish Kit

Mason & Hamlin 2007 Tour Update

A couple of people had to drop out, so we have just a few openings.
It's less than 10 weeks until we take the 2007 tour (May 2)!
If you've ever wondered how quality pianos are built, here's your chance.
It's a great time, and they even feed us :-)
Read More & Sign Up for the Tour
Nora - The Piano Playing Cat

Nora The Piano Playing Cat You have to see this one! It's a riot smiley   Nora The Piano Playing Cat (It's a real cat)
This cat actually plays the piano, she even does a duet with a student. The look on the cat's face is priceless.
By the way, if you like this video and would like to share it with your friends (we hope you do), simply click the tell a friend button displayed below the video.
This button is available on most pages of Piano World. It will automatically pick up the URL of the page it's displayed on, and gives you a way to easily send that pages link to up to 4 friends. Feel free to use it often.

A New Number

3/4 Million Posts!
We passed the 3/4 million posts mark on February 21, 2007. Wow you folks like to talk.
More data about piano site rankings thread ... Piano Site Rankings
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Take the Live Chat, Live Recitals, Live Concerts Poll!

I'd like to get some feedback from our members. I'm curious to find out if there is any interest in our having Live Chat sessions, and also Live Recitals and/or Live Concerts.
Judging by the responses we've had so far, it appears a lot of people would have at least some interest in some of these options. (none of them will replace the forums, the forums will remain as they are).
Please read more and take the poll HERE
Attention: Professional Piano/Keyboard Musicians

One question I'm often asked is "Who belongs to the forums?" . By this they usually mean, what professionals in the business.
I'd like to create a section on Piano World listing the professional piano/keyboard players who belong to our forums.

I think it would be interesting to our members, and propective new members, and it would be good exposure for you.

Ideally I'd like to post your name, screen name, web site URL, and a short bio.
The primary criteria is that you make your living playing.
I might want to put them in categories, but that could prove challenging (concert artists, jazz pianists, rock musicians, etc.).

If you'd be willing to participate, please send the information to me, and make sure you put Artist in Residence - Piano Forums as the subject line.
Speaking of New Professional Members

Please Welcome our newest concert artist member, Jeffrey Biegel
Jeffrey has a very impressive bio, and based on the posts in this thread, has obviously impressed a number of our members. Although he has many wonderful accomplishments to his credit and is obviously a major artist in the industry, he impressed me the most when he said he knew, and may tour with... Keith Emerson! Yikes! (Sorry Jeffrey, but I'm a Keith Emerson nut).

Do yourself a favor, download some (or all) of his performance samples here...

And, please welcome new member Oliver Sheen
Click the link to his web site, and read his bio (particularly some of the people he has performed for).
Videos, MP3s, Links???

Where's those entries for our new Video and MP3 links section??
We recently created a new section on Piano World for submitting YouTube videos, or links to MP3s, etc.
The idea was to have one place, categorized, where we could keep all these great things that usually get lost when a thread drops off. See More Here
Or visit the Links Section here
Fun Videos

Ok, if you aren't going to post any, I will :-)

You can view a couple of fun Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston videos here... Scott Houston
If you ever need an assistant Scott :-) [view the Oksana video, you'll know why I said that]
Thanks to members Seaside_Lee and ShiroKuro for finding these.
Scott is a member of our forums.
Wiki - Wiki - Wiki !

Still need help with the Piano Wiki
This is our answer to the wikipedia :-) Won't you please help us build it? Wiki Info

Congratulations to our latest "new" piano owners (new, or new to you).
It always brings a smile to my face to read your posts, and see your pictures.
So, if you've recently purchased a piano, or are about to, please be sure to let us know all about it (and don't forget, we love pictures).
Like these from members Insanity   &   M&HAAdriver
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In Closing

As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions for the next issue of our newsletter, the Piano Forums, or Piano World, please let me know (
You can find previous issues of our newsletter here ... Newsletter Archives

It's Fun to Play The Piano ... Pass It On!

Frank Baxter