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April 2009

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Piano Forums Piano Cruise!

Cruise Ship Our first annual Piano Forums Piano Cruise is coming together.
Nine cabins have been spoken for already, out of the 16 our travel agent reserved.
Sign up know before they are all gone! You only need $250.00 per person to reserve a space, the balance isn't due until November. Come on everyone, this is going to be fun!

Bill (our agent) has confirmed... we will have access to real pianos and real fun.
Plus, as we get more people signed up, Bill will get more goodies for us.

Read about the cruise and the ship details ... Piano Forums Piano Cruise
Join the 2009 Music Monday on May 4

Looking for a way to bring your community together to celebrate the joys of making music? NAMM, the trade association of the international music products industry, is inviting all U.S. schools across the country to participate in Music Monday on May 4, 2009, to demonstrate the galvanizing power of making music and to kick off the National Wanna Play Music Week (May 4-8)
More Music Monday Details Here

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Would you like to improve on your:
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We recently passed the 40,000 registered member mark on the forums.
It looks like our traffic is continuing to build as well. In March we had 415,436 unique visitors (over 13,400 per day average), who viewed a total of 6,744,047 pages.
Below is a screen capture of the March traffic numbers...
Piano World March 2009 Traffic numbers
Hmmmn, shouldn't you be Advertising on Piano World ? :-)
New - Photo Galleries & Picture Uploader

One of the features of the new forums (what, you haven't visited the NEW forums yet?) is the ability to create "Photo Galleries". These are forums designed specifically for posting graphics. We can either use them to create photo montages, or just use the upload feature to place your pictures on our servers, and use the links it gives you to bring your photos into your posts(s).
This feature automatically creates a thumbnail, medium, and large image.

So, how do I post pictures using this new feature?
  • 1.) Go Here
  • 2.) Click New Image (near top of page, toward the left). A "Posting Form" will open.
  • 3.) Put in a Subject
  • 4.) Create a brief description
  • 5.) Then under "Post Options" click Image Manager
  • 6.) Browse to where the image is on your computer, click the picture, then click Open (you can optionally give the image a caption)
  • 7.) Now click Add File. Repeat steps 6&7 for each picture you want to add.
  • 8. ) When you are done adding pictures, click Done Adding Files, then click Submit
Your pictures should show up in the post now, each one will have 3 sizes, and 3 corresponding links (one for each size of each picture).
I know it sounds tricky, but it is really quite easy once you get the hang of it, and it conveniently produces 3 sizes of your picture. As most of you know, we prefer to host posted pictures on our own servers so they don't disappear.
Misc. Interesting Threads & Stuff

Worlds Largest Piano
A new contender for the title of Worlds largest piano, and it was built by a teenager.
Worlds Largest Piano?

Schimmel / Ferrari Piano?
Like the designs or not, you have to admit Schimmel isn't afraid to experiment... Drive it or Play it?

Party Brewing in the Northeast
Looks like another great Piano Forums party is getting organized by our friends up north of Boston. NE Piano Forums Party
Check out the preparations and plan on joining them Sat. May 2 if you can.

Speaking of tours and parties... If you'd like to host a Piano Forums party, a concert, or a factory tour, please let us know, or post something Here

Streaming Piano Lessons Live Online ?
I've recently been approached by a couple of professional pianist who also take on limited students.
Because of their performance schedules, and the distance from their students (they receive inquiries from across the country, and even around the world), they wanted to investigate teaching live lessons online.

Besides the obvious need for a high-speed connection and software to control the sessions (Skype has been mentioned a few times), there is the need for the right equipment to capture the video and sound properly.
A discussion of this idea along with some suggestions has been started here... Streaming Live Piano Lessons Online

If you have any experience with something like this, or a background in audio/video capture and streaming, by all means please join us in this thread.

WINTER DRYNESS Can Destroy Your Piano!

Piano Life Saver Products
Leading U.S. music schools protect their valuable pianos with the Piano Life Saver System. See the list of schools:

Concerts and Events

Colorado Springs, CO - Piano Concerts!
There's still time to join me April 18 and/or 19 for these fantastic concerts. Our own Jeffrey Biegel ( will be performing the Leroy Anderson Piano Concerto in C Major and Keith Emerson's Piano Concerto No. 1 !
I've had the privilege of hearing/seeing Jeffrey play a few times now, amazing. And as many of you know, I'm a huge fan of Keith Emerson's, and Keith is supposed to be there. I didn't really have the money to go, but I couldn't afford to miss it either :-)
More Details about Colorado Concert HERE

~ Free Concert NOVA Alexandria Hovhaness Lizst 04-16-09

~ Ragtime Concert: Tinley Park, IL - April 18 at 2pm

~ Free Piano Concerts in DC Area by Famous Pianists

~ Whisperings Piano Concerts in Florida in April..

~ Whisperings Piano Concert in Atlanta... April 24th

2009 PTG Technical Institute - July 15-19 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Details and discussions here... PTG Technical 2009

Post your concert, recital, and competition news Here

Let me know if you'd like to post an event on our Calendar, and/or have it mentioned in our newsletter. Email Frank B.
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By now you've discovered the new version of our Piano Forums is up and running (of course that is unless you've never been there before, then it wouldn't be new to you, would it?).
As with anything new, there are those who love it, and those who, shall we say are less than anamored?
I'd have to say the overall response has been positive. I'm sure there are features I've yet to discover, as I find myself learning more from you folks than the other way around.

However, I'm also aware there is some confusion about what is available and how to use the features. I will mention a few here, but I can't cover everything in one newsletter (and nobody would want to read all that anyway).

Step ONE if you have questions about using the forums should be to check the FAQ page. I intend to add to this section as time allows (and as questions and suggestions come in).

Replying to PMs
- Do NOT just click reply in your email program, as it will come to me not the intended party.
You MUST use the link in the PM to access the PM reply function IN THE FORUMS! Alternately you can visit the forums and choose "Messages" from the "My Stuff" drop down. Again, do NOT just hit reply in your email program (sorry, I don't have time to track down the intended recepient).

Advanced Search
You have a much better chance of finding what you want if you use the Advanced Search. The more parameters you use to narrow your search, the better the chance of turning up relevant posts.

Can't Log In?
Having trouble logging into the new forums? A couple things to remember, the piano forums require the use of cookies (small file placed on your computer that identifies it's you). We sometimes find that the cookies get blocked by either your browser setting or some over zealous anti virus program. However, more often than not, the problem is the way you are entering your password.
Passwords are CASE SeNsItIvE ! Please make sure you DO NOT HAVE CAPS LOCK ON!

Forum Options include
"Add forum to watch list" (will notify you by email when there is activity in that forum). , RSS feed of forum (you can "subscribe" to a feed via your browser).

Within topics
The "Topic Options" include "Add topic to my watch list" (makes more sense than watching an entire forum), "print topic" (a printer friendly version with no side bars)

Jumping Out of Your Skin?
Not sure you like the default look of the new forums?
Try one of the other "skins"
Near the bottom of the page you will see a long box that contains the following links: Privacy Statement, Board Rules, Mark All Read, ... and a drop down menu with names in it like: Coffee, Koniro, and Pastels. The choices in this drop down menu are the different "skins" (looks) available for the forums. Simply choose one by clicking on it, and the forums should automatically change to the look and feel you chose. Don't like that one? Try another.

Check Your Preferences!
Under "My Stuff" / " Edit Preferences " you will find a host of preferences you can set. This is your opportunity to set the things on the forums to display the way you like them. Experiment, you can always set them back if you don't like what you get.
What can you set here? Your default skin (look and feel), the way the topics will display (sort order, etc.), how many topic and/or posts to show on a page, and much more.

Let's All Play Nice

Considering how many people visit and/or use the forums every day we have a pretty good record.
However, lately there have been a few too many instances of rudeness, along with an increase in Sock Puppets (what's a sock puppet? ... Sock Puppets, and getting banned).
As I've said many times before, lively discussions are fine, rudeness, name-calling, insults, etc. ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE!. If you are guilty, and you're lucky, you'll get warned by one of our moderators.
Persist and you will either be given a "time out"(access temporarily suspended), or you will be banned.

You should also be aware we are watching people who log in under multiple names from the same IP address (I get automatic reports). While it's possible multiple people are accessing the forums from work (with a shared IP), it usually means someone who is trying to hide something, or is creating sock puppets (see above).
Lighten up folks, it's a Piano Forum!
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Of course you want to reach the maximum number of prospective customers for the least amount of costs.

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In Closing

As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions for the next issue of our newsletter, the Piano Forums, or Piano World, please let me know (
You can find previous issues (and a copy of the current issue) of our newsletter here ... Newsletter Archives

It's Fun to Play The Piano ... Pass It On!

Warm Regards,

Frank Baxter
Founder / Host
Piano World & the Piano Forums
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