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Special News Alert - In-Tune, Oct. 2006 hr

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Special Alert Oct. 2006
Frederick's Historical Piano Collection May Lose Home!

This is a Piano Forums News Alert - Oct. 16, 2006

Many of you are familiar with the Frederick's Historical Piano Collection, having visited their wonderful collection Located at the HISTORICAL PIANO STUDY CENTER ASHBURNHAM, MASSACHUSETTS for a tour and/or concert.

According to Pat Frederick, a town selectman is considering repossessing the building that currently houses the Frederick’s piano collection.

If you've ever moved even one piano, you can imagine the nightmare it would be to move about 20 grand pianos! Not to mention these pianos are all over 100 years old.

If you've met the Fredericks, you would know that finding, restoring, and making these incredible historical instruments available to the public is a labor of love. You would also know the Frederick's are wonderful people, who truly enjoy sharing their rare collection with all of us.

Please Help!

As a member of the Piano World community, we presume you like (or love?) the piano.

We are asking you now to do what you can to help save this significant and important collection.
Something as simple as mailing (or emailing) the town telling them why you think it's important to keep the collection together, and keep it where it is, may be all it takes to make a difference.

Please take 2 minutes from your busy day to visit this post on our forums, and learn how you can help.
The post explains what is happening, what you can do, and also contains links to more information (and pictures) about the Frederick's Historical Piano Collection.

Please do it today, time is running out.

Some of our members enjoying a tour of Frederick's

Thank you in advance for your help, our piano community needs to stick together.

This has been a special alert from Piano World and the Piano Forums.
We will be sending out a regular edition of In-Tune sometime in the next few weeks.

Frank B.
Piano World


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In Closing

I hope you've found something fun or interesting (or both) in our newsletter.

I'm very proud of the community we call The Piano Forums, you are a great bunch of people!
Sure, we have people get out of line occassionaly, but overall for a group this big we get along pretty well.
I hope you have as much fun reading and participating in the posts as I do.

If you think I missed putting something in this issue of the newsletter, or you have ideas for the next one, please Let Me Know

Until the Next Time, Remember...

It's Fun to Play the Piano! ... Pass It On

Frank B.
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