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Piano World Newsletter
May 1999
"In-Tune" the Piano Lovers Newsletter -

May 1999
		The Piano-Lovers Newsletter
			 May 1999

Dear "In-Tune" Member,

In this issue:

~ A tribute to John Roache
~ Flying Pianos?
~ The Piano Princess
~ Strange But True
~ Piano Care - Dampness
~ Payment Due



This issue of "In-Tune" is dedicated to the memory of 
our friend, the very talented John Roache. John combined his love for
Ragtime music with his interest in electronic music and gave us some of
the best and most enjoyable Ragtime anywhere.  He donated his C/Ds to us
every month to give away as prizes in our contest.  The lucky winners of
these C/Ds often wrote to me to say how much they enjoyed the music.  He
will be missed dearly.

On a lighter note:
Flying Pianos?

We have started creating a Piano screensaver for all of us piano lovers.
It is still pretty much in the design stage, so we are open to ideas if
you would like to share yours with us.  I'm curious to see if anyone would
be interested in something like this.  At this point, it is pretty much
limited to changing images of beautiful pianos (not a bad start).
I'd love to hear from you if you think you might like to have something
like this.  Our intention is to keep the cost low (probably around $3.00
to $5.00).
Drop me a note if you would like more information when it is ready

The Piano Princess:

Piano World would like to welcome Linda Genteel, The Piano Princess to the
our online family.  Linda is a world-famous pianist who combines Classical
and the Classics. Among her many impressive credentials, Linda was a
protege' of Libarace.  She has graciously donated some of her C/Ds to
Piano World to use as prizes in our monthly contest.  Be sure to drop by
our contest page and enter for your chance to win one of these great C/Ds.


Our new store, is now open!
We would love to have you stop in and poke around. is a division of Piano World.
We are still "stocking" the shelves, but you are welcome to come visit us
In the store now: Piano benches, cushions, brass piano lamps, 
music stands, sheet music cabinets, 
music motif throw pillows, tuning equipment and more.  
Even if you aren't in the market for anything, please 
take a few minutes to look around, and then let me know
what you think.  As the Webmaster, I'm responsible for
the design and content of all of our sites, so I would
really appreciate any feedback, suggestions (kudos?) etc.


Piano Tuning - Strange But True
From Frank's Archives

I've been tuning pianos for a while now (OK, a long while now) and over
the years I've had some interesting experiences.  I'd like to occasionally
share some of these "unusual" tunings with you.

	Steinway + Dream + Mansion =?

I once received a call from Christie's (You know, the auction people)
asking if I could tune a piano that was part of the Van Buren's estate
(Newport, RI) which they were going to be auctioning off.  I said "sure,
no problem" and scheduled the tuning.  

Well, the day arrived and as I drove up this long and winding road (The
driveway mind you.) I thought "wow, this is the way to live!" After
passing the "gardeners house", the "heating plant", the "servants
quarters" and various other buildings, I finally arrived at the main
house, a beautiful Gothic mansion overlooking a private lake and in the
distance a breathe-taking view of Newport harbour.

An imppecably dressed representative of Christie's met me at the door and
escorted me through what seemed like endless rooms full of gorgeous
antiques to the "music salon" .  There in front of massive French doors
sat a beautiful Steinway grand piano.  I could immediately picture myself
seated at this wonderful instrument in this dreamlike setting, playing
Mozart and sipping champagne (Hey, I said dreamlike.). Of course, I can't
really play Mozart, but it seemed to fit the image.

Well back to reality.  Whenever I'm about to tune a piano, I have a little
routine I play to get an idea of where the instrument is at musically
before I begin the tuning.  I slowly slid the bench back and sat down,
making sure my coatails were hanging over the back 
(Oops, that was the dream again.).  Carefully raising the fallboard, I
flexed my fingers and prepared to run some arpeggios, anxious to hear
those warm, full, deep tones one expects from a Steinway.
I raised my hands and struck the first chord.
What was that?!?!
The noise that came out of this "piano" did not bear any resemblance to
music.  It sounded more like the noise a piano would make if you dropped
it out a fifth floor window (Not that I've actually tried this mind you.).

It seems the piano had not been tuned in over 40 years.
Just shows you even rich people sometimes neglect their pianos, don't you
be one of them (The neglect part, not the rich part.).

In case you are curious, I did finally manage to get the piano tuned after
seven tunings spread out over weeks.
And yes, I did get to play it (no champagne though).
The auction was a success bringing in more than 2 1/2 million dollars.

-- Next Month --
You want me to go where to tune your piano?

Piano Care:
Summer, Dampness and Sticky Notes

Summer is upon us (At least here in the U.S.) and it's time to think about
what dampness can do to your piano.
If you live in a damp climate chances are you will experience the effects
it can have on your piano.
Because a piano is made up of over 2000 moving wooden parts, dampness is a
concern . The usual effects are sluggishness in the action and a tendency
to go out of tune more frequently.  

There is help though.  Ask your piano tuner-technician about a
"damp-chaser".  These are long aluminum rods that mount up under the
action and radiate a low wattage of heat to drive the moisture out. carries the "Moisture Master" line, but your piano tuner
may prefer some other brands.  Just make sure you get the right size and
style for your particular piano.


Payment Due:

As always, "In-Tune" is a group effort.  You are an important part of our
group and we would like to hear from you.
If you have any piano related stories, jokes, ideas, hints or tips, please
share them with us.


Until next time, your piano-loving Webmaster,

Frank Baxter
Piano World,, Piano Help & All About Pianos.

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