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Piano World Newsletter
June 1999
"In-Tune" the Piano Lovers Newsletter -

June 1999
	The Piano Lovers Newsletter
		June 1999

In This Issue:
~Help Wanted
~Beginners Corner
~Screen-Saver Update
~Free Piano Music
~Quiz Time
~You Want Me To Go Where to Tune Your Piano?
~Word Search
~New Design
~Piano Care
~Issue Releases
~Payment Due


		Help Wanted
	     I'm Looking For A ?

Help Wanted is the newest area on Piano World 
(Yes, another one.).
We have had hundreds of visitors ask us to help
them locate a piano professional (tuner, teacher,
dealer, mover, etc.). That's what this new area is
for, to post requests for help in locating a
professional, an unusual piano part, anything related
to the piano.  You are welcome to post a free ad
or check the ads already posted to see if you can

General questions about the piano should still be
posted on our "Piano Forum".

		"Beginners Corner"

Paul Hanks, a member of our "In-Tune" family, suggested
we create a forum for beginners.  The "Beginners Corner"
would be for folks who are new to playing the piano to 
exchange ideas, techniques, and stories.  
This sounded like a good idea to me. I told Paul 
I'd mention it in the newsletter to see what kind of
response we get.  If enough people respond, 
we will set the forum up for you. 
Please let me know what you think.


		Piano Screen-Saver

Here is an update on the piano screen saver we mentioned in
last months issue.  We have obtained permission from
the publisher of "Piano", the gorgeous book by
David Crombie, to use pictures from the book in
our screen saver.  I am in the process obtaining
other sources and hope to have the details wrapped
up soon.  We will pick 5 "testers" from the In-Tune
members who wrote expressing an interest in the screen-saver
to test it out when it is ready.  The testers will get
a free copy in return for providing feedback to us about
the screen-saver.  If you haven't written to me yet, 
there is still time.  


		Free Piano Music

A number of people have written to me lately asking
where they can find free piano sheet music.  There is a
small but growing list posted on Piano World at:

If you know of any we missed, please let me know.


		    Quiz Time

  Who is credited with inventing the modern piano?

Answer will be posted in next months issue.
(Yes, you can find the answer on Piano World.)


    You want me to go WHERE to tune your piano?

Another story from Frank's archives:

As I mentioned in my previous story, I spent a number
of years tuning pianos in the Newport, Rhode Island
area.  For those of you that may not be familiar with
Newport, it is on an island in the Northeast U.S.
There are three bridges that connect to Newport, a
beautiful town with many fantastic mansions
(including the famous "Ten Mile Drive", 10 miles of estates!).

I once owned a music store on the outskirts of Newport
and enjoyed a fairly substantial tuning business.
One day I received a call from a gentleman asking if
I could come tune a piano.  Although I was
already booked up, I didn't want to turn away a new
customer.  I told him I would juggle my schedule a
bit and squeeze him in.  I than asked for his name
and address.  He said the tuning was for the Empress
Subaru.  Now, you have to understand that Newport is
home to some very wealthy people, including some 
genuine "aristocrats".  I had customers that owned incredible
mansions and entertained Ambassadors and Heads-of-State.

I had to admit (to myself) that I had never tuned for
an Empress, but I wasn't about to act surprised. I've
found it is always best to act nonplussed about these
things.  So I pretended it was just another tuning and
asked what her address was.  Well, his reply through me off a bit.  
He said, "go to Old Port Launch and take a motor launch, 
they will know where to take you". I said "fine, I'll be there 
at 9:30 tomorrow morning".

I felt like I was on a mission for the CIA .

The next morning I went down to the waterfront and walked
out onto the pier for Old Port Launch.  I told the girl
at the counter that I needed a launch to take me to the
Empress Subaru.  She didn't even raise an eyebrow when
she told me they would have a launch ready to go in
about 20 minutes.  The time arrived and I climbed aboard, 
wondering all the while what the Empress
looked like and what country she was from.  We pulled out
from the piers and worked our way slowly between the
yachts and commercial fishing boats in Newport Harbor.

Finally we rounded Goat Island (A smaller island off 
Newport with a first class hotel on it).  And that is
when I got my first look at the Empress.  It was hard
to miss her, all 200+ feet of her!  You see, the 
Empress Subaru turned out to be a yacht!  And what a
yacht.  She had three or four decks above water and I spotted
a helicopter and a car on deck.  We tied up along side
and I went up the stairs (yes, stairs, not a gangplank),
to the main deck where I was warmly greeted by her 
Captain.  He led me into the main salon where I spotted
a lovely baby grand piano among the expensive furniture,
plants and full wet bar.  

This is definitely one of my all-time favorite tunings.  
It was a warm, sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing and 
seagulls squawking just outside the window where I sat.  
I finished the tuning and took a short tour of the ship 
before calling for my return launch.  It seems they were too 
busy to come get me, so the captain brought me back
in one of the ships private launches.

Yes, life was good, and the Empress Subaru was a
beautiful lady indeed.

	Next Month:
		Where's The Action?
		Contributed by Bonnie Dove.


		Word Search

Do you like to do word searches?  I have put
together a little piano-related word search that
you can print out.  Although it may look simple
enough, the "coding" behind the scenes took me
a while.  You can find the word search at:

If you like this one and would like me to do
some more, let me know.  I'd be happy to have
you contribute some words to use in the next one.
If anyone feels real ambitious, you could make up
a word search in the form of questions with the word
being the blank.  Just make sure that it is related to
the piano (or at least music) and that you send me the
answers too (ok, so I'm cheating a little, it's my
Web site).  I'll build the actual word search and
post it for everyone to use.  I'll even credit the


		New Piano World Design

I am working on some ideas for redesigning the look
and feel of Piano World.  By the time next months issue
of "In-Tune" comes out, I should have some examples ready.
I'll let you know so you can take a look. I would really
appreciate your feedback.  After all, Piano World is for
you, not for me.


		Speaking of Coding

I do all of the html/Java Script/CGI coding for Piano World,, Piano Help and All About Pianos,
as well as providing most of the content and answering 
the emails.
This in addition to a full time position as an 
"Internet Specialist" for a major publisher, contract
work for a consulting firm, Webmaster for some other
sites and taking care of my tuning business. Oh yes, 
and I do believe I still have a family around here 
someplace, they are the ones that refer to me as
"the guy in the computer room".
So if you have written to me and not received
a speedy reply, my apologies.  Please be patient, I
will get back to you.  

		Piano Care

How Often Should I Tune My Piano?

OK, it's summer in the United States and you figure
the piano can wait until the fall to be tuned.  
After-all, you probably won't be playing it that much
until then, so why bother.
Wrong answer, please try again.

The biggest contributors to pianos going out of tune
are changes in temperature and humidity.
The total tension (pull) from all the strings in a
properly tuned piano is measured in tons!  Allowing
it to slip even just half a tone can mean changing
that tension by as much as a ton.  Now when the tuner
tries to raise it back up to the proper pitch, he/she
has to add back on that additional ton of tension.

Don't neglect the poor instrument.  Have it tuned 
twice a year.  Once in the summer, and again in the
late fall.  Your piano will love you for it.


		Issue Releases

I received a note from one of our "In-Tune" subscribers
asking if we were still publishing the newsletter.  I
should have mentioned before that I tend to send the 
newsletter out toward the end of the month.  If I was
smart, I would claim it is the next months issue so it
would appear to be early not late. (But then, if I was
really smart, I would have started

(Thanks John)



Speaking of needing help.  

"In-Tune" is your newsletter, so we are asking you to do
your part.  Help us to make "In-Tune" better for
everyone by contributing.  No, I don't mean money. I
mean articles, jokes, stories, hints, concert schedules,
piano-related news, ideas, pictures, feedback to our questions.  
You get the idea.  Come on, think about it.  
I'm sure you can come up with something.

Send them to:

Let us know if you want us to use your name or not.

		Thank You

We would also appreciate it if you would help us spread
the word about Piano World, and


		Until Next Time

Your piano-loving Webmaster

Frank Baxter

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