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Piano World Newsletter
July 2001
"In-Tune" the Piano Lovers Newsletter -

July  2001

In This Issue:

~ Piano Forums - New Forums / New Home
~ Member Pictures
~ Your Vote Counts!
~ And the Award Goes To
~ Baldwin - Going, Going
~ How Do I?
~ FREE piano screen saver
~ Magazines
~ Over 1 million and counting
~ Competitions
~ Del's Corner - coming soon
~ Piano Care
~ Quiz
~ Humor?
~ Help Wanted

========== Piano Forums ==========

Our piano forums have a new home and a new look.

I hope you will find the new ultimate bulletin board look and feel much
easier to use (and more fun). I've also added a number of new forums to
the list. Now, in addition to the Piano Forum and the Pianist Corner we
The Musicians Forum (general music topics, not piano).
The Digital Forum (digital pianos, synthesizers, etc.)
The Mechanical Music Forum (player pianos, nickelodians, etc.)
The Organ Forum (electronic, pipe and theatre)
The Technicians Forum (for piano technicians and technical discussions)

The new forums are already proving to be very popular. We had over 80,000
page views on the forums in June.  Join in the fun today, it's free! (NOTE: We now (2006) average over one million page views a month!)

========== Member Pictures ========

Speaking of the forums, this new area posts pictures of some of our forum
members and their pianos. It's nice to be able to put a face with a name.

========== Your Vote Counts! =======

I am very proud that Piano World won the Cool Site of the Day award last
month (for June 6).  Now Piano World is nominated for a "Cool Site of the
Month" award!!
This is a tough award to win and one I'd love to see us get.  This is
where you come in.  We need your votes.  Please take a second and cast
your vote for Piano World.

It would mean a lot to me.  In fact, please spread the word to everyone
you know.
[Alternately, you can click on the banner or link posted throughout our
web site]

========== And The Award Goes To ==

If you happen to be curious, I've posted some of our new awards on our

========== Baldwin - Going, Going ===

Baldwin Piano & Organ company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
on May 30, 2001.  "The legacy of past management makes the day-to-day
operations of our core business impossible," stated Kenneth Pavia,
chairman of its board of directors.  It appears that previous management
was more interested in lining their pockets than running their business.
There are some great discussions about this topic on the Piano Forums, be
sure to check them out.

For the record, I'm hoping they save the company. Baldwin is one of the
older U.S. piano companies and was once a highly respected name.

========== How Do I? =============

I am working on a new area called How Do I? This will be a place to
research such topics as How to Refinish a Piano, Making the Action Lighter
or Heavier, etc.  Because of time constraints it may take me a little
while to get it built (I do all the coding myself) but I will get it up.
Watch for this new area coming soon.

========== FREE Piano Screen Saver =

I've updated our "Pianos on Parade" screen saver and decided to give it
away free rather than charge for it. 
This is a collection of beautiful piano pictures from the book "Piano" by
David Crombie.

The Windows version is already posted, I expect to have the Mac version
ready by around the 8th of July.  Get your free copy today at:

========== Magazines =============

The latest issue of International Piano Quarterly will be coming out
shortly (the summer edition).  This is a wonderful publication filled with
beautiful pictures and great articles.  You can check out the last issue
(and get subscribing details) at:

========== Over 1 Million ===========

Piano World continues to grow in popularity.  For the month of June (a
traditionally slow month) we received over 1.3 million hits! Considering I
do 99.9% of the work on Piano World myself, I'm pretty excited about
passing the 1 million hits a month mark.

========== Competitions ===========

International piano competition held every year in Sanremo (IM) Italy.
Next edition: 5-10 November 2001
Deadline: 15 October 2001
Final step with Sanremo Symphony Orchestra
Winner - Gala broadcast on RAIUNO TV network

========== Del's Corner ===========

I'm happy to announce that Del Fandrich of Fandrich Pianos has offered to
write some stories and articles for us. Del's background is fascinating.
The following is from an email I received from his wife, Barbara:

"Del designed the Fandrich piano (we built 100 of
them--from scratch--in the 1990s). Since then, Del has been asked to
teach piano tech classes in far flung places such as Australia and Italy,
as well as many  conventions in the good old USA. I usually go with him
and sometimes there are some good stories, as you can imagine!"

Look for Del's column soon.

========== Piano Care ============

It's that time again (at least here in the U.S.).  In many parts of our
country we are now entering the humid season.  Humidity causes a number of
problems for pianos.
Wood swells causing the action to slow down and contributing to the piano
going out of tune.  It's a good idea to install a piano dehumdifier to
chase away the excess dampness. 
[Shameless plug Our online store, sells genuine Dampp
Chaser piano dehumidifiers].

=========== Quiz ================

Last issues question:
What does "Action" mean when referring to a piano?

The action is the moving parts of the piano.  Generally speaking, it is
all those thousands of integrated parts that move when you strike the
keys.  Just to name a few, this would include dampers, backchecks,
jacks, whippens, hammers, and more.

This issues Question:
What is a plate? (in a piano, not on your dinner table)

=========== Humor? ===============

Pianist stops playing for a moment, turns to the audience and says:

"I used to play the violin, but the beer kept falling off!"

        (contributed by Paul Zdinak)

========== Help Wanted ===============

If you enjoy visiting Piano World (and I certainly
hope you do), please consider lending a hand.
Anything from contributing a short anecdote to a full fledged article
would be most appreciated.
Other things to consider:
* CD reviews (reviews of piano oriented CDs)
* Stories
* News about the piano industry
* How-to or helpful hints
* Pictures (particularly of unusual or unique pianos).
* Concert schedules
* Competitions
* Other Stuff?

If you do decide to help, please make sure the content you are
contributing is ok for us to use. Be careful of copyrights and
permissions, we don't want to anger anyone. If it isn't something original
you created, please check with the rightful owner.

Send them to:
Please include your name, State and Country

Let us know if you want us to include your name or not.

============ Until Next Time ===========

Keep playing the piano, I can think of few better ways to spend your time.

Musically yours,

Frank Baxter

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