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Piano World Newsletter
January 2004
"In-Tune" the Piano Lovers Newsletter -

The Piano Forums at Piano World recently passed the 5000 member mark!

And our members have created over 165,000 piano and
music related posts!

Join the fun now, it's FREE.

Here are a few more reasons to consider joining...

Currently our members include...
~ The countries best known custom piano builder
~ Some of the most respected piano dealers in the country
~ A number of top piano technicians from this country and around the world
~ Concert artists
~ Professional pianist
~ The author of the famous "The Piano Book"
~ Experts in piano restorations
~ Thousands of enthusiastic piano lovers who take the piano very seriously
~ Thousands of guests from all over the world
~ Piano manufacturer representatives
~ Piano movers
~ Piano teachers
~ National Piano Service Managers
~ Piano Company VP's
~ HIGH-end (read: top of the pile) German Manufacturers
~ Thousands and thousands of "guests" (not registered, but visiting regularly)
~ Music enthusiasts from around the globe

But most importantly, we have FUN! (and learn a lot about pianos and piano music).

Drop by and sign up today, it's FREE


Frank Baxter
Piano World

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