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Special Announcement - Forums Open - Please READ this Email

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> Special Announcement - New Version of The Piano Forums now OPEN! Please READ this Email

The new version of the Piano Forums is now up and running. Thank you for your patience (except for Steve C.)

Please take a few minutes to poke around. I will be working on a number of things related to the new forums over the next couple of days, so don't be surprised to see some things change.
You may need to Log In the first time you visit the new forums.

New Stuff:
Note the new "My Stuff" drop down at the top of the page. This replaces the old My Profile link, and adds new features available to you under one menu. This includes... Messages, Edit Profile, Edit Preferences, Watch Lists, View Profile, Posts, Buddies, Subscriptions.

The Active Topics link will give you access to the days most active topics, active posts, and un-answered posts.

The Search function will now allow you to go back as far as the first posts. Keep in mind that with over 1 million posts, searches can take a while. Please try to narrow any searches by using the "Advanced Search" and filling in as many parameters as you can. Otherwise, with lots of people doing deep searches at one time, the board gets slowed down considerably.

Mousing over the title of a Topic will pop-up a preview of the first sentence in the topic.

You now have the option of choosing the look of the forums from a couple of different styles (we will be adding more choices in the future). The Style Chooser is at the bottom of the page, by default it should now show ubbthreads_stock as the choice. You can choose from 2 other styles by clicking on the drop-down and making your choice.

There is now a Breadcrumb trail at the top of the page, showing where you are, and providing links to go directly back to any step in the process.
Example: Home Forums Our Most Popular Forums Piano Forum Forums CLOSED Thursday Feb 26, 2009
The " Forums CLOSED ...." is plain text when you are looking at that post. All the others are live links that can take you back anywhere in the process (to the Piano Forums, to the Our Most Popular Forums list, to the Forums home page (summary), or all the way back out to Home, which is the Piano World web site). In most cases you will probably want to click the Forums link to get back to the summary page.

The Printer Friendly option is back. It is under "Topic Options" at the top of the thread.

The User List is just that, a list of ALL members, with whatever information they chose to make public. It is a new feature so right now it shows the Registered On, and Last Online dates as the same. These will change (update) as members actually access the new forums.

We are working on getting a new spell check module.

When you use the Full Reply function within a post now you will see buttons that you can use to "Markup" your post (make it pretty :-). Some of these used to be at the botton in the old forums, now they are all right above the box where you type your post/reply. If you aren't sure what something does, mouse over the little icon and it should tell you.

Watch Lists No, we don't mean Timex or Rolex. You now have the choice of Watching (keeping track of) specific Forums, Topics, and/or Users (members). This is something a lot of people were asking for, and makes it much easier than creating a bunch of bookmarks in your browser.

Examples: At the Forum level (Piano Forum, Pianist Corner, etc.) choose Forum Options, and choose Add Forum to Watched Forums. You probably won't want to use this level, as our main forums are constantly changing.
However, once you click into a Topic you may find this feature more handy. Once inside a Topic, click the Add to Watched Topics List.
You can also choose to Watch a user by clicking on their name in any post they've made.
Your Watch list can be accessed anytime from your "My Stuff" drop-down near the top of the page.
If you would like an Email Notification About New Replies, first add the Topic to your Watch List, then under My Stuff, click your Watch Lists, make sure you click the Topics tab (it defaults to Forums), then click Edit your Watched Lists. You will see the list of Topics you are watching, and to the right an option for Email Notification. It defaults to None, simply choose Immediately (you can always change it back later). This is also where you would delete watched topics if you are no longer interested in following them.

Sub Forums We can now create new forums as a subset of existing forums. As an example, I created a "Chopin" forum as a sub-forum of the Composer Forum. (I can move the famous Just for Those Totally Devoted thread if the participants would like).

Also NEW
The summary page (main landing page) shows how many people are viewing a given forum.
Once inside a forum, the Topics list will show the Topic/Who it was Posted by/How Many Replies it Has/How Many Times it has Been Viewed.

The Who's Online box only shows the 7 or 8 most recent.

Other Stuff
There are other features I still need to learn about, including Graphics Galleries, attachments, and CAPTCHA. I will post updates on the forums as I figure things out, and mention them in the next couple of newsletters.

Don't panic if something doesn't seem to be working right. Give it a day or two while we work on getting everything running. If you are still experiencing problems after a couple of days, please Email Me

By the way, for those of you who were kind enough to ask, this upgrade cost us about $500.00. So if you're feeling generous, please consider visiting our online store or our Support the Forums page.

This upgrade was overdue as the old forums had reached the point where things are starting to break that can't easily be fixed.

NOTE: I will also post this newsletter on our In-Tune Newsletter Archives

We will also pick up some new features with the new version, and have the ability to add other modules as they become available.

Some of the Benefits
  • More Stable
  • More Flexible
  • Can Create "Sub-Forums"

  •     Example: Within the Composers category, we can create separate sub-categories for Chopin, Mozart, Liszt, etc.
  • Users can watch forums, topics or individual users.
  • Watched items appear in the "My Watch Lists" area so users can quickly check on any new content within their watched items.
  • User can decide on an individual watch item basis if any new posts should be emailed to them.
  • Ability to switch between Flat Mode (our current display method) and Threaded Mode (the old/old forums look, where all replies are shown as a list
  • Print Topic Option

  •     Photo Gallery Forums using UBB.Gallery
  • Multiple Photos can be attached to a single post.
  • Automatic Thumbnail generation, along with medium and full sized image.
  • Content Island to display thumbnails of recent photos that have been uploaded.

  •     Calendar Features
  • Private and Public Calendar Entries.
  • Monthly/Yearly Recurring Events.
  • Topics can be tied to a Calendar Day.
  • Member Birthdays.

A regular version of our newsletter will be coming out in the next couple of weeks (let me know if you have anything you'd like to contribute to the newsletter).


It's Fun to Play The Piano ... Pass It On!

Warm Regards,

Frank Baxter
Founder / Host
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