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Piano World Newsletter
February 2000
"In-Tune" the Piano Lovers Newsletter -

February 2000
Date: Feb 27 2000 21:27:19 EST
From: "\"In-Tune\" the Piano Lovers Newsletter" <>
Subject: Piano World 2000 Launched!

In-Tune Newsletter February 2000

In this issue:

~ The NEW Piano World is launched!
~ Chat Anyone?
~ Free Piano Screen Saver
~ $2 Million Dollar Piano?
~ A Milestone Fast Approaching
~ Piano Power (Article)
~ Music Biz News
~ Quiz
~ Jokes?
~ Piano Care
~ Payment Due

		** The New Piano World **

We finally launched the completely redesigned Piano World.  All 500+ pages
now have a consistent look and feel. The navigation is much easier and is
accessible from any page.
The new internal "search engine" works great!  It makes it easy to find
what you are looking for if you can't find it in the navigation menus.
Please drop by today and have a look.

We have also added a number of new areas, so please take your time.
                  ** Chat Anyone? **

A new area for Piano World  our Piano Chat Rooms.  A place for folks to
stop and chat a while about -- pianos of course.

		** Free Piano Screen Saver **

The first of our Piano screen savers is now available.  We haven't
announced it to the general public yet because we would like our
subscribers to have the first look.  There will be a retail version coming
out soon, but this one is free.  Sorry, only available for Windows this
time, we are working on the Mac version.  If you download this screen
saver and give us some feedback (good, bad, suggestions etc.) we will also
give you the retail version free (a $5.00 value), when it's available.

               ** $2 Million Dollar Piano? **

LONDON (Reuters) - The Steinway piano on which John Lennon composed
"Imagine" went on public view Friday, ahead of an online auction in July
when organizers say the instrument is expected to fetch at least $2

The upright Steinway Z took pride of place at the Beatles Story Museum in
Liverpool, birthplace of the Fab Four. It will be auctioned on a new Web
site,, sometime in July but will remain on display until

		** A Milestone Fast Approaching **

We are very proud to be able to tell you that Piano World is fast
approaching the 1 million hits a month mark.  We should reach this goal by
next month.

			** Piano Power ** 
			by Richard Prokop

As piano teachers, we are placed in a unique position that may potentially
influence the future of our students for years to come. When referring to
the specific movements of the hand and fingers during a lesson, it is
important that we provide our students with information that is
scientifically accurate in terms of the principles of kinesiology (defined
as the science of human motion). By relating proven facts instead of
information that we feel to be true, we provide a valuable service to our

The following article entitled "Theories Contradicted," is an excerpt from
my book, Piano Power, A Breakthrough Approach To Improving Your Technique.

For the rest of the story, please go to:

		** Music Biz News **

Another new area on Piano World.  Headlines from the music business.  Find
it under "Just For Fun" in our new navigation menus.

		      ** Quiz Time **

What are the keys on a piano usually made from? 
No, not the tops, the actual wood part of the keys.

		         ** Jokes? **

What's brown and dangerous when it's up a tree? A piano.

		         ** Piano Care **

Have a couple of sluggish keys?  Not moving as smoothly as the others?
Try grasping the offending key from the front and while moving it gently
up and down put a little pressure first to the left, then to the right.  

Why are you doing this? Because piano keys ride up and down on a metal
pin, the hole inside the bottom of the key that rides on the pin has a
felt "bushing" to keep it in place and reduce noise.  This bushing can
attract dust and dirt, particularly when it is damp out (it also swells
some when it's damp).  Moving the key up and down while applying side
pressure "wipes" the bushing and also packs it down some.

Remember, "gently" does it!

                    Payment Due Notice

"In-Tune" is your newsletter, so we are asking you to do
your part.  Help us to make "In-Tune" better for
everyone by contributing.  No, I don't mean money. I
mean articles, jokes, stories, hints, concert schedules, reviews
piano-related news, ideas, pictures, feedback to our questions.  
You get the idea.  Come on, think about it.  
I'm sure you can come up with something.

Send them to:
Please include your name, State and Country

Let us know if you want us to include your name or not.

		Thank You

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		Until Next Time

Your piano-loving Webmaster

Frank Baxter

Piano World

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