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Piano World Newsletter
August 1999
"In-Tune" the Piano Lovers Newsletter -

August 1999
Date: Aug 08 1999 18:23:40 EDT
From: "\"In-Tune\" the Piano Lovers Newsletter" <>
Subject: "In-Tune" July/August Issue

   The Piano Lover's Newsletter
       July/August Issue

In this issue:
~ What happened to the July Issue?
~ Where’s The Action?
~ New Reviews Section
~ Sheet Music Online
~ The Rubinstein Collection
~ Quiz Time
~ The Funnies?
~ Piano Care
~ Update Time
~ Payment Due

		What happened to the July Issue?

Because so many people tend to take off on vacation in July and August,(at
least here in the U.S.) I decided to combine the two issues.

		Where’s The Action?
	(contributed by Bonnie Dove – TX)

I'm a member of Arlington Music Teachers Assoc. in Texas.  Our teachers
group owns two grand pianos - an old Steinway, and a much newer Kawaii.
These are both kept at our local community center and occasionally they
are rented by others in the community for musical events.  A few yearsback
our Steinway was badly in need of repairs, so one of our local tuners
arranged for the action to be shipped to the Steinway factory in New York
to be refurbished.  Unfortunately, we forgot to alert the staff of the
community center that the piano was not available for rental during this

Of course, the inevitable happened, and the piano was moved onto the
stage to be played by a visiting pianist.  Unfortunately, the key cover
was not raised, and the visiting pianist did not "try out" the piano
before going onstage.  He walked out to thunderous applause, sat down at
the instrument, raised the key cover and - no action!  He politely got up,
went off stage and reportedly asked the stage manager "Where do you keep
the piano's action?"  (As if we might keep it in a closet somewhere!)
There was a buzz of activity backstage, and quickly the Steinway was moved
off stage and the Kawaii moved on and the recital went forward without any
further problems.

As you can imagine, this story gave us all quite a laugh at our next
teachers meeting.  Hope you enjoyed it too.

Next Month:
“A REAL PAGE-TURNER” by Paul Hanks

	Speaking of Paul Hanks:
Read Paul’s wonderful review of Rencontres Internationales Frédéric
Held at the château de Nohant.

Posted on our new “Reviews & Commentary” section at:

While you are there, read the commentary by David Burton:
“So Many Piano Brands to Choose From”


	Sheet Music Online

Piano World is now an affiliate of Sheet Music Plus.
If you are looking for sheet music, this is the place to go.
They offer over a quarter million titles available to order on-line.


		The Arthur Rubinstein Collection

The Arthur Rubinstein Collection: A Life in Music offers the complete
recorded legacy of this century’s most important pianist through 706
recordings of 347 compositions-106 hours of music in an unprecedented 94
CD compilation.  Available in October.
More on this in next months issue


		Quiz Time

What piano manufacturer produces a piano with more than 88 keys?
(Answer in next months issue, or check Piano World for the answer)

Last months Quiz Time question:
Who is credited with inventing the modern piano?

An Italian, Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731) built the first practical
piano with an escapement mechanism for the hammers and capable of being
played softly and loudly (about 1720).  You can see a picture of a
Cristofori  piano in our gallery.


		The Funnies?

A woman bought a used Piano and wanted to have it tuned.  She looked in
the Yellow Pages and found an old German fellow named Oppernokattie
listed, and she called him.
The little old guy came over and tuned the instrument perfectly, was 
paid, and left. 
The woman played and played her new Piano until the wee hours of the 
next morning, then went to bed, exhausted.
Later that afternoon she awoke and headed right for the Piano again.  It
was now terribly out-of-tune!
She phoned the little old German man and yelled for him to get right 
back over there and re-tune it, and to do it RIGHT this time!
The little old man replied, "Sorry, Lady.  Oppernokattie only tunes 

Contributed by Sher (like the singer, except she spells it wrong!)


		Piano Care

Polishing the case.
Most piano manufacturers recommend against the use of furniture polish.
The best way to clean dust and finger marks off the piano, they say, is
with a soft, clean, lintless cloth (such as cheese cloth) slightly
dampened with water and wrung out.  Fold the cloth into a pad and rub in
the direction of the grain of the wood, using long straight strokes.  Then
repeat with a dry cloth pad to remove any remaining water droplets.  If
you insist on using furniture polish, make sure it contains no silicone.
Some piano supply companies sell polish especially made for piano finishes.
From: “The Piano Book” by Larry Fine

(Note: Piano polish is available in our store under
piano accessories).



The new Piano World design is coming along great (it is taking a little
longer than I expected though).  I’m hoping to have enough ready by
mid-September to announce the preview to our subscribers.

We have started scanning the photos for the Piano Screen Saver and hope to
have the trial version out next month.

The Piano Players Corner is up and running.  We would love to have you
drop by and participate.


			Payment Due Notice

"In-Tune" is your newsletter, so we are asking you to do
your part.  Help us to make "In-Tune" better for
everyone by contributing.  No, I don't mean money. I
mean articles, jokes, stories, hints, concert schedules, reviews
piano-related news, ideas, pictures, feedback to our questions.  
You get the idea.  Come on, think about it.  
I'm sure you can come up with something.

Send them to:
Please include your name, State and Country

Let us know if you want us to include your name or not.

		Thank You

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		Until Next Time

Your piano-loving Webmaster

Frank Baxter

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