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Piano World Piano Forums Newsletter April 2006

I know, I had said I'd hoped to put out our newsletter regularly and it's been a long time.
There just aren't enough hours in the day. If you have ideas or suggestions for our newsletter, or you'd like to submit stories, articles, jokes, etc., please send an email with the subject line Piano Forums Newsletter to

What's New?
If you haven't visited the forums in a while, you don't know what you're missing!
  • Over 16,000 members
  • Over 597,000 posts
  • 40 different forums, including our recently added Composer's Lounge
  • Forums parties and tours going strong
  • Tons of great posts, stories, articles, facts, hints, pictures, and more
  • We've started a new Wiki for Piano There's a thread about it Here And the Wiki is here It has a long way to go and we could use your help.
  • Set a new record on the forums in March ... 1,486,113 page views (actual page views, not hits) for the forums alone.

Coming Events!
Del Fandrich Comes to Boston Sat. April 22, Sun. April 23 2006
Saturday, April 22nd is slated for techs and will be a full day.
Sunday April 23rd is for non techs and so far is scheduled to be a half day.
From Larry Buck's post...
"As many here are aware, Del's posts have amazing clarity and insight, his work in piano design and building are well known and highly regarded. We are pleased and excited to be able to Bring Del (and his wife Barbara) to Boston."

Mason & Hamlin Piano Factory Tour Tues. May 2, 2006
This is our famous annual Piano Forums Member's Tour of the Mason & Hamlin Factory in Haverhill, MA. It's a fantastic tour and a great day to share with your fellow piano loving members. M & H goes all out for us, giving us the red-carpet treatment (they even feed us!).
There are still a few slots open (tour is limited to 25 people), so act now if you'd like to join us. DETAILS HERE If you've already signed up, make sure you have sent me the details I asked for.

Piano Party Sat. 05/20/06 Long Island NY
Another forums members get together. These are always great fun. DETAILS HERE
If you are planning on hosting a forums piano party, let us know
Past Events
Read all about the wonderful Indrek Laul concert we attended in February.
Indrek performed on the new Art Case Estonia, accompanied by the New Philharmonia Orchestra.
What a treat! Stories, reviews, and pictures HERE

Frederick's Museum Tour
Ok, this took place back in November, but if you are interested in fantastic historical pianos, this is the place for you.
Their collection of historical pianos is amazing, and the location and building are absolutely beautiful!
They regularly present concerts and tours, so check it out. HERE

Other Stuff

~ Visit [URL=][/URL] our online store. For all your piano and music accessories. Benches, cushions, lamps, metronomes, tuning equipment, moving equipment, sheet music cabinets, caster cups, and lots more.
~ Help Keep the Forums Going...
If you would like to help us keep the piano forums going, please consider becoming a Subscribing Member.
For details about becoming a subscriber, and other options to help support the forums, please see This Topic

~ Did you know you can Advertise Your Piano Related Business on Piano World? Details Here
(You can also advertise in our newsletters, email us

~ How often do you visit our other forums?
Do yourself a favor, drop in on the other forums (not just the ones you usual visit) and poke around. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find :-)
Our Piano Forums continue to grow, with new members joining from around the world every day.

Forum members regularly get together at each others homes or piano stores to play the piano, eat great food, and enjoy good conversations. We are very proud of the contributions our members are making to the music world, sharing and spreading the joys of playing the piano, answering questions, and sharing great information and ideas.
If you like the piano, come back and join us on the forums!
Drop by the forums today, you will be glad you did (and so will we).

Some current threads (as of 04/15/06)
  • "The Piano Forum Effect"
  • Deciding on piano, between Bechstein, Schimmel or Bosendorfer
  • Kawai K-25 sound and playability
  • We need a FAQ for new piano shoppers!
  • New Steinway "B" versus rebuilt
  • Uniqueness of design or build
  • SACD: Arrau - Liszt
  • In Search of Direction...
  • I wanna learn Haydn
  • Game - name that cadenza!
  • Grew up on Rubinstein
  • Perzina Upright
  • Rippen Grand Piano information wanted
  • Where Were the Women?
  • I Don't Like Classical/Jazz or Ragtime
  • PIANO PARTY Saturday 5/20/06 1:30
  • Which Digital Piano to buy?
  • Weather, mood, and music
And don't forget to visit the main Piano World web site where you will find over 1000 pages of information related to the piano.
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More Information
If you like piano music, this CD is for you!
Over 4-1/2 hours of piano music (2 CD Set) performed by our very own talented forums members.
That's it for this time. I hope to see you on the Piano Forums soon.
Until next time, remember ...

It's Fun to Play the Piano ... Pass It On!

Best Regards,
Frank Baxter
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